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Two Color Quilt Sew Along: Second Block

We are sew excited to continue the Two Color Quilt Sew Along with the second block: the Mistletoe Block! The Two Color Quilt Sew Along is a spin-off of the Vintage Christmas Sew Along we did with Lori Holt (of Bee in my Bonnet) on the blocks in her Vintage Christmas Book to make the Vintage Christmas Sampler Quilt. However, we were clamoring to do more with the Two Color Quilts she showed in the same book! So this year, we created a sampler quilt with Lori’s block to make the Two Color Quilt, hence the Two Color Quilt Sew Along! You won’t believe how much fun you can pack into a monochromatic fabric set!

Kimberly made her version of the Mistletoe block in denim and we even have a Denim Two Color Sew Along Quilt Kit to make your own denim quilt. The Two Color Quilt can also be made in other colorways, such as aqua, pink, sea glass, green, red, nutmeg, yellow, or any other color.

All you’ll need to get started is the Vintage Christmas Quilt Book and your choice of fabrics (get fabric requirements here)! We are making our version of the Two Color Quilts using the Confetti Cotton Solids by Riley Blake Designs and Pin Dots and Bake Sale 2 by Lori Holt.

Mistletoe Block

Here are the cutting instructions for the Mistletoe Block:

Who’s Sewing Along?

This quilt along will take place every Thursday from April 4 to June 13. Each week, we will be featuring a different block from the Two Color Sampler Quilt featured in denim and different colorways. We will be featuring these blocks on the livestreams on our YouTube Channel Fridays at 9 AM CST.

Tips for Piecing Success

Basting is your friend. If you find that after you’ve stitched a seam you have to rip it out, try using a basting stitch. This extra long stitch is a lot easier to pull out if you find you want to redo it. And once your seam looks good, you can go over it again on your machine with a regular stitch length (1.5-2 is generally good) to secure it. To find the basting stitch on your machine, refer to your sewing machine manual.

Use sticky notes to keep track of where you are. Deborah says, “Since I made all these blocks in the 6″ version I had trouble remembering to cut the 12″ version. I finally took a sticky note and covered up the 6″ cutting instructions.”

Press seams open. We have found with these blocks that pressing seams open distributes the fabric more evenly and makes them more accurate. Try it out and see what you think!

Who’s Sewing Along?

Here are all of the Mistletoe Blocks made in different colorways by our wonderful FQS staffers. Click on the photos below to enlarge the image:

Keep up with the Two Color Quilt Sew Along!

Be sure to follow along with the Two Color Quilt Sew Along on Facebook and Instagram! Join the Kimberly Stitch Squad Facebook Group to join our group of quilters who are also quilting along. And be sure to hashtag your Two Color Quilt progress with #twocolorquiltsewalong on Instagram so we can see and share your work!

We’ll see you here next week, April 18, to make the City Sidewalks Block!

Happy Quilting!


  1. That is a good tip to cover up the 6″ directions. I cut the wrong size on last week’s block, so I made a test block, then made it into a hot pad for my guild.