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Top 5 Quilt Clubs to Sew in 2019

We have sew many exciting projects planned for 2019! From Block of the Month Clubs to exclusive Quilt Alongs, there’s something for every sewing season and reason here at the Fat Quarter Shop. We’ve gathered our list of Top 5 Clubs you definitely don’t want to miss out on this year! 

1. Threadology, 2019 Charity Quilt Along

Come spool around with us! The Threadology Quilt Along is our 2019 quilt for a cause benefiting the Make-a-Wish of Central and South Texas while joining in the fun of Threadology! (We even have a Quilt Kit to help you make a quilt like ours!) The Threadology Quilt Along will include free video tutorials for all the blocks and a few surprises along the way!  This year’s charity quilt along runs from February to June 2019.


2. Temecula Album Quilt Block of the Month Quilt

Inspired by Ohio’s Miami Valley quiltmakers from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Sheryl Johnson’s new Temecula Album Quilt Block of the Month is here! The gorgeous Temeluca Album quilt is the perfect chance to try your hand at a variety of classic blocks and applique on a real show-stopping piece! This twelve-month program runs from March 2019 to February 2020.


3. Cream & Sugar Block of the Month

The Cream & Sugar Book and Block of the Month club will help you create a beautiful quilt that speaks volumes with its subtlety and quiet contrast.  The book walks you through 18 sampler blocks of different sizes, set into a delightful array of breathtaking stars that evokes the feel of a cherished vintage quilt. For understated beauty, this quilt can’t be beaten! The 12-month club starts in April 2019 and goes through March 2020.

Cream & Sugar book cover



4. 2019 Designer Mystery Block of the Month

Do you love a good mystery? This might be our best one yet! We are sew happy to present the 2019 Designer Mystery Block of the Month! This has been one of our favorite projects for the past 11 years and we are even more excited to be going into our 12th! This year, the club will use fabrics from Orchard by April Rosenthal for Moda Fabrics.  Starting in June 2019, this 12-month club is a great mid-year pick me up!


5. Sew Sampler Box

The Sew Sampler Box is a monthly subscription quilting box that automatically delivers surprise quilting goodies to your door every month! Each month will feature a specific theme sure to surprise and inspire you! They usually ship out around the 20th each month. We are well into our 4th year of the Sew Sampler Box and the surprise quilty goodies are not about to end anytime soon! If you’re on the fence, check out last month’s box reveal here. Sign up today and launch the new year with the January Sew Sampler Box!

The November Sew Sampler Box, a collaboration with designer Carrie Nelson.


Sew Sampler Box Giveaway!

To share the joy of the Sew Sampler Box, we’re giving away a December box here on the blog!

Simply comment below and tell us which clubs you’re most looking forward to participating in this year for a chance to win. Comments due in by 11:59PM CST on Thursday, January 17. We’ll choose a winner at random and announce it here.


And those are our top 5 clubs to join this year! We cannot wait to start all of these and see the awesome work all of you make from them.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. I love all Temecula!! That Designer mystery fabrics are to die for…hmmm just maybe I need that!

  2. I am looking forward to the new Ruby Star Society club (formerly Cotton + Steel). I was a little skeptical at first, but when I found out that Ruby Star is now a part of Moda — well Moda in my opinion has the best quality fabric. So I think it will be in good hands.

  3. I am looking forward to the Threadology quilt. Just got my kit and the fabrics are so pretty!!

  4. Threadology quilt is fabulous and I am really looking forward to it. Lots of places to experiment with new blocks and a great design.

  5. I really like the Cream and Sugar! I am hoping to do this one! Although, I love them all!!

  6. I would like to do Threadology and the 2019 Mystery Quilt. Not sure which one yet. I love the beautiful fabrics in each one of them! I just started getting the Sew Sampler boxes and absolutely love it! It is like Christmas or my birthday each month around the 20th.

  7. I LOVE SEW SAMPLER!!!! I will continue with my subscription, for it serves not only as a wonderful surprise of joy but, it has taught me sooo many techniques and information that I never knew before in quilting, being a “newbie” when I started! It also keeps me up to date on many of the wonderful new products coming out on the market! “A box of Jolly” every month!!! <3

  8. I love all things Temecula!!!! Super great designs! I also love the Sew Sampler Box. Thank you for this super great giveaway!

  9. I am really interested in Threadology!! I am a newbie at quilting and was thinking of subscribing to Sew Sampler, so I would LOVE to win this! I am also intrigued with Cream and Sugar!! 🙂

  10. I’m already signed up for Threadology and Sew Sampler, but the Designer Mystery Quilt is tempting me too!

  11. So I am a card member Fat Quarter Shop fan :)…Disclaimer not stating the following to receive free gift but from the heart…I am drawn to your company since I support all that you do to give back, your positive attitude, of course Kimberly & Lilly, instructions, tips, videos, live YouTube, new ideas, designer information, accurate Sew Emma pattern/book details, etc.
    I would say I’m not a piecer but love applique, English Paper piecing, embroidery, so any quilt block construction is so great like starching and Triangle paper.
    Oh to answer your question….I have enrolled in the following BOM…Cream & Sugar, 2019 Designer Mystery, and Temecula Album. Wish me luck. 🙂

  12. Since I am not into large quilts any more. I would like to see a monthly or something equal using it’s sew emma little p pattern. I think they are the cats meow.

  13. I’m looking forward to the 2019 Designer Mystery. It’s amazing how the different designers come together to have one amazing quilt year after year.

  14. Receiving a Sew Sampler Box every month is like Christmas every month! I’m ready to join in on the Threadology Quilt Along.

  15. If I was in a financial position to afford any of the clubs it would be the Sew Sample Sew Box. When I previously received the boxes I was able to gift many of the awesome items and have a incredible new project to make and gift. Always new surprises each month and a great value for what I received. Thank you.

  16. I’m leaning toward the Threadology quilt this year although the 2019 Mystery Quilt is a close second. Thank you!

  17. There so many clubs I would to do them all if only I had the time. But the new table runner club is one that sounds like it would be for me

  18. I’ve found in the past year that I really prefer appliqué to a lot of the pieced designs often found in BOM patterns. If I were to do any of these it would be threadology

  19. Not sure which one. They all have nice quilts. I like the Threadology and the Designer Mystery ones the best.

  20. If I had the time to squeeze it in with all my other projects already lined up for this year, I’d choose the Temecula Album Quilt. Looks like such a fun challenge and the fabrics are great.

  21. I love my Sew Sampler every month. It has so many great projects and new products each month. I’m being tempted by the Cream and Sugar quilt.

  22. Well I guess it must be Cream and Sugar because your email forced me to sign up for it. I haven’t done a BoM in a long time. Looking forward to it.

  23. HI,I really like the Cream and Sugar! I am hoping to do this one! Thanks for the neat giveaway!

  24. Threadology is my very first. I received the kit yesterday. My fabric is all starched and waiting. The Cream and Sugar BOM interests me also..;)

  25. I have signed up for Mystery Quilt and Temecula Quilt. I would love to also sign up for Cream and Sugar, but I am still working on Sew In Love!

  26. Sew Sampler! Was a prior member, took a little break, just signed up again, looking forward to the surprise in each box.

  27. The Designer Mystery BOM sounds intriguing, I love a good mystery. I’ve always wanted to participate in the Sew Sampler, would be so fun to get a quilty surprise each month.Hmm, decisions, decisions…

  28. I’m subscribed to the Sew Sampler Box and really enjoy it! I would like to be able to check out the table runner club. Looks interesting!

  29. I adore my monthly Sew Sampler, but so looking forward to the Threadology 🧵 but Cream and Sugar is mighty tempting too!

  30. My favorite is the Sew Sampler Box. I watch the calendar like.a hawk.awaiting its arrival. Always love everything in the box much fun to get a “present” in the mail…..just love it!!

  31. Although neutrals are not usually my choice when planning a quilt, the Cream and Sugar quilt is so lovely, I think I’d like to try it.

  32. I finally subscribed to Sew Sampler after wanting most of the boxes in the last 2 years. Bought the Halloween box; loved it! So I took the plunge. Considering 2019 designer mystery.

  33. I’m currently doing a block of the month quilt now through fat quarter shop, I love them! So addictive. I have to get signed up for more to keep me going into the next year. The cream and sugar is a must but I’ve never done the mystery quilt so I think that may need to happen this year too. Love the fabric choices.

  34. I just love Edyta Sitar, her fabrics and her designs. SO I’m really looking forward to the Cream and Sugar block of the month.

  35. I LUV Temecula and I LUV the Cream and Sugar Stars. I’m already signed up for the Halloween figs BOM…..everything is too tempting. Thanks…

  36. Looking forward to some epic rotary blade action helping my wife Amy with the Threadology and Designer Mystery quilt-a-longs!

  37. I am so looking forward to threadology. I am enjoying sew sampler and designer mystery quilt. Thank you for all you do.

  38. I am looking forward to participating in the 2019 Designer Mystery Block of the Month. I have done one previously that was a challenge but I persevered and finished it. I absolutely love it. I enjoy the mystery!

  39. I love them all but the Threadology pattern and the Cream and Sugar Quilt are my favorite. I think the Make a Wish donation is awsesome!!!!

  40. Just got my Threadology kit and excited to work on it. Another I’m doing that’s not in the top 5 is Vintage summer moon. Happy sewing

  41. The Threadology kit and the Designer Mystery are my favorites, but I wish I could make all of them.

  42. I am so excited to join in the threadology fun. I just joined the sew sampler but missed December. I would love that box

  43. I might just have to join the sew sampler box this year. And I am always interested in mysteries… But must stay in control & not start too many new things!

  44. The THREADOLOGY Spool Quilt Along ranks highest on my list followed by the Table-runner of the month that Kimberly previewed in her YouTube feed last weekend. (I do hope she’s feeling much better now!)

  45. I would love to do Threadology, I love little snippets fabric. I’ve been in the Sew Sampler for several months…love the surprise in my mailbox. Just joined the table runner club

  46. I love the Sew Sampler Box, but they all look great! I know I can squeeze in another project!

  47. I love my Sew Sampler Box! Can’t wait to open it! I think Cream and Sugar is beautiful and will be a favorite of mine!

  48. Starting the Sew Sampler boxes was a Christmas present for me. I’m so looking forward to getting my first one in January!! I really like the Threadology quilt too!

  49. I am looking forward to the Threadology ! Even if I can’t fit doing all the blocks in my schedule, I can at least download them & try at my convenience!

  50. I am looking forward to the Temecula BOM. I am originally from the Miami Valley so it will be a little personal to have in my home

  51. Iam a longtime member of the sew sampler, and have preordered the 2019 mystery quilt which I can’t wait to start! I am thinking about doing the threadology sew along and sending a donation using sewing themed fabric in my stash. Don’t you think a spool quilt made with sewing themed fabric would be fun?! Thank you for the wonderful projects with flawless instructions and support!

  52. My husband signed me up for the Sew Sampler Box for Christmas, and I’m about to purchase the Threadology kit. It’s a little different than anything I’ve done before, and I’m really excited!

  53. I’m loving the mystery quilt that starts in June! I hope to catch up on other projects before then!Fingers crossed, lol!

  54. Since I have not been in the club a year yet and am new to quilting, I started with the Sew Sampler. Since then I have signed up for the 2018 Mystery BOM and have already signed up for the 2019 Mystery BOM, Sew Sampler and the Riley Blank Table Runner club. I see the new ones and drool, but I am too new to take on any more. Love each of them

  55. Joining a BOM was one of my goals this year. I love the look of the Cream and Suagar quilt….excited to try that BOM. I really love charity quilts though too so the Treadology quilt would be great to do too!

  56. Love all of them and am signed up for the Sew Sampler Box (would love adiplixate of it!), Threadology, Mystery, and Cream. That all come out at different times of the year. I ❤️FQS

  57. Sew Sampler Box is my No. 1 choice. Love the surprise element each month when the box arrives. Thanks for the chance to win.

  58. Cream and Sugar is my pick this year. Can’t wait for April. I did the mystery quilt last year and it was a great experience. Anyone considering the mystery won’t be disappointed. Thanks FQS for such excellent variety and for the great representation of all the designers out there.

  59. Wow! They all look amazing! Maybe I’ll win the lottery and can join all of them?! Fingers crossed. If I had to pick only one I think it would be the Temeculum one. Thanks for a chance to win.

  60. I’ve done the designer mystery quilt twice, and I loved them both. Plus, there’s always enough leftover fabric to play with. I think the tonal cream quilt is my favorite one up there. I’ve been wanting to do one of those. And Garden Variety is absolutely adorable! So fun!

  61. Ive beern doing your mystery quilt for many many years and am thinking about making a change, but haven’t done so yet. The Temecula quilt looks very interesting — but not sure I can give up the mystery quilt.

  62. I want to join the sew sampler! I’m waiting for the barn blocks to end and I’ll sign up when the new blocks start. Can’t wait!

  63. I love the See Sampler box but the Cream and Sugar quilt is so elegant and lovely that I would love to get that.

  64. I love the sew sampler box. I love everything I have received. I am currently working on the designer mystery. I have signed up for next years also. I am very tempted by the cream and sugar. Also hoping to get a Threadology kit soon! Thank you for all you do!

  65. I love your sew sampler boxes. Being a newbie while receiving the monthly sew sampler boxes has been fun. Helps in so many ways. Examples: getting tools and fabric and other cool things along with patterns. I’m about 18 months into my subscription of it. Keep up the excellent work and I’d love to win a free box!

  66. Sew Sampler box. I’ve been a member from the first month. It keeps getting better if that’s even possible. I also use it to make gifts for others and give notions to my quilting friends for gifts.

  67. I always love the Designer Quilts, so I think this is the year I take the plunge and try it myself! Between the quilt starting in June (a great time for me to finish up a few projects) and the beautiful Orchard fabric I can’t wait to start!

  68. To give me a mid year boost the Designer BOM quilt would be my choice. Bright
    happy colours to blow away the winter blues here in the southern hemisphere.
    Something to look forward to.

  69. I am signed up to do the Threadology quilt. Received my kit this week! Sew excited!! I am also signed up for the sew sampler box subscription. I would love to do the Sugar and Cream boom but alas I just don’t have enough time! 🥰

  70. I’d love to win December’s sew sampler!
    I’m looking forward to the 2019 mystery block of the month. Can’t wait for June!

  71. Already a see sampler girl but seriously thinking a quilt a long would be fun too. I can’t decide which one!

  72. The Temecula Album
    Quilt Block of the
    Month Quilt looks
    interesting. Great
    idea with all of them.
    Carla from Utah

  73. They all look great but I’ve been wanting to make a neutral quilt so I’ll probably join the cream and sugar quilt-along.

  74. I love, love, LOVE ♥️ the sew sampler boxes🧷🧵 and of course will continue my subscription🗳,Oooo, i hope I don’t have to renew it due to the new yr? Do I? And I think I’ll do the Temecula BOM it has so many interesting blocks and some appliqué that really look fun ✂️✏️and those 30’s fabrics🇺🇸 just look so amazing!

  75. I would probably do the cream and sugar sampler but the mystery block sounds super cool but since I am just learning also a little intimidating.

  76. Thinking of joining the sew sampler club. It looks like an amazing selection of products each month.

  77. Cream and Sugar as well as Threadology are awesome!! If I were wealthy, I would love to join the Sew Sampler!

  78. I am already a subscriber to the sew sampler – love it!

    Looking forward to Threadology.

  79. The Sew Sampler looks like so much fun. Fabrics, tools, techniques and more. Its like getting a gift every month. Would love it!

  80. I am new to Sew Sampler and love it! I like to share the items with my daughter in law, so it is a lovely win-win for us both. I saw live today and will be buying the Halloween kit and book!

  81. The Designer Mystery looks inviting–but it doesn’t start for several months, so I am joining in with the Threadology Charity Quilt-Along to get things started here! Looking through my stash now….

  82. Definitely the Threadology, plus I like the donation concept. Cannot tell a lie I haven’t started my Clementine Quilt from last year yet.

  83. I am really looking forward to threadology quilt!!! it’s been a while since i finished my snapshots quilt, which i gifted to my eldest daughter. I have also started clementine, which will be for my mum, but is yet to be finished. Threadology will be for my youngest daughter:))

  84. I have not done a block of the month before but the 2019 mystery block of the month club would be fun!

  85. I signed up for the Temecula Album club when it was first announced before Christmas! It has the perfect mix of historic design and modern fabrics, not to mention a health assortment of skill-building blocks for this self-taught quilter. Can’t wait for that first block to arrive.

  86. I love the Sew Sampler and have a feeling that I am going to absolutely obsessed with my Threadology kits. I would really like to do the Halloween one but….

  87. The Cream and Sugar quilt is so interesting. I have never seen a quilt with just those two colors — beautiful! I marvel at sewers who can keep up with all the quilt-alongs!

  88. Threadology because it is for a good cause. I can’t afford a monthly subscription right now but feel good about “donating” for a cause and getting something nice to make..

  89. I look forward to the 2019 mystery designer quilt. I believe this is my 4th year to participate. I can’t imagine ever not joining in on this!

  90. I will be following the Threadology quilt along this year. I love how making this quilt will also be helping Make a Wish foundation.

  91. Always love the designer mystery quilts and the 2019 quilt looks like it will be no exception.

  92. Threadology! I love this look of this quilt and the skills to build along the way. So cute and I just want the fabric requirements so I can shop!!

  93. What I mostly may do is the sew sampler program though the Cream & Sugar Block of the Month is also very attractive

  94. I like the Designer Mystery Block of the Month. The color palette really appeals to me right now.

  95. Hello lovely people! I am most interested in #4 the designers mystery quilt! I hope I win a box! I have always wanted to try this!! Maybe this can be my year!!!

  96. Hi, they all look so amazing, it is hard to choose. But, if l had the Sew Sampler Box, l guess. But, then?????

  97. I wish I could join them all, but I’m on a fixed income, and already belong to the Sew Sampler Box Club – it’s a monthly treat just for me! LOL!

  98. This is such a fantastic group of projects (I already enjoy the Sew Sampler Box of the Month) but I absolutely love the Cream and Sugar quilt!

  99. All of them are fascinating, but I think I’ll try Cream and Sugar this year. I’ve not done that one before.

  100. Love the Cream and Sugar quilt and the Threadology quilt. I hope to do one of them or both!!!! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!!!

  101. I’m interested in threadology sew along. I love that the money goes to make a wish. What a wonderful and thoughtful thing you’re doing.

  102. Cream & Sugar is gorgeous. I love that you have a quilt for a cause every year. Such a great idea. Thanks.

  103. The 2019 Designer Mystery Block of the Month would be my first choice, I love the fabrics, designer and colors!

  104. I love being a part of the Sew Sampler Box club and I am looking forward to receiving each box this year. I am never disappointed and makes my day a little brighter!

  105. I can’t wait to make some new blocks with Theadology. I always look forward to the Sew Sampler. The new fabrics, notions and unique projects are a fun surprise each month.

  106. I’ll be jumping in to Threadology and doing my best to resist the others–although it’s hard, because you’ve chosen such wonderful ones!

  107. I am signed up for several clubs!! But I’m really excited about the mystery BOM for 2019!! I love surprises!

  108. Due to time restraints, I am unable to participate in any clubs, quilt alongs, etc. But if I have the time, the Cream and Sugar project would be the one. It is beautiful! Thanks!

  109. I’m still working on the 2017 Mystery BOM. I am thinking of getting Sew Sampler when the new year starts in April. I just signed up for the Fig Tree All Hallows Eve BOM that starts this summer.

  110. Cream & Sugar is calling to me and I’m looking forward to Threadology. Hope I can keep up!

  111. I’m looking forward to trying the Sew Sampler Box, I just found out about it recently and am intrigued. Bye Bye make up boxes… lol

  112. I live in Ohio’s Miami Valley (Dayton), and so I am most interested in the Temecula Album Quilt!

  113. Threadology is on my list this year! I’ve also resubscribed to the Sew Sampler box after taking a break. I missed the monthly goodies!

  114. I’m looking forward to the mystery block and or the sewsampler box. I have never subscribed to any like those, as I’m so very new to quilting.

  115. Each of the top 5 clubs interests me in a different way. However, I think the Temecula is the winner due the brightness of the fabrics; the historical factors; and knowing what the quilt will be when it is finished. I do like a great mystery and I have enough unknowns in my life right now. I don’t think anyone could not be a winner by just trying one of them.

  116. I have so many projects I need to finish and start, I can’t see signing up for a club right now. But I did go ahead and finally sign up for Sew Sampler box. Looking forward to receiving my first one. My sister has been receiving fo a long time and loves them.

  117. I can‘t wait for the tablerunner club to start. I like the idea of a finished project each month and I‘m a big fan of seasonal decoration!

  118. I just signed up for the Sew Sampler Box and I am so very excited to get into all the fun and I most look forward to all the quilty things in the months box.

  119. It is so HARD to pick just one but since I have to I’m going with the Temecula. Loving that one

  120. I absolutely love the Sew Sampler box! What a great surprise every month. The fabric and thought that is put into the box is perfect for this somewhat beginner quilter!

  121. I’m very tempted to sign up for the Sew sampler. I’m very new to quilting and am working on piecing my first ever quilt. I doubt my skills to sign up for any of those quilts.

  122. I signed up for Geese on the Meadow. I love the colors in this quilt. It will be my 1st quilt!!

  123. I started getting the Sew Sampler in January of this year and I am always looking forward to getting them.