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Tips and Tricks with Christopher Thompson

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to have one of our very close quilty friends, Christopher Thompson, aka The Tattooed Quilter (@the_tattooed_quilter), come visit the Fat Quarter Shop and make some video tutorials with us! Today, we are sharing the video tutorials where Christopher shows us tips and tricks on how to photo your project, organize your quilting space, and ways to machine quilt and bind your projects.

How to photo your Project

You’ve made your project: hooray! Now it’s time to photo it for social media but the question is how. If you’ve checked out Christopher’s Instagram, @the_tattooed_quilter, you’ve probably seen his signature flatlay photos highlighting his projects.

Photos from @the_tattoed_quilter on Instagram

We were so excited to film a tips and tricks video for flatlay photography with him when he came to visit! Create your own, beautiful photos of your projects with his video tutorial.

How to organize your Small Quilting Space

Are you in a small apartment or in a small quilting space? Spaces big or small, Christopher has organization tips for them all! Transform your small quilting space with this video tutorial.

How to bind your quilt with the Stich in the Ditch Foot

Have you been machine binding your quilts for a bit and want to try a new method? Try the Stitch in the Ditch Foot method for Machine Binding Christopher uses! In this video, Christopher walks us through how he binds his quilts and gets the binding to be nice, crisp and flat using a blind hem stitch foot.

How to use Masking Tape to Quilt on Your Home Machine

Quilting on your home machine can be a little intimidating however Christopher Thompson shows us how using some masking tape gets you perfect lines on your quilt in this video tutorial!

Live with Christopher of The Tattooed Quilter

Finally, we did a live stream with Christopher where he answered many of the questions submitted by our wonderful viewers!

We loved having Christopher come and film these tutorials with us! Be sure to follow him on his blog and Instagram to keep up with all of the wonderful projects that he’s doing. We do have more videos with him so stay tuned for those by subscribing to our YouTube channel and also keep up with us on our Facebook and Instagram channels!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Hi I’m older. I tried watching Christopher’s small space sewing stuff. I clicked on it. I can hear it but not see it? Any assistance? I enjoy seeing Christopher’s you tube videos. A suggestion. When he shows gadgets ie stitch in the ditch foot. Show it over maybe navy cloth… I can not see differentiation on all the white with glare from lighting for video. I’m trying to understand and see. But straining. Plus maybe a little more detail on the binding, more detail, pictures of corners plus the attachment of the ends? How and where you pin and cut? I’ve always done straight would love to do more “nicer” but details were not precise, or descriptive enough.

    (PS, I am a operating room RN so not a total Dumb A.., only would appreciate a little more for those who have yet to do this method.)

    BUT his you tube videos are one of my favorites. I love his calmness, voice and techniques I can see!!!