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It’s Time to Rhyme for Thread a Needle Day

Sewing-related holidays are the best kind, aren’t they? Thread a Needle Day is OUR kind of holiday. To celebrate the essential tools of the trade that make our world go ’round, we have a fun contest and a special coupon, just for you!

Classic Colorworks cross stitch floss

Today we’re indulging all you cross stitchers with a little floss frenzy. Classic Colorworks makes lovely 100% cotton hand-dyed cross stitch floss that give your stitches subtle variegation. The floss come in a range of more than 200 colors, which is pretty amazing when you think about it!

Classic Colorworks cross stitch floss

Besides the beautiful floss, we love the expressive color names like Vanilla Custard, Pine Needles, Stepping Stones. With names like these, these fancy flosses are calling for some fun! A poetry contest is in order…

Poetry contest for thread a needle day

Do you have a way with words? You can enter to win one of three $100 FQS gift cards!

To enter, write an original poem using floss names by Classic Colorworks only. The poem should be 20-200 words in length with 3 or more Classic Colorworks floss names included.

Post your poem in the comments section of this blog post by Sunday, July 31 at midnight.

Fat Quarter Shop staff will choose three winning poems based on originality, clever use of the words, and overall quality. Winners will be notified by email, and we will share the winners here on Wednesday, August 3.

Good luck!

Congratulations to Angela G, Colette Bonner, and Joanne Mollerus your poems won our contest! Check your emails.

Thank you to everyone who entered. Your poems were all very creative and the Fat Quarter Shop staff enjoyed them all!

Save 10% off Classic Colorworks

In honor of Thread a Needle Day, we have a floss sale for you! Save 10% OFF Classic Colorworks cross stitch floss with promo code CCW10. Excludes sale items. Other exclusions may apply. One use per customer. Not combinable with other offers, coupon can not be retroactively applied to previous orders. Expires July 28th, 2022 at 11:59 PM CST.

save 10% on Classic Colorworks cross stitch floss with code CCW10

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We hope we’ve given your inner poet permission to come out and play!

If you’re new to cross stitch and want to learn more, check out our Cross Stitch University series on the Fat Quarter Shop FlossTube channel (FlossTube is what we cross stitchers call YouTube!). You can join Kimberly Jolly each Wednesday at 9 AM CST for the latest cross stitch patterns, tips and more!

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  1. Needle and thread be thine
    By hand I create design
    On a field of threads that are woven
    Embellishment I’ve carefully chosen

  2. Here’s my poem:
    I just want to stitch all the things
    Can’t wait to see what market brings
    New charts entice me, I bring them home
    The floss, oh my gosh, really teally, ribbon red, honeycomb
    I love visiting with my floss tube friends, they’re really great
    They inspire me, challenge me and help me create

  3. Classic Colorworks threads are the best.
    With colors of every hue, they outshine the rest

    My favorite threads are antique lace and barn door.
    In every shade, I beg for more!

    I love to cross stitch every day.
    The joy of thread marks my way.

    So gather round, cross stitch friends
    Bring your favorites and do tell
    Whether Bosenberry Jam, Brandied Pear, or Cobbled Peach.

    Almost good enough to eat.
    Each color is itself a treat!

  4. The Embers glow
    And Smoke billows.
    On this Stormy Night,
    I stitch, I am alright.
    Alas, I sleep not, indeed,
    It is Black Coffee I need!
    With needle and thread,
    I stitch ribbon red,
    To match the Campfire,
    I stitch to my heart’s desire.

        Do you wanna Really Tealy stitch
        or want to climb Plymouth Rock?
        You’ve got crunchy Aida, chunky needles
        and an Old Oak Tree block.

        You’re swimming in the colors with
        the fabric and the floss,
        so, meet us at the stitchy room,
        we call it River Rocks.

        Kit it up, brand new start
        Stitch into the night.
        You’ve got Tent Stitches, Cross Stitches Back stitches and more
        all these choices lingering will make your WIPS galore.

        With your lighting by your side and your scissors and your tea,
        You’ll click on You Tube, stroll on Instagram and a stitcher yes, you’ll be.

  5. What’s in a stitch you ask Sweetest Heart?
    Inside you will find a Sunset in Tropical Paradise.
    Or how about a Sunflower in a Straw Hat.
    Maybe a Thundercloud on a Stormy Night,
    Or Toasted Marshmallow around a blazing Campfire.
    Inside a stitch hops a Honey Bunny
    On his way to the Secret Garden with a Rosy Glow.
    A Caterpillar creeping along a Clay Pot,
    This stitch has Chili Pepper and wow, it’s hot.
    So many colors and ideas come to mind
    When you look in a stitch and see what’s to find.

  6. My little hairless paintbrush
    As plain as you can be
    You have but one eye but you you can create beautiful things for the world to see
    I thread you with Classic Colorworks Floss from Brown Sugar to Deep Blue Sea
    It really does not matter I just sprinkle my Pixie Dust and click my Ruby Slippers and before you know it I am a happy Queen Bee

  7. Sitting in the cottage garden
    Drinking black coffee with an apple fritter
    Antique lace shawl upon my shoulders
    Dreaming of earlier days when Jess was a bambino
    Hearing the bluebird’s song and a baby chick’s soft sounds
    Hoping for a visit before the blue moon
    Picturing his form by the barn door
    A man now so hard to let him go

  8. The Old Stitcher’s Lament

    I had a little needle
    With a tiny little eye.
    The more I tried to thread it,
    The bigger grew each sigh.

    I tried and tried and never gave up
    Till thread was through the eye.
    And when I looked, the color was wrong!
    Oh why, oh why, oh why?

  9. Colour and cotton chosen with care
    From shades of sunset to brandied pears
    Create a picture with fabric and thread
    Stitching a secret garden or a manor red
    Encouraging words till the project done
    All good friends stitching as one

  10. Brandied pears and black coffee end the meal
    in a room enhanced by the flash of needles.
    Hemstitched linens and antique lace grace the table;
    framed alphabets of ribbon red adorn the walls.
    Silver glows in blushing beauty, gently polished
    to a gleam with embroidered towels as soft as cloud.
    Stitchers past and future are here remembered, dreamed,
    as needlework continues through the stormy night.

  11. Miss Madalynn

    Nightly Night
    my Sugar Plum…
    My Sweetest Heart,
    my little one.

    All Sugar and Spice,
    Ladybug sleeps.
    My floss in hand,
    Out I creep.

    While Baby Chick
    has Pixie Dust dreams,
    I’ll stitch my X’s
    into cross stitch themes.

    Each X a kiss
    for dear Little Sprout…
    I’m Cupid with thread
    crafting love throughout.

    Spun Sugar on cloth,
    my love never far…
    Captured in stitches
    for my Golden Star.

  12. It was fun stitching Santas and Gingerbread galore
    But it’s time to clean up those Christmas project bags laying on the floor.
    Sadly, Jolly July is quickly coming to an end
    Put away Ribbon Red, Steamed Broccoli and bring out Pumpkin Harvest, my other friend.
    No matter what Classic Colorworks thread it may be
    I’m just happy to have stitching to keep me company.

    1. Priscilla and Chelsea shared with the world,
      Fancy Floss makes pumpkins striped or even swirled.
      Mr. Scarecrow looks dapper in his Old Blue Jeans,
      While the Grasshopper chirps and the Blackbird Sings.
      The Witch tosses Frog Legs into her Cauldron at night,
      While Ghosts whisper “Boo” and give us a fright.
      Now Halloween Stitching is a such a blast,
      With hand-dyed floss from my Classic Colorworks stash.

  13. With auto correct
    I must fight
    For line 1 was to read

    Not “Nightly Nite”

  14. Amber waves

    Amber waves —
    12-grain seedlings jutting from the earth
    My grandmother’s antique lace handkerchief
    Around my neck
    Apple fritter in the baking tin
    The barn door swaying in the heat
    Blackbird singing in the tree —
    bing cherries drooping heavy on its limbs
    A brown hen tuts — embers of the fox’s eyes
    But —
    A distant thundercloud rolls

  15. Blue Garden

    Once upon a summer night,
    As I walked with the bright Blue Moon,
    The breeze was light,
    For it was in June.

    I could hear the crashing waves of the deep blue sea
    As my old blue jeans
    Brushed by the sweet, Sweet Peas.

    The garden path was lit up bright.
    Hydrangeas, Blue Corn and Betty Bluebells filled my sight.

    As I welcomed you to my blue garden,
    please note, it’s was only on fabric,
    So I begged your pardon.

  16. I tried some Cherry Cobbler
    All rosy red and bright
    But it didn’t taste so lovely
    When I went to take a bite

    Maybe something healthy
    Glazed Carrots – just a slice
    The color is so pretty
    But the taste is not so nice

    Perhaps a drink to wash it down
    A nice cold Root Beer Float
    But instead of sweet deliciousness
    It nearly clogged my throat

    Persimmon, Caramel, Candy Corn
    My tummy growls and twitches
    Every time I settle down
    To put in a few stitches.

  17. “What’s the menu for the day?” I asked my faithful baker,
    “Cinnamon Toast and Gingerbread,” replied the artful maker.
    Strawberry Pie and Blueberry Tarts with Cherry Tomato filling,
    Some Boysenberry Jam on top if you are brave and willing.”
    “Apple Fritter, Candied Yams, Candy Corn and Crab Cakes,
    Shrimp Cocktail for some ocean fun, Pink Champagne for old times’ sakes.”
    A Root Beer Float to wash it down is just the perfect pairing,
    But if you’re bold some Chili Pepper will prove that you are daring.
    “Tomorrow is another day,” these treats will have you swearing,
    Steamed Broccoli and Lettuce Leaf are all that I’ll be sharing!”

    1. Colorworks Calendar

      Frosted Sage wreath hangs
      Timber logs on the hearth

      The Rosy Glow of Pink Champagne
      Friendship and flowers bring light to chilly days

      A Secret Garden, a Meadow Green
      Sweet Shabby Sheep munch Little Sprouts of Four Leaf

      Down a Country Lane, dotted with Muddy Puddles
      Shiny boots splash on a welcomed Rainy Day

      Little Pink Peonies and Magnolia Blossoms
      Blushing Beauty petals adorn the Garden Trellis

      Sunkissed fields make way for Ripe Melons
      Market stands filled with Cobbled Peach and Boysenberry Jam

      Campfires aglow with Embers bright and warm
      Toasted Marshmallow and sweet sticky grins

      Sunflowers tower, reaching toward the sky
      The Queen Bee of the garden with her head held high

      Barn Door now swung open with Hay Rides for all
      Auntie Dee’s Apple Fritters cooling on the stove

      The local patch filled with a plentiful Pumpkin Harvest
      While Blackbird stands perched on his Straw Hat friend

      Old Blue Jeans turn to Sunday best
      A Little Brown House smells of Sweet Potato and Glazed Carrots

      A Balsam Fir stands tall, trimmed in Ribbon Red
      Mistletoe kisses, then off to bed with Jolly Holly dreams

      A sea of colors, a rainbow of warmth
      Makes a year to rejoice

  18. My husband would like to participate:
    “This floss is red, that’s Blacksmith Blue,
    flossing is fun,
    now go eat some stew.”

  19. As the Tabby cat sleeps,
    the Black Coffee perks.

    The Pumpkin Harvest is set,
    Gingerbread in the Baking Tin.

    Autumn Colors coat the sky,
    the Trail Dust settles.

  20. Last evening while viewing the LUNAR ECLIPSE and snacking on CRAB CAKES and sipping a FROZEN MARGARITA, my good friend JAKEY BROWN swung by to say, “I was making a CAMPFIRE down at CHESAPEAKE BAY, when I spied with my little eye, a FOUR LEAF CLOVER, and though it was covered by FALLEN LEAVES and HYDRANGEA, I’m feeling as lucky and shiny at that fella FINLEY GOLD.” He next did a fanciful jig and proclaimed “that’s it, get movin’, we’re taking a trip to visit my granny LAVERNE LOUISE back home in DUBLIN BAY”, After that crazy outburst and display, all I could do was cry out and say “hey wait for me, I’m grabbing my BANDANA, but first I need to check on AUNT MARIE’S VIOLET by the light of the BLUE MOON.” The End!

  21. It’s time to start my new cross stitch.
    Classic Colorworx floss is gorgeous, but how do I choose which.

    Kimberly just loves her Really Teally.
    My favorite color is Calico Kitty.

    Caramel and Hazelnut are what I’ll use.
    Maybe I’ll throw in some Chocolate Mousse.

    I want my piece to be happy and bright.
    And all my stitches to look just right.

    Oh how I love Stitching with the Housewives.
    Priscilla and Chelsea simply brighten our lives.

    Better get stitching and put my skills to the test.
    Thank you thank you thank you FQS, y’all are the very best!

  22. My grands are vacation bound and I’m
    Old blue Jean blue
    But Carmel coffee and hazelnut too will get me through till a teal blue sky will return them home.
    Stitching will keep me company the whole week long

  23. Classic Colorworks…The Boss of Floss

    As I sit and stitch with this lovely floss
    I feel like I’m on CLOUD Nine
    With a glass of red wine.

    The floss colors are MAUVELOUS
    And I feel like a QUEEN BEE
    Who delights in her work
    And beams with glee

    To win this contest would be ball
    But LETTUCE LEAF it up to the FQS
    To make that call.

  24. Wait and See

    Pitter patter, whispered chatter
    the soft early voices of
    Little Sprout and Sunshine Girl.

    Stormy Day, inside play
    faces pressed to windows waiting for
    Lemon Lime rays to appear.

    Thundercloud hovers, cozy blanket covers
    momma needles thread into squares
    delighted with time.

    Drips, drops, Rain Shower stops
    Time for games of Snips and Snails
    stitching must wait.

  25. The Queen Bee said to the stitchy girl ‘What do you have for me?’
    ‘Mulled Berries in a Baking Tin that you can have for tea.

    Candied Yams and Blue Corn all mixed in a Clay Pot,
    stirred with a spoon of Finley Gold and baked in Embers hot.

    Honeycomb is tasty too spread over a Beansprout,
    (the Pumpkin Harvest came too late, we had to leave them out).

    Maybe Strawberry Parfait with Toasted Marshmallow,
    Pickled Beets and Pine Needles all topped with Mistletoe.

    Pink Champagne is lovey too, it gives a rosy glow,
    with Sugar and Spice, all things nice and a Cherry Tomato.

    The queen, a Blushing Beauty, thought for an hour or three,
    Then thanked the girl with all her heart and chose a Black Coffee.

  26. My soul is fed by needle and thread.
    You’ve heard it before,
    it’s something you’ve read.

    When I need a blue hue
    I reach for Blue Corn.
    With the muted tones
    it subtly adorns.

    The sweet umber of Gingerbread
    adds a dark golden shade.
    When I stitch with it,
    my stress is assuaged.

    Another delight for the spirit,
    Cherry Cobbler attracts.
    The undulations of red
    make my heart beat fast.

    These colors, among others,
    I crave and devour;
    as my needle and thread
    satiate my soul by the hour.

  27. Down the Country Lane to see Granny Annie,I found a shinny Copper Penny. Underneath her Garden Trellis full of Morning Glory out popped a itty bitty Calico Kitty. Betty Bluebell and Little Pink Peony lined the Stepping Stone path in granny’s Cottage Garden. Sitting down at the Antique Lace covered table in The Meadow Green, was Boysenberry Jam, Pumpkin Harvest muffins and tea. Out of the Barn Door popped Aunt Marie and Auntie Dee, they had been stitching i see. These are memories for me, but they are the ladies that taught me how to sew. Oh ! the Blue moon is out it is time to go.

  28. Time for dessert, how shall I choose, the choices are so many!
    Apple Fritter, Blueberry Tart or Wild Berries aplenty

    Root Beer Float or Licorice Red, Brandied Pear or Cobbled peach
    It’s just so hard for me to choose, may I have some of each?

    Cherry Cobbler, Gingerbread, Grape Pie and Jelly Roll
    I have to choose, I’m so confused, I’m losing all control

    Thank goodness I can have them all, my waistline will not burst
    Oh goodness my, I cannot lie, Love Classic Colorworks!

  29. I love vacation stitching
    Needle, floss, and fabric with me
    Before touring ye old Plymouth Rock
    Or after swimming in the Deep Blue Sea

    In California, I’d choose Fool’s Gold
    In Ireland, Dublin Bay
    Ruby Slipper, my choice in Kansas
    In Nashville, Tennessee Red Clay

    I’d use Magnolia Blossom In Mississippi
    Fleur de Lilac outside the Louvre
    Toasted Marshmallow while camping
    (I think Lori Holt would approve)

    Whether beside a Babbling Brook
    Or enjoying Chesapeake Bay
    Stitching makes me happy
    Around the bend or far away

  30. Past a sickly WEEPING WILLOW and a spindly OLD OAK TREE
    Sat a MOSSY, SECRET GARDEN overrun with ENGLISH IVY.
    Just BRAMBLE BUSH and FALLEN LEAVES, plus an eerie, bubbling sound.

    Near a fire pit of STEPPING STONES and blackened RIVER ROCKS
    Stood a BEJEWELED older woman wearing knitted ARGYLE SOCKS.
    Startled and surprised (and scared), I knew not what to say;
    My face turned LICORICE RED as I began to back away.

    “Hello BLUSHING BEAUTY!” she yelled from behind a CAULDRON pot,
    “You’re just in time to sample the new menu that I’ve wrought:

    “Please come slurp my BLACKBIRD soup. Feast on FROG’S LEGS stew.
    You’ll love my GOLDFISH casserole and a quaff of GRASSHOPPER brew.
    The catch of the day’s a rare one: it’s MERMAID’S FIN fillet.
    Pair it with MUDDY PUDDLE merlot, or maybe JUST RUST rosé.
    For dessert, may I suggest to you some LADYBUG LEMON GRASS pie?
    Or sample the LOBSTER CLAW ice cream—both are worth a try!”

    Politely I declined it all and fled home down a NATURE TRAIL,
    And that concludes this chapter of my purely fantastical tale.

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed your poem. You definitely deserved the win! Congrats!!!

  31. Oh, thou Stormy Night of Smoke and Balsam Fir,
    gives way to Morning Glory—
    Unchain the Secret Garden! Open wide the Barn Door!
    Bring forth the Shabby Sheep and Baby Chick to frolic
    ‘neath the Olive Branch.

    With my Sunshine Girl I shall trade this Manor Red
    For the promise of the Meadow Green—
    ‘mid Sunkissed faces of Old Marigold and Purple Aster
    We’ll search for Ladybug and Snips and Snails
    in Lemongrass and Heatherleigh.

    At Sunset we shall lie among the Summer Spray
    and dine on Gingersnap and Mulled Berries,
    and await the Baby Blanket of eve to fall upon us—
    Zach Black and his Sweetest Heart
    Sailing into the Deep Blue Sea of night.

    1. Awesome poem Diane. Thoroughly enjoyed it and you definitely deserved the win!!

    2. oops. I don’t know how this went to the wrong person. So sorry, but great poem.


    She was born on a FROSTY eve at Christmastime
    just before the midnight chime.

    Therefore, her parents said, “oh by golly
    let’s name her JOLLY HOLLY.”

    Swaddled in a BABY BLANKET trimmed in ANTIQUE LACE
    a ROSY GLOW shown on her face.

    Her eyes just like her dads were as dark as the DEEP BLUE SEA
    and he proceeded to say “oh how can it be?”

    Her hair as soft as CASHMERE and the color of BROWN SUGAR
    amazed her mother and her emotions overtook her.

    Her parents knew she would always be SUGAR AND SPICE
    and grow to be a BLUSHING BEAUTY and extremely nice.

    JOLLY HOLLY grew and became the QUEEN BEE of her own house
    sewing many BEJEWELED JELLY ROLL quilts for her spouse.

    Their USED BRICK home was cheery and bright
    and HICKORY STICKS and EMBERS kept it warm at night.

    They dreamed of having a little girl of their own
    to be named HOLLY BERRY and wear the dresses she’d sewn.

    Just like her mom she’d be born at Christmastime
    and have the SWEETEST HEART of all time.

  33. Dear everyone: These are all so good. Thank you FQS for such a fun idea that sparked so much creativity. I’ve enjoyed reading them all.

  34. It’s a Really Teally day
    When your needle’s pulling thread
    So let’s sit and stitch and chat
    As we choose what color red.
    Will it be Licorice Red
    Or Cherry Cobbler……maybe so?
    My sister Fancy Green Nancy
    Says it’s a go!
    Let’s perk up some Black Coffee
    And we’ll stitch and stitch and stitch
    A “Classic color work design”
    Sew Emma will be proud and feeling fine!

  35. Camping

    Alone in my tent in the WISCONSIN WOODS
    Thunder clouds threaten a STORMY NIGHT
    Closing my eyes I picture the day the best I could
    And take refuge in the wonderful sight

    A gentle breeze brings FALLEN LEAVES
    The WILDERNESS so strong yet frail
    The sound of the BLACKBIRD my ear receives

    Casting a hope with ROD AND REEL
    Wishing the day would never end
    Stepping on RIVER ROCKS creating much zeal
    WILD BERRIES and trout I do befriend

    As evening draws near the SUNSET delights
    Worries and troubles back home take flight
    BLUE MOON appears much to my desire

    Time has come for NIGHTY NITE
    Drowsiness like the WEEPING WILLOW
    All troublesome thoughts can now take flight
    Dreaming of tomorrow as my head touches the pillow

  36. I have a Secret Garden
    Down by the Deep Blue Sea,
    A Weeping Willow shades me
    And Black Coffee there is free.

    A Bunny Honey hops around,
    A Calico Kitty purrs,
    Betty Bluebells grow nearby
    And Sticks & Twigs aren’t stirred.

    I sit and watch the Snowball clouds
    In a Really Teally sky,
    Then I look at all my project plans,
    Which makes me start to sigh.

    “Ripe Melon or Cerise just there?
    There’s no way to decide!
    And 14 count or 25?
    And solid or hand-dyed?”

    “I think I know the answer!”
    I said to the Secondhand Rose,
    I can buy it ALL from FQS!!”
    And that is what I chose. 🙂

  37. Autumn Spice tea and cinnamon toast mornings,
    Cozy in Aunt Marie’s violet sweater as I walk along the beach,
    Fallen leaves everywhere,
    A lone thundercloud sits patiently above the lighthouse,
    November in Dublin Bay.

  38. You could always watch the waves for hours
    endless rhythms, retreat and advance
    forgetting time, even on a rainy day.
    We never made it to Key Largo,
    but saw plenty of swells along the way,
    watching for that one golden star to hope us along.
    The deep blue sea has depths unknown
    and my eyes are filled with smoke
    as I strain to find chart my course.
    But you are my mariner’s compass
    better than any cloud-shrouded lighthouse
    as I sail along alone.

  39. I love the Classic Colorworks of Fall,
    The changing landscape, I love it all.
    The Fallen Leaves of Autumn Spice,
    Remind me of a time so nice.
    Of cooler days and slower nights,
    Of softer hues and perfect sights.
    Cinnamon Toast under an Old Oak Tree,
    A crackling Campfire’s the place to be.
    Copper Penny and Just Rust,
    The Pumpkin Harvest is a must.
    From Embers, Fools Gold, and Sassy Brass,
    I love to frolick in leaves and grass.
    And after all the work is done,
    My cross stitch turns my heart to fun.
    And then to gaze at a Blue Moon,
    I love Fall, it can’t come too soon.

  40. There once was a Chocolate Cream Pie
    And some Gingerbread that caught my eye.
    Are these CC threads,
    Or treats before bed?
    Either way they’re sweet Sugar And Spice!

  41. My stitching time
    Is at night in bed
    All these floss colors
    In my head.
    My fave is Cherry Cobbler
    Because I love red!
    But don’t be confused
    No food allowed in bed!
    I have to stitch after Sunset
    Because I’m not retired yet!
    To be a stitch Queen Bee
    I have to have Black Coffee!

  42. Roses are Ribbon Red
    Violets are Blue Moon
    I really love Fat Quarter Shop
    For all my quilting and cross stitch, too.

    I can count on Kimberly
    And her wonderful crew
    For all sorts of ideas & supplies, too!

    Her you tube videos keep me motivated & excited
    And keep me encouraged to stitch, sew and buy!

  43. Milady’s Teal eyes once bright, now faded;
    Old Blue Jeans help ease my pain;
    Mauvelous memories I hold dear;
    Ruby Slippers to meet Dad in;
    In my heart forever;
    Pixie Dust to blaze your trail

  44. Really Teally, Bamboo and Ribbon Red,
    These are the colors that I like best.

    If I have these threads in my stash I know
    That whenever I have time I’m ready to sew.

  45. As I peered from behind the Old Oak Tree, on this dark and Stormy Night,
    I watched as the Smoke billowed, from the Cauldron, OH just right!
    She cackled and grinned, as she stirred her Hickory Sticks
    A Grasshopper and frog legs, she tossed in her magic mix!
    Dancing and prancing on Fallen Leaves she went!
    On this glorious Halloween Nightie Nite, OH did she surely represent!

  46. Sorry in advance for my lame rhyme
    It’s not as exciting as a story from True Crime—
    I don’t want to eat my (Steamed Broccoli)
    I would much rather stitch with Kimberly
    and no mashed potatoes and gravy
    give me a patriotic pattern with (Wavy Navy)
    (Tea and Biscuits) or (Black Coffee) and (Perfect Piecrust)
    I would pass them all up for a Fat Quarter order it’s a must!
    It’s getting late and it’s such a dilemma
    Keep stitching from my pattern by It’s So Emma
    Or since I’m sleepy should I go to bed
    and dream of (Holly Jolly) and (Ribbon Red)?

  47. Apple Fritter, Prickly Pear
    I sneak a minute in here and there.
    Wisconsin Woods or Key Largo
    You might see me doing it on the patio.
    Frosted Sage and Golden Star
    I even do find time in my car.
    Frozen Margarita and Pink Champagne
    It surely does excite my brain.
    From Antique Lace to Tangerine
    And all the floss colors in between.
    I must stop here before I explode
    Hey look at that, it’s time to sew!

  48. A Stitcher’s Ode to Country

    My country, ‘tis of thee,
    Oh, how I adore thee.

    From sunkissed purple mountain peaks
    To enchanted forests
    And falling tree leaves.

    From colonial copper canyons wide
    To sandy beaches
    And cool azul skies.

    Fellow stitchers bring forth
    Thy needle and thread.

    Take pause between stitches;
    Rejoice our great land.

  49. Black Coffee in the morning
    Strawberry Parfait in the noon
    A dip in the Caribbean Waters before my supper
    Classic Colorworks has become my daily tune!

  50. A quick rain shower and a cloud or two
    Upon the sun kissed pebble beach
    Won’t chase this sunshine girl away!
    The deep blue sea beckons her back
    to that tropical paradise
    Shared with her sweetest heart.
    The memories glow like embers
    wrapping her in cashmere warmth.

  51. Miss Madalynn glanced out the window,
    Her stitching in her hand.
    Thinking of her Granny Annie
    What she’d taught her, what she’d planned.

    Her threads transformed the fabric
    Into a beautiful secondhand rose.
    As this one began from the work of Granny’s hands.
    The perfect work of her hands, it shows.

    Miss Madalynn smiled as she thought,
    Looking outside at the rain shower,
    About how Granny’d be proud to see
    Her cross-stitched hydrangea and sunflower.

    Though sad she couldn’t show her
    That they now would share the same love,
    Granny’s wisdom laid the stepping stones.
    Those little moments are what she’ll always think of.

  52. Holiday Season

    Sweet Christmas stitches with Cherry Cobbler, Brandied Pears and Red Currants
    Enjoy scents of the season with Balsam Fir, Holly Berry and Mistletoe
    Children having Snowball fights after a Stormy Night
    Roasted Chestnut over a Campfire
    Christmas breakfast of Cappuccino and Cinnamon Toast
    Wrap it all up in a Ribbon Red bow

  53. This was fun! Here’s my poem!

    Under the Mistletoe

    Twinkling Light shine through the window,
    Hues of emerald green and licorice red.
    I sit and wait by the fire’s rosy glow,
    To see my loves’ amber waves upon his head.

    The embers begin to smolder
    as the snow starts to fall.
    And I know that he will soon be here,
    Even though the time seems crawl.

    The smells of toasted marshmallows and balsam fir
    Fill up the very room,
    Where I know my love will great me
    Underneath the grand blue moon.

    At least, the barn door slides,
    And in comes the face I know.
    My love has finally come home
    To kiss me under the mistletoe.

    1. And of course, I made a mistake: third stanza, line three should say where I know my love with GREET me

  54. On a quiet Rainy Day
    Or even a Stormy Night
    I can stitch the time away
    With no end of delight

    My lovely Tabby kitty
    He is snoring in my lap
    Is there time for one more thread?
    Or should I join him in a nap…

  55. As I wander down this Dusty Trail, I always fall down the hole, now worth more to me than Ye Old Gold! Oh Kimberly’s FlossTube, how you enable. Was once an old hobby, could now fill a grand lobby –of fabric and floss, how I get fabulously lost! The colors call to me and sing like dwellers in the garden, “Lavendar Louise, Lettuce Leaf, Lemon Lime”. Do I need them? Let me see – oh wait, who am I kidding?

  56. Momma calls me from the “Wagon Wheel”

    “Blessed Jess”, It is time to travel.

    “Granny Annie” is ready for the great ordeal,

    Praying that her “Antique Lace” does not unravel.

    Campfire “Smoke” scents my “Hazelnut” hair

    As I stitch by the light of the “Tangerine” “Sunset”.

    A journal of thread so all are aware

    Of the journey won through “Desert Mesquite” and sweat.

    Westward ho! A new land we seek.

    I stitch “Dandelion Stem” and “Balsam Fir”

    “Blooming Crocus” and “Pansy Purple” kiss my cheek

    As I lay to stitch the “Calico Kitty” who likes to purr.

    I miss the “Tennessee Red Clay” and “Shabby Sheep”

    As “Thundercloud” threatens a “Rainy Day.”

    Nothing but “Prairie Grass” and “Wild Oats” to peep,

    No use for my thread of sunny yellow ray.

    We eat the “Candied Yams” and “Pickled Beets”.

    “Granny Annie” teaches me “Perfect Piecrust”

    All as the wagons bounce through “Amber Waves” of wheat,

    Splashing a “Muddy Puddle” onto my linen full of wanderlust.

    Finally we reach a “Deep Blue Sea”

    Oregon, ho! I dance, “Sunkissed”, where we’ve been led.

    Papa raises a “Barn Door” in victory.

    And I continue to stitch my blocks made of precious thread.

  57. I dream of stitching
    When I can’t sleep at night
    Under the blue moon
    A beautiful sight

    A hayride with children
    In a manor red wagon
    Being pulled by the likes
    Of an almost auburn dragon

    Through the amber waves
    Of a field of wheat
    Then down the country lane
    While they clap to the beat

    Then slowly I close
    My Betty bluebell eyes
    And wave to the children
    As we say our goodbyes

  58. Why do I love Wednesday mornings?
    It’s floss tube with Kimberly Jolly.
    I cozy up with some GINGERBREAD
    And perhaps I’ll sip some BLACK COFFEE.

    Of course, I am stitching like crazy,
    Drooling over all the pretty things.
    Resist, resist. Don’t click “add to cart”.
    But I find some OLD MONEY and my heart sings.

    Alas the show is ending
    Kimberly says “see you next show
    Til then I will stitch like a QUEEN BEE
    And I’m left with a ROSY GLOW.

  59. My Day
    Hooray,Hooray this is my day
    I’m Stitching with the Housewives, having a ball. The Queen Bee of thread I must not be late.
    My Red Licorice near by with my Black Coffee to boot!

    Kimberly’s next with a Oyster of things I’ve gotta Snowball my corners for things to be right!
    Let’s do this over and over it’s all so devine!

    1. Colorworks Trip

      While waiting for my cruise to start in Amsterdam,
      I stopped for Tea & Biscuit with some
      yummy Boysenberry Jam.
      As we set sail,
      I ate Shrimp cocktail.
      Now ready for bed,
      I noticed on my pillow some Licorice Red.
      The next day in a bakery I saw the Perfect Piecrust,
      It was sprinkled with Pixie Dust.
      Now back on the boat,
      I wanted a Root Beer Float.
      Maybe next time I’Il go to Chesapeake Bay,
      No, I should go to Dublin Bay.

  60. Walking in the Wisconsin Woods, passed Weeping Willow and Bramble Bush,
    Gathering arms full of Hickory Sticks and kicking up the Fallen Leaves,
    I dream of my Cottage Garden across the Deep Blue Sea, the one near Whatley Wood
    With its Pansy Purple carpet of Blooming Crocus’ and Miss Madalynn’s old Colonial Rose.

    Aunt Marie’s Violets and cousin Ora’s Iris, the Garden Trellis entwined with Morning Glory.
    Under the Old Oak Tree wrapped with Mistletoe sits Granny Annie with a Fresh Brew and Gingerbread.

    Calico Kitty wanders along the Country Lane pitted with Muddy Puddles and Dandelion Stems
    Towards the Mossy Meadow Green, trailing Blessed Jess in her Bejewelled Old Blue Jeans and
    Manor Red Argle Socks, gifted from that Carrie Berry – she of the Cashmere Tangerine Tartan Plaid.
    I see Tabby, Camouflaged in the English Ivy and old Marigolds, waiting for Grasshoppers to sing their Evensong.

    I miss your Tea and Hazelnut Biscuits, and Caramel Cappuccinos at Petite Maison.
    And buying Boysenberry Jam and Brandied Pears from The Wagon Wheel at Pebble Beach.

    A sprinkle of Queen Bee’s Pixie Dust will soon gather me home, so Nighty Nite my Sunshine Girl,
    Love Auntie Dee and Jakey Brown xx

  61. It’s thread and needle day, you say
    Sounds perfect for this Rainy Day.
    So kick off your Ruby Slippers,
    Grab your little thread clippers,
    Cuddle up with your Calico Kitty
    Place your thread of your 7″ bitty.
    Finish stitching your Jolly July
    As Christmastime Mystery Stitch Along
    Will soon arrive, Oh My!!

  62. Ms “Queen Bee “loves the “Caramel” !
    While sitting on her “Red Ribbon” “Bamboo”Wagon Wheel”!
    Wee “Lady Bug”+”Little Sprout” join in,
    Bearing cups of “Black Coffee”!

  63. Autumn brings Fallen Leaves
    with Hayrides through the Country Lane
    The Barn Door opens for the Pumpkin Harvest
    The Tabby and Calico Kitty
    race through Sunflower fields
    Auntie Dee brings Apple Fritters,
    sweet Caramel, and Candy Corn
    When the Blue Moon rises,
    a Campfire is made for Toasted Marshmallows
    which will bring one season to an end.

    Another season enters
    with Frosty toes and Snowballs thrown
    The smell of Pine Needles in the air
    and Roasted Chestnut in the fire’s Embers
    Mistletoe hangs, and
    Brown sugar is split, and an Eggshell cracked
    bring Gingerbread houses and
    Cherry Cobbler in Granny Annie’s Baking Tin
    Once the Golden Star is hung on the Balsam Fir
    and Sugar Plum dance in dreams,
    another season will come to an end.

  64. Sometimes it is cold and quiet
    And I am left alone
    To ponder all my memories
    Of my baby boy now grown

    A baby blanket in camouflage
    A campfire reflected in young eyes
    The first sweet taste of honeycomb
    Stopping to watch a blackbird as he flies

    Strolling down a country lane
    Kicking fallen leaves
    Jumping in muddy puddles
    Washing old blue jeans

    A sudden drenching rain shower
    A hayride and frosty windowpanes
    Time starts moving faster now
    As do the memories through my brain

    A falling golden star
    A wilderness full of dreams
    Swimming in a deep blue sea
    Casting river rocks into flowing streams

    Now a blushing beauty
    Cupid’s trusty shot
    A kiss beneath the old oak tree
    Revealing your sweetest heart

    All the stepping stones I’ve walked you through
    Leading to this day
    These memories I’ll always hold
    They’ll never slip away

  65. Sometimes, I just want to run far away
    And visit a Tropical Paradise for a day.
    No clamor, or kids, or errands to run,
    Just Caribbean Waters Bejeweled by the sun.
    A place I can sink my toes in the sand,
    Where Frozen Margaritas are always at hand.

  66. During pumpkin harvest
    Stitchy friends and I
    Enjoy a hayride under a cloudless sky

    Wearing jakey brown boots and old blue jeans
    We sip cocoa bean chocolate
    With toasted marshmallow cream

    Through fallen leaves
    And frosty fresh air we ride
    ‘Til we’re back where we started and bid nighty nite.

  67. Here we go! Here’s my poem…
    It’s 9am CST FQS Flosstube time
    With Kimberly Jolly and sometimes a guest
    and a challenge to make up a rhyme

    We all love CCW floss and DMS
    Kimberly stitches and shares her knowledge
    While we all shop to help send her children to college.

    Charity projects and free FQS cross stitch charts
    Stitch Maynia and Jolly July
    Are as wonderful as CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE

    Kimberly we love you to the BLUE MOON and back
    Thank you for all you do
    You have taught us to stitch on chalkboard black
    We couldn’t do it without you

  68. Classic Colorworks Fancy Floss
    So many wonderful colors to toss
    Housewives favorites
    Kimberly’s too
    Love some Really Teally
    What about you!

    Valentine’s Day is my favorite celebration
    Use Ladybug, Clay Pot or Wild Berries in your creations.

    For Patriotic stitching Chesapeake Bay is a beautiful blue
    Licorice Red and Deep Blue Sea are excellent too.

    A Halloween purple – Plum Paisley is hit or maybe Mulled Berries would be a great fit.

    Ribbon Red, Blushing Beauty and a tree stitched in Little Sprout
    These are the colors to finishes your Christmas season out

    Classic colorworks fance floss
    So many wonderful colors to toss
    Every season uses Bamboo
    Choosing a favorite is too hard to do!

    Santa is walking with kids in tow, wearing a coat and pants the color of Red Ribbon you know. Snowballs are being thrown, children of all ages are running around. The smell of Cocoa Bean and Roasted Chestnuts fill the. Adults stay warm by Black Coffee barrels filled with fires.

    People walk in Victorian Dress. Women with dresses the color of Deep Blue Sea and Pea Pod, their hands protected by muffs the color of Muddy Puddle. The Bonnets have all kinds of feathers, ribbons and bows. The Men’s top hats are black as coal. But everyone’s noses are Sea Shelly.

    Players act out Scrooge in the street. The Shops are open wide, ohh someone just bought a Wagon Wheel. All those buying Christmas gifts are trying to hide them in nooks and crannies.

    Christmas Time, a time for rembering Loved Ones. Spending time with them, Loving them and truly knowing what it means to have Family.

  70. First in the morning while I’m brushing my teeth, I’m thinking ‘apple fritter’ for breakfast will keep me at peace. But this ‘cappuccino ‘ is so sweet, and maybe I’ll wait until I’m out of the heat. Then I think to myself I should polish my nails, I like ‘chili pepper ‘ and ‘pink champagne ‘ then I can look like that lady…oh what’s her name…oh yes Kimberly Jolly, who is as sweet a ‘holly…berry’. Well, I must flee, I’m off to the ‘deep blue sea’.

  71. Secret Garden

    I take my troubles to the Secret Garden
    Where Bamboo Ripples and clacks overhead
    The early sunlight’s Rosy Glow creates a Honeycomb to guide my feet
    I step with care to miss the Muddy Puddles from dawn’s Rain Shower
    I stop, breathe deep, and catch the faintness of Lemon Grass in the air
    With the next step I spy between Stick and Twigs
    A Four Leaf Clover
    My luck changes
    And with a Sassy smile, I cast my troubles to the Ladybug
    And leave the Secret Garden with a Sunkissed smile

  72. I made a typo or two above, here it is corrected-

    Secret Garden

    I take my troubles to the Secret Garden
    Where Bamboo Ripples and clacks overhead
    The early sunlight’s Rosy Glow creates a Honeycomb to guide my feet
    I step with care to miss the Muddy Puddles from dawn’s Rain Shower
    I stop, breathe deep, and catch the faintness of Lemon Grass in the air
    With the next step I spy between Sticks and Twigs
    A Four Leaf Clover
    My luck changes
    And with a Sassy smile, I cast my troubles to the Ladybug
    And leave the Secret Garden with a Sunkissed sigh

  73. Autumn’s Sunkissed

    Pine needles and vanilla custard
    Argyle socks and cashmere

    Pumpkin harvest brings

    Autumn spices and hayrides
    Fallen leaves and straw hats

    Tea and biscuits
    While watching Thunderclouds
    Roll in on Stormy Nights

    Barn doors and campfires
    Shining under the lunar eclipse
    And amber waves

    Nighty Night Sunshine Girl

  74. As summer gives way and school buses roll,
    thoughts of the fall through my mind’s eye do scroll.
    I picture a HAYRIDE on much cooler days
    and FALLEN LEAVES added to flower bouquets.
    The PUMPKIN HARVEST fills up many a patch
    with lots of options for a Jack-o-lantern batch.
    AUTUMN SPICE flavors my BLACK COFFEE and tea,
    and on every store shelf, CANDY CORN can you see.
    My great GRANNY ANNIE plans for us all to meet
    for a day full of fun and some good things to eat.
    MISS MADALYNN brings her CRAB CAKES fried up, oh, so fine.
    Cousin TABBY makes CANDIED YAMS that taste just divine.
    for the best CHERRY COBBLER….taste it, you must!
    We gather outside under the big OLD OAK TREE
    for stories and a time that is truly carefree.
    Though it still is awhile until cool days arrive,
    my fall thoughts will help me this heat to survive.

  75. Morning light is shining bright
    while I sit savouring
    and CARAMEL toffee
    watching my CALICO KITTY
    playing in FALLEN LEAVES
    hearing the BLACKBIRD sign
    seeing the MORNING GLORY
    glittering of it’s wing
    smelling AUTUMN SPICE in the air
    and enjoying my life.

  76. When it is this hot,
    I can’t help but dream of
    Amethyst and Cool Azul seas
    and being Sunkissed
    in Caribbean Waters.
    But this year,
    I shall have to be content
    sitting amongst my
    wilted Hydrangeas
    sipping on a Lemon Lime drink
    and savoring a quickly-melting
    Peach Sherbet.

  77. Grannie Annie ate her apple fritter,
    While walking the Woodland Trails
    to find her critters,
    She went through the Barndoor to
    check on Bunny Honey,Calico Kitty
    and Brown Hen,
    Baby Chick was out and that’s when
    the trouble begins,
    Auntie Dee cried Oh how can this
    Kimberly Holly Jolly came running
    and spilled her Chai tea,
    Granny Smith showed up with
    Cappuccino Fresh Brew,
    Tea and Biscuits and Black Coffee
    for the whole crew,
    This only happens once in a Blue
    Sang Sunshine girl with a Sunkissed
    Snips and Snails, Sticks and Twigs a
    straw hat makes,
    Tie a Ribbon Red and that’s all it
    To make the day a Tropical Paradise,
    Sundrenched and oh so nice!
    Miss Madalynn had a Mauvelous
    Let’s all go stitch at Little House
    It’s not a long Hayride to town,
    Jakey Brown used his Mariner’s
    Compass to help lead the way,
    Being so careful so they wouldn’t go
    Betty Bluebell brought her pets Foo Foo Flamingo and Tabby Pom Pom
    So what do you think?
    This isn’t a Cassic Campfire story,
    But here it is,
    In all it’s glory!

  78. In the old cottage garden of Auntie Dee
    Lived a grasshopper, a ladybug and a regal queen bee.
    Each sunny afternoon they would greet the old possum
    When they flew up to sit on the magnolia blossom.
    As the sunkissed day turned to nighty nite
    They were guided home by the silver moonlight.

  79. A Stitcher’s Dilemma

    “Oh, darn!” I said
    As I slowly bled
    On the lovely Antique Lace.
    “Why do I linger
    And stab my finger
    While trying to pick up the pace?”

    My gorgeous white thread
    Is now Ruby Red,
    And it doesn’t match my pattern.
    The stain I made,
    I am afraid,
    Is the size of the planet Saturn.

    I scrubbed at the stain,
    But still it remained
    A blight on my handiwork.
    I drank my Black Coffee,
    And ate pounds of toffee,
    But my blunder I failed to shirk.

    I sought out Zach Black
    (Who refused to call back),
    And I cried like a Weeping Willow.
    I admitted defeat,
    I grabbed the stained sheet,
    And shoved it under my pillow.