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The Twins’ Bedroom Tour

Hi everyone!

We talk about my four wonderful kiddos here and there, but I recently completed my twin boys’ new room and can’t wait to show you! Two years ago I did the same for my sweet Emma, and now it’s the boys’ turn. I invited Jocelyn over to take photos, and she quickly, very quickly learned that little children will not stay still for pictures, unless they are eating, in which case their little faces are covered in food.

Will and Peyton got brand new big boy beds and dressers, and I wanted to give them a room they would love to sleep in each night (and hopefully not argue at bedtime). They are old enough now to know that Mommy makes them each special quilts, and they adore them.

My boys LOVE Dr. Seuss so I decided to fill their room with Dr. Seuss, starting with Magical Cat in the Hat quilts that I re-sized to fit their twin beds. I flipped the blocks and made them mirror opposites, so though they’re the same quilt, they are slightly different enough for Will and Peyton to recognize their own. Plus, they look great on opposite sides of the room! They love these quilts – in this photo Peyton (a.k.a. Little P) is saying, “Cat! Fish!”

I complemented their quilts with pillows using the same Cat in the Hat panels. I cut the panels to the pillow’s size and bordered it with white and that awesome big red dot. I also made them the So Many Stories naptime pillows! The sheets were purchased from Pottery Barn.

Finally, I made toppers for their dressers, to keep them from scratching or spilling on the surface. I measured the dresser and, like the pillows, cut a rectangle of the light blue character diamond print and bordered it with white and blue tonal dots.

I love how it all turned out. Most importantly, so do my kiddos! I love watching my squirmy children play in their Dr. Seuss room, and I’m already thinking about what to do for Baby Christopher.


  1. I agree how do you do it all! The quilts are amazing, like a magazine picture! The kids look so happy in their room it makes me smile. You are a special lady.