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The Great Thread Giveaway – Closed

We’ve stitched up a surprise for you all here at Fat Quarter Shop. We’re doing some redecorating and we have some spools that are looking to go out into the Threadiverse and find some new homes! Find out all the details of The Great Thread Giveaway in today’s blog post.

Fat Quarter Shop is excited to give 60 lucky winners some of our favorite 50wt Aurifil threads from the thread wall in our studio! You may have seen it in the background of videos on Fat Quarter Shop’s Youtube Channel!

Aurifil 50wt thread is the most popular thread for quilters. It’s 100% Cotton Mako thread and can be used for machine piecing quilts, hand piecing quilts, machine applique, hand needle turned applique, fine needlework, foundation piecing, miniature patchwork, detailed quilting, bobbin lace making and machine embroidery.

Update 1/2/2024: All winners were chosen and notified via email on 12/27/2023. Prizes will start shipping this week! Congrats to our winners and thank you to everyone who participated!

If you would like the chance to win one of 60 sets of thread valuing over $340, fill out our giveaway form! Sixty winners will be chosen at random to win the following: 25 spools of Aurifil Thread from the Fat Quarter Shop thread wall. You must enter your name, address, and email address at the end of the survey to be entered! One entry per person.


  1. Haven’t seen the spool wall in quite a while. You should show it again before taking it down. Thank you for a chance to win a piece of the wall!

  2. Congratulations!! to whoever wins this
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.
    Thank you!

    1. This is quite a generous give away! Aurifil is my one and only thread for all sewing! I so appreciate quality and Aurifil delivers always! I would be thrilled to be one of the chosen recipients.

  3. Why a great gift this would be! Thank you, Fat Quarter Shop, for all that you do! Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow, what an awesome prize to win. If I’m not a winner, I want to send an early congratulations to those who are. Thank you FQS for this great opportunity.

  5. Thank you Kim for the giveaway! I’d love to sew all my 2024 projects with these beautiful threads!

  6. It would be lovely to enter the contest, but once I entered my first and last name, it wouldn’t let me enter the rest of the information needed.

  7. The thread wall is gorgeous and thanks for offering such a wonderful giveaway! Happy Holidays!

  8. I only use Aurifil thread now and to win this would be a dream! Thank you for such a generous give-away. Love love love FQS!

  9. My favorite kind of thread. Getting a stash would be fantastic! The wall is beautiful. Looking forward to your next step.

  10. Thanks for the giveaway. Getting the stash of thread would be an amazing asset to help finish many of the beautiful patterns that I have been able to acquire from Fat Quarter Shop.

  11. Hi, tried to enter but the survey monkey doesn’t tell you if it submitted your entry or not, so i may have entered 3 times or not at all 😞

  12. How fun to get a chance to own a piece of the iconic FQS wall of threads. Thank you, Kimberly, and Fat Quarter Shop team.

  13. Thank you FQS for a chance to win part of your wall, you all work so hard enjoy your time off and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  14. That is so nice of you! I haven’t tried Aurifil thread yet so this would be a wonderful treat!

  15. Love getting a chance to win my favorite thread! Thanks for your generosity and best wishes for the winners!

    Love FQS

  16. Loved seeing all you quilts. They are all beautiful. My favorite was the Barn Star Sampler. Thanks for sharing

  17. Thanks for a chance to win part of the wall..very generous of you! Take before and after pictures please!

  18. Aurifil is my go to thread for both piecing and quilting. This would be a fantastic addition to my sewing space. Thank you for this and all your generous giveaways. Love your tutorials and quilt alongs as well.

  19. I’m new to setting behind my wife’s first sewing machine, a 1974 Elna that I’ve adopted as mine. Just finished my 3rd quilt. Loving Halloween it seems Black and Orange are my go to colors. I guess living with a quilter for 50 years it finally got me. We both look forward to Friday mornings to see what’s new at the Fat Quarter Shop, THANKS!!

  20. Wow – very cool – very exciting giveaway! Yes, show the wall again before it goes away and how generous of FQS to provide the chance for all of us to have a piece of it! Thank you!

  21. My favorite thread and what I use for piecing and quilting. What a wonderful gift for 60 lucky quilters!!!Thank you for the great videos of your beautiful projects. Merry Christmas!!

  22. What a great idea. Love the spool wall. And I just picked up a lovely orange sherbet color of aurafil to finish a baby quilt the day before yesterday that I had from one of the sew sampler kits. Thank you for the opportunity.

  23. I think I entered the thread giveaway, I clicked the done icon but got no confirmation so I clicked again still no confirmation, not trying to enter twice just not sure if I entered at a; ;

  24. What a wonderful giveaway! I truly enjoy shopping on your website. Your customer service is spot on and always helpful and personal when I call and your videos are delightful. Kimberly you are both personable, knowledgeable and often comical. I always look forward to viewing your new content. I see on your post that you want our address for the giveaway but I don’t see a place to add it and still keep it private.

  25. I would absolutely love to try this thread to make many quilts for the homeless people this would be awesome.

  26. Any sewist would be very lucky to win the thread. Thank you for the awesome opportunity to win!!!

  27. WOW What a wonderful gift for any quilter! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share in your generosity

  28. I love working with Aurifil threa. Its one of the few threads that my machine truly likes.

  29. Thank you FQS for all the great products, free patterns, video tutorials and customer service you have provided throughout the years!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  30. Awesome giveaway…love everything you guys do. So generous with your free patterns, tutorials and giveaways. 💕

    1. Hi Joni! We won’t be sharing the list of all 60 winners, but they were all contacted on 12/27 via email!

  31. I’m so grateful to receive the beautiful color assortment of aurifil thread. A wonderful gift that will keep me sewing for some time. The zippered bag was also much appreciated. Thank You. Teri Erfman