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Tanya Whelan on Darla

The sweet Tanya Whelan returns to talk about her third collection for Free Spirit Fabrics, Darla. Darla has a bright and happy personality, which we are reveling in this cold winter season. The fabric is lovely and saturated with light, fresh colors, reminiscent (at least for me!) of The Wizard of Oz in a “now in Technicolor!” kind of way. The large, swirling florals and damasks are romantic, and her sweet dots and gingham checks are youthful. But Tanya describes it better than I can, so read on and be captivated by Darla! We have it as a Jolly Pack and in four mini bundles for you. Also, last call for The Good Cheer Giveaway entries — it ends tonight!

I’m so happy to be blogging about my new fabric collection, Darla, for the Jolly Jabber. First, I’ll just tell you how I described the collection when I first blogged about it.

This is what was going through my mind as I designed Darla: picnics,1930s/40s, shiny red convertibles, freshly laundered sheets hung on a clothes line, begonias on a kitchen window sill, tree swings, green grass, sweet iced tea, apple crisp with real whipped cream, clear blue skies, the kind you get just a few times a year where the air is so crystal clear and the sky that shade of blue that kind of makes your heart ache (in a happy way).

I wrote that description a few months ago and with winter upon us I do think Darla represents a little bit of sunshine. I’ve also been thinking lately that Darla is really sort of a celebration of home and domesticity. It just brings to my mind a sunny kitchen, an apron that I’d want to wear while baking a pie, a bright happy tablecloth… I probably over think these things, but fabric for me always tells me a story or brings me to certain place in time. And that’s what I try to do with my collections. This time it brought me home to a place of domestic comforts and warmth. I hope you like it…

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  1. I adore Tanya Whelan and her new Darla collection. I love the story behind it, and I love the idea of celebrating home and domesticity – two of my favorite things! Love everything about this one!