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The Good Cheer Giveaway WINNERS!

Thank you for all the wonderful articles we received about friends, family, and even some perfect “strangers”! We were filled up with all the good cheer, and it’s so good to know that even in a difficult world and hard times there still remains good will and hope that leaves a permanent legacy. (There were a lot of “goods” in that sentence!)

It was so difficult to choose “winners”, because every single one was so touching. We’re grateful for every Good Cheer e-mail and wish we could award all entrants. But, alas, there could only be five. Here is the list of the five we chose:

Edna Vaines from British Columbia

Kris Paquette from Michigan

Sally Caldwell from Conneticut

Sheri Whiteley from California

Vicky McGee from California

Thanks once again! We will be posting these five entries over the course of the next week. If you are a winner, please e-mail Jocelyn so we can get your information and send you your prizes! Happy Friday!

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