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Angel Houses by Bunny Hill Designs

Our dear Anne Sutton returns to the Jolly Jabber with a new collection Angel Houses for Henry Glass Fabrics. Pretty and bright in pinks, yellows, sky blues and spring greens, it’ll make you ‘ooh’, ‘ahh’, AND sigh! Rosy-cheeked angels turn about the cheery prints, speckled with rose bouquets, kittens, birdies, and handbags. So much to delight the little angels in your life! Anne talks about her own angelic inspirations and a neat little project you can easily finish by Christmas! Speaking of which, there are 2 more days til the Good Cheer Giveaway is over!

Do you have a little angel in your life? I do! Actually I have two angels and my Angel Houses fabric was inspired by them! It’s easy to be inspired when you have sweet grand-daughters to spark the imagination.

Alyssa and Michaela are always bubbling with excitement, questions, and ideas for things we can do together. We were cuddled under the covers on a sleepover and Michaela asked “Grandma? What are stars?” My answer was a story I made up about angels. Now I can share it with you! You’ll find it on the 4 little panels that co-ordinate with this new line. These little panels are cute framed as pictures, made into a window valance, crib or bed ruffle, a little cloth book, or even pillows.

I’m so excited about this fabric line! I designed it for little girls and then thought, why not use it for little boys too? And so I have my pattern called Dinosaur Treats! Dotty dinosaurs and stars just for the boys! Of course for the girls I have Postcard Cuties for Angels.

I’ve been having so much fun making little projects with this fabric. I “fussy cut” one of the angels and made a little heart for Emma. She can hang it from her Christmas tree and then after Christmas she can hang it in her bedroom. It’s also the perfect valentine for a sweet little girl like her! You can find the free pattern for this ornament here!

Tis the season for angels and the timing couldn’t be better for Angel Houses! I hope you enjoy working with my fabric!

Happy Holidays everyone! May a little angel bring you hugs and kisses!

Anne Sutton
Bunny Hill Designs
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