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Spring Quilt Market 2013: Schoolhouse

Our first day at Spring Quilt Market was spent at school. Schoolhouse to be exact! This year, we listened to great speakers, saw adorable projects and are now our brains are stuffed full of valuable information. This year we give Schoolhouse an A+. Keep reading for a lesson in Schoolhouse, but we promise the quiz at the end will be easy!

A breakfast of champions before Schoolhouse! Mother’s Bistro in Portland is highly recommended by Fat Quarter Shop!
Joanna of Fig Tree Quilts and Kimberly before the Fig Tree Schoolhouse!
Joanna and Debbie showing off quilts at the Fig Tree Schoolhouse
Joanna of Fig Tree is fantastic with basket blocks!
The adorable Camille at the Moda Size Matters Schoolhouse
Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs showing of their new Giggles collection at the Moda Size Matters Schoolhouse!
Vanessa Christenson of V & Co. shows off an adorable ombre quilt at the Moda Schoolhouse.
Deb Strain’s block from the Size Matters Schoolhouse by Moda!
Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs discusses her new petite Molly patterns!
The Moda designers after their Size Matters Schoolhouse session! They are all so fun and adorable.
A gorgeous butterfly quilt by Tula Pink shown at Schoolhouse featuring her collection, Acacia. 
Tula Pink chatting about her new collection, Acacia, which coordinates perfectly with her Aurifil Thread Boxes!
Cindy and Jina of Riley Blake Designs debuting their “Gingham Style”! We much prefer “Gingham Style” to “Gangnam Style”!
This year we took a trip to India!  Amanda Herring of The Quilted Fish featured her new collection, Madhuri at Schoolhouse.  
Atkinson Designs shows off their new pattern, Stash Stars.  Perfect for using up your stash or showing off a new collection!
Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life debuting her new book.  We can’t wait for it’s arrival!
Amy Butler showcasing her classic Belle collection!  They are being reprinted in 24 of her favorite skus, and they are beautiful! 
Fantastic projects made with Amy Butler fabric.  Don’t you adore these prints?  They are so versatile!
The adorable Heather Bailey chatting about her new embroidery patterns and her new fabric collection, Lottie Da!
Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs shows of the Tumbling Spools Quilt Pattern and other projects   made with Attic Treasures.
Denyse Schmidt showing her new line, Florence!
Verna Mosquera chatting about romantic florals for Westminister Fibers!
The Sample Spree craziness! Lucky for you, we got plenty of stuff for GIVEAWAYS! Are you ready, we have some fun to be had!

Tonight we are giving away two bundles from our Sample Spree loot. Want a chance to win a bundle of Barcelona by Zen Chic or a bundle of Sweet Serenade by BasicGrey?

As you know, we love Twitter. If you are following along, we tried to tweet as much as possible to give you live Schoolhouse experience. We tallied our tweets today and the number is astonishing! Comment below guessing how many tweets were sent from the Fat Quarter Shop account today for a chance to win. TWO winners will be chosen and announced on Tuesday 5/21/13. Check back tomorrow for more Market updates, giveaways and more!


  1. 162 tweets! Thanks for keeping us up to date, I love the pictures. Looks like so much FUN, I'd LOVE to be there. Please send more pictures so we (those who couldn't be there) can't enjoy (drool) alone with you. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Really enjoy your "market reports".
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some lovely goodies. My guess is 117. But looking at the other guesses, I didnt realise you could do so many tweets.

  3. 192 ~ that's my guess.
    Thanks for all the photos of what's new. Makes up for the fact that I live in Portland and can't go to Market.

  4. I'll guess 150. I know you went over the amount of pixs. I loved seeing the pictures all day long and can't wait for today's photos! Thanks

  5. 162 tweets. so wish I could be there. love some of those new fabrics. can't wait til I get my hands on a couple of them. more quilts! Cindy

  6. I am going to guess 250? It was fun checking up on Twitter to see all the fun new things πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  7. Love seeing all the market and I am going to guess 137. Keep the information coming, we love feeling like we are with you.

  8. wow, I do not know much about tweeting but…..my guess would be 3600 The math led me to an average of 40 tweets each hour per person…times 9?…times 10 hours?! Am I close:) It sure is fun to see pictures!!

  9. I'm guessing 205 tweets. Thanks for the great pictures that almost make us feel like we are there.

  10. 213 Tweets….thanks for a chance. It is so nice to see the pics, feel like I am there too!

  11. My guess is 168. Love that new Basic Grey fabric. Thanks for all of your pictures from market. You guys do the best market coverage!


  12. 137? I'm not on twitter so this is a wild guess.
    Thanks for sharing these photos, I'm so excited for all of this amazing new fabric coming out!

  13. Love all these photos and am looking forward to more as the weekend passes. Thanks for helping the readers stay in the loop!! I don't tweet, but my guess is 615.

  14. My guess is 2013…:o))) Have FUN!!And thanks for taking us along for the ride!! Can't wait to see more Quilt Market pictures!!

  15. 183 tweets, but whatever you're doing, it looks like fun. Thanks for the yummy fabric giveaway. Whatever would we do without Fat Quarter Shop?

  16. What a great post, thank you. My guess is 1021. I'm looking forward to more great pictures from quilt market.

  17. 173 tweets… love all the pictures,and love seeing Sherri at Schoolhouse! No doubt about it- you guys are the best! I am loving the Basic Grey fabric bundle/yum!

  18. What a hard question! I'm going to guess 3,333. I sure am loving your blog posts and tweets! It ALMOST feels like I'm there!

  19. I am not on Twitter but I am going to guess 957 based on the fact that there are 9 of you in the photo at the top and guessing you each tweeted around 9 times.

  20. My guess is 141 tweets. This is first time I've followed you and am loving all the wonderful pictures. The restaurants sound great too! Enjoy.

  21. 165 is my guess…so fun to read your blog as I am supposed to be there today but instead am home with a sprained ankle…second week of crutches and no end in sight. Sigh. I'd much rather be out seeing fabric! (But I guess I'll go sew instead…thank goodness I can pedal with either foot!) Have fun!

  22. My comments are not being posted so will attempt again. If you tweet each minute of a 24 hour day, then 1440 twitter tweets would be twitted.

  23. I don't do Twitter (or FB)…so this is the wildest of imagination for me…lol! Guessing 1264 Tweets.

    Loved seein allllll the fun you all were having! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  24. Infinity tweets and beyond!! Can't wait to see more from Market–beautiful fabric so far…!

  25. Looks like everyone is having a blast-you're all so lucky! My guess regarding the tweets are very high: 15,800. I would love to win the Basic Grey fabric! Thank you!

  26. 15,857 tweets.
    I absolutely love the pictures of various quilts and projects. They are sooooo beautiful! Thanks so much for share with us. Very inspirational.

    Debi Horne

  27. 398 tweets. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Nancy in Denver
    nkadenver at yahoo.com

  28. I will guess 212 tweets – what fun you are having and what neat designs and fabric being offered

  29. My random guess is 1922. I know it was A LOT! Thanks for including us in the schoolhouse.


  30. Since I am not on Twitter, I can't even imagine. But I bet there were a lot! Maybe 335? I'll be anxious to hear the final number.

  31. I'm guessing 99 Tweets! What an awesome time you're having! Thanks for all the updates!
    Once again a great giveaway…you guys are FANTASTIC! Thanks

  32. "What a great way to glean a glimpse of your "Schoolhouse"
    I counted 9 of you and there were
    23 sessions, 1 tweet/person per
    session would be 207 and then I
    thought you just might tweet an
    average of 5 more for each session for a total of 1035.

  33. "What a great way to glean a glimpse of your "Schoolhouse"
    I counted 9 of you and there were
    23 sessions, 1 tweet/person per
    session would be 207 and then I
    thought you just might tweet an
    average of 5 more for each session for a total of 1035.

  34. My guess is 188 tweets. Way to go, FQS ! Thank you for all the photos.

    my disguised address
    (—AT —)

  35. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. Since I have only won something once on any blog, not gonna plan what I will be doing with it. But I have never won the lotto and still buy tickets occasionally! So here goes nothing, 301 tweets sent!!! Totally a guess!

    Erin S

  36. I'm guessing 302 tweets.

    Thanks so much for sharing the Quilt Market experience with us. Looks incredible!

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these gorgeous lines.

  37. I don't tweet, but I might guess 72 or should I say 172? I don't know, but wish I could have been there. Thank you for the coverage! C21Julie.Shoemaker at gmail.com

  38. 212? Thank you for sharing all the photo's and booty! So much fun to see all the awesome new lines coming out!

  39. Wow! You were a crazy prolific tweeter! From the moment you said you were getting on the plane to go to quilt market, up to RIGHT NOW (because you are still tweeting about the market, and rightly so!) there have been 416 tweets. 6 of them are retweets… so 410 total. Thanks for sharing, it made us feel like we were there along with you! (PS, I might have ripped the Belle dress right off Amy Butler had I been within snatching distance… PERFECTION! Of course, it would need some tailoring to fit me because, ahem, I am not quite Amy Butler sized. LOL!)