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Spring Quilt Market 2013: Friday

Our first show day at Spring Market has come and gone. We spent the day surrounded by gorgeous new collections, patterns and all of our favorite designers. Each booth was extremely creative and we are so full of ideas for each fabric collection. Want a peek at what we saw? Here is an inside look! To top it off, we will be giving away a bundle from our Sample Spree loot! And if nightly recaps aren’t enough, be sure to follow us on Twitter for live Market coverage, head to our YouTube channel to watch TWO videos from Schoolhouse (with plenty more coming soon!) and check out our Spring Market Flickr set for tons of photos!

The Fat Quarter Shop gearing up for a busy day at Quilt Market with a big breakfast!
This year we are FALL-ing in love with Moda in their booth at Quilt Market! What do you think of the colorful leaves? 

Camille shows off the latest Bonnie and Camille masterpiece, Scrumptious! And yes, it is that delicious! (p.s. there may be a giveaway of this yummy collection at the end of the post!)
Fig Tree’s booth featuring Honeysweet, which just might be another giveaway at the end of this post! The colors in this collection will blow you away!

Vanessa Christenson of V & Co. shows off her stylish new line, Simply Style in the Moda Designer Lounge!
The Sweetwater ladies and Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs pose for a quick photo before the craziness begins! 
Lori Holt’s Bake Sale display in the Riley Blake Designs booth was just too adorable!  We can not wait for these patterns to come in. I bet you all can’t wait for them either!
Ann Kelle’s adorable new collections for Robert Kaufman Fabrics look great in these cute projects! We want those robots made with Fun Bots!
Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka’s Treasures shows off the goodies in her booth!
Jeni Baker of In Color Order shows off her latest collection for Art Gallery Fabrics, Nordika.
Sarah and Angela Walters are all smiles in the Art Gallery Fabrics booth!  Angela’s Legacy collection is inspired by her Grandfather-in-Law and it is very inspiring.
That Crazy Old Lady has done it again!  Her latest collection for Michael Miller Fabrics is called Technicolor and it is filled with trendy graphic prints!
GE Designs’ booth is filled with projects from her latest book, Fast & Furious Home! The projects are quick and easy! 
Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs’ shabby chic booth, filled with new patterns made up in her new collection for Red Rooster Fabrics, Attic Treasures.
Northcott Fabrics debuted a new Stonehenge collection, Out of This World!  The collection features the solar system.  Blast off!
The Atkinson Designs booth shows off their new patterns, including one of our personal favorites, Stash Stars!
Sarah and Jocelyn pose with Heather Bailey!  
We love the adorable details in the Dear Stella booth!  The adorable whales and STELLA pillows add just the right amount of charm to the space!

Want a taste of what’s new at Spring Quilt Market? We are giving away TWO bundles from Sample Spree to two lucky winners, Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille and Honeysweet by Fig Tree Quilts.

We do a lot of walking at Quilt Market. This year we decided to calculate Kimberly’s mileage with a pedometer app on her phone. For a chance to win a bundle, comment below guessing how many miles Kimberly walked today at Quilt Market. A winner will be chosen Tuesday, 5/21/2013. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more Quilt Market updates and even more giveaways!  We hope you are ready for day 2 of the show!


  1. I think she walked 9 miles. Love the photos and all the great collections! Thanks for te giveaway πŸ™‚

  2. Wow.. Tons of inspiration. Those quilts and the bundle is so pretty. I am just loving the bright, happy colors. As for miles…. I think around 2.7… Reason being- there are only so many hours aday and how can you not stop And look at everything! .mq is not always easy to see but one of the most detailed and time consuming parts.

  3. From the pictures, I'm guessing only three miles as I would be sticking close to Bonnie and Camille's booth, and I'm hanging around like a bee for Fig Tree Quilts to release their cherry pie quilt pattern, and Lori Holt's new range is to die for. So I wouldn't have got further than that. Wish I was there.

  4. I'll guess 6.5 miles. I have walked that place before and it is pretty big! Hope I am the lucky winner. Thanks for taking us along.

  5. I really have no idea of the size of the place, but I'm guessing it's huge, so I think you walked 3.9 miles. (That allows for plenty of stops to ooh-aah at the wonderful things there.)

  6. Total guess 9.2. Although moda school house may have an effect on the total of today compared with the next few days. Thank you for sharing the whole quilt market. Must go finish some ufo's so I can play with the new stuff coming out next

  7. I think she walked 3.2 miles – you all have the best recaps and the most challenging giveaway questions!! Love them both – looking forward to more today.

  8. Drool worthy booth pictures! I'd guess 5.3 miles. Thanks for sharing the photos and thanks for the delicious giveaway!

  9. 6.8 miles? It is HUGE in there but that is a lot of walking! Love experiencing this along with your staff. Thanks for the pix!!

  10. I think 5.7 miles. It's lovely to see all the updates. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures from quilt market.I would guess 6 miles.

  12. Great concept fo ryour giveaway. However many, what fun and getting exercise to boot, Priceless! lol
    My guess is 7.9 miles.

    That calls for a foot rub too. Jane

  13. I am guessing she walked 6 blissfully sweet miles because of all the eye candy surrounding her. What fun work days you must have there!

    Kathy P

  14. Thank you for all the market pictures. The booths looked awesome. Hope to see those patterns at FQS. Both collections are on my wish list. I'm guessing 7 miles.

  15. Since today is the Fargo marathon..I am going to guess she walked a half marathon or 13 miles….love all the pictures, can't wait for the videos.

  16. Gosh, I can't get my math brain started up this early, so I'll just throw a lucky 7 out there and call it a guess! πŸ™‚ Thx for the pics. I'm hating getting older right now, what with a knee scope fresh in my mind (1 week ago). The only thing I have to look forward to is my kids being more independent so I can quilt more, and someday, maybe, actually attend quilt market!!!!

  17. How I wish I could be there!!! Thanks for sharing photos – everything looks amazing! I am going to guess that she walked 3.8 miles!

  18. My guess would be 10 miles. Thank you sharing quilt market with us through all of these photos. I enjoy seeing all of the booths and new fabrics.

  19. I know I'm always surprised when I use a pedometer at how far I walk, so I'm going to guess if your talking about the entire day, I'd say 14.5 – 15 miles. It sounds like a lot, but those steps add up pretty quickly so I probably guessed too low. Thanks again for helping us feel like we are there … sadly I had a trip to Oregon planned to see my designer friend from Australia "Gail Pan" but my grandson got called to Navy boot camp a month earlier than planned and we had to be here to see him off. So if you happen to run onto Gail "Gail Pan Designs", tell her Nancy said "HI!!!". Hugs…

  20. More guess work – because you have to be in it to win it.
    I would guess 8.1 miles.
    PS – make sure you check out RICRAC!
    Jodie is an awesome designer from Australia, really funny with great patterns. I love her patterns and really want her to have a great time in Portland.
    Hopefully you all have a brilliant time too!

  21. My guess is 8.9 miles.I would love to win these beautiful fabrics! Thanks Sherry(keithriggs1@yahoo.com)

  22. I think my guess is 9 miles…having no clue about the venue but I'm betting there is so much to see you might have to double-back to check it all out again! Thanks for such wonderful posts!

  23. I think Kimberly walked about 5.2 miles. A giveaway would make a great birthday present !!!

  24. Thank you guys for all of the great photos! I'm guessing that she walked 5.7 miles;-)

  25. Beautiful fabrics! I guess Kimberly walked 12.8 miles today. Thanks for a chance to win. Hope your fun in Portland continues! Bethnin AL

  26. I'm checking Twitter all day long to see the latest through FQS eyes! Good job!

  27. Thanks so much for letting us take take this trip with you. I'm so envious! I think I'd be on overload and be drooling, so much BEAUTIFUL eye candy (how much can a person handle). My guess is 7 miles, it's the first number that popped into my head. Have fun, I know you all are. ;-> Toni Anne

  28. Extra steps probably would be taken just by jumping up and down at each booth with all the excitement of such beautiful fabrics. Shot in the dark: 5. 25 miles…but alot more miles in fun!

  29. Hi!
    I'd guess 21 miles! It would easy to walk that distance in such a big facility!
    Thanks for the giveaway,
    Take care, Leslie

  30. This sounds a lot like Disneyland and the walking that comes with visiting there, so I'm going to guess 10.5 miles. Thanks so much for the generous giveaways!

  31. I am going to guess that she will have walked 12.7 miles. Thank you for sharing all the great pictures and making me sooooo jealous!! πŸ™‚

  32. I will go with 4.3 miles although i would guess it feels like 43 miles!

  33. THANK you for the wonderful pictures!!!! Can't wait to see your flickr! I will guess conservative…2.25. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Guessing 7.75 miles. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Nancy in Denver
    nkadenver at yahoo.com

  35. Thanks for all of the wonderful pics from market. It makes me feel like I'm there. Love seeing all of the new goodies. I am guessing she walked about 14.9 miles.

  36. Greetings from Northern Saskatchewan Canada! Thanks for all the great pictures! I'm guessing 5.5 miles!
    Catherine Z.

  37. I am guessing Kimberly walked 3.3 miles. Would love to win either of these gorgeous bundles. Thank you for the chance.

  38. Love, love, love your photos…it's like being there with you:) miles? hmmm…. I could estimate steps easier but maybe about 6.3 miles walked?! I'm sure it must feel like a hundred. I absolutely love both of these bundles for the giveaway!!!!

  39. I am guessing that she will walk 9 miles. Having been to the Spring Market, I know how much I walked last year in KC.

    Thanks for the updates, the great pictures and a view of what lines are coming.

  40. Thanks for another fun market recap! With all those fun pictures, it must have been miles and miles! I bet it seemed like more, but how about 5.5?

  41. Yay, it's time for spring quilts again. Thanks for the photos. I'm betting 12 miles. Stephani in N. TX (tomazec@aol.com)

  42. I read through the comments and see my guess has already been guessed so I will define it a bit more……8.88 miles! I know on vacation trips I wear a pedometer and am surprised at the end of the day how much I put in.

  43. Well after spending some time at Lori's Bake Sale Kimberly decided she better walk a little more, she then ran into those robots and had them chasing her around, so I'd say she probaly put in a whopping
    11 miles.:)
    ps I want it all….

  44. I have to guess on the lower end, what with all the temptations around you to slow down and savor. I'd say 4.1.

  45. I am guessing "lucky" seven miles of fabric goodness. Thanks so much for taking us along….not as great as being there (G), but grateful all the same!!! XXXX

  46. thank you for the wonderful Pictures! I am absolutely in love with the new fig tree fabrics and quilt Patterns. I would love love love to win the bundle. I believe Kimberly did 7.5 miles.


  47. I'll guess 5 miles. (Looking at fabric while exercising is a great idea!) I would LOVE to win Camille's new fabric line!

  48. My guess on this one is 5 miles. Thanks for sending all the wonderful photos. Love looking at all the different booths.

  49. I walked over 19,000 steps at QuiltCon as a volunteer at set up day so I would guess 3.7 miles for Kimberly! Thanks for the fabulous photos!

  50. thank you for sharing such wonderful photos of works of beautiful art. I would think that everyone walk at least 8 miles.

  51. Wonderful photos – thanks for sharing! Easy to get excited about such gorgeous fabrics on the way. I will guess she walked 5.5 miles.

  52. Thanks for sharing!! Love to see all of the new inspiring things…can hardly wait to see them up on your website!! I'm guessing 7.5 miles…lots and lots of walking!!

  53. The boots were made for walking…I am guessing she walked 7.25 miles! And had fun every step of the way! Thanks for the chance!

  54. I'm going to go with 5.6 miles…although she probably feels like it's closer to a bazillion lol. VermontPines at aol dot com

  55. I am guessing 7.3 miles. I am jealous – I am visiting Portland this weekend also but am relying on you for updates from Quilt Market!

  56. 12.3 miles, I wish I could be there! I love looking at all the pics on IG! Thanks for sharing so I can feel like I'm there!

  57. Thanks for the awesome photos — Wish I was there, but your photos make me feel like I am! My guess is 7 miles.

  58. Not very good at guessing so I'll say 4.25 miles..not sure if this is suppose to be just at Quilt Market or on the way to the hotel and restaurants too.

  59. My guess is 4.85 miles. Great to walk for exercise and see so many creative ideas

  60. Beautiful Stuff!!! Can't wait to see some of these in RL πŸ™‚ Im guessing she walked 11.7 miles…I know how the steps can add up, LOL! Thanks for the great photos and equally great giveaway!

  61. Well I'm going high. I think she walked about 14.2 miles. It's pretty amazing how fast it can add up when you've got so much you want to see!

  62. My guess is 8.2 miles!!! I love seeing all the beautiful fabrics. Wishing you a very blessed time!

  63. Haven't been to market before but my guess would be about 7.25 miles. Would love to have been there!

  64. Boy, I bet she visited each booth at least two times! I sure wish I could be there. All the displays are beautiful! So much thought and planning must go into them. I think Kimberly walked at least 11.5 miles…

    Paige Gonzalez

  65. I think you walked 11.2 miles. I would want to see everything at least twice.

  66. That's a HUGE building but I wonder if you stuck close to the booth more and the others did much more walking than you. Hmmmmmm is this a trick question I wonder. LOL

    Darn. Now that I thought of that I'm afraid to put my original guess down BUT, it's always been said to never second guess your original guess sooooooooo I'm sticking to it.

    My guess is 8.3 miles.

  67. Well, I am guessing she is like I would be if I ever got to go to one of the shows…I'd be all over the place three or four times! So I will say 13.5 enjoyable miles! Thanks for the chance to win these amazing fabrics!

  68. I'm guessing 5.8 miles. Bet you had some tired tootsies that night!!:-) Thanks for the giveaway!! The fabrics are some I've been dying over already!! πŸ™‚

  69. I think she may have walked 8 miles but it no doubt felt like 800! These are great pictures.
    Beth F

  70. I am going to guess 8.7 miles of smiles. May your tired little feet enjoy a nice relaxing soak tonight. Thanks for sharing all the pretty pictures! … πŸ™‚ Pat

  71. I'm guessing 6.8 miles. Such beautiful fabrics…Can't wait until they are available at my favorite quilt shop!!

  72. Oh my..this is a total guess…4 miles!? Thanks fo rallt he great photos. All the new quilts and fabrics and ideas…such wonderful inspiration.

  73. I think she walked more than you would think as going to market is hard work but so much fun. She walked over 12 miles

  74. I think 6.75 miles. LOVE all the eye candy photos and can't wait to play with a lot of them when they are available!

  75. I'm gonna have to guess 7.8 miles.
    I hope you've been having fun, I'd love to be there with you all!!
    Regards Clare

  76. Maybe around 6.7 miles, no matter the amount they were glorious miles from the looks of it! All that beautiful fabric and booths! I wish I had the chance to go walk around and see it all.


  77. I'm thinking about 17 miles 'cos there's so much to see! Thanks for the chance to share the experience and win some fabric.

  78. 3.7 miles. Thanks for keeping us uodated about all the great stuff going on at quilt market!
    Misty.ann.fletcher at gmail.com

  79. Wow, wish I was there. The photos are great but bet it's better in person. I'll have to guess she walked 10.6 miles.

  80. I am going to say 7 miles. Thank you for a chance at this wonderful giveaway and for sharing all the pictures.

  81. I am guessing 2.35miles – thanks for the chance to win this giveaway!

  82. She must have walked miles and then more miles and then more miles … I think 4.25 is a good guess.

    Thanks for all the great pictures and ideas.

  83. Hi Everyone – Hoping our having a blast!!! I will guess that you walked about 9.20 miles!! Good Luck everyone!!!

  84. Kimberly probably walked between 12 and 14 miles! I know quilt market is huge and it totally wears a person out!
    I would just die if I won either of these fabric collections! Oh to be SO LUCKY!

    Have fun Girls! And thanks for all the great photos!

  85. I'm guessing she walked 12.3 miles. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new collections you are giving away. Thanks for the chance!

  86. I think she walked 6 miles and enjoyed every moment! The fabrics looks lovely and your postings are awesome. Thanks!

  87. I'm going to guess 3 miles which seeing the other guesses seems a bit conservative πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing all the market pictures – so exciting to see.

  88. I have worn a pedometer at work, I am a nurse and it is
    nothing to log 6-7 miles, so I am guessing 11miles. lus I have been to market and know it is go go go!

  89. It was so hard to write my answer before I looked at all the comments. I would not even look at the before mine. I think she walk 4.2 miles..

  90. I would guess 2.9 miles! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Janice dot Masson at gmail dot com.

  91. I'm going with 11.36 miles. I'm probably way out there, but you did say a LOT of walking.

    BTW, thanks for your write-ups and photos. I'm really enjoying them!

    Elizabeth E.

  92. I am guessing that she walks 4.8 miles and I am LOVING those two new lines of fabric that you are giving away….thank you for the chance to win!!


  93. Love all the pictures……. Scrumptious is to die for! With all the pictures and talking I would guess around 4.5 miles.

  94. Love looking at all the beautiful material and creativeness. Thanks for the sharing.Bet it is fun but more than just a little wearring My guess is 7 miles.

  95. I'll guess that she walked 3.6 miles today. That plus all the standing she had to do, whew her dogs must be barking! πŸ™‚

  96. I am guessing Kimberly walked 6.2 miles. I would have to stop at all these beautiful fabrics on display twice:)
    Thanks bunches for the chance to win either of these yummy fabric bundles

  97. Great pictures, love all the new fabric. I can tell I'm going to have to look for new places to store fabric. I will guess Kimberly walked 6.2 miles today.

  98. Oh geez—two collections I am dying to get!!!!! Hmmm….. I am going to say she walked 6.24 miles.

  99. I think Kimberly walked 12.5 miles today. The bundles are absolutely beautiful andthanks for the opportunity to enter the competition.
    Please keep the photos coming.

  100. Love Scrumptious and Honeysweet. Thanks for the opportunity to be in the draw. I guess Kimberly walked 7 miles, and if so her feet must be very tired! Love all the news from Market.

  101. Loving all the updates…. thanks for sharing the fun with us. Beautiful fabrics! I think I will guess 5 miles easy. I love all things Fig Tree! Camilles collections are always fun and fresh. Thanks for a chance to win. Janita

  102. Glad I'm not doing all that walking…might push me into labor a bit early haha. I will guess that Kimberly walked around 15 miles. Glad she did. Love this pics and I'm so excited for new collections and books to come out!

  103. I don't know why but 18 miles pops in my head. Love all the pictures, almost as good as being there, thank you!

  104. I would say 7.5 miles! Love your great coverage og Quilt Market.
    Terrific giveaway, love Bonnie and Camille fabrics but Fig Tree Quilts is one of my favourites always, thanks for the chance to win!

  105. I would say 3 miles. The pics are great, so exciting to see what is coming. Makes you just want to sew.

  106. Hi! I was walking too on 05/17/2013 on the campus at Iowa
    State University 55th class reunion, including the "Reiman Gardens"(check them out, the variety of tulips and colors would
    make a great quilt fabric! I would
    guess 7.5 miles. Web was so slow
    yesterday and yes…kept kicking me
    off. "Great Market" in one of my
    favorite cities! Thank you for all
    you do!

  107. My guess is 16 miles she walked. Your eye candy is great. Can't wait to purchase some of the new fabrics. JKL

  108. Boy this would be a hard one to guess…so I'll just pick my lucky number 7! Hope it's at least close! LOL
    No matter the miles…your poor legs and feet must be tired with all that running back and forth!
    You're making my wish list a really long one! Thanks!

  109. Thank you for sharing pictures of market!! I would love to win either collection as I love them both!!

  110. I am going to guess 5 miles. Love both these fabric lines and everything else I see! Thank you for the sneak peeks!

    Melissa Bratland

  111. What a GREAT prize! I'm going to guess that Kimberly walked 5.75 miles today. That may be low, but I'm thinking she wanted to stop and talk with people along the way, which would have slowed her down a bit πŸ™‚

  112. I'm going to guess about 3.7 miles. Thanks for sharing all the loveliness of market! Crossing my fingers for some "scrumptious" and "honeysweet" fabric. Mmmm…

  113. FABULOUS PHOTOS — Thank you for taking us there in person via your photos ! I am Fig Tree-obsessed so I am hoping to be a bundle winner. Woohooooooo!

    disguised address is:

  114. I'm going to guess 2 miles. Love seeing all the photos from marketβ€”amazed by everyone's talent and hard work! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  115. I have a question…there is a picture of the sweetwater group here on your blog. Then on the left side of the picture, there is a red and white dresden type quilt hanging in another booth. Whose is it? I'd love to see a picture of the whole quilt and a pattern and the designer. Can you help me??? πŸ™‚ Thanks, Ginger

  116. My is is 8 miles. Thanks for the chance! Thanks for all the pictures. This Jersey girl feels a little like she is there!

  117. I'm thinking she walked approximately 14 miles. I don't know the floor hours of the show though. Love to touch some of this new fabric!! C21jULIE.SHOEMAKER AT GMAIL.COM

  118. 4.5 miles. Though everyone else guessed much higher. Maybe twice this? Three times? πŸ™‚ How fun to exercise AND quilt.

  119. I'd saw about 15 miles…. there's a lot of ground to cover and lots of back and forth walking…. okay, maybe it's more like a gazillion miles!

  120. I loved market when I attended in Houston several years ago. It's invigorating and so much fun. I'm guessing you all walked 3.5 miles! Awesome fabrics!

  121. 10 miles. You would be surprised how far people actually walk when they go shopping at the mall and large outlet malls. The Quilt Market is not in a small building, so she would travel a decent distance. Although, probably not very fast. (beautiful fabric is a huge distraction.)

  122. I'm gonna go for Kimberly walking 7 miles! I would so like to win one of these bundles, I have been anticipating these two lines the most! Thanks!

  123. Just catching up with all of your quilt market coverage. Looks like Soooo much fun !!!! Cannot even really imagine all of the mileage that probably adds up walking around but am going to guess 15.25 and hope for the best :)!!!!

  124. I remember the last time I attended a conference. I wore my pedometer and logged over 17,000 steps and I was in class part of the time! So I'm guessing 8 miles since she probably didn't sit down all day

  125. I'm dying over those bundles! I'd walk a mile for one of those!

    But I bet Kimberly walked at least 7 miles @market today!

  126. Ooh I wish I could see it in person! I'll guess 4.6 miles, although I love seeing how the answers are all over the place! Thank you for the giveaway.

  127. Having never been there except for a virtual tour, I will guess it to be 15.22 miles (my house number). Not very scientific for a scientist!