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Spring Quilt Market 2013: Saturday

Another day well spent at Spring Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon! We spent the day walking the show, taking in the creativity and chatting with all of our quilty friends. Keep reading for photos of the booths and be sure to check out our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel and Flickr for even more behind the scenes updates from the show!

The Moda Fabrics designers really had us FALL in Love with Moda this year! 

Me and My Sister are having always having fun at Market, even when they are working!  Their new line, Giggles is just too cute!
Me and My Sisters’ portion of the Moda Designer Lounge was filled with quilts made with their new collection, Giggles!  Doesn’t this make you want to smile?
Zen Chic’s latest line for Moda Fabrics is so adorable! Check out Barcelona! (The country and the fabric;)

Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts and her stunning Hope Chest collection for Moda Fabrics! This collection is definitely a favorite!
Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs’ Celebration collection! Available (and perfect for) little boys and little girls!

The 100 Blocks designers dancing the Quiltmaker Shuffle! Sarah, Jocelyn, Kimberly and Debbie are in there somewhere! Be on the lookout for a video from Quiltmaker! 

Anka’s Treasures’ booth is filled with items made with her Triangler ruler.  There will be a demo on our  YouTube channel soon!
Jina and Cindy of Riley Blake Designs pose in front of the fun, retro inspired Bake Sale collection by Lori Holt!
Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew’s booth was definitely a favorite! Her new patterns are wonderful, and her debut fabric collection for Windham Fabrics called Wallflowers is an instant classic!
A bunch of projects on display in the Checker Distributors booth! We spy an It’s Sew Emma (Through the Looking Glass featuring Paint Box) and a bunch of LakeHouse quilts featuring Sweet Things! The LakeHouse patterns will soon be available on our website!
Verna Mosquera in the Free Spirit Fabrics booth showing off Billet Deux, her latest fabric collection!  It is filled with romantic florals!
Lynette Anderson smiling big in her booth!   We can’t wait for Candy Cane Angels and Wildflower Wood to arrive!
The Summer Fun Block of the Month on display at Quilt Market!  We can’t wait to begin this fun BOM!
Nancy Halverson of Art to Heart in her very Christmas themed  booth!  
The Robert Kaufman booth would not be complete without some Dr. Seuss!  Here is a fun Green Eggs and Ham quilt!
Sarah, Kimberly, Jocelyn and Debbie pause the craziness of Market for a quick and adorable photo!
A display of bundles, pillows, pouches and clothes at the Anna Griffin / Blend Fabrics booth!  They debuted over 20 collections this Market!
Of course we had to do some interviews!  Here is Chelsey interviewing Camille of Thimble Blossoms in her adorable booth!  Be on the lookout for an interview on YouTube soon!

Want to win a prize? We have two more bundles to give away from our Sample Spree loot! Enter to win a bundle of Vin du Jour by 3 Sisters and Love: Collections for a Cause by Howard Marcus.

Today’s giveaway is a little different! We scrambled a word this morning at breakfast and you have to unscramble it!

For a chance to win, leave a comment below unscrambling our “breakfast scramble!” The winners will be announced on Tuesday, 5/21/13. Good luck!


  1. Drum Roll Please……Patchwork…..wow thanks for a lovely opportunity for a giveaway even when you are all so flat out at Quilt Market – thanks for all the photos

  2. Patchwork—-Would love to be a winner in this. Thank you so much for all your photos and insight into the show it was awesome to see.

  3. Patchwork! Saw this on Facebook & came to the blog to answer. I'd love to win! Thanks for sharing so many pictures – some tremendously inspirational quilts there!

  4. patchwork. Thanks for the giveaway and all the lovely photos you are posting from market. Irene xxx

  5. PATCHWORK my favorite kind of quilts! (Especially in those new bundles of fabric!)
    Thanks for the Market updates.

  6. Wow! All the booths look so great! How could you not walk away inspired and ready to quilt!
    Patchwork. Very appropriate 🙂

  7. Good morning! The scrambled word is "patchwork".

    Thank you so much for posting the pictures – all that inspiration has my creative juices flowing this morning. 🙂

  8. The answer is PATCHWORK! Something I wish I could be doing more of! Thanks for all the photos – wish I was there!

  9. I pieced together the letters and came up with PATCHWORK. Love the pics from the Show. Makes me more ready for Houston!

  10. Patchwork! Thanks for the pics! A goal of mine is to someday go to Quilt Market!! Seeing your pics makes me want to go more 🙂

  11. Just what I love to do:
    PATCHWORK – and looking forward to seeing all the new fabrics as they arrive at Fat Quarter Shop. Can't wait for the videos – I love them too. And the photos.

  12. Patchwork!….Finally found the right site to place the unscrabbled word…..Whew!….Hoping I win with searching and searching….It was so worth it!….Thanks for having the giveaway so awesome!…:)

  13. PATCHWORK-every quilt comes alive when they hear that word! 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win. Those fabrics are gorgeous!

  14. This is so fun to watch the fun you have all been having. Thanks for sharing. LOL my brain doesn't want to work this early.


    Oh…I love all your posts sharing your journeys with us. Thanks so much for allowing us to enjoy Quilt Market with you!

    Suzanne in VT

  16. We can't ALL be wrong!! PATCHWORK!! Thanks for all of the Quilt Market Pics…it's like I tagged along! I enjoyed every moment!!

  17. PATCHWORK!!!

    Are non-Americans also allowed to join? 🙂
    GREAT photo's btw.

    the Netherlands

  18. Patchwork!
    I am terrible at unscrambling letters to make words. Hope you don't mind that I cheated and copied from my neighbor's paper ;> I would have figured it out eventually. (hours, days….)

  19. The word is patchwork. Although I don't win, I do love the challenge. Good luck to all those who responded to the contest.

  20. Thanks for the great market updates. I keep writing down all the fabrics I like so next time I am planning a project, I can look at my list.
    I word is out… Patchwork!! Thats the mystery word but everyone knows Patchwork is a wonderful word to be involved in!!

  21. patchwork

    Thank you very much for the market update. Feels like we were there with you. So many beautiful things to look forward to.

  22. PATCHWORK….we all love this…and thanks for all the fun and fabric ! Even though you are all off at Portland Market my order from Thursday arrived on Saturday…..what great customer service !!! Thanks so much !!

  23. It is Patchwork!
    P.S. Thanks so much for "taking" us to the Spring Quilt Market with your pictures of the designers, booths, and new goodies!!!

    I love the sneak peak at all the new fabrics! I wish I was there too!

  25. I love scramblers…especially when they pertain to quilting and this one was of course, PATCHWORK ! Thanks so much for a chance to win some of this gorgeous "Patchwork" quilting treasure, *wink*. Thanks too for once again helping those of us who can't be there, to enjoy a taste of Market. I do hope you run into Gail Pan's booth, an Australian designer…I would love to see her creations from Market. Hugs…

  26. PATCHWORK, of course! Would love to win. Thanks for showing photos of the Quilt Market. I saved them so I can make all those lovely quilts. A girl can dream…lol!


  27. I think that was too easy, or I'm super intelligent? I'm sure it was just easy. ;-> PATCHWORK, is the answer. Thanks for letting us all join in on the fun and for the mini quilting vacation. I've been looking forward to it everyday! ;-> Toni Anne

  28. Some of the market fun sure came through in your pictures. I want in on the breakfast scramble!!! Patchwork

  29. Patchwork. Thanks for the great photos and reports from Market.

    Nancy in Denver
    nkadenver at Yahoo.com

  30. It has to be PATCHWORK!! Thank you for all the wonderful pictures. I think that I'm going to be drooling over these pictures all day!!

  31. Patchwork…..thanks for so much inspiration. Your posts from quilt markets are always wonderful!!

  32. Love the pictures of the booths. I'll be looking for that interview with Camille too. How fun doing a word scramble, the word is: Patchwork.

  33. Of course, it's Patchwork. The first thing my grandmother tried to teach me. Looks like you are all having a great time. Can't wait to see the new lines.

  34. Patchwork. It looks like you all had a wonderful time! Thanks for the pictures. I wish I could go too!

    Thanks for all of the photos…I truly enjoy looking at all of the new fabrics, patterns and designs.

  36. The word is Patchwork.

    I have been enjoying seeing all of the booths and the new quilts and patterns, too much temptation.


  37. Thank you so much for sharing your market pics! So much quilty goodness to look forward to! The scrambled word is "Patchwork"! Thanks for the incredible giveaway!


    Thanks for all the videos and photos from Quilt Market.

    janice dot Masson at gmail dot com

    Love you shop and YouTube site. Looking forward to more videos. All the new fabric and patterns look wonderful.

  40. Of course its Patchwork! thanks for sharing all the pictures of market so fun to see the creative booths of so many designers, fabric companies…to see what is coming up OH how I would love to win the collection for a cause bundle…
    Thanks look forward to the youtube video interviews

  41. I promise you I didn't peak at anyone else's answer, simply because I LOVE word games.
    and I LOVe "Patchwork"!
    Thank you for keeping us all posted on the activities at QM, I always look forward to being there through your eyes and ears!
    And thanks for the giveaways!

  42. Patchwork – Love all the photos, it gives one a sneak preview of what's to come in the quilt world. Not-to-mention, we get to see all the FUN you have (right fully SEW after all the hard work).

  43. Patchwork.
    I love your Market recaps! I'm drooling over so many of those collections. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  44. Every day I go to my inbox to get your link…love what you are sharing with us from the Market..every booth is more beautiful than the last! And a perfect word for the day…patchwork! Thank you for the chance…such generous giveaways!


    Thanks for a chance to win some gorgeous fabric and thanks for sharing the pictures of your fun at Quilt Market

  46. Patchwork….
    thanks again for the opportunity to win some more amazingly beautiful fabric!! Pick me…pick me…pick me


  47. Oh, the word HAS to be PATCHWORK!! Something I live and dream about constantly!

  48. P-A-T-C-H-W-O-R-K
    It looks like you all had a great time! Looking forward to seeing all the pretties in the shop 🙂
    Thank you for the chance to win!
    Krista Y.

  49. I'm living vicariously through your trip :). The secret word is … patchwork!

  50. Clear as day, it says PATCHWORK! Thank you for all the great pictures and a chance to win a beautiful prize!!!

    Paige Gonzalez

  51. Looks like you are having tooooo much fun! Patchwork might be the word!

  52. Patchwork…
    Love that you always share your experiences at the quilt markets with those of us who can't go. At least we can vicariously have some of the fun! Thanks!

  53. Patchwork, of course. The scrambled letters are just like a quilt, all cut up and reassembled into something new.

  54. Something power…something wrap…something chick…OH – PATCHWORK! Yeah 🙂

  55. patchwork!
    amazingly fun pictures of all the wonderful fabrics and designers and quilts! wish I could have beem there. thanks for sneak peeks.

  56. Patchwork. Thank you, thank you for the Spring Market recaps! It's wonderful to see the new fabric lines coming out and what the designers have done with their fabrics.

  57. May 19 at 12:59 PM Patchwork is the word. Thanks for all the pictures and for your great website!! Diane K

  58. PATCHWORK…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the market post SO MUCH FUN!! Would love to win the bundles!! Can't wait for them to be on your website!!

  59. Patchwork. I love to unscramble words. Thanks for letting us follow along at Spring Quilt Market. I enjoy your commentary.

  60. The word is Patchwork. I am liking reading the days recap of Quilt Market. All that new beautiful fabric coming to quilt stores soon!!

  61. As soon as I saw the first pics this morning,I've been overwhelmed!!!…How awesome it would be to see MY name on the winners list!!!…even more fun would to be there with my camera….Have FUN!.

  62. Wow, I surprised myself. Took me about 10 seconds to figure it out. Good to know the old brain still works. Patchwork.

  63. PATCHWORK:):)
    Ok, is there going to be a tutorial on the shuffle:). Loving all the pictures you have posted….thank you.

  64. patchwork – good one!

    I LOVE these posts – thank you so much for bringing us along with you!

  65. PATCHWORK. Thanks for sharing Picts for those of us who couldn't be there!

  66. PATCHWORK…I have to jump in here to say how much I LOVED LOVED LOVED Nancy Halvorsen's booth. I "DO" Christmas year-round so I could have sat and stayed awhile in her booth. LOL

  67. Patchwork! Thanks for the fun photos from the market. Always love Three Sisters designs and can't wait to see this latest line. Thank you for the chance to win.

  68. I unscrambled it before clicking over – patchwork! Really loving some of the quilts – I'll be searching for some patterns so I can make them too.

  69. I'm enjoying all of the wonderful pics and feel like I'm at market with you all. Thanks for keeping us posted and sharing your time there.

    Patchwork unscrambled.

  70. I think my Scrabble skills are finally paying off! PATCHWORK — And thank you for the giveaway

    my disguised address
    Hotmail Dot Com

    I so wish I could of been there. There were so many great quilts and it looks like a lot of fun was had by all. Thank you for recapping the day as if we were there.
    Thank you for this giveaway and good luck to everyone.

  72. Thanks for the chance to win – "patchwork"

    Also, do you have more information / photos of the Anna Griffin / Blend Fabrics collections? I'd love to see more detailed photos of the fabrics! Thanks!

  73. You ladies are just having too much fun!! What a great job to have. Thanks for the giveaway. My best guess is "PATCHWORK", and what I've been doing for the last two months…lol! Loving the pics!

  74. The word is Patchwork, what I love doing the most in quilting! The booths look so yummy! Can't wait to see online in your shop.

  75. Patchwork

    Would love to win the Vin du Jour bundle… haven't seen it on your Coming Soon page…

    Am enjoying your Youtube video recaps!

  76. Thanks for the awesome pictures. Its "almost" like being there! The scrambled word is "patchwork." My fave!

  77. Patchwork is the word you scrambled. Loving how fun your posts are with you being at Quilt Market. Thanks so much for sharing and posting all your lovely eye candy! Love that 3 Sisters line and wasn't familiar with that Love one.

  78. Patchwork is the quilters byline. You're seeing wonderful items. Thanks for sharing.

  79. Patchwork, Dhu!. Thanks for the chance. You guys look like didn't have any fun at all, nice to see every one happy.(I would be too if I had gone to QM)

    I have really enjoyed your updates here in Oz and thanks for showing off some of the aussie talent that heads to quilt market

    Scrambling patchwork blocks is what I have done all day from Jolly Jabber's gorgeous fabric. Thanks for the fun. Hope I win.