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Fat Quarter Shop goes to Spring Quilt Market 2013 in Portland!

We have arrived! After hours of travel, we have landed in Portland and Spring International Quilt Market 2013 is officially underway. Over the next few days we will be surrounded by new collections, new quilt patterns, taking photos to share, giving away some Quilt Market exclusive prizes and keeping you updated every step of the way. Talk about creativity overload!

Want to feel like you are right there with us at Spring Quilt Market? You can! We will be tweeting constantly on Twitter, posting photos of the new collections on Flickr, Facebook and Instagram (@fatquartershop), sharing goofy live updates on Vine (Fat Quarter Shop) and posting exclusive videos on our YouTube channel. Follow along for the full Market experience; it will be like you are right there with us!

After our long day of travel, we are going to rest up for the hectic weekend ahead. But first, let’s have a giveaway! Let’s see if you can match up the Fat Quarter Shop staffer with their in-flight entertainment!

Leave a comment below matching up staff names with the carry-on item for a chance to win a prize from our Sample Spree loot! We promise to get some great bundles at Sample Spree, so you won’t want to miss out. Check back tomorrow for our recap of Schoolhouse and Sample Spree and the winner will be announced on Tuesday May 21nd.


  1. 1D

    Can't wait to learn the real answers. Have fun at Market!

  2. I guess I've got as much a chance as anyone else. Crossing my fingers.

    Hope you all have a great time at Market!

    1 F
    2 G
    3 H
    4 B
    5 C
    6 D
    7 I
    8 A
    9 E

  3. Not a clue…let's try this:
    1-E; 2-G; 3-F; 4-B;-5-C;6-D; 7-A; 8-I;9-H

    I always look forward to your posts from market!!

  4. I always feel so inadequate with your super hard matching questions, but here goes:
    1 – E
    2 – A
    3 – F
    4 – G
    5 – H
    6 – D
    7 – I
    8 – C
    9 – B

    Can't wait for your updates to start flowing in – have fun!

  5. LOLOL…I know I'll be way off, but I'm always up for a game of any kind, here goes…
    Can't wait to find out the real matches. Have a great time at Market!

  6. Okay – totally guessing and trying to remember everything I can from the blog etc!
    1 – E
    2 – G
    3 – F
    4 – C
    5 – H
    6 – D
    7 – B
    8 – I
    9 – A
    Can't wait to see the real answers. Have a brilliant time in Portland.

  7. Oh, my–Guessing Time!
    A7, B8, C4, D3, E1, F2, G6, H9, I5

    Whatever y'all did on the plane, I'm glad you made it!

  8. 1 H
    2 G
    3 D
    4 B
    5 F
    6 E
    7 A
    8 I
    9 C

    Pretty much all of them were guesses (Not because I don't pay attention on the blog but because the older I get the worse my memory is). thanks for the chance though!

  9. 1H
    I didn't read a magazine on the flight, I can't believe you all didn't just talk the whole time.

  10. hehehe this game is so fun and creative:)

    1 – A
    2 – F
    3 – E
    4 – H
    5 – B
    6 – D
    7 – G
    8 – C
    9 – I