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Spring Market Day 2

Hey again! Thanks for all the comments and tweets so far! Glad to know what you guys are curious about! If you didn’t catch our post last night, we’ll be tweetin’ all day and bloggin’ all night while we’re here at Market, and we’ve got a Rounneries bundle and an Authentic bundle to give out as prizes to commenters and tweeters!

You would not believe our unbelievable luck. Our camera card went on the fritz at approximately 6:30pm tonight, after a full day of wonderful photos. Yup, pretty much all gone. But we promise we’re doing all we can to get it on the mend for tomorrow. Sigh!! It’s a “whatareyougonnado” moment 🙁

Anyhoo, a lot of you were wondering about what Market Sample Spree is. Sample Spree always occurs the night before Market opens, and for quilt shop owners, Sample Spree is THE night to get what you can of the collections that will be debuting over the next few days. Companies and vendors prepare tables of their samples — it could be a Fat Quarter Bundle, a pack of patterns, quilt samples, notions — to be sold at below their usual wholesale prices. If you’ve done your research right, you can walk out with what you need to show at your shop or to make up samples. (And in today’s blogging age, you can “research” your heart out!) Doesn’t that explain all the frenzy then? 😉

Here are the photos we uploaded before the crash (thankfully!)…

One side of the Cozy Quilt Designs booth. We just got their new patterns in today, woohoo!

Love how I Believe In Santa creates this exuberant quilt!

Drooled over these Amy Butler bags. Not literally…

Great wall hangings in Cottage Creek Quilts!!!

Cuz Kimberly loves the Pokey Little Puppy at Quilting Treasures 😉

The full Sweetwater booth! Tons more pics of this booth in the full Flickr set.

Lila Tueller’s booth…luscious Santorini.

Bags!! Check out the Figgy Pudding one!!

Mmmm, Clementine from Me and My Sister Designs!

Birdie in the booth! Introducing the Fiona.

I’m such a nerd for Tanya Whelan. French Hatbox!

The American Jane booth with Happy Camper!

Awww, Benji’s Pockets quilt by Acorn Gift & Quilt Co 😀

Got LOTSA Cotton Way and Thimble Blossoms pics!

This pincushion just makes me smile 🙂

Uh, oh yeah, people pictures? Most of those are gone, but this one survived!

Talk more tomorrow!


  1. Love the pics, posts and tweets. Are you in any of the pics? Love to ‘see’ who is talking!
    I’m from your neck of the woods – Fredericksburg, TX.

  2. Thanks for all the pics!! I have to wipe the drool off my face now! 🙂 Hope the camera situation gets fixed …SOON! 🙂 Chris

  3. Thank you for sharing your adventure!! This is so exciting to see what is coming out and I know it is time consuming on your part to post but I am loving the updates!!

  4. this is so great to see all the awesome fabric coming soon! although my husband may not be happy…i have found several collections that i must have!! thanks for sharing and sorry about the card…very stinky!

  5. Love the pictures and thanks for explaining the Sample Spree, was wondering about that ( those in itself would have been great pictures 🙂 I can feel my wallet lightening already, some amazing fabrics coming our way.

  6. I’m so sorry you lost pictures. I really enjoyed the ones you did get! Market looks like something we’d all love to attend but since we can’t, we so appreciate pictures!

  7. These are just too exciting! YOu must be having a wonderful time! I just love the new pictures you have posted! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love all the pictures. Wish I could be there but at least I am not spending any money (at least until your purchases hit the website) could be dangerous.

  9. its just great to see these pictures, its so exciting, i can’t hardly wait for you all to get back home and begin distributing ideas and new fabrics….
    thanks so much for the pictures…sandy