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Spring Market Day One

Hey guys! We’re here in a city bustling with quilters to the extreme right now, starts with a P and ends with an ITTSBURGH. All arrived safely, and we finished our usual first bout with the always eye-opening Sample Spree! Saw some good quilt-y friends and got some photos to show! (Warning: Picture heavy post!)

(Oh yeah — not sure what Market is? Check out our post explaining it.)

And and and, got some Fat Quarter Bundles to give away!! More details below after my picture purge! Follow us on Twitter this weekend, cuz we’ll be tweeting all throughout Market what we see and do!

OK, so we got to Pittsburgh. Here Cheryl and Debbie are, waiting for burgers and fries. We need the fuel for the days ahead! BIG smiles, BIG anticipation!

And off we went to Sample Spree! The first people we see at Sample Spree: Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs! Really digging those juicy colors! (Click on any of these photos to see more fabric highlights on Flickr!) Their line Clementine is out soon, and Birdie follows!

Here’s Debbie, examining the newest Bali Pop additions. Good eye, Debbie!

G.E. Designs table sans Gudrun! Love these new patterns — should be here any day!!

And adorable Pam Buda at her Heartspun Quilts table! I love the way she talks, so sweet. All of those neat patterns beside her are now in stock at Fat Quarter Shop!

Hello, Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek patterns! Love your beautiful applique!

Lovely Anna Griffin bundles sitting at the Windham table…that’s Cheryl and Debbie strolling by in the background ๐Ÿ™‚
Pardon the tired eyes — the focus is on Lynette Andersen! Talked with her a bit about her new line Christmas Magic. She says it’s quite an experience, stitching on her own fabric for the first time!! I’m enchanted by her accent, and oh my goodness, she’s pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

You KNOW what’s about to happen to this Moda area, right?

THIS is what happens. Move it or lose it.

Hi Camille! Proof that pretty people rifle as well ๐Ÿ™‚ JK!!

Don’t know who this is (let me know if you do? LOL) but she looks happy with her loot!
Yay! One night down, 3 more days to go! Stay with us…we’ll be back each night!

So here’s the rundown on the Giveaway… we got a Fat Quarter Bundle each of the collections from Moda’s two newest designers!! Rouenneries (pronounced “Ruin-er-eez”) from Kaari Meng of French General and Authentic from Sweetwater. Pardon the bedroom setting ๐Ÿ˜›
We’ll pick one comment from our blog and one reply on Twitter to @FatQuarterShop to win one of them! You can enter both ways! Tell us what you want to see from Market…who you’ve been hearing about or who you’ve seen on the blogs. Or what do you want to know about Market in general?

We’ll do our best to share as much as we can! We’ll post and tweet our winners on Monday, when we do our final Market recap!

Thanks for reading!! And good night! *hits the sack*


  1. I am so jealous – but love all the pictures – especially the new fabrics and quilts. You all have great taste which is evident by my bank statement. Thanks so much

  2. I love the fact that you post pictures and let us see what’s new at market…I always check out your blog first because you guys are great at letting us see what’s going on!

  3. love seeing lots of pictures – lots and lots of pictures with lots and lots of fabric! new to the website – would love to know if/where/when other markets are?

  4. Thank you sooo much for this post (and the ones to come)…it’s great for someone who has never been to market to get a feel for what market is all about! And what an awesome giveaway!!! I’d love to see booths, and especially new fabrics… in your posts!

  5. I want to hear about EVERYTHING at market! The booths, new patterns, new fabrics, new notions, trims, rulers, etc…

  6. Thanks for all the pictures!!! Keep them coming. I appreciate getting a tiny bit of a feel of being there with your pictures and words. It is fun to read and see some of what you are doing. Just KEEP doing what you are doing!!!

  7. What a wonderful giveaway, and thank you for allowing us to live this experience vicariously through you! Would love to see booths of fabrics, patterns and all the wonderful creative things that seem to be all around you! Thank you for all the pics and blog updates:)

  8. What a fun time! With all the lovely fabrics around you. I am keen to see more of the Rouenneries range by Kaari Meng and of course my staple favourite of Barb & Alma's Blackbird Designs.

  9. I love that you are sharing the fun of Market with us!!!

    I know it is so difficult to, but I love seeing all of the behind the scenes photos of what it is like to set up, and be at Market. I love seeing the new fabric, but I really love hearing about the work that goes into making Market so fun for everyone. I also like mini interviews – little things from side conversations with everyone there.

    Hope im not being to greedy! I just really wish I could be there…and if I cant than I hope to hear as much about it as possible.

  10. Having fun? I would like to see what are really cool and new in the fabric lines as well as the patterns! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I love to see all the newest fabrics but also the samples made up in the new fabrics. In other words, I love it ALL!

  12. can we see the quilts in the moda booth from the new fabric lines coming out???
    As well as other fabric company booths….its all about the fabrics isn’t it???

  13. Thanks for all the pics! I’d love to see a Susan Branch display or a ME booth if there is one ๐Ÿ™‚
    Please enter me in your give-away
    Enjoy yourselves!

  14. A tweet, tweet here-
    A blog post there –
    Here a tweet, there a blog
    Everywhere a quilt find
    Oh to market, I should go
    I sew, I sew, …….OHHHHHHH!

    thanks for all the great pics, keep them coming.
    Any new holiday, seasonal fabrics and packs coming out? Also, I love applique so would love to see new applique patterns. Have fun!

  15. Oh, I can’t wait to see what those new bali pops look like. I can’t wait to see all the new lines that are coming out. Thanks for sharing all those pics.

  16. Oh my…I don’t know if I could keep myself from just flinging my body into those Moda fabrics and doing a snow angel amongst all of them!

    Can’t wait to see more photos of all the booths!! Thank you for sharing.

  17. Thanks for taking the time to post and load the pictures. I’m very excited to see them. I’ll be “watching” Spring Quilt Market with you guys between your blog posts and your tweets! Appreciate you keeping us in touch. Pick out some great stuff for us like you always do.

  18. I’m impressed that you even blog while you are there! I mean, we love to read about it and live through you, but I would be exhausted and probably a bit overstimulated. Thank you for keeping us up to speed! I would love to see the finished products, quilts that are brought and displayed. I’ll try not to drool on the keyboard…

  19. Oh my goodness! I just love seeing all the new stuff…very excited about Rounneries (did i spell that right?) ๐Ÿ™‚ –Melanie

  20. All the booths are so neat to see. Love all the photos!!

    Is Sample Spree the only place you can actually purchase items? I realize that this is where new items are released and orders taken….

  21. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing and the giveaway is exciting. I wish I were there. I’m stuck in NJ on a business trip…bummer!

  22. wow market………it all looks so exciting and full on time there………I would like to see what the knew trends are and if there are any new gizmo’s and gadgets………’
    Also great to see an Aussie there……..go Lynette……..

  23. Wow! market is HUGE! i love seeing the new fabrics, and i’d really like to see the compleated Moda booth. the booth designs are awesome!

  24. Gosh… To Market To Market to buy a fat pig, home again, home again jiggity jig..LOL…it reminds me of that and I just say I am a glutton and want to see everything that new and out there…fabrics, patterns…everything..LOL..hugs Khris

  25. oh my gosh – I am almost there with you with all those pictures!

    More booth pics please – and more pics of fabric!!!

  26. so there is all this discussion about the quilt market. however, i dont even know what the thing is! is it just a very large quilt show?

  27. Oh, gosh, always love to follow you around at market – pretty new patterns and fabric! I’m wondering if you have seen a booth for Smith Street Designs? She is someone I know from my area in Michigan.

  28. I’m a pattern junkie – I always enjoy all the great patterns you bring back from Market. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your Market experience!

  29. I, too, wish I was there; since I am a shop owner I could participate but never have. Have been to Houston a couple of times but that is a long trip from VT! Thanks for sharing the new fabrics and patterns; it is always exciting to see them.

  30. I’d LOVE to attend a quilt market…. so jealous! Thank you for the give-away, I’d love a chance to win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Someday I’m going to sneak into Market… but until then I’d love to hear about and see all those fabrics!

  32. I enjoy all the pictures and descriptions. Always enjoy seeing pictures of the designers and their booths, as well as hearing about new lines, patterns etc…
    Thanks for bringing the experience to us and the chance to win FABRIC!

  33. Thanks for sharing all the pics so far & for showing our Local Girl Lynette Anderson from OZ…I love to see all the Booths all done up to the nines & to see the Owners that go with them…It's lovely to put Names to Faces….Love the pic of the Mad Rush at the Moda Table…lol..

  34. I’ve heard about “Market” for years but these pictures really show what the excitement is all about. I want to go to market! Thanks for sharing.

  35. I have never in my life seen anything like that. I am literally drooling. Wow. Keep the booth pics coming. They are so great!!!
    Thanks so much. Have fun.

  36. Wow…that market looks like a little piece of heaven!! I would like to hear about something new you stumbled upon and that really “wow-ed” you!?! I would just be crazy happy seeing all the beautiful fabrics!!!

  37. So close, yet so far away! I live near Pittsburgh and just drove through the city yesterday. Wish I could get into Spring Market! It’s so much fun seeing all you enjoying Pittsburgh. Have a Primanti Bros. sandwich for me – the #2!

  38. Love those Me and My Sisters, I just purchased Strawberry Lemonade, gotta love those bright colours. French General has come out with fabric. Love Love it!! Let me join you I can run around and collect all you need at the Market. Just keep those pictures coming. Awesome giveaway.!!I have been to gift shows before but never to a fabric market. How do you keep from purchasing everything?Your on line store is amazing.

  39. I’d love to see Lynette Anderson’s full range of fabric. Love her stitchery designs and I know that her fabric will be as good or even better.

    I also enjoy seeing photos of the individual booths.

  40. I wish I could have been there! I’m looking forward to the new line by the French General — it looks so pretty! Also the lines by Minick and Simpson and Fig Tree Quilts. Thanks for the drawing!

  41. I want to see some picutres of the booth and the new things from Bunny Hill–like the squirrel pin cushion. And from Lynette Anderson–want to see her new quilts on display too–Hugo and Felix and Crazy Christmas! Have lots of fun and wear comfy shoes!

  42. Hello! I would love to see all Joanna of Fig Tree Quilts brought. Also, I’m intriqued by the new French General line you mentioned before in you blog. Thank you for all the pictures. I would love to see as many as you can show.

  43. If you can give me more pictures just like todays that would be awesome! The photos almost look as though I’m looking through a glass dream…they have movement and action! Fantastic photos!! I would love to see it all…get back there and capture it all for me will ya?!

  44. I wish I could be there! It must be amazing by so many beautiful things around you.
    I want to see all the new things, because I love to see all the creativity that people have. Have fun!

  45. I had called my mom and told her I wished I worked at a fabric or quilt store instead of the craft store where I work so I could go to Pittsburgh and visit with them before returning home! Spring market looks wonderful – and all those new fabrics – how can one decide? Good thing we don’t have to! Would love to see some more finished patterns!

  46. It would be INSANE going around to all the booths to view that blissful eye candy!!! I would like to see the Lecien booth/finished goods & French General's new fabric collection for Moda especially…Thx for the giveaway opportunity!!

  47. Wow and Double Wow – I would be honored to win a fat quarter bundle after seeing what you went through to get them. Wow from Judy C in Nc

  48. I’m amazed that you have the time and energy to blog after all that! Keep it up – I love to see all the pictures!!

  49. Do you know how hard it is to be within driving distance to Pittsburgh and not be able to come?Show me all that I am missing!!! It makes me want to open up a quilt shop so I can come.

  50. Moda has new designers — wow! I can’t wait to see their stuff. I’m missing this Market — Rats! What else is new? Do you love the new Kaffe? And the new Phillip Jacobs? What is that talented Brazilian at Art Fabrics doing? Ooooh, I am soooo missing Market. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be watching

  51. Loving the updates – so much eye candy!! Would love to see more of the booths and the fabric/pattern designers. There’s no such thing as picture overload with Quilt Market!!!

  52. Wow! I knew there were a lot of exhibiters (ors?)! How do you ever make a decision? I loved everthing I saw — and can only imagine what I didn’t see!

  53. That looks like so much fun! I am loving all the new products. Thanks for posting all the pictures, I would love to see lots more!

  54. I think I will be emigrating to Pittsburgh as this is the place to be, so I would love to hear everything about Market.
    Great giveaway – thank you.
    Hugs from Holland

  55. I have to say that I love market time!!! I just can’t wait to see all the new stuff after! I have to tell you that I am really excited about the new patterns from Thimble Blossoms and their new line of fabric…I have been drooling over it when I read Camielle’s blog!

  56. OMG – I wish that I was amongst all of that moda …… Will justhave to wait until you have it in store I suppose.

    Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway.

    Fiona (Tasmania, Australia)

  57. So exciting to see all the pictures of quilt market. Perhaps I might get there one year from Down under. Great to see Lynette on your blog as I love making her designs and I have just ordered some of her lovely fabric from your shop. I’d love to be in the giveaway!

  58. I don’t know how you do it. There is always just the right mix of fabrics to tempt me in several different directions. Moda has always been my fav and its exciting to be part of market if only from afar.

  59. I love seeing all of the new fabrics and designers behind the scenes. It all looks so chaotic and exciting!!!

  60. Thank you so much for sharing your Spring Market experience! I get completely overwhelmed with all the gorgeous fabrics on your site, I don’t know how you cope at market!
    We have nothing that comes close to the scale of Spring Market here in Australia so it’s awesome to see.

  61. I would like to hear about some of our Aussie designers who are over there. I love Lynette Andersen designs. Have just ordered her new fabric from FQS. She has been blogging about going over. Sample Spree sounds like good fun. Its great to see lots of pictures. Will be checking in over the week-end for updates. Thanks.

  62. OMG what fun the sample spree must be! I’m afraid I’d get “overload” and forget what I wanted to buy so I’d have to get it all! lol

  63. Photos are great. Market seems to be overwhelming and inspiring at the same time. I’d like to see more photos of the latest fabrics that haven’t been released, plus the booths, which are supposed to be quite lovely.

  64. I’d love to see a photo of the Gingham Girls in their booth. This is their first Market, have had many quilt patterns published in magazines. I hope it’s the first of many Markets for them!

  65. Love all the colors! Its like a fantasy world! Keep up the great commentary. I’m new to quilting so this is like reading a new book about a favorite new subject!

  66. Thanks for your market post & the ones which will follow! I'd like to see the designer's booth & the designers themselves…and, of cours, quilts ;o)
    Can't wait to see Kaari Mengs first collection!
    Cheers, Julia

  67. I just have to say that I dream about going to quilt market!!!! I think it would be the most amazing place ever and I wish that I could find a way to be in the loop of such talented women!!!! You have beter show us everything and have the time of your lives.

  68. I bet you guys are having such FUN and will be so pooped when you get back!!

    I want to see the new innovations in precuts! Moda is always coming out with something new and exciting to make quilting fast & fun!!

    And thanks for doing the raffle!! :o) Wasie

  69. OH OH OH, I can’t wait to see the whole line of French General. And a stop at Tonya Whelan’s booth, can’t wait to get my hands on her new fabric. So much eyecandy there! I can see you are having fun.

  70. Love ALL the pictures….couldn’t wait to get up this morning to see what pictures you posted. SECOND best to being there.
    My vote…see pictures of all the beautiful booth displays, fabulous quilts, and the new fabrics, especially Rouenneries. Have fun!!!

  71. I would love to see the new fabrics that you spy – with your little eyes! I love seeing who you find and feature on Jolly Jabber! Thanks for the chance. I don’t twitter so this is it:)

  72. Thanks for sharing photos. I’m so excited about the new Ruinerries by French General. I LOVE all things french (might be my background – IDK!) – but oh all that fabric goodness surrounding you – I have to admit to a tad of jealousy!

  73. I love seeing all the pictures, but maybe some pics closer up of new fabrics (if that’s allowed).

    Thanks for the fun contest!

  74. LOVE Fabric and new Patterns!Would love to have the chance to win a trip to market with you just so I can see up close. Have fun and bring back lots of wonderful fabrics and ideas! I just love your website and the ease of ordering from it.

  75. oh my gosh I love the greens showing in the authentic collection. I would love to pair this with some of my vintage chenille. love it send it my way hope to win….. have fun girls I know I would.

  76. I’m so looking forward to your pictures….last market I spotted a quilt on the wall and spent about 6 months searching for it from Blackbird designs! Keep up the good work and pace yourself

  77. I got goosebumps reading your post about Market! Would love to go and rifle through all that wonderful fabric! What a generous give away too!

    You guys are very lucky and I am very jealous!


  78. I love how you are so connected with technology: flicker, twitter, blog, mobile updates. I’m a facebook fanatic myself! It is so imaginative and exciting to see what you see in “real” time. I am enamored with the new collections and would love to see more projects using jelly rolls, fat quarters and charm packs.
    Also, are you seeing any “artsy” patterns similar to Louisa Smith’s “strips n curves”. I can’t wait to take my quilting to the next level of innovative and “modern”.

  79. Thanks for sharing…looks like tons of fun…and hard work! All of that beautiful new fabric just waiting to be made into quilts…sheer heaven!

  80. Greetings from Northern Saskatchewan CANADA! I love all the pictures you send! Makes me feel like I’m right there too! Keep up the great job!

  81. Hi, I keep hearing about Market… when you say “spree” is it like a bell goes off and you run to the table and grab whatever you can and get out? It looks like so much fun.. to be able to see all the new lines. Thank you for sharing.

  82. Wow wee! wish I was there. We never see anything like that here in Australia, never see that much fabric. At least seeing your photos makes our dreams almost true.
    thanks again

  83. What a wild time. I am so jeolous. Thanks for having to shop, laugh and play all for us who shop at your web sight. What a difficult job you have. What to pick.
    Thanks. Take lots of pictures.

  84. I so wish we had quilt markets around here! they always looks so fun! I’d love to see more pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Thanks for all the pics! I’d love to see pics of all the booth displays and all the new fabrics coming out!

  86. love the fabric, all of it. will you be carrying figgy pudding? can’t wait for my weekly email dose of fqs. looks like the temptations were plentiful at market. i think i’d buy everything!! keep all the goodies coming.

  87. I love the pictures and hearing your daily market reports. That Moda sample spree is crazy and awesome too. I would so love to be entered in a drawing to win one of those new fat quarter bundles. I’m crossing my fingers. Have a great time this week guys.

  88. Love hearing about all the new goodies and all be “behind the scenes” things you are seeing and enjoying. Can’t wait to see what beatuiful pictures you have for us next.

  89. Please pick me! I am stranded in a little town with no Quilt Shop and no fabric shop! I am a customer of your fantastic business and I hope you pick me!
    Jan Ward

  90. Have a great time at the market. Can’t wait to see all the new lines on your site. I’d better get quilting so I can rationalize buying new fabric… (ha ha like I need a reason to buy new fabric!!!)

  91. Those markets look like so much fun. I am from Rapid City, SD where Pearl Louise, who designs fabric for Troy and BOMs is from. I always enjoyed hearing her stories about market. We now live in Virgina, so have to find out her stories through my mom now.
    Thanks for the great pictures (MODA had always been my favorite). Hope to see more pics! PS can’t wait for my BOM, that I just ordered from you shop, to arrive anyday now.

  92. Oh man, I am so jealous! I just discovered French General this past week and I’m in love already!

    Please, please, please let me win!!!!

  93. Sounds like you are having a great time. Can’t wait to see all the new stuff coming out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. OH It looks like so much fun! I would definitely be one of those elbowing peeps pushing my way through the crowd…lol. I’d love to see more new and upcoming collections and designers.

  95. I love seeing the new fabric and patterns. thank you so much for the pictures.
    Rita E in AZ
    requilt (at) yahoo (dot) com

  96. Love, love, love… all the pictures. I love seeing the booths when they are all set-up. Along with pictures of the owners of those booths, it’s so wonderful to be able to see the face (and smile) of the designer. Right now my heart is racing from looking through all your pic’s, it almost feels like I’m there. Keep ’em coming.

  97. I am sooo close to Pittsburgh that I can smell the fabric! YUMMY. Love all the fabric bundles you have, want to see more. I saw one of the owners of our local quilt shop in the background at the Moda “spree”. How funny is that. Have fun and get lots of good stuff!!!

  98. Rouenneries is one of the lines that I have been most excited about seeing. I would also love any info. about Heather Bailey’s new line or Sandi Henderson—love, love both of them!

  99. Hey… I’m loving this blog! I’m at work but looking at all this quiting material with envy. I’m new to quilting but already have a small “stash” and looking forward to ordering some of those beautiful colors…. Have fun and buy lots…

  100. I want to see booths, I want to see fabric and mostly I just want to pretend I’m there too (so … could you possibly photoshop me in?) Thanks for the vicarious thrill.

  101. Wow.. I’m looking at the time postings from the other bloggers…guess quilters never sleep! I’m looking forward to it cause i’m Hooked… mom and sis both quilt…lots

  102. I’m having a wonderful time looking at all the pictures. I woudl love to see some of the new upcoming fabrics ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the fun read ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. I am a huge fan of the French General. So excited to see this line! Wondering how long it takes from debut at the market to hit your shelves. Thanks!

  104. What do I want to see there? Me of course!

    I’m so jealous! But someone has to stay home and take care of the kids and homeschool…right?


  105. Curious about Erin Michaels new line (the sock monkey fabric designer) and also Sandy Klop’s new line. Have fun, I’d love to be there!

  106. Curious about Erin Michaels new line (the sock monkey fabric designer) and also Sandy Klop’s new line. Have fun, I’d love to be there!

  107. Debbie, I was serious, you were supposed to take me with you!

    I can’t wait to see what Fig Tree is going to do, loving all of their fabrics and patterns! I may have to hunt Joanna Figueroa down the next time I am in San Leandro, CA – she and my sister are almost neighbors!

  108. Wow all that beautiful material and one of our Aussie designers as well. Would love to see any new gadgets that help us with sewing/quilting. Have a fantastic time.

  109. Love,love,Love all the pictures. The new fabrics, patterns…. What can I say! I want it all. Thanks so much for the post and pictures, it is almost like being there!

  110. Sounds like fun, anything that has
    to do with fabric,is fun.
    Love the pics and your info. Just
    keep it all coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Lots of pictures, booths, and new projects that can be made with the wonderful packs of pre-cut goodies! And…..I would love to win one of those packs…yummy!

  112. I too would love just to see lots of pictures of the booths and all their lovely new things! Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

  113. How exciting to SEE all the new fabrics, FEEL the new fabrics, and HEAR the sounds of excited quilters! I would love to have a chance to experience market!! Thanks for sharing the pictures so we can get a glimpse of it!!

  114. I’m a new quilter, and new to your blog, I’d love to win either of these. Thanks for the opportunity.

  115. Love all the pictures! I would love to be at Market to see what new fabric there is from Japan (especially Lecian and Kokka). And of course those Free Spirit designers!

  116. Just looking at the pictures…my heartbeat raises! I would be like a crazed mouse in a maze looking for cheese. All the fabrics, all the color, all the designs, oh my.

  117. Thanks for sharing! I have been waiting to see the French General line…it’s going to be to die for!

  118. Thanks for posting pics every day – so funny to see Camille in action. Love her! I’m excited just to see the everyday action and booths.

  119. Unfortunately I’m too far away to attend, but it looks like it would be absolutely fantastic! I’m very jealous.

  120. Hooray for market! I want to see all the displays and all the lovely new fabric! Thanks for the great giveaway. Hope you are having fun.

  121. Love the pictures of the various booths with patterns and fabric. I think it would be interesting to know how many vendors there are to look through.

  122. Awesome pictures! Thank you so much for sharing the experience with us. I’d love to know how many vendors are usually there.

  123. You are sooo lucky!! Thankyou for sharing with all of us. I would love to see pics of booths and especially the new moda lines.

  124. Quilt Market looks like so much fun – but so much work at the same time! So, what exactly is sample spree? How does it work?

  125. Oh, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be there, having such fun … and Sample spree must be WILD fun!! Would love to see the booth – and please send us more wonderful discoveries!! Have tons of FUN and thanks so much for sharing it all with us!! Gotta stop drooling now and get back to work … ๐Ÿ™

  126. I have no idea how to reply to you on twitter so leaving a comment here!
    Loving all the fabric pictures – thank you
    Chris x

  127. Thanks so much for the pictures…it takes the sting out of not being there with you all. The moda area is spectacular…also love seeing the faces behind the goodies (even if they are tired faces!)

  128. I love seeing all the new fabrics. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to rest so you don’t het burnt out. Take care and God bless, Cory

  129. Love the French General! Hope you weren’t crushed by the rampage. I tried to explain to my Mom that Sample Spree is like the day after Thanksgiving sales!

  130. I need that sweetwater fabric… it’s on my “must have” list. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see all the goodies form the show. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all the picture heavy posts!

  131. PICK ME! PICK ME! I’m a faithful quilter up here in Northwestern MN 50 miles from the neareast quilt or fabric store. I’m so glad I found The Fat Quarter Shop online! Pictures and comments from Market are great! How do you decide?

  132. Wow, how fabulous! Love the fabrics, but also the patterns. I’d especially like to see what the designers make with their new lines of fabric (I follow Camille of Thimbleblossoms, Joanna of Fig Tree, Anna Maria Horner, and other quilt bloggers, and like to see how they use their fabrics). Oh, and I’d love to win fat quarter bundles too!


  133. It looks like you are having a wonderful time and I would LOVE to be there will all the quilting materials and patterns. I don’t even think I’d know where to start…I’d want one of everything!

  134. Thank you for filling us in on your adventures at quilt market. I love seeing all the new fabrics and patterns. Pictures of the quilts and booths are great. Can’t wait to see anything Moda, Miss Rosie, Bunny Hill, Fig Tree, Anka’s Treasure/Heather Mulder Peterson…everyone! Keep up the good work and thanks for the opportunity to win a FQ bundle.

  135. wish I could be there myself, hmmmm

    I wanna see celebrities, new fabrics, booths, decos, patterns and smiling faces

  136. I LOVE the pictures. It looks like what I picture when I think of heaven! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing all the fun.

  137. Greetings From Down-under!
    O.K.!….Explain the “Sample Spree’
    Thing!!….seems to remind me of those New Year sales jostles!
    Love your pics ,and seeing Lynette Anderson, fellow Aussie! at Market.
    I think the Give-away is great.
    Like to see more booths as they show off new stuff so well.Any new trends in fabrics? Or is there a new gadget that will change my patching and quilting life forever?

  138. First of all, thanks so much for letting all we live so far, even in other country , to enjoy how everyone enjoy. I ยดm happy just looking the new fabrics and the ” air” that blows around it, he, he.

    Thanks so much for that giving away, . Always crossing my fingers to win some time one of those gives away!!

  139. how wonderful, what pretty fabrics. I definitely would love a picture of Lynette Anderson’s booth, Lecien too. Love their fabrics.

  140. I have seen your shop a million times online but never realized you have a blog! How exciting and giveaways too! Hope the market is a success!
    Warm Regards,

  141. Great pictures! It looks like such a blast! I was wondering, during the sample spree, are those samples for free?? I don’t see any lines to pay. If they are, oh my, I think I need to open a quilt shop. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have fun ladies!

  142. How fun it must have been to meet Lynette Anderson…I love her new fabric line…..So what new gadgets are out there?

  143. BTW I forgot to add that I hope you all survived the “Moda Frenzy” intact!!! I’m sure it was exhausting to be in that crowd. oh…what you gals do for us!!

  144. Everything looks AMAZING…can’t WAIT to get my hands on that Sweetwater fabric….PICK ME!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  145. Thanks for all the photos! I want to hear more about new lines of fabric, especially from Moda. And I want to see more of French General’s Rouenneries line.

  146. It is so wonderful to meet the designers responsible for our fabrics and patterns. Thanks for introducing us to everyone! The artists in your pictures don’t look all that different from me . . . .hmmmmm….

  147. I wish I was there – so I would love to see lots and lots of pics. If I can’t be there, at least I can still visit vicariously!!

  148. I would love to win a fat quarter bundle! I’ve never had a bundle before and Moda is the best!! I would like to know how the Moda sample bundles go. Do you pay for them or do they give them away? Is there a limit to how many you can have?

  149. What I would hope for from market is lots of sparkle..glitz and silver..not so much “greyed” down colors…Can not wait until Birdie is in shop…it is eggsactly my nitche.thanks for sharing the peeps into the fun!

  150. I love living vicariously through you; being able to experience market surely is every quilters dream. At least the semi-unbalanced ones!!


  151. Hi…I miss you guys. Wish I were there to experience the fun with you. Pictures of everything would be great. LOL

  152. Wow, I’m just drooling over the beautiful fabrics and how lucky are you????
    I would love to win either pack. They are noth gorgeous-count me in please.

  153. Oh how fun!! Thsnks for taking us along with you:) I’ve been waiting to see what Sandi Henderson is going to do; I just love her stuff and can’t wait for her next line.

  154. I think it’s wonderful how all of the talented designers of everything quilty have descended on Pittsburgh! It would be a great feeling to be in their presence.

    I do wonder, what is the sample spree all about? I have heard it can be a madhouse, but never really understood what it is.

    Thank You for the updates from market. I can enjoy it vicariously through you!


  155. I’m so excited to see the pictures.
    I want to see each booth to see new design and feel how huge American quilts are!
    Have fun!

  156. What I want to know in general about market is……..can I stow away in your luggage and go next time!!!!!!

    Looks like great fun!

  157. Your pictures are wonderful and make me feel I’ve been to market. I get to see the booths, the people and best of all – the FABRIC!

  158. I’m green with envy here of you. I wanna see booths booths and more booths loaded with all kinds of vintage looking fabrics..also civil war.
    Also all applique…especially anything with birdies..
    Hope I win!

  159. Wow – Market looks like so much fun. I didn’t even know there was something like this for fabric until I heard all the recent buzz. I’m loving the Sweetwater and Au-Then-Tic stuff from Moda – the colors are just so me. Would love to see more pictures of the show itself – booths, projects, special quilts.

  160. Oh my gosh!! Look at all that stash! I can not wait to see all the new fabrics…Thank you for all of the pictures.

  161. I love your photos of the booths – and would also love to see close ups of new fabrics that are coming. I’d love to go to market but enjoy sharing the experience through your photos. Thanks!!

  162. I grew up in Pittsburgh, but have been across the country in Idaho for over 25 years! I would love to see new Tula Pink, Tina Givens, Urban Chiks, Basic Grey, Chez Moi, or any new designers of similar style. The other side of my personality loves Civil War fabrics, so those would be great too!

  163. Wonderful photos! How about a photo of a quilting celebrity, like Mark Lipinski, if he’s there? Or Robyn Pandolph? ๐Ÿ™‚

  164. I love the pictures! I’m new to quilting and wondering what exactly the sample spree is – besides an obviously fun time!

  165. There are so many fabric lovers who would love to be at market! Please show some ribbons and trims… Please show us some designers at their booths… please tell all! Lovely of you to give us a peek into all the excitement!

  166. So very envious of you getting to see all this fabric. So I guess my question is who exactly is allowed in to a Market. Can it just be somebody that sells fabric online from their home with a business liscense or how exactly does that work?

  167. How fun it all looks! What I'd like to see from Market. . .lets see. . .all the new fabrics of coarse, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing all the booths. They're like mini home remodels and offer such great ideas. Both my local quilt shops are represented this time, Honey Run Quilts of Chico, CA and Morning Star Quilters of Paradise, CA (just featured as a Top Ten Quilt Shop in AP&Q). Take care~

  168. looks like you’re having fun there in pittsburgh. I’d love the chance to win either of those bundles. Thanks for the chance!

  169. I love knowing these events occur. Your photos tell the story almost completely without words, the action is great. I would love to be there to see all of what’s new in fabric, patterns and notions. Since you are my eyes and ears, bring all home to me!! I look forward to getting your weekly updates and you service is excellent!!!

  170. I want to see it all, and you are doing a great job sharing so much!! I love to see all the hustle bustle and drool over all the new!!! Kudos for bringing Market to us!!

  171. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of Market. Everyone around the Moda tables at Sample Spree look like their having a great time. Let’s see more booths.

  172. Too much fun! It’s cool getting “inside” the doors of market! Thanks for taking the time to post pictures! Love it.
    Just keep doin’ what you’ve been doin’!

  173. What a lot of fun you must be having, I’m so jealous.

    Can’t wait to see what else unfolds.

  174. What a lot of fun you must be having, I’m so jealous.

    Can’t wait to see what else unfolds.

  175. Looks like so much fun! Would love to see some more BOM’s from some of the fun fabric you are finding there!

  176. I will love to se lots of picture,I wish you would look for:
    Patricia Bravo Art Gallery Fabric
    Notions and more pattern for stitchery

    Have fun


  177. Blackbird Designs, Robyn Pandolph, Bunnyhill Designs, and Minick & Simpson booths, please! BOMs! Applique! Civil War! Oh, heck, just show us everything!! Have a grand time there! Wishing we could all be there with you!

  178. Thank you for the Spring Market update(s) I loved reading about it and watching all the photo’s (also the other ones before in your Flickr albums).
    I love to see a photo of Miss Rosie’s booth.
    Somewhere in the back, Carrie said.
    She is also updating on her blog about Spring Market.

    Thanks for the give away oportunity, please count me in.
    (pssst the bundle on the right with the leaves looks great to me, LOL *รœ*)

  179. Okay, I just signed up to “comment.” Hope it works for a techie dunderhead like me. I still haven’t figured out how to “tweet”, only “follow.” I’m definitely “following” you and reading your blog to hear all about market. Thanks for your pics. I’d love to see Anna Griffin’s booth (is Aurora still a fabric possiblity or is newer stuff coming this fall?) and a pic of Fig Tree’s booth would be awesome. Thanks and if anyone out there knows how to tweet, please let me know!

  180. OK i really really want to be YOU hahahaha
    Pictures pictures pleasssse here in the other half of the world i need picccturessss

    So beautiful fabrics im very jealous =P

  181. What do I want from market? I want to be with you at market!!!! My idea of heaven! Thanks for sharing pictures.

  182. I want to know … how can you resist from buying EVERYTHING on Market?? Isn’t it irresistible? What a tough job, having to choose from so many goodies.

  183. I’d like to see the display quilts hanging in the various vendor booths along with the patterns/fabrics/gadgets…all that stuff! I love the captions above each of the pictures, makes me feel like I’m there.

  184. Seeing all these beautiful fabrics… Like yummy candy for my eyes! My credit card is very relieved that I’m not there at Market Day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  185. I haven’t had alot of experience with quilting, but my boss goes to Paducah for the quilt show every year and she says it is amazing. I am so jealous of you all being around so much fabric. I love fabric and am just discovering fat quarters and all those bundles. Thanks for the chance to share the fun with you. Hope you have a wonderful time. Thanks!!!!

  186. Market looks like so much fun!!! I can't wait to see the new line from Minick & Simpson called Wiscasset–I love all their lines. Also, can't wait to see the new Fig Tree line, I think I have most of them and may need this one too LOL!

  187. I am green with envy!

    I hope that one day I can be there.

    Thanks for posting pictures so us “at home” can get a glimpse of what is going on.


  188. I am SO SAD that I am not there this time ๐Ÿ™ I love seeing all the photos you’ve posted – it makes me feel like I’ve been there. I love this new line by French General! Wish I was there to see it in person.
    Have a GREAT time

  189. Oh, what great pictures! Sample Spree looks like a crazy exciting time! I would love to see Fig Tree and Lakehouse pics. Thanks!!

  190. Thanks for sharing! Would love to see more pics! Wish we were there! It doesn’t look that crowded–were some pics taken before the doors opened?

  191. Thank you to taking the time to show us pictures from Quilt Market! I’m loving seeing pictures of the different designers. I’d love to see phots of new notions and as always new “fabrics” and patterns.

  192. I’m jealous! I seriously have dreampt about the market the last couple of years. Can you just talk about market in general. Like, do you have to be a vendor to go to market. Do you have to have a certain $$ in sales to go to market and pictures. LOTS of pictures. I’m hoping to see some lovely, cottagy, more florals this year. Not super bold but lovely, almost romantic.

  193. The pictures are great, I’m jealous that you are having all the fun. Look foward to seeing more pictures of the booths, they let us see whats comming up first hand.

  194. I love to see all the new fabric lines, especially the ones with vintage looks. I can’t wait to see the Kaari Meng collection — it sounds wonderful.

  195. I went last year to the market. And have the fabric envies because everyone is there seeing all the new pretties. Can hardly wait to see what’s new.

  196. I love all the neat pictures. And the fabrics are awesome. I don’t know how you guys pick! I’d be like I’ll take one of everything.

  197. Thank you so much for thinking of us and sharing pictures. I would love to see booths, fabrics, patterns, and…oh just snap pix of everything! I want to see it all.

  198. ohh Market sounds like so much fun! I go to furniture market in Las Vegas each year (I’m an interior designer) but a market of all fabric would be awesome! Can’t wait to see the new goodies coming out! So exciting!

  199. Okay, I admit it. I am fat quarter crazy. I’d love to hear about the new fat quarter bundles and get a peek at them.

  200. I want to see pictures of lot’s of booths with their designers. I have been checking your blog everyday for pictures, I always look forward to market because you are so good at including us in your fun. Have a great time!!

  201. I’d love to see all the samples of what people have made from the fabrics-it seems to give a better picture than the stacks of fabric! But, I’d be drooling at the stacks if I were there! Thx for the lovely photos and Aloha!

  202. Hi there. Looking at all this from Australia I really am in awe. We have nothing like this here and it just makes me want to move to America all the more, so I can roll around naked in all your glorious rolls of fabric!
    Robyn Pandolf is my favourite designer so anything by her get me feeling all creative.
    Well done on a great job bringing it all alive for your friends “Down Under”.

  203. I just love looking at your photos. What fun, and all that new fabric. Thanks for letting us see what Market looks like.


  204. I’m kind of new to sewing (like, just really started in earnest in the past 12 months), so I don’t know anything about Spring Quilt Market. But it looks amazing!! All that beautiful fabric!

  205. I wish I was there…… Can you explain to me about Sample Spree? What all can you get as a shop owner at Sample spree? What do you use it for (other than giveaways)! I would love to see more samples of quilts with the fabric beside it! Have fun!!!

  206. I love seeing all the exciting things going on at market! I would love to see what is up-and-coming in tote patterns, and I LOVE seeing new florals. Are you seeing many new designers this year? Any especially young people new to designing?


  207. Wow – how about what’s showing at Carrie Nelson’s Miss Rosie’s booth. Thanks for letting us see what’s going on.

  208. Hi there! Thanks for sharing the Quilt Market experience, it feels like I am there as well. I can’t wait to see all the new lovelies debuting at the Market. Standing by for as much as you are able to share. Thanks again! –Lisa

  209. Love it all!!! Can’t wait to see what everyone has in their booths. Keep it picture heavy!! (and thanks for the generosity!)

  210. I am just drooling over the French General fabric! That is honestly one of the lines I was hoping to see (through the lucky people who get to go to Market)…:)

  211. Thanks for all the pictures and updates…it’s fun to pretend to be there! I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous new fabric, and fantastic patterns! Have fun!

  212. Thanks so much for all the pictures and updates…it’s fun just pretending to be there! I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous new fabrics, and fantastic patterns. Thanks again and have lots of fun!

  213. I would like to see a photo of the booth that wins the best booth award.
    I am also following Bunny Hill Designs, Acorn quilts,and Miss Rosie’s Quilts.
    Wishing you a great time at Market.

  214. Wow, Market looks like every quilter’s dream world! It must be so inspiring to be surrounded by all that talent and fabric! You always do such a great job of picking the latest and greatest fabrics/patterns/ etc for us! Thanks! Can’t wait to see what’s new!

  215. What a generous giveaway as always. I would have loved to come and kidnap you guys and take you out to lunch or dinner to hear about all the new happenings at market. I love seeing all the pictures though.

  216. It’s great to see another Aussie having fun at Quilt Market. It’s you guys who have the accents you know, not us!!!!

  217. Oh wow! I was at sample spree! I couldn’t get CLOSE to the Moda table!!!

    I’m working the doors tomorrow and Sunday. I was so excited to get this opportunity! ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. I want to hear about vintage reproduction fabric. Also, I loved the pictures from market. I had no idea what this is all about. Super fun. Thanks for the excellent blog and customer service.

  219. i was already excited for new fabrics… now i’m even more excited… a few lucky friends of mine went to sample spree and i can’t wait to see what they came up with!!

  220. I would love to see Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs and also what’s new with Blackbird Designs. I have a feeling the new French General fabrics are going to put a dent in my bank account.

  221. Thanks for the chance at your very generous giveaway! I’d love to see someone new–new to fabric designing or patterning, new to quilt market.

  222. Your pictures are great, know you are having an awesome time. I want to see batiks and patterns using them. Thanks for the drawing, hope I win.

  223. I want to see all of the new lines and quilts from Moda. Wish I was there, Have lots of fun!

  224. OH my…so many comments! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to see the Clementine line!! It looks just so SWEET and FUN!!! Also I am interested in the new book by Heather Peterson Stop, Drop and Roll. I am a new quilter and know NOTHING about Market except what I have gathered the last 2 weeks. So much to learn! ๐Ÿ™‚ HAve a great time in Pitt.! Can’t wait to hear and learn more.

  225. Looks like lots of fun… is the sample spree that I read mentioned the same as this moda fabric frenzy that you showed? Or two different events? Also, exactly WHO gets to participate in that fabric frenzy heaven? Is the new sweetwater line that you are giving away, the same as the scrapbook line, Karla of Farmyard creations reinvented that used to be with Clothworks? Thanks sharing all the enjoyable info!

  226. Looks like Quilters paradise and all that Moda – oy vey, I would love to get my hands on all of it. Love the blog posting telling about all that is happening.

  227. I am very interested in hearing about & seeing the new fabric designs . Especially anything a bit different .
    I think French Generals debut collection might be it !!
    Can't wait to see it in person !

  228. Totally willing & able to absorb whatever you wish to post about from Market… It's All Absolutely Awesome Stuff !!!

  229. I will add my comment; Love the bundles you are giving away! All am enjoying all of the pictures of the quilt show you are sharing!

  230. I’ve been following Patty Young lately and I know she was going to have a booth at the market. I’d love to see pictures of it!
    millkara [at] gmail.com

  231. Loved seeing the new ranges – it takes ages for them to arrive in Australia (if lucky) Would like to see new gadgets & rulers. Keep those cameras rolling and have fun … just for us.

  232. As I’m from oz all this eye candy is to delectable!. Viewing all the wonderful new fabric lines gets those creative cogs ticking and before you know it a new quilt is created (in your mind of course). Keep the visuals coming I can almost smell that new fabric smell across the oceans!

  233. Hi. I really like seeing all of the new fabrics and look forward to seeing Christmas Magic! That sounds neat.
    I love your website and blog.
    Take care,

  234. I loved seeing all the pictures of the various booths. I especially liked American Jane and Cotton Way. I didn’t see Minnick and Simpson. Did I overlook them? Wish I could twitter. ๐Ÿ™

  235. Looks like so much fun… have you seen Lisa Bongean at Primitive Gatherings? I would love to see pictures of her display… Please drop my name in the fat quarter bucket…

  236. The posts on the market are fabulous! I love seeing all the new fabrics, patterns, people, etc.


  237. What fun this must be… but I could see it becoming ‘information overload’ with all those vendors in the same place. I’d love to know how you actualy place an order at market… what’s the process?

  238. Well, of course what I want to see from Market is all of the new stuff coming down the pipeline and those beautiful booths–really love those. But, as a Pittsburgh native, I’m a teensy bit jealous that you’re in my city and I’m not–love to see a bridge or two. ๐Ÿ™‚

  239. After looking at the pictures and feeling all the excitement of Spring Market, I have one question.
    If you could only buy one new thing from Market, what would it be?????

  240. Great seeing those booth photos for those of us who never go and always hear about how fun it is. I see why you have to do your research ahead of time to save precious time! Love the pin cushions. Think I saw some shaped like an egg in one booth??? How cute is that? Wanna see that pattern for sure.

  241. OMG this is overwhelming on the web review, can’t imagine it in person. can you absorb all of this market in one day? all this inspiration!!!! whew!

  242. I think quilt market looks so fun. I love the term “sample spree”. I love seeing the new fabrics that we’ll get to buy this fall. Thanks for all the pictures and the scoop of what’s going on!

  243. I just want to see pictures of new stuff. I really wish I could be there in person but pictures are next best!

  244. Ooh, I’d love to see more of that new French General line and I’m always a sucker for American Jane so I’m looking forward to seeing what they have coming up.

  245. OOh! I want to see everything! I also want to know what the requirements are for becoming an exhibitor at Market ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, that’s what I want to know!

  246. Thanks for posting the pictures. It must be so much fun seeing all the new things but I know that the Fat Quarter Shop will be offering it to us. I would love to win.

  247. I am so jealous of all the fun you are having. I love seeing all your pictures of the booths, the quilts and the fabrics. Are there going to be any markets near Peoria, Illinois? Oh how I wish there were.

  248. I love all the info about market! For one who has never been, tell us everything about everything! Thanks so much! Luv the booth shots a lot!

  249. I am so appreciating all the pics and updates (including Twitter) about Market (which I had never heard of before following this blog).

    I’d like to see booths and whatever loot you end up with!

  250. The pictures are great. No wonder you are tired. You are going, going and going without stopping. I don’t know how you make all the decisions that you so quickly. There are now so many lines out there to choose from and so many patterns to buy. The decisions are overwhelming but whatever you choose it will sell. I like the things that you carry in the store and enjoy the blogs so keep on shopping and buying and of course don’t stop taking pictures.

  251. LOVE the Moda section! I cannot wait to see all of the new flavors they have to offer. Looking for new patterns to use FQ/Jelly Rolls/Charms and Cakes. I also love the pictures of the new bags! YUMMY!!!

  252. Love your giveaways and I am totally in love with the French General fabrics! You do a wonderful job sharing the experience of market. Seeing the booths and what is new is very inspiring.

  253. I love reading your blog! It is like we are there at quilt market with you. I love seeing all the designers and their booths. Fun!!

  254. I love seeing all of the goodies from Market! I’m hoping you’ll get the Golden Books/Poky Little Puppy fabric – I love that! So cute!

  255. I love pictures of the booths- and would like pictures of new fabrics.
    I’ve been hearing a lot about Fig Tree Quilts new line.

  256. you folks are just having way to much fun!!! thanks so much for taking time to share all of it with us. it really is so exciting. Sooo anxious to see all the new patterns and fabric. and thanks for offering such a great giveaway.

  257. The Sweetwater booth was just *lovely*, I gasped when I saw a few of the items displayed! Loved all the pics…such a fun day!

  258. I just love those pictures. There are some really great quilts and other items there. That would be such a great place to be. Thanks for showing some of the new fabrics and ideas. Still so jealous. Have a great time and safe trip back.

  259. Spring Market is amazing!! You do a great job coveringwhat goes on and what is seen!! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  260. How do you decide which vendors you will visit/buy from? There are so many you couldn’t possibly get around them all.
    Jan J

  261. Thanks for the comprehensive look at the fair. For those of us on the other side of the globe we can only imagine the fabulous, footsore, happily and gloriously broke from spending moments that you and your crew have had. I didn’t need to tell you what I wanted to see, you had done it all. It has all been enough to enspire and make me drea, dream, dream and itch for some scissors, my stash and the use of my husband’s credit card.

    Thanks so much.


  262. I’m loving everything I’ve seen so far! I’d love to see Kaari’s (French General) stuff as well as Joel Dewberry’s.

  263. Your photos have been wonderful – they make us feel we are there with you. The Bundles are just lovely anyone would be extremely lucky to win either. Cathie

  264. Ohh my god!!! That’s all I can say after seeing all that fabric. Your photos are the exact reason why I wished I live in the US. Will definitely make a trip before I kick the bucket – in fact visting Amercia is at the top of my BUCKET LIST!!!!

  265. You have no idea what a torture it is to see these pictures of fabulous fabrics when I’m sitting in the UK thousands of miles away and Moda in particular is so much harder to come by! Almost makes me get in that car and jump on a transatlantic plane NOW!

  266. Looks like so much fun. Seeing and touching all of those fabrics. I especially love Anna Griffin because she does a lot of soft pastels. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure at Market with all of us. Would love to see more of what Anna Griffin has in store for us.

  267. Looks like so much fun. Just to touch and see all of the new fabric to come out in the fall. I love Anna Griffin. Do you have any photos to show what is in store for us? Thank you so much for sharing your adventure at Market with all of us.

  268. Finally got to my PC tonight to catchup on your market updates – how you spoiled us with photos and stories – what a wonderful few days you have had.

    Looking forward to seeing some new surprises in the store soon that may just have to find their way over the Pacific to a new home (Australia!!)

  269. I made my first quilt just a couple of months ago for my new little niece and I am hooked! It is my new favorite addiction!!! So many ideas are jumping in my head from all pictures I am seeing, Thanks so much! You guys are great!!!!!

  270. great pictures and captions for almost every one (that’s a lot of work). I’m wondering what you thought of some of the newer designers? Was melissa averinos there? And, I’d like to see pics of some of the non-quilt items (like the cool floor cushions that amy butler always has) or pin cushions, etc. I’m a quilt, but I always like to mix it up a little with that kind of thing!

  271. great pictures and captions for almost every one (that’s a lot of work). I’m wondering what you thought of some of the newer designers? Was melissa averinos there? And, I’d like to see pics of some of the non-quilt items (like the cool floor cushions that amy butler always has) or pin cushions, etc. I’m a quilt, but I always like to mix it up a little with that kind of thing!

  272. I love seeing the pictures!!! I sooo wish I was there. I can only imagine the frenzy! I’d love to hear about your new favorites.

  273. I’m so extremely jealous! I just want to touch/smell/lick all the fabric I see! (and then own it…!) Thanks for the giveaway!


  274. So glad you made it home safely. Thanks for sharing all your pictures with us. The fabrics and quilts are beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing the new lines. I love your store and appreciate the Friday news!

  275. Quilt market looks like so much fun! I love all your photos and descriptions of what goes on there. I have see pics of Sandy Klops cute booth with the tepee and Me and My Sister’s booth with the patterns in the chocolate mailboxes–how cute! Hope it’s not too late to enter your drawing.

  276. I enjoyed going to Market with all of you! To be able to experience this is wonderful. Thank you for all the pictures and tweets. Wonderful staff to share so much!

  277. Love it all and wish I could be there. I would love to meet Lynnette Anderson. I love her patterns and stitching.

  278. Thank you for the give a way. Although I am late in posting, I love reading about all your great finds. Your pictures of the Market are my favorite. We get to see what you see! I love seeing all the new fabrics that are coming along with new quilt patterns. Also good to hear what you plan on bringing back to share with us. Thank you Rae Ann

  279. Love the bright, bold colors! Can’t wait to see what FQS will have soon. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  280. Woo Hoo…love being able to visit Market with you!!! A real treat for all of us who are not able to go. Keep the stories coming. I love hearing about the new fabric designers and the newest trends. Would LOVE to win that fabric too!! XXX Annie

  281. Thanks for letting us see the market with your eyes. Thanks TOO for the chance to win some cute fabric. I love hearing about the newest designers and trends. XXX Annie

  282. Really gives us a feel for what market is all about. Doing your research ahead of time must really save you some valuable time. Would love to see if Lori Smith was there with any new patterns.

  283. I am in London England, and it will be a year before we see most of these new fabrics, so the previews are great. Any chance of big close-ups! and just loads more of the same really please.

  284. you have had fabulous pictures and it looks like a fabulous time! What I want to know about market is how to become an exhibitor! It would be amazing to be there and be part of it all!

  285. Loved, Loved, Loved the pictures! Great action shots — makes me feel like I was there! I would love to see the booths, fabrics, pictures of the designers and pictures of you at market! The Fat Quarter Shop rocks!