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Spring Market Day 3

Today was the last full day of Market 🙁 We still have one more morning to go, then back home to TX! Of course we’ve got more pics to share, some especially exciting ones (according to me)!

This morning was so much fun — there was a “tweet-up” organized by THE April Cornell. Barb & Mary had a book signing! We tried to recapture all the photos we’d lost yesterday! All the while being whisked from fabric appointment to fabric appointment! And meeting new pattern designers! It’s a lot, but only our feet are complaining 😛

Don’t forget to enter our Rouenneries and Authentic Fat Quarter Bundles giveaway by commenting or tweeting! Ends Monday, we’ll post the winners that day!

These photos are going to be more “people heavy” LOL! Just a few highlights tonight… I’m making them smaller so they won’t take forever to open on your screen…just click to see the full set of photos!

“Heyyy I know you!!” Ran into Pam Kitty Morning, Late Bloomer Quilts, and Acorn Quilt & Gift Co. this morning. They have real names, too. 😉Laurie Simpson in the Minick & Simpson booth, featuring Wiscasset fabrics.
Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts looking pretty in her booth near Moda 🙂
Pam Buda hanging out in the Heartspun Quilts booth. All her patterns are available now at FQS!
Ahhh Bean Counter Quilts. These are always so cute.
Lila Tueller looking stellar in her booth featuring Santorini
Camille and Bonnie looking sweet as always 🙂
Bari J, Joanna Fig Tree, Sandi Henderson, Paula Prass, and Genevieve Gail at today’s “tweet up”
April Cornell signing Mary Abreu’s fish…
Heather Bailey, Joanna Fig Tree (is it okay that I keep calling you that? I think it sounds cool!) and Bari J!
Serendipity Studio bags…had to show ’em! The patterns are at FQS and they deserve the limelight! Love the one in Pop Garden!
A bit of Fig Tree Quilts…lots these pics in the Flickr gallery!

Anne Sutton’s pincushion “forest” at the Bunny Hill Designs booth
Anne in front of Vintage Christmas, the BOM we just got on our site yesterday! Do you like it?
Ah, Santa Town at the Thimbleberries booth. We’ve got the Santa Town Quilt, Tree Skirt, and Stockings kits now.
Barb & Mary of Me and My Sister Designs doing a book signing. They are so in their element, laughing 😀
Lynette Anderson in front of her wonderful booth! Pleasure to get to know this lady!
Debbie fastidiously picking batik bundles for our store. For whoever asked about how we buy fabric, our sales reps will show us everything new at Market like so, and from there…we buy what we hope you’ll like LOL 😛 How are we doing at that?
G.E. Designs booth — she’s got a new line coming out in the fall!
Atkinson Designs booth. How awesome are those colors?
The Lake House booth. Love the lollipop fan idea!
Liberty Star booth with Renee and Lisa Lum DeBono
Taylor Made Designs booth — I want EVERYTHING shown here.
Sitting at our Lake House appointment — you. will. love. the new stuff!
The Lecien booth…kawaii desu ka LOL
Robyn Pandolph laughing at her booth. Somerset Cottage *drool*
Design Originals booth — all patterns shown can be found at FQS 😀
Meeting Riley Blake Designs for the first time to see their fabrics. Gooood stuff, we’re excited to show you… watch for it right after we get back next week!
Emily Herrick from Crazy Old Ladies. What a cutie patootie!
Well I hope you enjoyed the highlights from today! Will be back in a flash! Night for now!


  1. I LOVE your postings about this fabulous market!!! Unfortunately I live in the Netherlands, so it’s a bit to far away to visit as well… But I will order from your site ^_^

  2. Seriously in Luv with Santa Town… Just All of it !!! Home Again… Home Again… Jiggety Jig… Soon.

  3. Beautiful– Love the Bunny Hill Pincushions — those are adorable! Thanks so much for letting us see everything. Hope you have a good rest when you get back home — you must be exhausted!

  4. Thanks for all the pictures- all the exciting new things are fabulous!! You must be exhausted from all the ideas you are getting from the lovely displays!

  5. Thank you for allowing me to follow you through market!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so exciting to see all the new creations from creative designers… Your website is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up all the great work!!

  6. Thanks for sharing. I’ve just found your blog, so what an exciting first taste of Jolly Jabber. I’m a big fan of Fig Tree quilts.

  7. Love the sneak peak thanks!

    I know market must be exhausting, but it looks so fun from where I am sitting. Love to see all the celebrities with the great ideas wish I could pick their brains.

  8. Looks like you are having an amazing time, the Vintage Chrismas BOM is amazing, as does the new Robyn Pandolph line. Its going to be a fantastic year 🙂

  9. Wonderful pictures…thanks once again! I’m tired just thinking about all you saw and did! And your buyers are really wonderful, because I can always find what I’m looking for on your site!

  10. Wow, thanks for posting all these pictures! It’s almost like being there…I think I need to go fondle some fabric!

  11. I’ve just finished studying all of your pictures from market. I want to thank you very much for opening up this whole part of our quilting world for those of us that have never been to market. I love getting a glimpse into what goes on “behind the scenes”. Reading your blog, twitter and seeing all of the pictures makes me want to work even harder to be there. Thank you.

  12. Do you not love Bunny Hill, how can one choose????? Thank you for all the pictures – droooling now.

  13. oh I wish Icould be there!! I have drooled over French General for a while now; am so excited to see a line of fabric coming!! Can’t wait!!

  14. Thanks for taking the time to share your photos. It’s a thrill to see market and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these new patterns and fabrics! Rouenneries in particular. Thanks!!!

  15. Thank you so much for a detailed on-the-scene look! Great pics and the tags on Flickr help out too. So wonderful.

  16. I soooo appreciate all the photos!! The Riley Blake designs look interesting, can’t wait to see them closer!! Chris

  17. Thanks for letting me be there through your pictures. Oh how fun but exhausting it must be. I love it all!

  18. Hey Jolly friends,

    I waited until tonight to post about what I really wanted to see and hear about from market because my real desire was to experience, at least vicariously, the feeling of being there — the excitement of seeing all of those new things — the FQ bundles stacked up like presents under the Christmas tree. And I wanted the feeling of being able to, at least in my imagination, get something brand new, the minute it first comes out, not to have to wait until the clearance sales next year at this time to think about being able to afford something, and then trying to find it. I grew up with second-hand clothes from older cousins (and that was a treat) and when I started sewing, the fabric came from the local Ben Franklin or one of the mail order catalogs (Sears, Wards, not Keepsake Quilting or Hancocks of Paducah!). And always on sale — often ordered by my mother at the real bottom of the bargain pages (girls’ dresses, $x.xx, “no choice” or 10 yards, mixed cotton fabrics, $x.xx, no choice). We weren’t “poor” poor, but there were six of us kids and we lived in a small town in rural North Dakota.

    And then I learned about what was out there in the world — department stores where you could actually CHOOSE things, what real quality was, the range of things I never knew existed. But — I still can’t afford to just walk in and buy something, especially now that I am on disability. I want to have something brand new, not previously used, not bought on final clearance, and you’ve let me experience that, at least in my imagination. Now I just want to see you open up those bundles and spread them all over your bed or the floor, all mixed up with the other goodies you come home with, and imagine myself just sitting in the middle of such riches, feeling the fabrics and looking at them and moving them around and imagining what they can become.

    So I’d really love to win one of the FQ bundles, and if I had my choice, I’d take the Rouenneries. I love antique textiles, and I love the story behind the fabric.

    Thank you so much for letting me travel with you through this market adventure — my weekend “stay-cation” (tho I hate made-up words like that).


    P.S. I also really, really want the “I Believe in Santa” quilt you showed — I presume you will have the pattern? That was my big indulgence this spring, on sale, of course 🙂 — my reward to myself for having reached the one-year mark without smoking!

  19. Ummm, is it wrong to want everything in every booth pic you showed??? I am in awe of these incredible designers and manufacturers that supply us with an astounding array of DELICIOUS-NESS (it’s gotta be a word, right?!).
    Completely inspiration! So exciting to see all these new lines unfold before our hungry eyes in the coming months!
    Thanks for the JOY!!! I needed it!!!

  20. Thank you so much for this tour of the market! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those great quilt patterns I’m seeing. The Fig Tree ones looks amazing!

  21. thanks for all the pictures. oh just to be there once……a fabriholic’s dream come true, better than Disney World. love all the booths and new fabrics. hope I’m not too late for the give-away.
    we have a long week-end here in Canada and we were visiting the

  22. WOW!!! I am overwhelmed by the huge variety and wonderful colors of all you are seeing. I must sew my way across the piles in my sewing room so I can make space for some of these new goodies when you start selling them. Thanks for all the eyecandy.

  23. AWESOME post! I didn’t get to see a lot of Market, so this was really fun to read. You guys are everywhere!! Good seeing you!

  24. Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm actually doing a giveaway for that little fish on my blog right now. Market was so much fun and I can't wait to go to Houston in the fall!

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