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Sew Sampler September 2022 Box Reveal

Take your sweet time perusing the September Sew Sampler box now that it’s here. You won’t want to miss this lively reveal!

Sweet as Honey Daisy Fields 10″ Short Stacker by Beverly McCullough for Riley Blake Designs
Sew Sampler got it first! Fat Quarter Shop exclusive!

Everything is coming up daisies with this sweet fabric from Riley Blake Designs! Daisy Fields by Beverly McCullough adorns sweet daisies and honeybees with modern geometrics and inspirational quotes. This petite Daisy Fields 10″ Stacker is a bee-autiful mix of all the prints in shades of honey, mint, teal and navy that will make you dizzy with delight!

Be sure to check out the full collection on our website.

Magnetic Seam Guide by Fat Quarter Shop

This magnetic seam guide will get you buzzing to sew more! This nifty notion is strong, easy to use, and can be used on most sewing machines with metal parts. Simply measure and place it on the throat plate along your desired seam allowance, parallel to the presser foot, and you’re ready to sew!

ThimblePad Leather Adhesive Thimbles by SM100

Get rid of needle pricks that stem from hand sewing! The ThimblePad is a re-usable adhesive pad that is tough enough to handle the heaviest needlework but comfortable enough you’ll forget it’s there. Stick it to any hard surface to keep them conveniently within reach.

Ergonomic Seam Ripper by Fat Quarter Shop

This essential notion is cute beyond be-leaf! This ergonomic seam ripper features a soft cushioned handle to go easy on your hands and a protective cap to keep the needle tip protected. It cuts thread easily and the color is cute enough to leave it out even when you’re not daisy chain-stitching!

Sweet as Honey Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop
Sew Sampler exclusive!

This pattern will turn out just as sweet as it sounds! The Sweet as Honey Quilt Pattern is built with blooming star blocks that are 10″ square friendly and comes in two size options, so sweeten it up with the exclusive Daisy Fields 10″ Short Stacker in this month’s box!

2022 Block #6 Bliss Quilt Along Quilt Card Designed by Fig Tree Quilts
Sew Sampler got it first!

Collect all twelve of the Bliss Quilt Block Patterns, plus a finishing pattern with instructions for putting them all together!

Always sew on the bright side of life! This stunning quilt features Stitched by Fig Tree for Moda Fabrics. We know it will make your Sew Sampler boxes light and bright all year long. Don’t miss out, you can still pick up the Bliss Quilt Kit and Backing Set!

Share your blocks with us on social media with #BlissQuiltAlong!


  1. Please let people know how much this will cost me each month. I’m elderly and live on a limited income and I need to see how much this will cost me

    1. Hi Shirley,
      The Sew Sampler Box is $24.95 plus 4.95 shipping. You will also be charged sales tax for your area. My box costs approximately $32.00 with tax and shipping. Hope this helps!

    2. HI Shirley!

      Cheryl was correct in her response. Here’s the information from the product description: A Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive! Join today and each month receive a delightful box full of quilting goodies! Join for 99 cents and each month will be $24.95 + shipping.

      I hope this helps!

  2. I love receiving my monthly sew sampler box, most month’s are better than others. Just a suggestion, it would be fun once in a while to get a new upcoming Jolly Bar in the monthly box. I don’t believe I’ve ever had one with that fabric cut.. Thanks Fat Quarter Shop! You all are amazing!!!

    1. This is my 5th Sew Sampler Box from Fat Quarter Shop.
      I am learning to cross stitch so the leather thimbles are very welcome.
      I enjoy the different fabric collections and all the notions, even the duplicates to place in notion bags on the go as well as at the machine.
      Thank you Fat Quarter Shop.

  3. I love getting this box in the mail. For the first time in my life I am treating myself and not feeling one bit guilty! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!

  4. What a great box! The fabric colors are fantastic and the pattern is a good match for the fabric. Love the notions–I’m especially looking forward to trying the thimble pads.

  5. Am I the only one who is disappointed? The notions could have been more interesting. How many seam rippers does one person need? I did like the fabric and the pattern. I sure would like to see new products along the notions line or rulers or thread. Something useful would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Yes I was surprised to get another seam ripper also so soon. I wish there were alternate patterns for small projects instead of quilts all the time, and different cuts of fabric

      1. Many of the boxes have had options for table runners. There was also a tote bag once (Leican fabrics) and a project bag (Sherri and Chelsi). Most of the time, I don’t want to make the pattern in the box with the fabric in the box, but I put everything in my stash and find uses for it when I’m in need.

    2. I also have a few seam rippers but we need to remember that this box is for quilters that are trying to find notion’s that work for them. Also different people start receiving this box each month, so they may not have received the box 2 or 3 months ago and they may be absolutely thrilled with receiving a seam ripper. I have been receiving this box for over a year and I still love everything in it.

  6. I was disappointed in this box – we got a seam ripper a few boxes back ! Fabric was nice – awesome colors!
    I ordered the Halloween box also – was not impressed with it either- more clips and thread – and thread conditioner! What what ! 🥲

  7. This was my first monthly box!!! I was so excited to get everything in it! I do have several seam rippers, but still loves getting a new color, didn’t have teal until now. Can’t wait to make the lap quilt and try the new fabric line. Thank you FQS!!!

  8. somewhat disappointed as A seam ripper was already included in one of the previous boxes and would have been happier to have a new item or maybe threads to match the fabrics.

  9. This is my first monthly box I have enjoyed everything in it. I sew once a week at another location. Having duplicate items help to keep in both places.

    1. I loved this month’s box. I especially liked the fabric and the seam ripper. I have already started cutting to make the quilt. I would like to see matching thread for the projects in some of the boxes. I look forward to next month’s surprises. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to each month.

  10. Very happy with my September box and I for one can’t have to many seam rippers. I keep one in my weekly sit n sew box, one by my sewing machine and now one will stay in my bedroom.
    I don’t hand sew but have several friends who do so the Thimble Pads will go to them. And the magnetic seam guide came just in time. My home sewing machine is a 1956 Morse and there are no 1/4” feet for it so I’ve been using tape.
    Thank you FQS.

  11. I was very happy with this month’s box. I’ve been wanting an ergonomic seam ripper. And, I had been debating getting the magnetic seam guide as well. The fabric was beautiful and so was the pattern. I cannot wait for next month’s box.

  12. I agree with the idea of maybe some kind of new notions. I have so many seam rippers and scissors ! There are lots of items in notions. Thanks so much . I do love the excitement of of getting a new box each month .

  13. After reading the previous comments, I would like to say that you can’t please everyone all of the time, but I think your staff does an excellent job coming up with new patterns and ideas. I have been very pleased with each fat quarter box that I received. I think it is a real bargain, too.

  14. I love getting my box from the USA we don’t have the selection over here in the UK. It’s a little disappointing getting so many repeats over the years. Maybe some new rulers or notions and definitely need more interesting fabrics as they seem quite ‘same so many designers out there but you seem to use a limited few selected favourites. Thanks in anticipation 😊

    1. I agree, this is the first time I have been disappointed in my box. I have vintage sewing machines and know using the metal seam guide will scratch the machine bed. I would love to receive rulers. One really good ruler could take the place of all the small notions in at least 2-3 boxes a year. I would love to see Kaffe Fassett, Anna Maria Horner, or someone who doesn’t repeat the same patterns in different colors within the collection. Kim, this doesn’t mean we don’t love you, only that we have growing tastes as quilters.

  15. Loved this months sew sampler box. Including the seam ripper because I could never get enough of those

  16. I enjoy getting the Sew Sampler box each month. I liked the fabric & the pattern. Unfortunately, I feel the other items in the box were not the variety and quantity that we usually get. Very disappointed. Hope it improves in the coming months.

  17. This is my 4th box. So far I really appreciate the fabrics and notions. True, I didn’t need another seam ripper, but they are always useful. So far you have picked fabrics from my favorite designers. I am very happy with that. I really like this month’s pattern for the precut.

  18. I love all the boxes I have received. This months fabric was especially beautiful! Although, I did not get the seam ripper that everyone is talking about 🙁
    As for as redundant notions, if I already have the notion, I donate them & help someone else out.
    As for a JOLLY BAR box I LOVE that idea!
    FQS love everything thanks so much for working so hard to bring us sunshine each month!

  19. I love this box and everything in it! I’m always excited to get mine and have been for three years now. Don’t change anything that you do! Those of us that understand how much work it takes for you to plan and purchase and assemble the boxes appreciate you!

    1. I’m sure if you contact customer service about your missing item, they will make it right. I have been a member from the beginning, and we have received Jolly Bars in the past (Corey Yoder fabric and Lori Holt fabric both come to mind), so I am sure they will come around again. They are a very good value!

  20. This was not one of my favorite boxes. Read reviews about too many seam rippers. I was glad to receive this particular seam ripper. Helps my hands. Also, the ripper with the light that I received in a previous box has become dull, and difficult to cut fabric spaces like buttonholes. Never thought about the magnetic piece, but excited to try it out. Was not thrilled with the rest of the box. Every box can’t be a winner but appreciate the effort. Seems like earlier boxes had a theme pulling the boxed contents together.

  21. I just started receiving the Sew Sampler box in June. Really look forward to each one. The notions are always nice. The seam ripper before had light on it. I liked it but gave it to a sewing friend that has trouble with her eye eye sight. I have all of the fabrics starched,cut and ready to sew. The Sew Sampler box gives me another excuse to buy more fabric. Looking forward to October.

  22. As someone who has been a member from the very beginning (yes, that is 78 blue boxes), I can say that we have gotten Jolly Bars in the past, and there have been projects that are not quilts, and that we got Kimberly’s new favorite Little House pins in a very early box before she was even using them. (I am a convert, too. Joanna from Fig Tree has been singing their praises for years.) The vast majority of the fabric has had flowers of some kind. I also fill the survey out every single month. If you subscribe for a while and find this is not for you, it is easy to unsubscribe. I joined Stitch Quarterly when it started, too. After the first 6 quarters, I decided the patterns were not my style and that my money would be better spent on charts and floss of my own choosing. I went to my account and clicked the “cancel” button. That’s all it took. I love the person who described this as the “peanut butter box,” and now I will have that in my head every time my shipment comes. And if you don’t know what that means, you should Google “Chewy” and “Peanut Butter Box” and have yourself a little smile at a very cute TV commercial.