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Sew Sampler Reveal July 2017

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: July 2017 - Vintage Chic

Classic and elegant paisleys enhance this month’s Sew Sampler box. There is nothing more traditional than a blue and white quilt so this was the inspiration behind this box. We hand-selected each print in your Jelly Roll to make a brand new, custom precut just for you! This month’s retail value is over $53! Scroll on down and check out what we included in your box this month.

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: July 2017 - Box Reveal

Snowberry Junior Jelly Roll by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics

A bright winter day re-imagined in classic 3 Sisters’ floral prints to create a sophisticated collection that will work in any season.

View the entire collection here.

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: July 2017 - Snowberry Junior Jelly Roll

3.5″ Aqua Dots on White Embroidery Scissors for Allary
Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive

Embroidery Scissors with tempered stainless steel blades. These cute scissors are designed with sharp pointed tips for thread snipping and cutting lightweight fabrics.

View our wide assortment of Allary scissors here.

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: July 2017 - Aqua Dot Scissors

Clover 20 Piece Mini Wonder Clips by Clover Notions

These little clips open wide to hold layers of fabrics. A great alternative to pins especially when working with quilts, handbags and heavyweight fabrics. The Wonder Clip base is flat for easy feeding to the presser foot.

Each clip includes seam allowance markings of 1/4″ and 1/2″.

Package contains 20 Mini Wonder Clips in blue and red.

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: July 2017 - Clover Wonder Clips

Rip it Away Seam Ripper by The Gypsy Quilter

Quickly rip seams with this brand new Gypsy Quilter Seam Ripper. It is both a seam ripper and a thread remover in one convenient tool. It also features a specially formulated plastic tip that grabs and removes thread without sticking to itself. It has a safety blade that only cuts threads, not fabric.

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: July 2017 - Seam Ripper

Pink Daisy Scissor Sheath for Fat Quarter Shop

Stylish and adorable Scissor Sheath is perfect for storing your scissors safely. Colorful daisy design will stand out in your sewing space. Made from synthetic leather and will fit scissors with blades from 2″ to 3″ in length.

Available in cherry red, blue, teal and as a set!

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: July 2017 - Pink Daisy Scissor Sheath

Waterford Tablerunner Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop
Sew Sampler Exclusive

Dress up your table with our Waterford Tablerunner pattern. The light and dark hues of the Snowberry collection make this pattern pop! The elegant placement of fabrics create a luminous runner perfect for any home.

Finished size: 22 1/2″ x 54 1/2″

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: July 2017 - Waterford Tablerunner PatternWatch Block Tutorial Banner

Basket Block #4 Recipe Card Designed by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

Sew along with us each month as we create these charming basket blocks featuring Confetti Cotton Solids by Riley Blake Designs! This pattern contains instructions to make 5 1/2″, 10 1/2″ and 15 1/2″ unfinished square blocks!

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: July 2017 - Quilt Block

We’re sew excited for the 2017 Basket Sew Sampler Quilt, and we can’t wait to show you all of the fun block designs that Lori Holt has come up with! We’ve even put together a 2017 Basket Blocks Sew Sampler Bundle for you to purchase so that you have everything ready to go when you get your Sew Sampler box and recipe card each month!

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: June 2017 - Basket Block Fat Quarter BundleWe’ve got more fun in store for you next month, so be sure you’re subscribed to the Sew Sampler to get in on all of the treats!

Watch our Sew Sampler reveal video for the July box to see all these goodies in action!


  1. OMG it did not bother me one bit that my box was late because waiting for it was the best thing.
    I’m going to be honest with you folks but I am loving those Wonder clips 1/4 & 1/2 inch marking
    no more Band-Aid fingers for me. And get a load of that seam ripper I tried it and it works folks gets those little pesky strings out of the way.
    I am hook Bring It On August 20th can’t come soon enough for me.

  2. My July box was lovely just loved the jelly roll, and my box arrived at normal time here in the u.k. so really no delay with the post,. Thank you for all the boxes you send out always useful things in them

  3. loved my 1st box…I got card #4 for the block, what do I do about getting the 1st 3 …

    1. Go to our website and search for recipe cards. You will be able to find all previous cards including last years.

  4. Thank you for your concern on the box delivery. I love the blue them this month and those scissors are just too cute.This morning I worked on cutting pieces for June’s wonderfulquilt design from Rioley Blake’s Bee basics collection I love those fabrics!

  5. Awesome as always! Blue happens to be my favorite color and I needed the scissors for my hand stitching, but didn’t realize it. Woohoo!

  6. I am enjoying my boxes very much, although the scissors in the July box are not very sharp. I joined this subscription a few months ago and can’t find how to get the first 3 cards.

  7. As usual, the box was full of really super nice goodies! The blues are so calming and beautiful. Lots of practical items in the box, as usual. I would love to see some of the newest Cotton & Steel fabrics in a future box, or some other “modern” and/or bright colors & prints. Just something other than traditional once in awhile.

  8. I received my box today 8/1/17. I was just worried it was lost. Love everything in it. Thank you.

  9. I received my box late, and just went in to get the other required fabrics. They are not available on your website. What is up with that?

    Also, the Rip It Away seam ripper was not a ncluded in my box.

    1. Julie
      Email them directly about your box. You will probably get a quicker response. They are very responsive to emails.

  10. I live in Canada and my box came a week earlier than usual! Thank you just loved everything in it.

  11. This was my first box and I received it around the 25th so I was thinking that would be normal if they ship out on the 20th. Loved the box, and can’t wait for future surprises! I already used the seam ripper (of course) and it works great!! And wonder clips are always awesome. Didn’t have the mini size 🙂

  12. No problem with waiting. I always anticipate it’s arrival and since we were watching grandsons in CA and not home, I had a surprise waiting for me on my return. Trying to catch up on projects as I do want to make this table runner … it will be a gift for a dear friend who just loves blues (me too, but her house has all the blues and my all the beiges). The wonder clips are awesome and I can add them to my stash of other clips. Thanks again.

  13. Received my quilt candy, and as usual it was just too sweet. Love my sew sampler subscription very much.

  14. Unfortunately, this was not one of my favorite boxes. As a subscriber from the very first box, I really liked the earlier boxes, especially the ones for the first 6 months. I was pretty disappointed by the delay and the contents of the box. For example, this is the third seam ripper sent as an item in the subscription. As a result, I canceled my subscription.

    1. Dear JL,
      I felt sad too as I loved the former boxes much more, just like you. I actually don’t really mind getting a few seam rippers and such as I can really use it. But I do love fun and bright fabric prints and stuff and I am not really into traditional things… So the pale blues are nothing for me. Actually I do not like blues at all but seem to be the only one here. What a pity… I am a subscriber from the 2nd box on…

      1. Kris – I understand, however we have to change it up now and then to keep the box fresh. Not all our members want a rainbow of colors each month and we do our best to select fabrics of different styles. I can assure you that the next few boxes will bold and bright. We truly appreciate your support and membership since the beginning! Thanks.

  15. I just love receiving my Sew Sampler boxes it is just a surprise just for me each month. You guys really do a quality box eac month. Thank you so much!

  16. This was my first box, I had looked at the others and decided to take the plunge. Loved the Jellyroll and pattern. I even have some cream print in my stash that will go with it for the border. I have not tried out my notions yet so cannot comment. I have been curious about the clips though so will try them with my next binding.
    Thank you for the goodies, Looking forward to August box. Hoping for useful notions and some fabric to pet.

  17. Thank you so much for all your efforts in giving us such fun boxes. It’s like Christmas every month. I love everything that i get and know that it takes work and effort to put things in the box you think we’ll love. I love the Sew Sampler Box and will continue to get it every single month!!

  18. Loved my July box. It was a little late, but worth the wait! I have to laugh at myself when I see it in my mailbox because I have to tell myself to calm down. You know, walk normally back to the house, don’t run- slowly open it, don’t rush, look at each item one at a time…so fun!

  19. I love receiving my box every month all the way from you to me in Australia. It is such a treat opening and finding all the goodies inside. Cant wait to see what August will bring.

  20. I just received my first box! I even went to Joanns & saw the little clips & couldn’t believe how much they costs there. I felt that money wise, I got a lot! These are items that I normally will use! I am more of a custom sewer of clothes & dabble a little in quilting. I know that I will use all of the items! It would be fun to see thread, buttons, & fatquarters in the box at times. Fatquarters are great for appliques & trims on children’s clothes.thanks so much!

  21. I love the July box, the only problem I have is the seam ripper, I can’t get the plastic cover off. Any suggestions?

    1. I had the same issue! Just hold the cover on the very end and pull. Comes off easily!

  22. My mom and I have loved our boxes. We trade likes and dislikes or give to a friend or donate. I have already put the Wonder MiniClips to use binding my miniquilt. 🙂 Aside from a third seam ripper, there has always been something in the box I was thinking of purchasing or thought, “That might come in handy.”

  23. My box was very late arriving, but I understand that you tried something new with the shipping and it didn’t work. Glad you are going back to the previous shipping method. I do like the box. The jelly roll is very nice. It was a different type of seam ripper, and I was able to put it to good use immediately.

    Crystal in Cedar City

  24. I loved my box! Mine came as fast as usual. I’m sorry for all those that had to wait. About the box, blue isn’t my favorite color but they can’t please everyone every month. Buying the sampler box is like buying a magazine. You don’t like every issue. Do I need another seam ripper? Probably not but someone else out there probably does. I love the recipe cards each month and have purchased the fabric bundles to make them. I haven’t made last years yet but it is on the list. LOL Everyone have fun with your box of goodies!!

  25. My box came late this month but it was worth the wait. I like everything in it. When it comes, Ii open it slowly. Remove each item. Then put it all back. Then I reopen the box a second time and play with each item. I’m so weird. HAHA! But it is so much fun!

  26. Loved my July box. Mine was right on time.
    Already ordered the extra fabric for the table runner finished last months project .
    I look forward to these boxes every month,sometimes there are thingsI wouldn’t use so I just pass them on to someone that needs them.
    You are doing a great job making up the boxes its like Christmas every month:’)

  27. Loved the box this month ( and always). The blues are a wonderful change. And as for the seam ripper this is the one I have been wanting to try, can’t wait to use it! Always look forward to the boxes and never disappointed!

  28. I loved everything in the July box, if I don’t think I’ll use something, gift it to someone who might or put away and use later. I too like things in other boxes but that is my fault for not signing up sooner. At least you can buy what you missed from FQS. This is a great idea, sorry I didn’t join sooner. Love Kimberly and her staff, doing a wonderful job, keep it up.

  29. Loved this month’s box, just as I have loved all of the other boxes for over a year. Everything I have received has been useful, and each month I am looking forward to the next box as soon as I get done looking at the current one. Keep up the good work choosing our treats!

  30. So glad you’re going back to the old way of shipping….
    That being said…I loved the July box!!!! Of course, I have loved them all! Keep up the good work!

  31. So we received another seam ripper…big deal. Maybe it could be used as a chin hair remover, just kidding. You can never have too many rippers or scissors. This way you never have to get up in case you forgot it somewhere. There’s one by every machine, chair where I sew, ready bag for classes, EPP work box, and medicine chest. So many uses. I have been wanting the mini clips but thought they were a bit costly so thank you for including them. We’re not always going to like every item so gift it. I can imagine it must be hard to plan boxes for thousands of different people every month. Thank you Fat Quarter staff.

  32. I was so excited to receive my July box! The blue fabric is soooooo pretty, I really liked everything but my favorite was the seam ripper. I almost bought one like this, but now I know why I didn’t, God is so good!✝️ Thank you Fat Quarter Shop☺️🌼

  33. This was my first sampler and I did not realize it was late. I received it about 4 days after it was mailed. Jackie and Raleysmom, you crack me up. Of all the seam rippers I’ve purchased I know where one is. Half of my fun is in acquiring – not using. I love getting packages. I am not into traditional/reproduction fabrics either (except ’30’s) so I am going to use the jelly roll to make quilts/pillows for my two granddaughter’s doll beds. I will pull from my stash to make the table runner with colors I favor. I love the Fat Quarter Shop!