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Sew Sampler Reveal August 2018

We have certainly found our ‘Happy Place’ in our August Sew Sampler box this month! This box is filled with all things to make your sewing experience easy and enjoyable! What could be better? Sit back, relax and let’s check out this fun box!

If you’re not already signed up for this fun membership, do so by visiting our website!

Petite Arctic 10″ Squares by Elizabeth Hartman for Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive

Elizabeth Hartman has transformed the coldest place on Earth into the cuddliest with her new collection, Arctic for Robert Kaufman! This line is packed with polar bears, feathers and snow caps, and is rounded out with plaids, snowflakes and stars. Muted grays, blues, greens and mauves signal comfort and warmth.

Check out the full collection here.

50wt Aurifil Oyster Thread by Aurifil

This beautiful and creamy thread will simply melt into your Arctic fabrics from this month’s box. We have hand-selected Aurifil thread for its superior quality that is ideal for piecing, quilting and more!

Do you like this color and want more? We offer it in a large spool as well here.

Fairy Floss Pink Splash 45mm Rotary Cutter by Olfa

Experience precision with pizzazz. Pink handle is contoured for comfortable cutting. The integrated grooves at the head of the cutter, help to prevent finger slippage. Easily change blades with just one click.

Looking for the perfect companion for your new pink rotary cutter? Olfa created just the one here.

Sew Standard Seam Guide by It’s Sew Emma
Sew Sampler members received this item FIRST!

Who doesn’t love a good multi-tool? This new 4-in-1 tool from It’s Sew Emma does quadruple duty as a ruler, seam guide, 1/4″ marking tool for binding and also features a handy 45 degree line for trimming half-square triangles. Keep it close in your sewing room to use at every stage of the sewing process!

Easy Living Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop
Sew Sampler Exclusive

Curl up and enjoy this modern quilt in your favorite chair. The Easy Living quilt pays homage to our favorite spaces to enjoy some R&R at home. Designed for 10″ squares, the Arctic collection fits cozily in these cute armchairs and lamps. This is truly a ‘couch’ quilt you can cuddle up with!

Bonus size option included!

Sew Sampler August 2018 Easy Living Lap Finishing Kit

Want to make the lap version like we did? Pick up your Finishing Kit which includes background and binding!

Barn Block Recipe #5 by Sew Sampler

Join us as we travel the countryside and make twelve unique and inspiring Barn Blocks! If you are sewing along with us, be sure to share your quilt with us on social media using the following hashtag:  #BARNBLOCKQUILT

Don’t wait to pick up a Barn Block Quilt Kit as well as a coordinating Aurifil Barn Block Thread Pack to get started!


    1. My 1st box & I really like the soothing colors of the
      “Arctic” fabrics – beachy colors without arctic animals!
      Looking forward to trying out new tools, thread & patterns.

  1. I liked the fabric, but was disappointed they didn’t include the arctic polar bear prints with the cake-roll. I guess they thought the bears wouldn’t go with the chairs and replaced them with a gingham check.

    And I guess I still don’t get the starfish, rope nautical theme. I mean it was ARCTIC fabric. Even the quilt pattern was a ‘couch potato’ theme. Nothing to do with the beach or the sea.

      1. I agree. I loved every item in the box, but was very disappointed with the lack of a straightforward theme and with the pattern. This is only my second box. So far I love the value and the items being sent, but I have not been impressed with the project patterns. I love FQS and I’ve seen the past projects so I’m going to stick with it and hold out for some great projects to come.

  2. Not my favorite box. We all have rotary cutters. Replacement blades would have been better. Don’t care for the fabric or the chair pattern…oh well, there’s always next month.

    1. I liked the rotary cutter–could always use another one. But totally agree regarding the fabric choice–I think it would have been better if they included the polar bears but will use the fabric for different projects. This probably was my least favorite box as far as fabric choices are concerned. But I do look forward to getting these in the mail–so much fun.

  3. I loved the fabric, but am so confused by this quilt pattern, I read that Elizabeth Hartman was famous for animal quilts, and in looking through what is available for purchase, love all of her designs, so I was quite surprised to find a chair/lamp motif. Disappointed, will do something else with the fabric. Will be pausing my subscription for awhile.

  4. I love the fabric…the whole box is great! The only thing I wasn’t over the moon for is the armchair pattern. It’s cute, but not my cup of tea!

  5. I‘d love to have more information how to use the 4- in- one tool, ruler and 45 degree is clear, but what are these markings for, how are they used??

      1. Oh, thank you, Marcia, the Mr Domestic video very helpful for the new measuring tool! The written instructions that came with it, I just didn’t get. Nifty tool, so happy to have learned more about it.

  6. This was my least favorite box. I already have multiple rotary cutters and the style sent is my least favorite. Will look forward to the September box with hopes that the items will make up for this month.

  7. I thought they sent this by mistake I though it was going to be something nautical or beach theme

  8. To those of you who weren’t thrilled with the items in your box, donate them to groups that make things for others. Many schools and churches have sewing groups.

  9. I liked the fabric, a NICE change from the other novelty prints. This looks more masculine, and I might make the pattern, would be cute with feminine fabric from my stash. I like the rotary cutter, one can be for the extended wear blade and then the regular blade. Would like more info on how to use the bright measuring tool, in the package, or a tutorial. Yes, I can see after the build up why some ladies were disappointed, expecting something that had to do with the sneak peak. I would still like to see different fabric choices, so many shown to us and so far ALL novelty since I joined 5 boxes ago. I was pleased with the box, and looking forward to learning a new measuring tool.

  10. I liked the box! Fun pattern. Theme is not as important to me as receiving items that will spark my motivation and help me quilt more. Focusing too much on theme takes away from the value in this box. 🙂

  11. I agree that the tool needs more explanation. I do not use this type of rotary cutter. I agree we all have one and that blades made more sense. The fabric is ok but I dislike that I have to buy a finishing kit to get background fabric. I am also considering dropping my subscription. Let’s see how September makes me feel. Please include a note on how to use the tool next month as a start.

  12. I liked everything in the box. It wasn’t a pattern I would have bought on my own, but it won’t go to waste. I knew what the fabric was going to be, but I am definitely not perturbed that there was a rope in the teaser photo. Little things like that are just not important to me. What’s important is if I can use the items. Everything in the box is useful

    1. I agree with Rachelle. This box convinced me it was time to drop my subscription. Definitely not a pattern I liked, nor was the fabric very exciting. I never did buy any of the finishing kits, preferring to find less expensive cuts elsewhere.

  13. I have multiple rotary cutters, but I’m always happy to get another. I can have one on my cutting table, and one on my sewing table beside the mat there, sewing retreats needs on. I can always use them. I’m going to try to use the fabric to make Elizabeth Hartman’s Bjorn Bear quilt. I think he will be cute out of those Fabrics. Love thread always. And rulers, though I have to figure this one out. I have to say the pattern for the chairs was a bust. Hate it. But it will definitely be someone’s cup of tea. And I am enjoying making the Barn Blocks out of my own fabric choices. Colourful barns. Love the boxes. And when I dislike a fabric, which only happened once, I just got rid of it. Thanks or the fun.

  14. This is only my second box, and I enjoy the surprise factor each month. They remind me of the brown grab bag prizes at the school fair when I was young. You didn’t know what you won and it wasn’t always what you were hoping for. Yes, there were a couple items in each box I wasn’t excited about but, receiving the box is Fun! I would rather spend my money on the FQS Sampler Box than a mani, pedi or a wax. 😆

  15. I don’t care for this months box either. I won’t take your time to repeat what has already been said. I will hope for better things next month.

    Nora Wells

  16. Least favorite box ever. I could not even tell what the quilt was. Chairs really….do not like. Sorry just being truthful.

  17. Did not understand the theme, the fabric/chair pattern choices not correspondinG. Would like a video to know how to use the tool.

  18. I have been a subscriber for over a year and am still excited to get my little blue box each month. I was very excited by the contents and think the muted tones in the fabric and the armchair pattern would make a great masculine quilt! I am a still relatively new quilter and plan to make all of the patterns and projects even if they aren’t things I necessarily would have picked for myself because if nothing else it will help me become a better quilter! Thanks for all you do Fat Quarter Shop!

    1. Agree completely. I love everything in these boxes— there are always things you never would have thought of purchasing that take you out of your own “box!” No one ever mentions the coupons— I’m a frequent buyer and this is one of the things that make these boxes such a hit— the value is incredible. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!

  19. Not my favorite box either but I am teaching my 13year-old great niece to quilt and some things are given to her for her equipment and fabric stash. If there is fabric I am not crazy about it goes towards a scrap quilt and donated to a nursing home.

  20. Did not like the fabric or pattern. I think replacement blades would be great, I have alot of rotary cutters. Will see what next month brings.

  21. I am happy with August Sew Sampler! As soon as I opened the box and saw the theme, I just smiled, “My Happy Place”, whenever I open these boxes each month, I’m in “My Happy Place” some new fabric, notions, patterns, so much fun it makes me happy. I was very pleased the fabric had toned down some, I believe we all have our happy place, and I am happy about the new patterns and notions to increase my quilting skills and techniques. The ruler will be a help, the instructions on how to use the ruler is on the back. The pattern, mimicks the theme, my favorite chair is my happy place when I’m hand binding my quilts, so yes, I get the concept in relation to the theme and pattern. looking forward to September’s Sew Sample Box!☺️

  22. not thrilled with box. Didn’t like fab(again) ,I have lots of cutters,but ok to have one more.Thread is useful.Price of pattern too high. Ive liked the barn blocks pattern.

  23. Did not like this box at all. I was hoping for something in fall colors. I used scrapes for the background, I thought the green was terrible/ I’m afraid if I don’t like the next box I will be canceling my future boxes. Time for some warmer colors.

  24. I love the August box! I love the pink rotary cutter—it’s my favorite style because the blade is so easy to change. The whole point of the box is to receive a surprise and it might not be something that you would’ve bought yourself. It’s all fun!

  25. I love the August box! I love the pink rotary cutter—it’s my favorite style because the blade is so easy to change. The whole point of the box is to receive a surprise and it might not be something that you would’ve bought yourself. It’s all fun!

  26. I loved the fabric and the pattern is cute. Thanks for the thought you put into these surprise sampler boxes. I love to read the reveal comments. Very entertaining as well. It is a win/win situation and more bang for my buck.

  27. This is my first sampler box!! It was fun to open it and see what came inside. I can always use another rotary cutter. 😉 The fabric was interesting but I didn’t care for the pattern so I’ll use another pattern for this fabric! Thank you! I’m already looking forward to next month’s box!

  28. Not sure about the material, I thought it would be nautical, as there were nautical items on the insert. Not verybeachy, however, I did love everything else.

  29. My least favorite box. When I saw the rope in the preview and the name of the box I was hoping for something coastal.

    Maybe September will be better

  30. I think this box was good! I see a lap quilt for my dad comin’ on! I am using all my boxes of lap quilts to make xmas presents, and this one is cute, and something a bit manly. I love the boxes and the surprise factor.

  31. I love all the boxes! There are always useful items included. Sometimes I can’t see where the theme fits the contents but it doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of the surprise and the challenge of using the items. I don’t like the barn blocks but I’m saving them to give to the guild as a set. I’ve been a member for 17 months and look forward to each box. I love Fat Quarter shops website, customer service and thought put into every box. Keep up the fantastic work!

  32. I’ve been receiving the SS box for 2 years and I usually like or love the contents. Well; this month was a flop. Something has changed about the contents of the box. I’m not sure but whoever is picking out the items has really changed what she/they select.

    The contents have gone down in amount and value. Giving us 2 paper patterns worth $15 combined really isn’t that great of a value. Especially when the majority of people don’t even like the patterns. And the rulers are usually thrown in the drawer because they’re some complex specialty tool that need so much explanation, it isn’t worth the time spent.

    One ironic thing that I haven’t seen anyone mention is the fact that this is the Fat Quarter Shop however, we rarely if ever receive “fat quarters”. The FQS doesn’t even sell individual FQs on the website. I just find this strange.

  33. I am one who loved this box, one of my favorite boxes. I don’t care what the sneak peek shows, the contents are what’s important. The pattern made me happy and was my favorite item. I have the pink rotary cutter already but extra rotary cutters are great to have and it’s still a new blade, so I will enjoy it. The fabric I love and I can’t wait to make the quilt. Great job, fat quarter shop! My problem is finding the time to make all my accumulated patterns, I am still working on the Christmas one we received a couple months ago. Don’t understand why so many don’t like the ruler, I love it. It is self explanatory on how to use it, so many uses. I could go and on but will get busy and sew instead. Just be happy!

    1. Just go to the home page and in the left column under PRECUT FABRIC the first link is to Fat Quarters. You will find more than you dreamed of. I love their website— you can search by designer, manufacturer, even color—you can also shop on sale items. i think the website is one of the best out there—extremely well organized.xoxo

  34. I liked the box. I thought the pattern was cute. Not something I would have bought on my own so glad to get it. I almost bought a new rotary cutter the other day. I love this kind. So easy to change the blade so I do it more often. The tool is great. I saw a post from It’s Sew Emma on this ruler and was hoping it would be sent in the box. I don’t get the complaints. This isn’t an offer that you get to pick and choose what you want in your box. When you signed up you knew what you were signing up for. If I don’t like something in the box I don’t complain. Maybe someone else liked it. I wonder how many that are complaining would jump in line if you were giving any of this away for free. Can’t please everyone.
    Thanks again.

  35. I’ve been a subscriber since the first box, and this is the first time I have not liked the contents! I was almost happy to see these comments and see I was certainly not alone…hopefully someone is paying attention to these comments…this one was certainly a box fail!!
    I thought the pattern was so ridiculous I gave it away the next day… I don’t mind duplication of notions…I’m a speciality tool junkie, so I often get duplicates…I have a special box I keep them in for quick last minute extras for gifts or swaps.
    I too would like to know how to use this seam guide…package insert is worthless, and I can’t find a tutorial.
    Worst part is that I recently recommended Sew Sampler to a friend who was looking for one to subscribe to…told her Sew Sampler has the best value of any of them…hope she didn’t start with this one!
    Guess the only good thing is all the money you are going to save by not having to honor those coupons for this month’s contents

  36. Alright Miz Jolly, plz put most out of their misery and do explain what the shells, rope, nautical, beach theme had to do with the chair and lamp. I too am disappointed in patterns taking up half the value of my box. That being said, I have been a subscriber since box one and I always find a home for items I am not happy with. I needed a new blade and got a cutter to boot! I loved the chair and lamp theme. I would have never picked this fabric but love it made into this quilt. I love my SS box and appreciate the time and effort y’all put into each month. Thank you.

  37. Thank you for the stuff in the box. I know that I pay for it but I was really in need of a new Fabric Cutter and then it was PINK!!!! Now, please next month, put in some of that really cute MODA Christmas stuff or Cherry stuff. MODA rocks. So do you guys! Except for a couple shipping m mishaps in the beginning, I have been very happy with Fat Quarter Shop as a whole. I used to shop online at Missouri Quilt Company, and I still check their deals, but you guys have beat them out every time. The only recommendations I would give: Let us use more than one coupon code at a time and let us combine carts from the Christmas Shop & Fat Quarter Shop for free shipping.

    Keep up the excellent work!!!!

  38. I am very disappointed with this month’s box. Again. I’ve discontinued the boxes. I don’t see how chairs fit the nautical theme, I didn’t like the fabric (no polar bears?) nor the pattern. I was hoping for penguins or some other artic/nautical theme pattern. I already have a few rotary cutters– I agree with others that a blade or two would have been better. The seam guide might be useful however.

  39. I love this box. I love all of them of course and in each one there are always several things that I “ohhhhh….look at this” LOL I also love the packaging. I never want to take it apart. The same goes for fabric and other things I order from the shop.

  40. I loved this months box. I started a different quilt project as soon as the box was opened. I ordered extra fabric to use as a scalloped border. Loved the colors and the rest of the items

  41. I will use everything in the box at some point. The few items I have received in the boxes I don’t care for have been great gifts for last minute birthdays to my quilting friends. The enameled pins are nice to attach to a birthday card! I agree the beach impression was a mistake for the contents for this months box.

  42. I liked the box, as I do all of them….have already used the rotary cutter and the tool while making half square triangles.
    Aurifil is my favorite thread. Fabrics weren’t my style, but I’ll find a use for them, I’m sure. I am a civil war repro fabric person, but am never disappointed in what I receive in the box. Thanks FQS…

  43. Mostly, I am quite happy with the boxes I have received. Some you love others not so much, but I still like the surprise and feel they are a good value. I have checked out more expensive boxes and some months, I really don’t care for their choice of fabric either. So I am sticking with Sew Sampler. Thank you FQS for all that you do!!

    A suggestion: in 4 of the 12 boxes, please include fabric relating to the upcoming season.

  44. I also was a bit disappointed in the fabric and patterns. I loved the rotary cutter, thread, and ruler. I get this as a gift and I love it usually.and I can always use a second cutter at the rate I misplace them.

  45. Only things I liked about this box was the new ruler, always need rulers at different areas of my sewing room, and the thread. The fabric I will use as a raffle basket for my quilt guild. Will save the rotary cutter for when one of mine breaks. but agreed, I have now received the aqua, and pink cutters. Not my type, prefer the ergonomic cutters.

  46. I really can’t believe how many negative people are out there. If everyone takes advantage of their coupons and enjoys even a couple of the items in the box it is always a great deal. Thank you Kimberly Jolly for putting these “mystery” boxes together. Obviously, you can’t please everyone.

    1. It’s mind boggling, isn’t it? For $25, you can’t expect the moon and the stars. But somebody will jump on our comments and say it’s their right to leave negative comments and how dare we complain about the complainers, and the complaints will help FQS put together better boxes. Better boxes for who?? If I hated them as much as some people say they do, I wouldn’t threaten to unsubscribe, I would just unsubscribe. If you only like a particular fabric theme, and won’t go out of your comfort zone, or you have too many notions and don’t want more, or if you’re angry because the teaser photo didn’t exactly represent the contents of the box, then this probably isn’t the program for you. Simple enough.

    2. …couldn’t agree more, kimberley…people complaining about the price of the pattern…box has 1.5 yds of fabric, rotary cutter, spool of thread, ruler…how much do some people want for $24.99 plus shipping?….and many keep complaining about teal and aqua…but didn’t bother to thank fqs for changing it up…don’t understand why anyone puts out that much negativity into the universe….give feedback in the survey….

  47. Just to clarify I am from Canada so it costs me more. Kimberly and her staff always do a great job. We are allowed to express our opinions. She will get a sense of how the box was received. I always answer her survey and order from her family often. It is a free world just saying!

  48. So happy to get the rotary cutter. Mine had started breaking the morning of the day I got my box and I was really not looking forward to buying one. Made my day getting such a nice tool in my box.

    Even though the fabric colors weren’t something I would get, too muted for me. I’m very, very pleased to have some variety from the usual pink and turquoise. This was a nice break from that and I like that it will take me out of my comfort zone. Please continue giving us a variety of colors!!! The change in colors made me decide to continue my subscription.

  49. Didn’t like the couch pattern, fabric OK, granddaughter (11) liked it, I don’t. This was the poorest box I have received so far. Hope next month is better or I will be cancelling. I have gotten many tools that I already had, so I either give them away or stash for when I need replacements. Looking for something more innovative from FQS in the future.

  50. I was very happy with this month‘s box. I had ordered myself another rotary cutter that came the same day. That didn’t bother me a bit as they were different kinds. Although the fabric was more muted than something I would have chosen to buy myself I was more than satisfied with it. I think the patrern is quite adorable even though I would not have chose it myself. I got a beautiful dark green batik for the background to give a good contrast for the soft colors and am looking foward to making it up. I love the ruler and have made much use of it already. You can never go wrong to include Aurifil thread.
    I am disappointed to see so many complainers on here. It is impossible to satisfy everyone‘s taste with any one box, let alone all boxes. I have gone into this with ghis in mind and use this as an opportunity to step out of my box. I do feel it is a good value for the money. I would like to offer a suggestion to Kimberly that may be helpful in curating future boxes. First of all I do believe that to satisfy a wider base of customers the quilting patterns should stay with more of a traditional block design but maybe laid out in a fresher way or color. Also to change up the fabric selection maybe go with a different line each month such as Civil War fabrics one time then Batiks, then Floral, then 1930‘s, then something Patriotic. then something masculine etc. Whatever you do please do not get holiday specific fabric. I for one would never waste my time putting hours into a very seasonal project and would be highly disappointed to receive something with such a narrow taste. People who like to do this kind of project would find more satisfaction shopping these things specifically to their own taste. I know it is a daunting task to satisfy so many tastes each month but I do believe more variety will create a more consistent overall sense of satisfaction. You will never hear „Oh, not this again!“ I would say that we each have our own individual preferences and it is obvious that Kimberly‘s choices are guided by her preferences. I learned a long time ago through experience in sales that to reach the broadest customer base we need to step back to see what things besides our own personal preferences also have a broad appeal. So Kimberly I do wish you much success in the future and consider these suggestions. I watch these reviews and they seem to be getting more and more negative. I do hope more positive reviews come in the future and that any negative reviews could be more diplomatic. Cheers!

  51. I liked the box, I bought the Elizabeth Hartman penguin pattern to go with the material because I found out I will be a Great Aunt again on the day that I got the box! I also bought some background material and binding material to go with it. I was not a fan of the arm chair pattern, but I will keep it and who knows one day it might come in handy. Liked the rotary cutter, my husband and I are planning on traveling this winter and I needed a rotary cutter to take with me because I have to keep sewing. I will go look at You Tube and Mr. Domestic to see how to use the 4-in-1 tool, looking forward to that. I was a little worried because my husband got the mail that day and saw the box and asked me what sewing stuff I got, I told him all about the boxes and he thought that was a pretty cool to get fun tools and fabric and new ideas each month. Looking forward to September!

  52. I stopped getting the box for a few months but soon learned how much I missed it. I know enjoy every month. I love the barn blocks and can’t wait to see how they finish up. The chair pattern is cute. At first I wasn’t sure but it would be great for a guy or even for people who love to sit and read or even quilt! So if you try to think outside the “box”, each month’s surprise box is great. Thank you Kimberly and crew

  53. I would have never purchased the fabric on my own, but I do like it. Although it does not look Artic to me. The ruler needs an explanation. I finally found a you tube/Mr. Domestic for a demonstration. Not sure about the pattern. But all in all, good box.

  54. I liked this month’s SSbox! The pattern is unique and it will look good draped across my chair in the family room. I always enjoy every piece of goodness that comes to me each month as it gives me a SAMPLE of things I may not have found on my own. It’s really nice to get the tools & rulers. Who can’t use an extra rotary cutter? Thanks for once again putting together an awesome box!

  55. I’ve only received 2 boxes so far. I loved July, August, not so much. I don’t like that fabric or patterns.
    However, I don’t expect to love everything every month! It’s so much fun getting the box.
    I don’t have a problem with people complaining or saying how much they liked it. It’s really not a big deal to me. I feel people should be able to express how they feel either way.