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Sew Sampler June 2019 Box Reveal

You are invited to ‘be our guest’ this month in our June Sew Sampler Box. This box is jam packed with brand new and exclusive products that will certainly make you feel ‘at home’ in your sewing space. Please help yourself to all the fun and unique products this month brings!

Strawberry Jam and Walkabout Charm Packs by Corey Yoder and Sherri & Chelsi for Moda Fabrics

This month, enjoy charm packs from TWO dazzling collections that are the epitome of Summer fun! Both Moda collections make a refreshingly sweet duo. The reds, pinks, blues and greens create bright harmony, while charcoal grays and sandy browns add an earthy baseline. The prints offer a bounty of summer flowers and fruits, ripe and ready to bloom in your next project!

Felted Wool Pressing Mat by The Gypsy Quilter Exclusively for Fat Quarter Shop

This wool mat has rave reviews for a good reason! It is a firm pressing surface that absorbs heat as you press, so your patchwork is heated on both sides to help you get the flattest seams possible. The wool also lightly grips your fabric for added stability and reduces the risk of distorting your pieces.

Check out more wool pressing mats here.

Dritz Needle Storage Tube by Dritz

This product is about to make your sewing life so much easier! Say goodbye to pokes and pricks while searching for the right sewing needle. Color-coded with labels, the Dritz Needle Storage Tube set contains magnets that lift and fan out your needles for easy access. No matter where you go, the tube container is easy to take along and keeps your needles protected.

See more items available from Dritz here.

Sewing Machine Cleaning Brushes by Quilt in a Day Exclusively for Fat Quarter Shop

De-fuzz the deepest crevices of your sewing machine with these fabulous Sewing Machine Cleaning Brushes by Quilt in a Day! Long, thin and flexible, these disposable brushes bend to pull out lint that collects under feed dogs, around bobbins and in thread paths.

The new Fat Quarter Shop exclusive colors will help you get your sewing machine clean in style!

Sunday Best Pillows Pattern by Martingale Exclusively for Sew Sampler Box

Sherri McConnell and Corey Yoder, the beloved co-authors of Sunday Best Quilts Book from Martingale Publishing, have adapted quilt designs from their book into these beautiful bonus Sunday Best Pillows just for Sew Sampler members!

Mix and match the colorful charm packs included in this month’s box to create this dazzling pillow duo that you’ll want to display on Sundays and everyday!

Also, don’t forget to check out their Sunday Best Quilts book here.


Goodness Grows Stay Rooted Block #3 by Sew Sampler

This year, we invite you to let goodness bloom and flourish in your heart, block by block! Our Goodness Grows Sew Sampler quilt was designed by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts, and it is an exquisite garden of beautiful flowers and fruits. With each block, we hope to leave you sew inspired to make good things happen in your heart and surroundings, to cultivate your own personal garden of good.

A limited number of Quilt Kits and coordinating Applique Thread Sets are available now.


    1. Hi Maria, unfortunately, we don’t have any extra boxes at this time. We have a waitlist for the subscription box, so if you haven’t already, you might consider joining it.

  1. My daughter joined this as a gift for me a few years ago … Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to continue with it. I would love this box if it’s still available for purchase. Thank you.

    1. Hi Rosemary, unfortunately, we don’t have any extra boxes at this time. We have a waitlist for the subscription box, so if you haven’t already, you might consider joining it.

      1. June is my first Sew Sampler box. I am very happy with all of the items as I am finding that I have to hand sew a part of the project I am currently working on…so the needle storage will be great! Awesome box….thank you!!!

  2. Finally a sampler box I really enjoyed. I’ve not been as happy in recent months. In the beginning they were great…. Then they started to slip and I thought about cancelling. But the past few have been better. Please keep improving!!!

  3. Loved this months Box. The wool mat is my favorite. Cleaned and oiled my machine with the little cleaners we got this month, Charm packs are adorable, already have the needle holders so will use them for a gift. Many thanks again for a great box. Can’t wait for next month.

    1. Super! Isn’t it fun to get new notions and cute fabrics?! So glad you’re enjoying it.

  4. Yes! Another great box with pillow projects that will look nice in my house. I love everything in this box but I always love everything in the boxes. It’s like Christmas every month. Thank you!

  5. My first sampler box recommended by a friend. Love it. Gifted the wool mat as I have 2 and love them! Charm squares are just adorable and the patterns a this sampler

  6. I have loved the boxes since you introduced them, I did stop for a time; spent winter in Florida. So happy I was able to rejoin, I may not have loved every thing, but most. I really think the Fat Quarter Shop is a class act.

  7. I usually like the boxes I receive each month but this was exceptional!I love the new products like the cleaning brushes(great for cleaning our machines). Also the wool mat which works great!The charm packs are beautiful and so are the patterns. Everything was great!

  8. I really enjoyed all the goodies in my box this month. I only wish that you would give us a different style of fabric from time to time. Solids? Reproduction? Earth tones? Muted colors? Batiks? Any of those would be refreshing. I confess that I am getting tired of all the sweet brights.

  9. LOVED the box! I am using the wool mat, what a difference when pressing small pieces, amazing! So happy to be part of the Sew Sampler Club!

  10. Kim we get it! You like pink, but not all of us do. While I do love all of the notions, the fabric choices are tired. It is past time to mix it up as there are so many beautiful lines available these days.

    1. Are you looking for reproduction prints? We have various Fat Quarter clubs geared to different styles that might interest you.

      1. Do you get the box? Last month was red and navy. Before that was Tula (yes it had some pink) and Chantilly (no pink) Alison Glass (barely any pink) Little Snippets (red and aqua) The Avondale Tote was blue, Garden Variety had very little pink. Actually these pillows have very little pink in them even if you count the peach as pink. I don’t remember getting any boxes that were overly pink.

  11. This was a great box! But …. was my wool pressing mat to arrive sealed in cellophane with a label, as the photo shows? Mine was just an uncovered mat in the bottom of my SS box. Would’ve like to have the label with instructions.

    1. Betsy, my wool mat also arrived unsealed. The June blue box was
      really banged up by the P.O., yet fortunately everything inside
      was fine. Love the fabrics, patterns, & especially receiving such terrific
      sewing aids!

  12. I was supposed to receive the box but it never arrived! Can you check and see what happened from your end?

  13. really enjoyed the boxes. always took the new one to the sewing bee, and we all oood an aahed. had to stop for the summer,
    and maybe the fall too, (son getting married) and i have too many commitments to keep up with. but i did enjoy. and a nice price too. enjoy everyone!!

  14. This box was fantastic. All the little goodies and the charm packs, so pretty. Can’t wait to try the pillow patterns!

  15. I agree with Regina! This month’s box was one of the better ones lately! The charm packs were cute and the patterns to go with them were really nice! I already have some of the cleaners, so I will probably split them between my retreat supplies and my machine at camp– they are really convenient!

  16. Loved the cleaning swabs – really get into the small areas and grab that lint. While I like this month’s fabric, I agree that the style of fabric is getting repetitive. Would like to see something different in the upcoming months – civil war, batiks, solids, more muted colorway are all possibilities.

  17. This was the 2nd box I received and I love it! That pressing mat is wonderful! I use those cleaning swabs all the time and I really like them. The charms, and everything else…what a great box! I’m so happy I joined!

  18. I was so surprised by the wonderful things in this month’s box! I was shocked and pleased to see 2 beautiful charm packs! They are gorgeous. The cleaning tips for the sewing machine are a great cleaning tool for the smallest of spots on your sewing machine. I thought I was done and then spotted the wool ironing pad! I have been checking them out for a while now and when I saw it I was excited. Thank you so much for a box full of such great items!

  19. I love every box I get from you guys! The fabrics are beautiful and all the notions are so helpful with my sewing!!
    Thankx guys you rock the box again!!!

  20. Loved everything about this months box. I can’t wait to make the pillows. Love the charm packs, the cleaners and the wool mat. The mat perfect size to take on a retreat with limited space.

  21. Love the June box!! The felted mat my fav,the needle holders will come in handy for all the needles in last months box! The cleaners can always come in handy. Would like a change of the flowers in all the fabric we get not my cup of tea.

  22. The pack looks amazing. Stuff l have not seen before.
    What a lovely idea.
    PS its my birthday July so would be a great present.

  23. I, too loved the June box! I just started receiving the boxes in April and was thrilled with the April box too. I was not as crazy about the May box. I love surprises though and each month I get so excited when my box comes in the mail!

  24. The wool pressing mat is so handy! Nice to not have to lug my ironing board downstairs. This lets me iron on any surface. I also really love the needle holders. Thank you!

  25. I’ve used the machine cleaning brushes and they’re perfect for those tight small places. I enjoyed this box. Can’t wait to try out other things!

  26. I always say this…My favorite box ever!!! I especially love the pressing mat. I’ve been wanting one, but can’t afford it at this time, so this was a wonderful surprise. The cleaning tips are great too as it is time to do some spa treatment on my machine! The whole box was great, these were just the highlights for me. Thank you!!!

  27. This was the best box yet! I have a large wool pressing mat. This small one is perfect for classes – and so cute! The cleaning sticks are Very efficient. The needle tubes are so helpful. Cute fabric. Great box!

  28. I love the box again this month. Will we be able to buy the remaining materials as a backing set? I don’t really need white material or muslin but the fat quarters, etc. would be nice. Thanks1

  29. I love, love, love this box!! I was really excited about trying the wool mat, but in all honesty the cleaning brushes are my favourite!!My machine is a little temperamental when dirty, so cleaning is a must on a regular basis, these brushes are great. Thanks so much

  30. I love my box! Every month! Amazing patterns, a great collection of fabric that is always something I would have wanted anyway and some tools and tricks to make it all go together so much better. The value is incredible too…nothing to nit pick or complain about here. I feel so fortunate to share in the FQS passion for sewing. Thank you all so much!