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Sew Sampler July 2019 Box Reveal

Dive into a box that is meant to spark your creativity this month. Enjoy an assortment of our favorite things this month that are sure to make your inner sewist SMILE!

Petite Blooms and Bobbins Fat Quarter Bundle by Melissa Mora for Riley Blake Designs

The humming of a happy sewing machine is the sweetest sound, and Melissa Mora has captured that soothing essence in her Blooms and Bobbins collection for Riley Blake Designs.

In cool pinks, grays and dusky blues with a hint of gold metallic, this six-piece fat quarter bundle highlights the iconic sewing machine, accented with florals and a stitchy stripe.

Check out the collection here.

Sew on the Go Sewing Machine Handle Wrap from Fat Quarter Shop

When heading out to quilt retreats, your sewing machine is your constant companion. Make the trip smoother with this plush sewing machine handle, that is cushioned with nifty neoprene.

Wrap it around your sewing machine handle and secure with Velcro for a comfier carry and to help it stand out for easier identification.

Olfa Endurance One-Pack 45mm Rotary Blade by Olfa

Back by popular demand! The Olfa Endurance Blade cuts up to six layers of fabric at a time. Because this blade is made of a special quality steel, it retains its sharp edge and cuts twice as long as the original, thus saving you time and money!

See more items available from Olfa here.

White 24″ Handbag Zipper + Bonus Zipper Pull from ByAnnie

There are sew many reasons to love ByAnnie zippers! They are strong, durable and feature wide zipper tape, which means no zipper foot necessary. You can also change out and add zipper pulls as you like!

Try it with the Simply Handmade Bag Pattern in this box, and use the bonus ByAnnie Zipper Pull to make a second zipper, just as easy as can be!

Check out her wide assortment of colored zippers here.

Simply Handmade Bag Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop Exclusively for Sew Sampler

Quilting + Zippers = the cutest little bag you’ll ever want to pack! This Fat-Quarter Friendly bag was inspired by Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life, who taught us this simple method on our Fat Quarter Shop YouTube Channel. This bag lets novelty, graphic and large-scale prints shine!

This is a great first bag for any quilter, and with the Blooms and Bobbins fabric set and the 24″ zipper included, the time to try is now!

Goodness Grows Stay Rooted Block #4 by Sew Sampler

This year, we invite you to let goodness bloom and flourish in your heart, block by block! Our Goodness Grows Sew Sampler quilt was designed by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts, and it is an exquisite garden of beautiful flowers and fruits. With each block, we hope to leave you sew inspired to make good things happen in your heart and surroundings, to cultivate your own personal garden of good.

A limited number of Quilt Kits and coordinating Applique Thread Sets are available now.


  1. This box is fabulous! Love, love these zipper bags. I’ve enjoyed all the boxes but this is a favorite!

    1. I live everything except the zipper. The first one is great but the pull never goes on the second on. I won’t buy because of that problem. Any suggestions welcome! I have wasted an hour trying

  2. I liked the box been wanting to try the blade. I make a lot of Quilts so a lot of cutting. Thanks for another great box!

    1. What calendar are you talking about? Was it in your box? I have liked all my boxes. Not sure how people can join a mystery sewing box club and then complain about what was in it.

  3. Happy with my box! Having the tutorial for the project, eases me into sewing something new! Love those blades, keep them coming!

  4. I was underwhelmed by the box just as I was the August 2028 one. I think the blade will be useful but I didn’t care for the other items

    1. I don’t even remember what we got for August 2018. I’m not very organized though. I love this box.

  5. I fully agree August 2018 was the least liked box for me.
    The fabrics and the blade in the latest box is very nice but the thing for the sewing machine handle does not fit on any of my two sewing machines (Pfaff). I am a bit disappointed but not enough to cancel my subscription

  6. I loved the box for July. I would have loved it even more had I received another shopping list – note pad to go with the handle wrap.

  7. Why are people talking about August 2018? Love the boxes I have received. Do I use all the items in each box, no, but they have introduced me to some new items, some items that I would never bother buying for myself but best of all – the boxes have provided a fun and surprise each and every month. The material is wonderful and as a quilter, we love our material. I previously purchased an endurance blade for myself and they are wonder so that was a real plus in this July 2019 box. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    1. Sheilah: August 2018 box had the infamous “easy chair” pattern disliked by most. Also, the fabric included had muted-blah colors. One of the least favorite boxes to many.

    1. I’m with you Sheilah….cant understand why there are complaints but I guess you cant please everybody. I’m always happy with my boxes as they do introduce me to new things I wouldn’t have ordinarily bought, mainly because I live in a rural area and don’t have access to any quilt shops (other than online) to preview them. Love receiving my FQS boxes….it’s like a little bit of Christmas every month!

  8. Love my box!!! thank you so much . This is my second one and it is so exciting to wait and see what i will receive next ! Thank you again for having this great program. I know you will never be able to make all of us happy but please don’t trying!

  9. How to you remember August of last year?! My favorite is the pattern for the bag. Blades always welcome. Still would like a change up with the fabric, seasonal perhaps!

  10. I joined Sew Sampler subscription when it first came about then cancelled and finally rejoined. There was a waiting line to get back. I am so glad to be back. Fat Quarter Shop is first-class in everything they do. Wish they had a actual store front to visit. It would be a “destination” no matter where you hail from. Keep the fun coming!

    1. There’s not a brick and mortar store?? I’ve been buying from them for years and never knew that. Where do they keep all that inventory?

  11. I know I say every month that I love the box. This month was a little disappointing. (It won’t make me stop getting the boxes every month though!)
    There were just a few things I wasn’t happy with, but that doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t like them.

    1. I usually love all the boxes but this one, not my fave. The fabric was ok, seems like we got blades not too long ago.

  12. Every sew sampler box has something in it I want to try.
    Love that! Love the fabric, may make a messenger bag with it instead of the little zipper bags. Man sewing had a tutorial on it once. The sew n go fits my take n sew machine handle.
    Thank you once again for the surprises.

  13. Didn’t like this month’s box but overall I love them. You can’t please everyone every single month.
    I thought that handle was tacky. Should have been a freebie as it promotes the shop.
    I only subscribe to Sew Sampler. Love it!

  14. I am a fairly new subscriber (this was my third box). Can’t say I was in love with this one, as the fabrics remind me of chintz and are just not my style, and I am not interested in yet another zippered pouch project. I liked the blades very much though. There is always something I love, and I enjoy receiving my boxes. I understand not everyone is able to be pleased. I’m simply voicing my opinion of this months box contents.

  15. The sewing machine handle wrap is cute, I may use it on tote bag handles that cut into my hands when i have heavy stuff in there. I like idea of the whole box together and the possibility of making 2 contrasting fabric bags. What I’ll probably do is use some of a large scale layer cake in colors I love to make bags and use these fat quarters to make a cute sewing machine dust cover featuring the sewing machine prints. I’m excited to try the By Annie zippers. Cant go wrong with a high quality rotary blade.

  16. I’ve belonged for about a year but just don’t have the time to quilt yet. I did cancel my subscription so someone on the waiting list can now become a member. I will be back but not sure when.
    Everyone enjoy your Quilting boxes and projects.

  17. This was not my favorite box, but there are always items in the box I like. The fabric is not a line I would purchase, but I will use it for a gift. I am sure there are others who love it. The best part of receiving the boxes is the anticipation and excitement! I always enjoy surprises, some more than others.

  18. Dear FQS…YOU are awesome! I look forward to my box every month and am always pleased 🙂 🙂 🙂 as punch with the value! Love the new rotary blade…I was wanting to try this sharper long lasting one. The Annie’s zippers are wonderful as I bought one for my Work In Progress bag I made from Kimberly’s video. She is a HOOT! Just LOVE your company and all you do for us. Thanks from my heart dear people xxoo

  19. Didn’t love this box, but then again I do love getting material! The handle cover thing was odd BUT…it’s great for holding the sewing cords together!!

    For me it was just not FQS’ish or summery enough if that makes any sense?

  20. Still trying to get the barn patterns from last year if anyone would like to trade for something? I got the last pattern and the put together just can’t believe I would have to pay 50+ for these patterns not realistic for me don’t know how to make contact with someone on here it won’t let me put my email address so looks like they don’t want us to connect!

    1. Toby, this program won’t allow you to share your email so that you don’t get spammed by a million bots. Try a Sew Sampler swap group on Facebook. We don’t facilitate trades here. We sell the patterns.