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Sew Sampler Box September 2022 Sneak Peek!

We want to share with you this exclusive sneak peek inside our September Sew Sampler box to show just how sweet life can be! Beware of spoilers, but this Sew Sampler box might be sweeter than it seams.

Don’t miss out on this box, if you are not yet subscribed and want to join, do so very SOON as our membership is close to being at capacity.

Any guesses what goodies you’ll find in this sweet box?

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    1. Robin, Kimberly never puts holiday fabric in the Sew Sampler. I think that is why she does the Spooky Box, Jolly Box, Cupid Box and the Freedom Box.

  1. Dear FQS: My guess this month is Slow Stroll fabric, with a little EPP thrown in. Or, Slow Stroll fabric and a sewing notion to help with 1/4″ seams… would love that! 🙂 Thanks FQS!

  2. I think Daisy Fields because the hexagons and the bee look just like the fabric! What a beautiful line!

      1. Right after the Word September in the sneak peek email it shows a 🐝 flying into a heart shape.

        1. Maybe my vision is worse then I think but I don’t see a bee, not even with a magnifying glass, and I don’t see a heart shape that it is flying into either.

          1. Nevermind, my sister pointed out that it is at the top after the word September not in the picture.

    1. I read your text about the bee and had to go find it. I did fine it and you are a very observant person.

  3. Daisy Fields fabric line with some Sweet as Can Be and Honeycomb cuts of fabric and some Sweet Snips scissors 🧐

  4. The fabric has to be Daisy Fields…same honeycomb pattern and some of the text is the same(Life is Sweet)…

  5. I’m guessing Daisy Fields fabric & maybe a seam guide of some sort. Doesn’t really matter, I will love it & be anxious until it gets here!

  6. Throwing out my guesses but I can’t stop at just one. Honey Fusion by AGF, Sunflower Sweet by Lisa Audit or Sweet Ride by Laundry Basket Quilts. Of course I would not be surprised if it was Bee Ginghams/Vintage by Kimberly’s favorite designer but what would be a really nice surprise if it was Sweet Nothings by Laundry Basket.
    But what ever the box holds I will be happy. I especially love the gadgets and tools.

  7. Daisy Fields Cloud Bees Metallic has the little Bee and stitch Flight lines in it like the picture of bee after SEPTEMBER in the area above the words ‘Sneak Peek! Also the color of navy in the LIFE IS SWEET is same color used in this line!!!

  8. The design in the graphic match exactly to a print in Daisy Fields. It’s a beautiful line. I just hope the rest of the box contents is as good (or better) than the fabric in this box. Always excited to get my little turquoise box each month and this month is no different! Can’t wait for the 20th (or so) of September!!!

  9. I’m pretty sure this is Daisy Fields by Bev McCullough. It’s lovely fabric which I already have. But will be happy to receive more. The hexis with the stitch lines is why I believe this. Can’t wait to see what pattern FQS will have for this beautiful fabric!

  10. If it’s Daisy Fields, and I think everyone is right there– I may use the BEE pattern we got a couple of months ago!

  11. Thank you for the September and October 2022 Sew Sampler Calendars! Looking forward to this Sew Sampler box for September 2022!

  12. Whatever you include, I know I’ll enjoy it! I make every project (since I first subscribed in 11/18), which ensures that I have plenty of Christmas gifts to give.

  13. I think it’s Daisy Fields fabric. Hopefully they use less of the bee fabric in it. I won’t use fabric with bees.

    1. Hi Carrie, if you are subscribed to the Sew Sampler box and did not receive one that you were expecting, then please email Customer Service, and they will help you sort out what’s happened.

      Customer Service:

      Hope this helps!

  14. Did you already send out payment request?
    If so, I didn’t receive mine and don’t want to miss out on my Sept. box.

  15. When is the Sept box expected to be billed and shipped? It’s my most anticipated and exciting mailbox delivery each month!

    1. We expect to start billing today (9/20) so be on the lookout. We got started a few days late this month. Thanks for your patience!