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Sew Sampler Box September 2021 Sneak Peek!

September Box Sneak Peek Header Graphic

Welcome back everyone! Who’s excited to take a sneak peek inside the September Sew Sampler Subscription box? In honor of kids getting back to school, I thought it’d be fun to define the all-star precut Fat Quarter Shop was named after…the Fat Quarter Bundle! 

We hope you like Fat Quarter Bundles (wink wink). Comment on this blog to let us know what your favorite precut is!

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If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join, do so very soon because membership is now OPEN!

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      1. Fat quarters, layer cakes, jelly rolls, jolly bars. I love them all. Excited to see what is in the September box.

    1. I love precut fat Quarter bundles the most. Lush, beautiful fabrics!, then I like the 5 inch squares second!

    2. My favorite precut is a layer cake. This gives you many fabric choices which can be used for a quilt with only adding background yardage or can be used for smaller quilt projects too. Love all the fabric choices without having to buy yardage. Great price.

    3. My favorite precut is a jolly roll! I love the ease of the size and I am amazed it is enough to make a throw. I made the Cozy Autumn kit and it made a nice size. I ordered 2 more different ones AND they come with a free pattern for under $20 each…great deal when a pattern can cost $5- $10.

  1. I love a good Fat Eighth! Just enough to create many patterns but not so much to create excess scraps.

  2. My favorite is a Jolly Bar. A Jolly Bar is a 10×5 pice of every piece of fabric in a fabric line and allows for lots of creativity. It is unique to Fat Quarter Shop and perfect for our Sew Sampler surprise box. Hint,hint! Add plus are the free pattern that comes with it.

  3. I almost always purchase fat quarter bundles. Fat quarters can be used for most any project. So, fat quarters are my favorites.

  4. I love a fat quarter bundle – it is my favorite precut, so I’m looking forward to the September box. There are some new fabric lines releasing this month – I’d love Sincerely Yours by Sherri and Chelsi!

  5. I’m reasonably new to quilting but I love fat quarters! Layer cakes and charm packs are pretty awesome too. 😊

  6. I love any and all pre-cuts. But, with being a mini quilter and loving EPP I usually buy mini charm packs, charm packs, and jelly rolls. I just bought Notting Hill by Amy Smart.
    Can’t wait for the September Sew Sampler box!!!

  7. I love layer cakes!!! Usually with layer cakes you get to sample all of a new collection…I also love fat quarters and charm packs…all fabric!!! 🙂

  8. I think my favorite might just be fat quarters because that is what I have used most over the past couple years. I’m still new to quilting and still consider myself a novice. Whatever is coming in September, I’m sure will be amazingly beautiful.

  9. I love Jolly Bars! Especially since you also get a free pattern with them!
    Any ideas on the fabric? Maybe Blue Stitch??

  10. I’m an oddball whose favorite precut is a honey bun. I love Moda Scrap Bags; although, they are not technically a precut,

  11. I like layer cakes, they also work for charm and Jolly bar patterns, lots of options and a variety of the line.

  12. Hmmm…yes, fat quarters are my favorite. I love to look at layer cakes and charm packs, but I think I tend to use the fat quarters more readily in my quilting.

  13. I love Fat Quarters! Even if you don’t want to make the enclosed project, fat quarters translate to other projects easil.

  14. Understand the delays, totally out of your hands, and absolutely worth the wait. Sew excited every month for my little blue box.
    While I love fat quarter bundles my favorite pre-cut is a layer cake. Very versatile, 2 1/2” strips, 4 charm packs and endless possibilities.
    Thank you FQS for all you do for the quilting world and to keep us inspired.

  15. Layer cakes are my favorite because they’re easier on the wallet. If it’s fabric I cannot live without then I will get a fat quarter bundle.

  16. Fat quarters are my favorite for versatility and quantity of fabric. There is SO much you can do with them. My second favorite is layer cakes.

  17. How exciting! I love fat quarter bundles! You get a lot of bang for your buck! Y’all are the best!

  18. I’m very partial to a jellyroll, they look gorgeous on my bookcase and I even occasionally open them to make a quilt! 🤪

  19. I love layer cakes and fat quarter bundles. Both sizes offer enough material to actually do something with and I see all my scrapes to use when I machine embroidery in the hoop designs.

  20. Fat quarters, Jelly Rolls and Layer Cake are the most abundant in my studio but I also like Half Yard bundles and charm packs. The only ones I have not purchased are the Jolly Bar and Honey Bun.

  21. Choosing a precursor favorite is like being in a candy store or bakery! Maybe one of each with a slight preference for a layer cake!

  22. My favorite is the Layer Cake. The Jelly Roll and Charm squares come next. The Layer Cake is so versatile.

  23. I love fat quarters however my typical purchase is the layer cake. Layer cake gives me a good bit of a collection to make a nice size quilt. If budget weren’t an issue- I would definitely purchase fat quarters more often. However – I must behave and I save the fat quarters bundles for my top choice designers and my absolutely adore fabric collections. 💕. Almost always purchase fat quarter bundles of Corey Yoder’s fabric collections.

  24. Fat Quarters are so nice to have but those bundles don’t always fit in my budget and since I love variety and having the entire collection – Charm packs are my budgetary friend and if I’m really loving on the collection I get a Layer Cake for more quilt options.

  25. My first fabric precuts were Jelly Rolls, used them for many Jelly Roll Race Quilts. Then I started using Layer Cakes, which are now my very favorite!

  26. Love the fat quarters it gives you enough of all the fabrics to play with and make something fun!

  27. My favorite precut is the Fat Quarter Bundle! Especially when there are 36-42 fat quarters. I’ve recently discovered the Fat Eighth bundle for smaller (holiday) projects. Or when my purse strings need tightening. I’ve only discovered this wonderful precut stack and the FQS because of quilt alongs with Pat Sloan.

  28. My favorite cut is The Jolly Bar … just the perfect size for something nice and quick. BUT I am overjoyed with Fat Quarter Bundles too. Happy dance!

  29. Fat quarter bundles can be used for many creative items. Just enough fabric to get a gift made quickly. I’ve made many bags with fat quarter bundles

  30. Your store is my number one place to shop quilting. I love Tilda’s Happy Campers. Really anything Tilda!

  31. Sorry I forgot to add I love fat quarters. It lets you have more variety in the choice or projects you can sew.

  32. My favorite was Layer Cakes but has receintly changed to fat quarters while doing several quilt alongs which I loved.

  33. My favorite precut is fat quarters. You can do so much with them. Although I enjoy all the ideas I see for other precuts. Such imagination!

  34. I’m still old fashion, I like to generally buy my fabric by the yard. Just in case of mistakes in cutting or if the grain is really off. I now prefer to purchase from a reputable shop and the Fat Quarter Shop is my FAVORITE to shop at! Thank you for so many wonderful quilting and cross stitch projects!

  35. I just love quilting fabric in all shapes and sizes. But if I were to choose a precut, it would be the layer cake. Easy on my budget and versatile in its use.

  36. My favorite precut is the layer cake. You can do so many things with a layer cake because you can cut it into all the other precuts.

  37. I just wanted to say Thank You so much! I have sent requests before to do a Lori Holt Box and Her box was the BEST of the Best that you have sent. Keep up the good work, the wonderful inspirations and stay safe.

  38. My favorite is a layer cake and then the jolly bar because it has the whole fabric line and just enough of each fabric to create a beautiful quilt.

  39. I can’t pick one I love the most, I love them all, depends what I’m using for. And I love getting my sew sampler box every month, look forward every month

  40. So EXCITED to get them ;+) I LOVE them all ;+) My favorite is a Fat Quarter though. I do more projects for myself than quilts or blocks. This way it’s more instant gratitude. In the meantime, I create blocks as I go, and then put them away until I’m close to being done. Eventually I will be ready to put them all together ;+) Best of both worlds!

  41. I love fat quarters and fat eighths! Easy to handle and the fabric quality is fantastic! I would love to see more precut backgrounds and solids 🙂

  42. I’m pretty new to precuts but really like the layer cake set that we’re using with the All the Trimmings mystery quilt along!

  43. My favorites are the Jolly Bar, Layer Cake and Fat Quarters. Fat Quarter bundles are a little harder on the budget.

  44. Since I cut all my left overs into different size I love whatever size is don’t matter. I can make any pattern from any size

  45. Lets give a big shout out for the Fat Quarter Bundle and the Fat Quarter Shop. It has to be right up there with my top three, including the jelly roll, and all the rest. I think that should cover everything from scraps to full bolts(LOL). I love it all. I have a hard time deciding how much to buy when I shop. Thanks for all you do for all the crafting community in general. It is a better place to shop to work be cause of people like your husband.

  46. I like fat quarters! I have recently bought a jelly roll and a layer cake. So many projects, so little time!

  47. My post should have read…..It is a better place to shop and to work and to live, because of people like you and your husband.

  48. Layer Cakes are my favorite pre-cut. But Jelly Roll patterns seem to be my favorite patterns. However, once I created a diagram of how I can cut and use fat quarters, it’s easier to see how I can use FQ in different quilt patterns of others or my own.