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Sew Sampler Box September 2017 Sneak Peek!

September Sew Sampler Sneak Peek Header
Are you ready for a September box spoiler? This month we will ONLY be revealing the theme of your September box which is ‘Farmer’s Market’. Think of what comes to mind when you’re strolling through the aisles of a Farmer’s Market. Do you have any guesses?
Sew Sampler Sneak Peek - Farmer's Market
Our September box is going to be outstanding, if you are not yet subscribed, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out on September 20th!


    1. I like to know where on earth you always get the backround fabric from??
      the # they provide is never ever found

  1. It sounds like fabric lines with vegetables, fruits and flowers… Maybe “Fresh Market”? A lovely matching pattern would be wonderful! Hopefully bright colours, I looove these…

  2. Oh you all like to tease! My guess is that it will be awesome. Because it always is. Can’t wait!

  3. This will be my first sew sampler, where have I been all this time! Regardless of what Farmers Market is, I am so looking forward to opening the box!

  4. I’d say The Good Life by Bonnie & Camille. The leaves on the graphic are identical to the ones in that fabric line.

  5. I’m thinking fabric with fruits or veggies. & maybe a project sheet for a tote bag for the grocery store or a microwave bowl holder. Whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll love it!

  6. All I know is that it’s going to be wonderful just like all of the previous boxes. Being in this Club really makes the months and years go by fast.

  7. I don’t know how you outdo yourselves each month. This is the best present I give myself each month!

  8. At the Farmers Market I go to, there are haystacks of dried corn, hay bundles stacked neatly, pumpkins, apples and animals, with rows and rows of fruit trees.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Lynne! It’s Christmas every month ~ I’m like a little kid opening my favorite gift! Thank you, FQS. 🙂

  9. Goodness, there are a lot of fabric collections right now that could fit this theme! My guess is Farmer’s Daughter or The Good Life, based on timing…and The Good Life has lots of little extras that go along with the collection.

  10. I’m sure whatever we receive it will be awesome. I have not been disappointed yet. I love all the notions we receive, it is like Christmas every month. Any notions that I already have, I set them back for my friends birthday….she is just getting started sewing. Thanks Fat Quarter Shop for offering such a wonderful item.

  11. Whatever it is, it will be beautiful! I’ve never been disappointed!
    Now I wonder what the notions will be?!? Always something useful and sometimes very unexpected!

  12. I think it will be Corn & Tomatoes Mini Quilt Pattern by
    Bee in my Bonnet and her line of fabric.

  13. I really hope it’s Darling Little Dickens by Lydia Nelson for Moda Fabrics. Love it!

  14. Fruit flowers vegies at the farmers market in Brisbane Queensland Australia. But whatever it is it will be perfect I love all the sample boxes have been with you since number one never failed to please

  15. Well, my guess would be…”Bunny Tales Flannel by Lucie Crovatto” since your post has the similar colors in the background and the adorable Bunnies are pulling a wagon of “Carrots!” LOL 🙂 Either way…Y’all put together such wonderful surprises!

  16. This will be my first box I am so excited to get it. I am thinking it will be a pattern for a shopping bag. I wish I would gave signed up earlier I would have love to have last months box and the chuckles pattern.

    1. That is the way I subscribed. I asked and there were still some of the August mont boxes and I got it last Friday. I wanted the magnifier. With my old eyes, it will be so usefull.

  17. The boxes are always outstanding. I feel it’s like Christmas every month when I open my special box.

  18. This time of year I think of apples and tomatoes and canning. I don’t do it, but my grandmother & mom did lots of it, and my sister, too. I hope it’s apple fabric and an apple pattern or both.

  19. I agree. Think veggies and fruits or fall colors. Maybe even something to jump start our Christmas quilting. Colors of the market items, green, orange, yellow, gold, blue sky.

  20. No matter what it is, I doubt I will be disappointed. I’ve loved most everything I’ve gotten so far in my boxes!

  21. I think it’s the Wool & Needles flannel collection and the” Farmers Market Quilt Pattern” by Primitive Gatherings. I will be pleased if it isL

  22. I really hope this is a very nice box. I skippped August and am so glad I did because I would have been very disappointed from seeing the other unboxings. I will try September and really trust we get fat quarters, thread and ruler, along with an awesome pattern. This will be my last box if the contents are not better than the past two months have been,

    1. I haven’t been impressed with the last 2 boxes either. This will be my 6th box. If I don’t like it I’m going to find another quilt subscription box.

      1. I think I’m going to do the same the stuff seems really cheap.sept box is worse than August this is only my 3rd box.july I liked really liked the this is the only box I got on time & got to open before someone posted what was in it frist 2 boxes I didn’t get till the end of month.

  23. Love Sew Sampler boxes. Just got shipping notice and cannot wait to see what is inside. Each month is such a good value for the money – some months are right up my alley and some months are great gifts for other quilters/seamstresses. I always love seeing new things, new tools, the fabric choices are always new and exciting even when they might not be items for me they make great gift quilts! Learn new techniques because of Sew Sampler also. So excited to see September box!

  24. This will be my second box and whatever it is will be a real treat. I am just grateful that there is this website who blesses us all by this kind of subscription offer. Thank you for the bountiful harvest in Sept. Truly need this encouragement.

  25. I’m thinking the contents will have to do with “The Good Life”. Can’t wait until it gets here. I just loved the fish pattern in last month’s box. I subscribe to the box because it’s a fun little surprise I get each month and it brings me some well needed joy. I don’t love everything in every box but I can always pass it on to someone who will enjoy it. Keep up the good work FQS. I love my Sew Sampler Box subscription.

  26. A harvest themed box perhaps? How splendid! A great way to kick off the fall season. Whatever is inside, I am sure it won’t dissappoint. I am already looking forward to October’s box. Pumpkins, ghosts, and ghoblins maybe??…and a few buttons too! hint, hint!

  27. I have mine and it is the VERY BEST EVER! It contains several things that I wanted but I do not want to give anything away. You have OUTDONE yourselves. I am taking it to my Bee this week to show them. We have 300+ members in our Prairie Star Quilt Guild in St. Charles, IL and 30+ bees. A BIG THANK YOU!

  28. This will be my 1st box and I am so excited to see what is entailed in the box. Can hardly wait!!

  29. I LOVE the September box!!! There’s not an item in it that I would give away, and in fact, this may be the top box yet. I’m letting my Thursday sewing group take a peek tomorrow, but there will be no giveaways. 😍

  30. I have never been disappointed and have been receiving my blue box from almost the beginning. It is my blue blessing each month. Thank you FQS for taking special thought with each item in the box. You can tell TLC went into each one.

  31. I’m currently making the basket quilt the receipt cards and would like to know if you have a color chart that goes with it to see if we have the right colors to make them. I hope that I have been using the right ones that are in the sampler I purchased but no chart was included.thanks for your reply.

  32. OMG, just opened my September Sew Sampler box! You all have outdone yourselves! This is one happy girl! Love it! Thank you! ;o)

  33. I guess I’m the only one that doesn’t like this box.seems like the tin & phone clip thing is something u would get from Dollar tree store. But on the bright side this is my frist box that came on time & I got to open it before someone else posted what’s in it.I was really wishing it was fall related fabric maybe next month. Lol

  34. First time for me…..I rec’d the box today…..I would say the value of the box might be 12.00 and that’s pushing it….. I will give it one more month and then I’m cancelling. So sad…..was really excited until I opened it…. :-((

  35. I LOVE my September box!!! This may be the best one yet, & I can’t wait to get started on the project! Thank you!

  36. Got mine today. This is the second box I’ve received. When I initially signed up I was hoping for more fabric but what I have gotten so far I am very happy with. Love it and THANK YOU!

  37. Love, love, love my September box! What a surprise! Two of my favorite designers. Thank you!

  38. My first box, I’m happy and pleased with its contents! Think I’ll be waiting at the mailbox when Octobers rolls around!

  39. Just wondering if all boxes are the same??? Some reviews are so positive and can’t say enough how fantastic the box is —- others saying negative comments and talking about how disappointed they were…. I was disappointed with mine but got to thinking that maybe the boxes are different??

    1. Hi Barbara! All the boxes are the same, with the exception of which Matchbox everyone received. We do take everyone’s feedback very seriously and try to exceed expectations each month, but due to how far we plan ahead for the boxes, it may take a month or two before you see the changes. And also, all quilters certainly have different preferences and opinions, so hopefully even though you did not love this month’s box, next month will be more your flavor!

  40. congrats to all that guessed THE GOOD LIFE by moda! Really enjoyed this month’s box. A Box within A Box this month! Toooo! addictive! Gave me some ideas. I love boxes!, “interesting what people like…” Will use my sew sampler boxes to send my grandbabies goodies. Thanks sew sampler.

    1. I would really like to see more quilting goodies ,rulers,the clips were great, things like that i looked at the views from man-made july & most time u had this things that’s why I joined. But the past 2 boxes was very cheap in my eyes.I’m going to try one more box but if it’s like the last 2 I will have to say no thanks& look for another quilting box.fingers crossed that you are listening to us.

  41. I would really like to see more quilting goodies ,rulers markers ,& ,the clips were great, things like that i looked at the views from man-made july & most time u had this things that’s why I joined. But the past 2 boxes was very cheap in my eyes.I’m going to try one more box but if it’s like the last 2 I will have to say no thanks& look for another quilting box.fingers crossed that you are listening to us.

  42. Wow this September box is the absolute BEST box yet. I love it when the Sew Sampler Box is delivered. I make my newest basket block that day and then start with the other goodies in the box. Thank you.

  43. I received my second box, my Sept box, and though I scratched my hair in trying to find any hint of the Farmers Market theme, I will say there is one( and its companion) sewing item( not giving it away for those still waiting) i do like, and will be using it in a project. I wasnt quite sure why one item was included as its not really a sewing item. That seemed to me a waste of space, or at best, the creator of the boxes needed to find anything else to fill the box and so in it went to do that. Hoping more quilt inspiration comes next month as i need a reason to quilt something pretty to” sew away” some”serious medical challenges soon to be happening with my medically challenged grandson, Ollie.

  44. I ended up canceling my subscription after receiving this box. I love FQS and the idea of the box, but 25.00 for one charm pack of fabric is too much money. I wish there was an option for larger projects and/or more fabric and no accessories. The orange peel and Lori Holt boxes were my favorite – but the others have too little fabric and/or require the purchase of 30-40 dollars of extra fabric to complete the project. The matchbox quilt seems like something to use with a child learning how to quilt – but not something I would use for my own purposes. If there is an option for more fabric and less “filler” in the future I would consider re-subscribing. I like the idea of a surprise and learning new techniques, but I think these boxes are geared more towards new quilters and/or crafters.

  45. After thinking about the items received in the sampler boxes, and what could be done with them, my finances each month arent conducive to continuing with ordering the boxes. I am sad. I thought what i read from the introduction of what FQS wanted subscribers to receive each month would be worth my ordering though it is a hardship..a very big hardship after caring for the medical and financial needs of my 7 yr old grandson. I needed some new sewing inspiration to break the dark days of caregiving ya know? But the 2 boxes were more ” stuff” rather than the fabric inspiration i needed. Im sad. I will not financially be comfortable in spending dollars on items that arent sewable even though a charm pack and the pattern this month was nice. I can work with those but the other matchbox thing and the phone thing wasnt worth spending money on when i dont have wasted money to spend. But I need to cancel. I’m sad..

  46. Karen & Nicolei agree with u both. The reason I signed up was after watching the 2016 unboxin g videos. They were a nice full boxes of things.To those of u that think this is the best box ever u got different stuff .If u want to see what a nice box is look on YouTube for 2016.those boxes are worth the money

  47. I’ll admit to being one of those who are disappointed in this month’s box. I feel like I just paid too much for a charm pack. I keep looking in the FB group to see if someone there posts how sad they are that they didn’t order in time for this month’s box because I’d unload this in a heartbeat.

  48. Guys? I don’t understand why you feel the need to come here to be negative. The larger majority of subscribers of the Sew Sampler boxes ARE totally happy with its content. Really we are! I understand for some it may cause a financial hardship. But there are still waaaay too many of us who simply enjoy getting the surprise of that teal colored box each month.

    1. I feel the same way, I love getting my box and can’t wait to see what you have to surprise us with this month. I am an avid quilter and I have all sorts of fabric and I love the ideas I get from the patterns you send that are exclusive to fat quarter. I think it nice to mix it up. Thanks fat quarter.

      1. It not a financial hardship That upsets me Its the lack of not getting what you pay for.what does a phone clip have to do with quilting?then tell me it’s value is $10.00 i don’t think like a lot of fell we paid $29.95 for a charm pack

    2. I don’t feel it is negative to give an honest review of a service we pay for as a customer. How else will the company improve their product? I read many reviews before I decided to subscribe and the quality of the boxes seems to have declined for me, personally. I also enjoy the idea of surprise, but this does not mean I do not also value how my dollar is spent.

  49. I received my box today and was really happy that it didn‘t took as long as last month! The items were fine. The charm pack is really cute although I agree with others that we usually had a bit more of fabric in the last boxes… The patterns are lovely too as well as the tin. I loved that it has that „window“ to show what is inside. As for the phone clip, I am not really sure about it. The idea of the matchbox quilt is very cute, just unfortunately I received one of the blue quilts although blue is the colour I do not like. Is any of you interested in exchaning with another matchbox (maybe No. 1,2,4,5,6,8 or 9)? Would be wonderful!

  50. It not a financial hardship That upsets me Its the lack of not getting what you pay for.what does a phone clip have to do with quilting?then tell me it’s value is $10.00 i don’t think like a lot of fell we paid $29.95 for a charm pack

  51. I really love the Farmers market cover instead of the paper that’s usually around the contents. I couldn’t wait to see what you had for us and it was so colorful that it reminds us of Fall.. If people want more fabric I say fat quarter is the place to buy it. Don’t wait for it to come in your box. The box should be about surprise and ideas. I think you’re doing a fantastic job. Despite all the negative comments.

  52. When are they putting the sneak peak out for Oct 2017. Usually it’s posted by the 9th or 10th of each month ?thanks in advance of anyone knows