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Sew Sampler Box October 2021 Sneak Peek!

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How is it already October? A new month means a new spoiler and that is exactly what we have in store for you today! Who doesn’t love fabric with text? It’s one of my favorites. Can you guess what collection we will be featuring in this month’s Sew Sampler Subscription box? Leave a comment and let us know!

white fabric with grey text

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  1. Happy Autumn Everyone!
    I hope it is Pumpkin and Blossoms! But, as usual, anything FQS chooses will be beautiful!

  2. The text is from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but no idea what line that would be! Look forward to finding out.

  3. I agree – it looks like Whimsical Romance. Hoping for a layer cake. It’s a beautiful collection. I’ve got a quilt pattern in mind for it! Love my little teal box each month. Always full of little joys!

  4. Definitely Whimsical Romance… curious what the project will be. This fabric line is outside what I usually purchase so I’m really excited to see what I can do with it! I love the text print! Thanks FQS!

  5. Whimsical Romance!! It’s beautiful but I was hoping the fabric would be something Halloween or Thanksgiving related.

  6. Love Text Fabric! It’s great in a background and looks very modern! Love my sew sampler box every month.

  7. my guess…Whimsical romance by Riley blake. Love their fabric. I am always happy with anything from Fat Quarter Shop. Would love to see some really cool notions too, so i am excited.

  8. Maybe Pumpkins and Blossoms! I can’t wait for my little teal box to arrive each month-I haven’t been disappointed a single time. Thanks FQS

  9. How about Cozy, but I think it might be a literary theme….who cares, I going to love it! Got my machine threaded as I finish up August and almost Sept.

  10. Just not sure but whatever it is it will be great I have enjoyed all the surprises

  11. I LOVE text fabric! Had to look up the Whimsical Romance as I was unfamiliar with it & yep, that looks to be it 🙂

  12. This will be my very first box so excited to see what’s in it. I love fabric with text!!

  13. This will be my very first box so excited to see what’s in it. I love fabric with text!!

  14. I just searched Whimsical Romance and have fallen in love. I really hope that is what is in our October box.

  15. Don’t like text fabric at all. Always use something to replace it. Maybe it will only be a couple of text fabric and the rest will be fall colors of fun.

  16. I love being surprised and going outside my comfort zone. No matter what it is, I will love opening it.

  17. Whimsical Romance! Hooray! I love text fabric. Thank you, Fat Quarter Shop, for making every box special.

  18. Looks like Whimsical Romance but what size will it be? Oh, and I love Shakespeare! Win, win for me!

  19. I hope it’s Whimsical Romance. October is our anniversary month. This October will be the 46th😊. Only 4 years until 50 😱!

  20. William Shakespeare He’s a ancestor of mine!!!!! His second daughter is my Grandmother several times removed. got to be riley blake

      1. Sorry, that was supposed to go to someone else. Don’t know how to delete the original post.

  21. I don’t know Whimsical Romance, but it began with Shakespeare. I never used typeface, but this will be a challenge.

  22. A Midsummer Night’s Dream text means we are getting Whimsical Romance…how lovely!

  23. If the majority of posts are correct about whimsical romance, not my style or preference. I’m sure there will be some awesome notions and a neat pattern. Either way- not everyone loves the same style and I am overall thrilled with the sew sampler box- which is why I have and continue my subscription for the past many years 🥰. Not every box is going to be everyone’s preference, that’s not even possible. The sew sampler box is always an excellent value and has some neat and useful parts for most people every month. Great job FQS!

  24. The text print is a fabric that I rarely purchase because I do not know how to use it. I cannot wait to see the pattern that comes with it! I love the variety that I have seen in the Sew Sampler boxes. I love the precut fabrics and unique patterns. Thank you FQ Shop.

    1. I just saw the new post about “Love Notes” & I thought of this Sneak Peak. Hope it did come early !!

  25. I think most of the responses are correct. Whimsical romance. I can’t wait to get my box! This is like Christmas every single month! I have been getting Sew Sampler Boxes for several years and absolutely love them. Some fabrics haven’t been my favorite but when you make them into the pattern of the month they are beautiful! Always AMAZING boxes! I have gotten other boxes from other companies and FQS wins hands down!!

  26. Geez, this is a tough one! I honestly have no clue. The guesses in your comments are very interesting. This will be a surprise 🧵🪡💁‍♀️

  27. I would so love to see AGF or ruby star at some point.. I’d love to see FQ shop do another box that has a little bit more modern or youthful fabrics – Like a sew sampler modern. 🤣 I dont think I’ve ever used the fabric from my boxes- but I LOVE the surprise snd the notions each month. 🤣 I know I’m in the minority but thats ok. I’m in it for the adventure. 😂

    1. Abby- That’s a good idea. I personally enjoy the sew sampler box and most of the fabric choices. However this whimsical romance is not to my taste at all. But I can see where those who are drawn to the modern fabrics wouldn’t be as pleased by the typical type of fabric choices. I truly appreciate your ability to still love and enjoy the surprise and appreciate the box!

  28. Like many others, not a fan of fabric with text. Don’t see a purpose for it. Hopefully if there is fabric with text, there won’t be much of it or the other surprises will make up for it. This is my first box, hoping for something nice

  29. This is my first box… Actually spooky box was my first… I LOVED It.. Im sooo excited for this one

  30. Whatever it is…will be gorgeous. I made my teenage grandson a quilt for his bed using all kinds of “typed”
    Fabric with text sayings, keyboard, etc. kids love technology ♥️✂️🧵♥️

  31. Received my box yesterday! I love it all! Some things I have been wanting for a while, and some things I am excited to use. Thank you FQS

  32. FQS: Yeah…love the October box!! I have been wanting a color wheel for a long time. Imagine my surprise when I opened the Sew Sampler Box and found one right there in the October box…how fun! Thanks 🙂