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Sew Sampler Box October 2020 Sneak Peek!

You asked and we made it happen! This never-before-seen little gadget was a popular request from a year ago, and when you send suggestions, we listen. I won’t spoil it for you but it’s definitely one of my new favorite things. Thoughts on what it could be? Let us know in the comments below. Good luck!

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      1. Keep these cute accessories coming and people will never get off the waitlist!! 2+ years of these boxes and you keep hitting it out of the park! Love them all.

    1. I believe it’s the bitty seam ripper that is in use over at Riley Blake. I saw a photo on a blog and I can’t wait to get my fingers on one!

    2. Any guesses on fabric? The color pallet seems to be similar to the Blooming Bunch fabric line.. Not sure though..

  1. I agree with Elvia. I believe it is a scissor/notion charm to identify your notions as belonging to you…just like wine glass charms did at the get-togethers we used to be able to have back in the day.

  2. It’s to identify your scissors. I have a beaded Doodad for mine. This looks like it could possibly hold a magnet too.

    1. I have beaded doodads for my scissors and rotary cutters. It does tend to keep them from accidentally walking off and jumping into somebody else’s bag!

    2. It looks like a thread keep, but I agree that it also looks like a scissors fob. Can’t wait to find out! 😁

  3. Too cute whatever it is, lol! I think a magnetic scissor minder clippy thing! Wow, haha! Finally put my name on the Sew Sampler waiting list. (insert smiley face) Can’t take missing out on all the goodies anymore.

  4. I think I’ll run my floss/thread through it to untangle/straighten/separate it. Or it is magnetic and will hold my needle while I am trying to thread it.

  5. A way to identify which scissors are for fabric and which for paper instead of tying a piece of fabric on handle.

  6. It is magnectic to hold scissors and attach to your shirt! I had one with a detachable magnet and it put a hole in my shirt. This is a much better mouse trap

  7. I love new notions but the fabric is always the best part of the box for me. Hoping for some Prim by Lori Holt! Or maybe Paintbox!

  8. I think Dawn is correct…it is like the other magnets only they don’t detach from each other…brilliant!

  9. Looks like we will all who’s scissors belong to who at classes and sewing retreats. 🤗

  10. Fob for scissors…excellent idea. When someone (hubby) tries to use any of my scissors an alarm will go off. Merp! Merp! Merp! Step away from the fabric scissors. Merp!

  11. I think it’s a needle puller … maybe has some type of rubber gripper inside to hold onto a needle that you can’t pull through. And if that’s not what it is, it should be … LOL!

  12. Kind of like a magnetic bookmark. Maybe to be used as a scissor fob, or maybe strong enough it could “clip” on to something, like your shirt (!) or the edge of your needlework….so many ideas!

  13. I could be wrong, but it looks to be attached to a pair of scissors in the photo.

  14. My first thought was that it looked like one of those eyeglasses cleaner doodads. But why attach them on a pair of scissors?

  15. Is it a glow-in-the-dark tag for scissors, so you can run with them outside in the dark and not get hit by a car? Asking for a friend.

  16. I believe it’s a scissor holder, maybe?
    Either way, I know I will love it!
    Sew Sampler boxes are the best.

  17. Looks to be attached to a pair of scissors, hopefully not a tag because it’ll drive me crazy…

  18. I’m guessing a scissor tag with thread conditioner. Perfect for hand sewing – easier to thread needle and pull through without snags. All together with the needed scissor. Hope I’m right!!!

  19. My wish? Needle threader 🙂 that finds the needle eye by itself!! When not magically threading, I would keep on my scissors for ID purposes :))

  20. I think it might be something magnetic to attach scissors to your sewing machine, etc.

  21. I think it could be a gadget to create a seal on a plastic bag (e.g., a baggie). One would run it along the two open sides to seal them together.

  22. The Oct. box is another one FQS knocked out of the ballpark!!!…It’s a hit with me!!!
    Great Box ❤️