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Sew Sampler Box October 2019 Sneak Peek!

Ready for an adventure? We sure hope so because that’s the theme of our October Sew Sampler box! More specifically we are going on a Safari and things might get a little WILD. Like any fun adventure, you never know what you will find. Any ideas on what we might have included?

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  1. I’m also guessing Safari Life by, Stacy Iest Hsu, and I hope to get the new Diagonal Seam Tape.

  2. I’m ready for an adventure! I’m hoping it will include Safari Life by Stacy lest Hsu! Can’t wait! ❤️

  3. Hope it’s full of animals?
    Got all my parts cut out from the last box. Just need to sew it all together. :>)

  4. Safari life is nice, but I don’t think that’s it….too obvious. Also thought if Tula pink monkey wrench, but again…too obvious.
    However, ?I would be very happy with either of those. Going with the colour on the clue, Safari life would be more likely!

  5. Hope there are a lot of different animals?
    Really enjoy these monthly treats.

    Have the parts all cut and ready to sew from the last box. Just need time to sew it all together! Sure were a lot of them!

  6. Just got my first grandchild – a boy. Would love Safari Life by Stacy Iest Hsu to make a baby quilt. But I love Tula Pink as well. I think it will be a fun theme.

  7. I was thinking Tula Pink’s new Monkeys, but we had some of her stuff very recently. So I’m going with Elizabeth Hartmann (please??!). Will go and check out the Hsu’s Safari Life. Every time I think I can give up the monthly box, you reel me back in.

  8. Love the last box starting to cut the pieces out. I think it might be a winter project for me. Looking forward to the October box. This will be my4th box.

  9. I’m hoping for the stuffed animals panel from Safari Life collection by Stacy Iest Hsu.

  10. Well I did see a cat sitting in a sew sample box. There are no holes in the sew sample box. So iam going to say safari life. Every item in the sew sample box is wonderful. Thank you all for doing a great job.

  11. My guess is Elizabeth Hartman’s Adventure by theme, colors, sun. Maybe a fun binoculars pattern with lemurs fussy cut in the lenses?

  12. I looked at both collections most of you are talking about. I like them both,probably safari life is favored. Daughter recently came back from Kenya. Only thing though, if its it’s the tula pink monkeys, please don’t be hexagons. I don’t particularly care for the hexagonal patterns.

  13. Tula Pink or Elisabeth Hartman would be so great! Whatever it is will be fun as usual. Love my surprise every month. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop.

  14. What about elephants by Laundry Basket?? She got a new elephant quilt, maybe a pillow version??

  15. I agree that the fabric might be Safari Life. One fabric has suns printed on it, and the khaki, green, aqua, and golden yellow colors provided in the clue are spot on. There are also some raffia print solids that would be great blenders. As far as notions…maybe a magnifier? And then there is the Insulated Straw Print Lunch Box….

    I always look forward to the FQS little box of happiness arriving each month! Thank you, FQS for all the work that goes into bringing us the subscription box! 😊

  16. I already purchased the Charm Pack of Safari Life. Hoping it’s something I don’t have!

  17. My new grandson has a safari theme so I am looking forward to seeing what is inside this October box! Always exciting to receive 🙂

  18. Cannot wait for box opening. This month is my birthday, so this is my birthday gift to myself. No matter what it is, I will be happy!

  19. I hope it is Bonnie and Camille’s Early Bird. It has birds in it that are wild. Love Bonnie and Camille’s fabrics!!

  20. My guess Elizabeth Hartmann
    I am working on her Unicorn and the Safari Pattern is next. I bought the Awesome Ocean and made the Fancy Forest !
    I just started getting the box ! It was a great surprise ! I loved the Spooky Box !

  21. I have no clue but I love all the boxes. It is a great way to explore things I would not normally buy.

  22. Gosh, Stacey Iest Hsu’s fabric seems too obvious… You’re usually more cryptic (which I love, because I’m always wrong, surprised, and happy). Whether or not it’s “Safari,” I’m sure I’ll be delighted. The October box will be my twelfth, and I’ve learned so much by doing all of the projects over the last year. I still consider myself a new quilter — I sewed my first 1/4 inch seam about a year ago — but the Sew Sampler boxes have exposed me to so much. I would never have tried foundation paper piecing, modern fabrics and patterns, and so much more if not for the SS box. Thanks for stretching my perspective and helping me realize that my tastes are more eclectic than I would ever have imagined.

    1. That’s wonderful, Mary! I so appreciate you saying that and I’m glad to know you’ve enjoyed and learned this much from the box. You really ‘get it’ that the box is about trying new and different fabrics, notions and techniques.

  23. BTW, the Spooky Box is the best (maybe even better than last year’s Christmas and this year’s Valentine’s Day boxes, which I loved)! So enjoying making the table runner. Halloween is my birthday, so it’s extra-special! So glad you, obviously, love holidays as much as I do!

  24. I have no idea. I see some great guesses!! I never guess correctly. LOL I do hope I’ll like this one. I’ve subscribed for almost 2 years and have never been disappointed.
    I won’t lie, I am hoping for something season/holiday themed…..Fall, Halloween etc…..
    It doesn’t look like that is what it will be though.

    1. The Adventure line by Elizabeth are wonderful fall colors… I hope that’s what it is… but I’m never disappointed!

  25. I’m hoping you have Tula Pinks Monkey Wrinch Line I. October’s Box. One of those latest pin tray boxes would be neat to. It grabs the straight pins in such a way as the pins head hangs on the edge and it makes it easy to grab.

  26. The first thing that comes to my mind is Monkey Wrench by Tulip Pink? Which is cute.

  27. I would be ecstatic if it was the The Lion English Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern by Violet Craft!

  28. I wonder if the notion will be the magnifying ruler. Looks pretty cool. And pretty sure Safari line by Stacy. But the burlap has me stumped. What could that allure to? Maybe nothing, but maybe something.

  29. Sooooo hope it includes another Meori box. The jungle box is super cute! I’m in love with the Halloween box we got! Fingers crossed!

  30. Yea! I got my October box today! I’m loving it! The fabric, the pattern……basically everything!!! Thank you fat quarter shop! Finally fabric that’s more to my liking! I can’t wait to use it! Maybe this weekend on my retreat!
    I hope everyone else likes it as much as I do!

  31. Love it! The color palette isn’t something I would have chosen on my own — yet I really like it. That’s the best thing about Sew Sampler boxes… They prompt me to try new fabrics, new patterns, and new techniques, and consequently, they broaden my perspective about quilting. Love everything in the month’s box. Thanks especially for the VIP Pass; that is about to come in very handy!

  32. Love the fabrics – finally a non-pastel color wave – thanks FQS for listening to our feedback.

  33. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Sew Sampler Box. The fabric is just gorgeous and I can hardly wait to get started on the pattern. Just outstanding!

  34. Great fabrics!
    I love getting the box every month!
    I even look forward to the bill, because I know good things are coming, soon!

  35. I received my first box today, and was very pleased with it, now I can’t wait till next month!

    1. It’s a seasonal box. We do four each year. Our next one will be the holiday-themed Jolly Box.

  36. Yesterday, I thought I saw a correction to the pattern in the box but can’t find it now. Can you tell me where to find it?