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Sew Sampler Box May 2020 Sneak Peek!

Where flowers bloom, so does hope. This month, we have planted our May Sew Sampler box with ‘seeds’ that are sure to inspire you and spark your creativity! Today we reveal the sneak peek of this upcoming box with a quote, ‘Bloom where you are planted’. What do you think we might have included? Are you excited?

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    1. I use to try and figure out but there are too many that their guess is right on the mark. So i am going with bloomington and a canvas zipper bag with the bloom where you are planted printed on it. Only because i could use a zipper bag

  1. Ooh, Abby Rose would be awesome! But this will be my first sew sampler box, so I’m super excited no matter what it is! 🙂

    1. Come to think of it, I joined the block of the month using that fabric so I hope not

  2. Abby Rose would be awesome!!! It is beautiful!
    But I have to agree that I think it is Bloomington.

  3. I like that quote alot, and am sure it’s gonna be great.on another note, thank you for the way you run FQS, never a problem with ordering, asking questions and especially the pictures and explanations. You are a great company. Thank you.

  4. I would love to see Bloomington with a focus on the black prints. A pattern for a travel makeup bag, jewelry bag, sewing bag or something similar would be a welcome change to quilts–and a fun way to expand subscribers’ skill sets.

  5. Bloomington by Leila boutique I think
    Hopefully my April box will arrive in Australia 🇦🇺 before it’s time for this one 😩

  6. Happy with anything, but would LOVE Super Bloom by Laundry Basket Quilts!

    1. I’m in Melbourne, the box has been in Chicago since the 24th, still hasn’t been processed thru the system yet, just “accepted for processing”. The March one arrived 24th April. Still, patience is a virtue!😂

      1. Anne, I am also from Melbourne, Australia, and my April box is also stuck in Chicago. I love getting these boxes, maybe April & May will arrive together 🤞 They are always wonderful, definitely worth the wait. I just hope all our Aussie boxes arrive soon. 🤗

        1. Hi Jenny! Looking forward to seeing the April box leave Chicago, it will be well rested lol. I gave in and looked at the reveal. It will be my 3rd box.

        2. Hi again Jenny. The April box was processed thru Chicago international on 7th May and has vanished, hasn’t gone to LA or Sydney, no update on tracking. The May box was processed thru Chicago on 27th May. Maybe they will arrive together!

  7. I never guess! I just say “YIPPPEEEE”because I know my bill will be coming soon! Haha! And, shortly after that, the lovely blue box will arrive! Happy, happy, happy!

  8. My vote…’s Bloomington! So excited for Mays box. Love the Dew sampler box I’ve never been disappointed

  9. The background behind “Bloom where you are planted” looks like Lori Holt’s honey circle yardage. It also looks like the background fabric on the Happy Flowers Tablerunner.

  10. It’s going to be something amazing I’m sure. This is my first box!! So excited!!!

  11. I’m guessing Moda’s Homestead – lots of gardening motifs and it would look great with Lori Holt and Pat Sloan designs.

  12. This is my first box. I like surprises, and no matter what it is, I am sure it will put a smile on my face

  13. This is the first time I’m going to guess and My guess is Blossom by Christopher Thompson for Riley Blake designs.

  14. I’m not as familiar with fabric collections as others on this blog so I really can’t make a guess but what I can say is, whatever is in the box I will be very happy indeed.

  15. Look for something with a random dot print like that. I don’t see it in Bloomington or Super Bloom. Hmmmmm🤔🤔

  16. I hope there is a ruler or pattern by Gerri Robinson of planted seed designs 🤞🏻. There are so many great fabrics that is be happy with any of them.

  17. This is a tough one friends. I have looked at every guess here and not one of them matches the pattern of these dots. Eeeeee! So fun to have us guessing! Can’t wait…always a highlight of the month; especially during this time.

  18. I hope it’s Super Bloom by Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts. I don’t remember getting a box with her fabrics in it.

  19. I’ve just ordered a few pieces of blossom by Christopher Thompson for Riley Blake. Looks just like it in the pic. If it’s not Blossom, I’m thinking it is Bloomington.

  20. Anything that comes will be appreciated as it will be something new while I am home and not going out right now. Can’t wait. I love these little surprises that are so exciting. It gives me inspiration and a thrill to create the pattern piece.

  21. I have no idea! It’s exciting to see what other Sew Sampler members guess. I always love everything in my box. It’s like my birthday, Easter & Christmas rolled up in one! Thanks for your hard work & for making me sew happy!

    1. I agree because each time the notice comes I get excited and wonder what’s inside. 😊

  22. Well, Bloom where you are planted is the logo on the packaging for Bloomington. Would love some ombre…hint, hint.

    1. I agree with you. If you look close on Bloomington you will see the words “ Bloom where you are planted”. Maybe Gerri Robinson’s ruler to go with it.

  23. Super bloom by edyta I hope. I’ve been collecting her fabrics.

  24. My guess is Abby Rose any flowers would be fabulous. I love floral prints of any kind.

  25. So excited. I don’t know. I do know that anything you put together will be awesome! Thanks for all you do!

  26. That’s a Mary Englebrite theme, but not sure if she does fabric – sounds fun though!!

  27. The new V and Co. Ombré Fairy Dust. I’m not at all a fan of their fabric after using it so I will have something to give to my sister in law this month if that’s what it is. She will take it though! I am betting it is but if not my second guess is Bloomington, and I loooove that.

  28. “BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED” was our family motto for the thirty years my husband served in the USAF. We moved every 3 years or so and bloomed in many places!

  29. Seed to blossom batiks?? It said something about seeds… that would be cool. Always wanted to do something with batiks. No matter what it is I’m sure it will be awesome! And in times like this it will be even awesome-ER! Hehe love me some FQS!!

  30. Stumbled upon what looked very very similar to the fabric in Lori Holt’s upcoming Prim fabric shown in Prim & Proper book. Still a mystery but that’s the wonderful fun of the Sew Sampler boxes such a smile of surprises 🙂

  31. I’ll guess Apple Cobbler quilt pattern by It’s Sew Emma and Apple Pie fabric by Andover.

  32. Got my box today! Love it! I look forward to this little pick-me-up each month and I’m never disappointed! Thank you!

  33. Oh my. What fun to open a surprise package each month. Living way out in the country, the arrival of the Sew Sampler is much anticipated each month!

  34. Mine is here, and it is fabulous! Thanks! It is so fun to get a surprise each month!

  35. cant wait for it to come!!111ohhhhhh, mail lady just past didnt get my box, maybe tomorrow. got my first one last month and my hubby bribed me to come out of my sewing room to open it.

  36. Wow, what a fantastic box! Love, love, love the pattern and fabric, but this month’s notions are just terrific! You never disappoint, FQS.

  37. I’m looking forward to the May box, which has just transited thru O’Hare airport. The April box arrived 7th May at the Chicago International distribution centre but hasn’t yet passed thru O’Hare. So I may get the May box in Australia before the April one even leaves the US. The post is just crazy atm!

  38. oh- I am loving these boxes. just got the and the pattern is just my cut of tea. Can’t wait to get it cut out and sewn. Darn, why can I quilt and my day be my hobby. Oh well, this pays for my quilting addiction.