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Sew Sampler Box May 2019 Sneak Peek!

April showers typically bring May flowers but this month they bring bright, juicy apples! Enjoy this glimpse into our May Sew Sampler Box.
Any ideas regarding what is included this month? Leave us a comment on the blog and let us know.

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  1. Possibly Farmhouse II Milk Apple Picnic Yardage by Figtree or Apple Picking by Bee in My Bonnet???? I’m sure whatever it will be….will be fabulous! 🙂

    1. An apple shape template or pincushion. Maybe Lori Holt apple strips. Pattern for apple potholders…,hum…..

    2. I’m guessing Orchard by April Rosenthal based on title and date of release. However, every time I’ve gone with choosing something literal based on the hint I’ve been wrong. I guess the hint could be a curveball for fall fabric.

      I’d also love a Lori Holt box.

    3. I am just so excited to get by very first box! Counting the days!!!

    4. Probably my favorite week every month….waiting for my new box. I have loved everything I’ve received and know I will love this one as well. I’m hoping it might be fabric from B&C and/or something fun from Lori…
      Whatever it is, I know I won’t be disappointed.
      Do I need to sign up again for next year or will I just automatically be included? I would not want to miss having this to look forward to every month.

        1. That was also my question.
          I’ve only had one box so far and I loved it! Every month do we have to approve payment or does it automatically come out? I check emails daily to make sure I’m not missing something.

    1. I Love Apple’s and maybe something fall looking to go
      with.I love surprises.❤

  2. I love everything Kimberly does for the Sew sampler, but Simple Goodness is so cute.

  3. I have no idea, but as always, look forward to being surprised by your monthly sew sampler box. Love them.

  4. It’s usually something that hasn’t been released on the website to the public yet. Hmmmm? I love the surprise!

  5. I’m certain we’d be happy with any of the collections mentioned above. I’ll be delighted with whatever I receive in that chock-full of wonderful Sew Sampler box!

    1. I think it’s the lori holt apple picking pattern. Maybe April Rosenthal orchard fabric… we’r will see

  6. I really have no idea….when I put apple in search….lots of great things pop up! Enamel apple pin would be nice.
    The Kansas trouble 2019 has the right blue, but not really apples….
    Whatever it is will be welcome….love my box every month!

  7. The orchard line by April Rosenthal comes to mind, but that is being used for this years Designer Mystery Quilt. Would FQS use in in the Sew Sampler box too?

    1. This was my thought too. I personally am doing the designer mystery quilt so I hope it’s something different… but I guess not everyone is. I love the orchard line but don’t need 2 projects in it…

  8. I don’t know what it will be but I’m sure it will be as fantastic as it has always been. Super excited to get my aqua blue happy mail. 📬

  9. I’m guessing Orchard along with many of you. I will be delighted whatever it is.

  10. It is teacher appreciation week … an apple for a teacher? Education theme?

  11. My guess would be Orchard Kitchen fabric by Lecien Fabrics. I am so looking forward to receive my 2nd box! Happy mail – whoo hoo! 😄

  12. So very excited, whatever it might be! This program is such a great value, and I love the variety of surprises we receive! I have tried new tools that have become favorites now. As always, I cannot wait to see what is in the next box!

  13. I hope the colors are also a hint because I love red, white, and blue. It is just crisp and clasic.

  14. Maybe the big apple jar of buttons?!

    Or maybe even an apple core template??

  15. I have no idea, but I look forward to finding out. I can’t wait for the box to get here!

  16. Oh how lovely! Red white and blue! Oh… some Americana batiks would be lovely!

  17. Cant wait love the surprise! Thanks FQS for being generous with their surprise box! It is the best!!

  18. I’m sure it will be something nice with some great notions. No enamel pins!! I’d rather the money go toward a notion or ruler. You can’t quilt with a wearable pin. I have enough collectibles.

    1. I probably have too many collectibles too. BUT, that enamel apple pin is SOO cute…I’d still love to have it!

      1. I have no collectibles and I love anything fruit! Send my pin today!!! Lol

      2. I liked everything in this months box except the block pattern but I will make it work. I am using different fabric so the strawberries won’t work so I think I will try acorns instead. I did love the fabric and quilt pattern this month.

  19. I love receiving my Sew Sampler box every month, and cannot wait to see what Kimberly has chosen. ☺️
    Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!

  20. I have been Sew happy with each box I have received since I joined! Would love those Eiffel Tower scissors to appear in a box!

  21. I can never guess but always love the box! I love getting surprised each month.

  22. Early Bird by Bonnie & Camille. Contains Apple Red fabric 🤞🙏🏼

  23. It’s my first box soooo I’m just excited!!! I love FQS🍎🍏❤️❤️❤️

  24. I love surprises and I hate surprises! The suspense kills me every month with these clues! Btw – thank you Kimberly and staff for making each box such a joy to receive. I’ve loved them so much that I signed my mom up to get them!

  25. Whatever she puts in there I love!! Fabric, jelly rolls, rotary cutters. I can’t wait!

  26. Loving the navy! So looking forward to this month’s present to myself!

  27. My guess is a project using a Jolly Bar and the Apple Pie Cake Mix Recipe. Every box is wonderful🍎

    1. Apple Pie Cake Mix……hmmmmm…..sounds interesting and FUN, now to find it. One of my favorite things about the blog is learning about fabric lines and notions I don’t know about.

  28. Can’t wait to find out. Love the navy blue and red. Everything is the box is such a surprise.

  29. I have no idea but receiving the Sew Sampler box is the highlight of my month! 🙂

  30. I believe it’s Orchard by April Rosenthal for Moda fabric 🙂

  31. Just off the waiting list and I am so happy! I’m not good with guessing but I know I won’t be disappointed.

  32. Something created by Lori Holt? Whatever is in the box will be appreciated and exciting! Sew Sampler is the best purchase I have ever made. Thank you FQS!

    1. My box is on the mail truck. Waiting for delivery. Just like a kid sitting at the window watching for the mail truck to delivery my surprise. 😍

  33. I’ve got a feeling it’ll be great because let’s face it we love each and every new box!! The thrill of anxiously guessing what Kimberly has chosen and the anticipations of using each and everyone of the enclosed items especially the ones we’ve never used before !! Just simply put we love it!!!

  34. I’m with Kathy in this. New to the Sampler, received my first one in April. I’m just excited to see what it is. Maybe an apple basket with appliqué apples.?

  35. I think it may be blueberry orchard. it is so cute with the blues and red cherries. so cute red, white, and blue.

  36. I absolutely love 💘💘💘 See Sampler. New surprises every month. Like 👍Christmas every month.

  37. I’m so excited. Puts me in the mood for Fourth of July holiday… red, white, blue and some apple pie! I can’t wait! Love every box I get. Counting down till it’s here! Thank you FQS!

  38. Hmmm… I’m already knee-deep in Orchard FQs for a couple of quilts promised to friends, so I’m hoping it’s something different, but the Orchard collection is beautiful, so if it’s that, I guess I’ll survive 😊. In any case, if the surprise is anything related either to apples or to “American as apple pie” red, white, and blue fabrics, I’ll be thrilled. Actually, I’m sure I’ll be thrilled regardless… the Sew Sampler boxes are always terrific and have helped me both broaden my perspective about the types of fabrics I like and the techniques I feel comfortable with. Thanks for a great program, FQS!

  39. I never seem to get it right, but I’m going to go with Bonnie and Camille Wovens. The pattern for picnic patch because you can have a picnic in an apple orchard. Maybe? Who knows! Whatever it is will be a joy to get and create something new!

  40. It’s never the obvious choice but I absolutely love everything I receive each month! I’m always waiting for the 20th of the month to come around. lol
    Thank you so much to the FQS staff for all the wonderful items in each box! The logistics of it all must be crazy! Every month is a delight!

  41. No guess. Will love it! Just want express what a great company you are. Thank you!!
    As always thank you for pass to do me and my way. Lol. Can’t say enough about this great customer service!

  42. Please, how about some nice Batiks,or some William Morris, something classy for a change. I like the notions,there is always something useful.

  43. Would be wonderful to add to my collection of Tula Pink notions and hardware, they are beautiful and functional. Reading what others want, suggestions, and guesses is entertaining. I always try to find the items mentioned and compare to the Sneak Peek. Thank you FQS, being a part of the “club” certainly is fun month to month!

  44. Beings it’s a birthday 🎂 celebration,
    I’m guessing there will e a layer cake!

  45. Apples are for fall,something that says May would be nice, like flowers, or butterfly fabric. Did not like the apple orchard fabric.Notions seem to be the best part of our boxes for me.

  46. Have May boxes been sent yet? I have not had a payment taken out for it yet. Did I miss something?

  47. Anxiously waiting for my May box!! I love the surprises in each and every box.

  48. While i don’t think it’s the cream of tge crop I do appreciate the notions in this month’s box versus last month,when i just liked the pattern. I was going to buy needles soon anyway. Fabric is so subjective. It is great to speak your opinion. I personally would love fabric that was more inclusive..i.e. people of all colors, shapes, wore glasses, etc.

    1. I liked everything in this months box except the block pattern but I will make it work. I am using different fabric so the strawberries won’t work so I think I will try acorns instead. I did love the fabric and quilt pattern this month.

  49. So I thought the fabric was lovely, I like the pattern and triangle papers, the pins aren’t that interesting to me but maybe I’ll be wrong and I do a lot of hand sewing so the needle pack was a nice surprise. It did seem this box was lacking a wow item but overall I’m happy. I will say the quilters tips in the last box are way more useful then I thought they would be so maybe something will become a favorite as I use the items you never know!

  50. Loved all but the monthly block pattern! Fantastic fabric and versitle pattern. Another hit. Much better fabric choice than last month! Notions are all user friendly! Keep up the good work and thanks for making a bright spot for me every month!

  51. Time will tell, but I seem to be in the minority so far: I LOVE this month’s box. The fabric is one of my favorite collections of the year, and I’ll put every one of the notions to good use. Just adore the pattern, as well as the BOM pattern. The latter of these will challenge me, but that’s one of the things I love about Sew Sampler — it puts new techniques and ideas in front of me, and often, I end up loving the experience and expand my repertoire as a result. As always, thanks FQS.

    1. UPDATE, Got my box yesterday morning! Yep, delivered on Memorial Day! It’s ready to be quilted already! And I used several of notions from previous boxes in the construction! I really love my aqua boxes!

  52. UPDATE, Got my box yesterday morning! Yep, delivered on Memorial Day! It’s ready to be quilted already! And I used several of notions from previous boxes in the construction! I really love my aqua boxes!

  53. Thank you for May’s sew sampler and all of the previous ones! Always loved getting the boxes! 😊

  54. Something related to home cooking and apples . May be Apple trees. Love the boxes always little surprises inside