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Sew Sampler Box June 2020 Sneak Peek!

We added some zest in our June Sew Sampler box this month! This month we are revealing the theme for our box which is “handpicked for you.” We didn’t go easy on you this month but I’d still love to hear what you think we might have included. Let us know in the comments section below. Good luck!

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join, currently our membership is at capacity but we have started a waitlist for Sew Sampler Box. Sign up to be notified if space in this club becomes available.

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  1. Apple Pie? Although the pic is of oranges. I’m really bad at guesses but Love the anticipation!

    1. Garden Variety? They have “handpicked” fabrics. Just a guess, but that would be great

    2. I’m so excited I finally got off the waitlist! I’m beyond thrilled and I’m know it’s going to be FABULOUSLY Hand-picked!

    3. What about Citrus Solids by Kona Cotton and the Orange Peel template plus a pattern for that?!? Just sayin’! What fun!!!!

    4. There is a Citrus Grove Quilt Pattern that looks super cute! First time for sew sampler delivery!

      1. Yes, I was thinking of citrus. Yellows, greens, and oranges with maybe a cherry or apple thrown in. Orange peel pattern, maybe. Ooooh this is sooooo much fun.

    1. Didn’t we get orange peel templates many months ago? So could be a new pattern Using them.

      1. If there was an orange peel template previously, it was over a year ago. I have been a member since last May.

    1. This is my first time doing anything like this so I am excited. I am new and just starting to get the things I need. I am handicapped physically so I call it My Happy Place. QUILT THERAPY. Loving it.

      1. Hi, I am right there with you just started quilting up and free motions. I piece a lot when I was younger with my grandmother and forgot how relaxing it it. best of luck.

        1. I hope you love piecing quilts and love the boxes as much as I have over these years. I am probably going to stop soon as I have about everything possible to buy. Enjoy!! Peace and blessings, Vicki

  2. Oranges! When will you add those from the waiting list? I signed up in 2019.

    1. Maybe you should try signing up again. Usually you are accepted in a month or two.

      1. An orange peel pattern with bright & sunny citrus fabric colors. Maybe a mini quick curve ruler?

      2. Tami, definitely sign up again, your registration had to have fallen through the cracks. I signed up, waited a few months and then read where another person kept signing up until they got on the mailing list so I signed up again and got into the club. Their software must not actually keep you on a waiting list, I think your name just gets pushed to the bottom of the swamp. Anyway, sign up again…and again

      3. Tami you should try again. I signed up in March 2020 and didn’t have a wait.

        1. That is who I think it is too. Apricot is a good match to the sneak peak picture

    2. I was on the waiting list and never got notified but I kept checking and when I saw it was available to sign up I did. Keep watching!

    1. Apricot and ash isn’t out until October not sure if they can get fabrics before hand for a SS box

      1. Everyone has some really good guesses. I am excited for whatever it is! Love doing the monthly projects and getting goodies!

  3. Hank and Clementine or Violet Craft’s Betty’s luncheonette….Apricot and Ash is awesome but shipping is August ….I vote for Bettys Luncheonette !!!

    1. I love the way you think! Handpicked = picking out one of my many not-so-perfect seams!

  4. I thunk and hope its a “citrus grove mini wall hanging” that would just be adorable on the wall 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️Whatever it is will be wonderful I’m sure!

    1. says:
      JUNE 6, 2020 AT 2:08 PM
      I think and hope its a “citrus grove mini wall hanging” that would just be adorable on the wall 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️Whatever it is will be wonderful I’m sure!

  5. JUNE 6, 2020 AT 2:08 PM
    I think and hope its a “citrus grove mini wall hanging” that would just be adorable on the wall 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️Whatever it is will be wonderful I’m sure!

  6. I always have to look at everyone’s answers because I can not ever guess. I’m always excited to receive my box. I appreciate all y’alls work & dedication to your family, employees, customers and your charitable work

  7. I honestly have no idea. Maybe it will be a summery collection from different designers kind of like the pink 5” roll that came in one of last fall’s boxes? Anything I thought it might be doesn’t ship til august or later.

  8. My guess would be Summer Zest, which would be awesome! Whatever it is, I’m sure ai will love it!

    1. I’m changing my first guess to… Orange You Glad Fat Quarter Bundle
      Curated by Fat Quarter Shop Featuring Fig Tree Quilts…

  9. Humm…, could it be s bit of something from Marsha, Marsha Marsha’s new fabrics???

  10. I agree it will have a citrus theme. I remember Kimberly saying that they only use a designer once a year so that could narrow down the field a bit.

  11. I’m going with a fabric line with peaches as part of it! Can’t wait to see it, but I know it will be a bit of a wait. I’m waiting on the May one to make it’s way to Canada. It’s always a lovely surprise when it gets here and worth the wait!!

  12. I’m thinking either the Orange Peel template set or Orange Peel Pattern Can’t wait to find out 🙂

  13. I enjoy the clues and comments. But I like the surprise. Keep up the good work.

  14. The Hand Picked Collection ~ Riley Blake Designs (TammieGreen) and possibly an orange peel template?

  15. I’m so excited to get my first box. Just learned to quilt during quarantine and I am loving it.

  16. I hope it is Citrus Grove. But I will be happy with anything Kimberly pick out.

  17. Just reading all the other messages makes me want to see any of these fabrics that are mentioned as I am new to quilting and do not have any good guesses. Am sure will love whatever it is.

  18. Hank and Clementine. One of the fabrics has oranges that look like the ones on the tree.

  19. Orange Peel set of Impressions quilting templates. This is my guess, with Summer Zest fabric.

  20. This will be my 2 sampler box so excited! I have no clue what will be in the box just glad I started a new hobby!

  21. Let’s see.
    The clues: zest, orange tree, “hand picked”

    My guess is Summer Zest Artisan Batiks by Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. There are many summer refreshing citrus colors
    & slices of citrus fruits designs. Let’s see if I’m right.

  22. Clementine by Melody Miller maybe? This will be my 4th box and it’s always a wonderful day when Sew Sampler arrives. I haven’t used a bit of the material I’ve gotten… it’s just too pretty! One day maybe… lol

  23. Well y’all really stumped me this time. I would love for it to be Apricot & Ash though. Can’t wait to get my next box. Y’all always do such a good job sending stuff I love and things I haven’t bought for myself yet.

  24. My Mom and I are waiting for our first SS Box. We are hopeful it will come in June as we just signed up when membership opened. Our guess is a project using the orange peel pattern with citrus colored fabrics.

  25. I’ve been subscribing since July 2019, and until recently, I had just been hoarding my boxes and not using them! Well, I told myself, that is silly, so I went through the boxes and took out all of the rulers and other accessories and began using them. I also picked one to piece (I did the Daisy table runner by Lori Holt from Dec 2019) and I also used the Tula Pink material from March 2020 to make a project bag (not the SS pattern). And finally, I took all of the material and patterns remaining out of the boxes and put them each in a gallon sized baggie so I could look through them more easily. Just wanted to share in case you are tired of being a hoarder and want to start doing!!! AS for a guess, I’m never right, but always happy when I get my box! Like Christmas every month! Thanks!

    1. I am with you. I received my first box in Nov2019 and by March2020 had none done. Besides the Tula Pink one, I am glad to report I pieced all the quilts (May2020 included). Getting better and faster. Thanks to these boxes I am also able to catch up with other projects I wanted to do. Who would have thought that the extra work from these lovely boxes would allow me to finish more projects I could have ever imagined. THANKS. I am planning to use these quilts to better my free motion quilting 🙂

      1. I agree! I need to do the same. Such a pretty aqua stack of boxes but it’d be prettier to use the lovely fabrics and tools inside.

      2. Karleen, my favorite parts of the boxes are the notions. I have fabric to last a lifetime but I don’t live close to a quilt shop so I really look forward to the notions. I’d subscribe to a notions club if there was one!

  26. Citrus pattern and materials for some summer refreshment? This is my first sampler box. Can’t wait!

  27. What comes to my mind is something from Fig Tree Quilts (Joanna Figueroa). Maybe it’s just wishful thinking because I would be super happy about that, but that’s the vibe I’m picking up with the imagery and phrase.

  28. Clementine Ruby Star.

    So happy I ordered the finishing kit for last months Sew Sampler Box. Hoping to get this done quickly !

  29. This will be my very first box! I’m so excited for whatever it may include!

  30. Hand picked, by Tammie Green
    For Riley Blake Designs.
    How sweet would that be?

  31. Citrus- very colorful maybe templates, rulers, Tula pink – hmmm maybe Florida….

  32. Judging by what is being released in June my guess is Shades of Summer by Heather Peterson for Riley Blake. It has what I would consider citrus colors in the collection and believe the pattern will include an orange peel template.

  33. I’m voting for Citrus Classics 10″ Squares
    Kaffe Fassett Collective for Free Spirit Fabrics. It’s a very summery set! Can’t wait to see! But the other ideas are great, too! There’s some gorgeous products mentioned!

  34. I think it is Summer’s Zest Artisan Batiks, some of the fabric patterns have sliced oranges, and of course the clue says “added some zest”….hum… fun to try to figure it out.

  35. It is beautifully estimated what will be in the next surprise. However, I am still waiting for the delivery of all surprises from March 🙁 to the Czech Republic. I am still looking forward to it in June !!!

  36. Lunn studios summer zest batiks. Or new dawn citrus n mint. And strawberry field quilt pattern with dawn citrus n mint.

  37. Something from Lori Holt. Fruity mix; canning type material or pattern. But Lori Holt oroduct

  38. Kaffe Fassett Collective Classic Citrus? Oh, how fun that would be! Whatever it is it will be wonderful! It’s like Christmas every month!

  39. Not sure what the templet is called but a peel templet. Citrus themed fabric?

  40. I say its got to bee sunhine fabric. Yellow and orange colors. Something for summer.

  41. Orange Peel templates by Its Sew Emma and hopefully Orange Zest batiks would be my guess! Fingers crossed! Ooooooh!

  42. I love anything citrus🍊🍍🍋! Can’t wait to see what is new💁‍♀️❤️Yay

  43. This will be my first box. I’ve heard only good things so I am very excited. I think of fruit when you say hand picked. I love the anticipation.

  44. Keeping my fingers crossed for Summer Zest by Artisan Batiks! Of course, anything citrusy and zesty will be fun!

  45. Keeping my fingers crossed for Summer Zest Artisan Batiks! Of course, anything citrusy and zesty will be fun!

  46. Agree with Karen . . . Hand Picked by Tammie Green for Riley Blake would be sweet! But then there’s Wild Bouquet by Citrus and Mint.
    I just know it will be pretty! Especially the notions.

  47. Going outside the box. It looks like a Fig Tree design, and you pick figs. hoping for Christmas figs or All Hallows Eve by fig tree designs. Would be disappointed in orange peel, as they have already offered those a few years back in the sew sampler. Fun pins with the citrus tops would be a fun notion.

  48. Ohhhh, so tight dots, magnetic pins look just like the “oranges” on the tree. Also, the citrus grove scent of best press in a travel size.

  49. I think it may have something to do with gardening? Hand picked and zest. Can’t wait to see!!

  50. I’m changing my first guess to… Orange You Glad Fat Quarter Bundle
    Curated by Fat Quarter Shop Featuring Fig Tree Quilts…

      1. Marge, if you like surprises like me, maybe it would be best not to look at the comments toward the end of the shipping time. That’s what I usually do. We still don’t know for sure, especially about the extra goodies that will certainly be included in the box, right?

  51. this will be my 3rd box. have loved each one and made them up lickety split. they are in line to be quilted now. i quilt my own so it takes time. each box has something i have wanted for a while and have used right away. Maybe it will be some thine for holloween or thankgiving this month. what ever it is i am looking forward to making it. so far i have cut another one out of my stash and am planning to keep doing that for a while

  52. Sew excited about this box, which just arrived! One of my very favorites since I began receiving them in November 2018. Thanks, FQS!

  53. Sorry everyone, but, I didn’t care for this month’s box at all.
    The pattern or the fabric was just not for me. I also thought the notions were a little skimpy….hoping for better next month!
    Happy sewing everyone!

    1. Thank you, Pam. We do our best to pack each box with the latest and best fabrics and notions for our club members! As it’s a surprise, there’s no guarantee it will please everybody. Hopefully the next box will be your cup of tea.