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Sew Sampler Box June 2019 Sneak Peek!

We are so excited to share a peek of what we’ve been up to recently. We have collaborated with not one, but TWO refreshingly sweet designers this month!! Sherri McConnell and Corey Yoder are absolutely amazing pattern and fabric designers and we couldn’t be happier to reveal their box with you…later this month!

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    1. I suppose it could be a project from their new book, Sunday Best Quilts
      but I wonder what fabric will be included. Can’t wait!

    1. I love both of these amazing designers! I’m sewww excited for June’s box, whatever you have in store for us is going to be fabulous!!✨💖✨

  1. Exciting. I love both their work, and plan on getting their book. Can’t wait.

  2. Maybe it’s their new book, Sunday Best Quilts? But maybe not, since it probably won’t fit in the box. lol

    I’m sure it will be lovely, whatever it is.

      1. For CB: May was my first box, & it WAS very exciting!!!! Can’t wait for June’s box.

    1. Yes, that sounds awesome! I always love my box, new to quilting so, whatever is in it is always welcomed.

  3. Can’t wait! Love both of these ladies’ fabrics and patterns. Already pre-ordered their new book.

  4. Love everything these ladies do. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this month.

  5. As usual I am looking forward to getting my sew sampler box! Look forward to this occasion each month.

  6. I think “refreshing” and “sweet” are both clues. I’m think maybe the fabric could be Strawberry Jam and I hope the pattern will be something like the Family Farm quilt pattern.

    1. Susan the goodness grows pattern. I received block 2 last month but looked and have not received block one. Do you know which box that was in. Thank you. Deborah

  7. A mix of Cow Hollow and Strawberry Jam fabrics and a pattern from their book.

  8. Very exciting! A lot to look forward to. I am really loving the Goodness Grows quilt.

  9. Sherri McConnell and Corey Yoder


  10. I love anything with Corey Yoder. The box will be great as they always are! It’s a wonderful surprise every month. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!

  11. You are really increasing the suspense…I know I will not be disappointed. Thank you for all the work and thought you put into these boxes.

    1. Corey Yoder is my absolute fav fabric and pattern designer. If she makes it, I buy it. And these two beautiful and talented ladies together is going to be a real treat. Sew excited!

  12. Ohhhh… anything from the strawberry jam or sunnyside up!! Oh or Sherri and Chelsi! Clover Hollow!

  13. Would love a pattern from their new book. Don’t suppose the fabric will be Sugar Creek since that doesn’t come out till September.

    1. I received my box today and love it! The patterns are great and love the notions.

  14. I hope it is a pattern from Sunday best. Love both of their stuff so excited to see what is in this box.

  15. I don’t care cause its always great!!!! Love it all…and this month is my birthday so that’s just an extra present! I still think we need a halfway box….just $10 more maybe extra fabric that went with the previous box…or another neat tool..ruler. A month is too long to wait!

  16. Can’t wait , I’m sure it will be a beautiful surprise. Love these two designer’s.

    1. Wonderful idea but I think they should add a coupon or something for our birthday.

      1. In last months box there was a coupon on the back of the insert for a free ruler with $30 purchase. Check the back of the top insert each month.

  17. I’m betting on Corey’s Sugarcreek. Despite the wide range of fabric styles available, Sew Sampler seems to be stuck in a permanent cutesy rut, and I’m not. I will be making somebody’s wish come true by making a new opening this month after more than a year of boxes. Have fun, y’all!

  18. Since this is my first Box I don’t care if it’s cute or not I’m just so excited to be receiving one. I’ve waited a while to be on the list I’m like Leslie I’d be happy with a halfway box to. Thanks Fat Quarter Shop 💜💜💜💜💜

  19. It will be a win, win no mater what it is as I love both designers. Can’t wait!!

  20. I absolutely love my box 📦 every month. I always look forward for the end of the month just to receive my See Sampler box!!!! Special surprise every time.

  21. I cannot wait!!! My guess is that it is something from their new book “Sunday Best Quilts” possibly??? Either way…they both are such talented designers and I just love their lines! This will be sensational as usual!!! <3

  22. My guess is also a new design, not necessarily from their new book, Sunday Best Quilts, but maybe celebrating it and I think it will feature the Fairy Edith line by Amanda Castor. The flowers in it are so similar to those in the email sneak peek.

    1. I bet it’s Strawberry Jam. The colors are the same. The feeling is sweet and relaxing. It could be anything! I keep hoping for a cutter for quick separation when chain piecing.

  23. No idea but I know it include a useful little gadget. Just got my April box .I’m a month behind because of postal times but it doesn’t spoil the fun.

    1. Omgoodness I’m so glad it doesn’t spoil the fun for you. I think that would be tough waiting so much longer after knowing what everyone else got. But hey, at least you know you got it coming! 😍

  24. SO excited! Received an email that a spot opened up and I jumped on it…this will be my first box!! Love both designers and can’t wait for this magic mail to drop!

  25. I look forward every month, I am making Cory’s pattern in the box and like it so much I’m making my cousin one. 😊

  26. If it’s Sherri and Corey, than I’m over the moon excited!!!!! Can’t wait! ♥️

  27. Only had the honor of being a member for a few months but love, love everything so far. Excited for June!!

  28. Ohhh awesome month, with my two favorite quilters but I’m on the waiting list. 🙁 while I’m waiting to get back on I’m working my previous sew sampler boxes; Avondale tote bag.

  29. Thank you, Fat Quarter Shop, for working so hard to put together such fabulous boxes!

  30. I think the new box will have the book and a charm pack from each designer 🤞🤞

  31. I think it might be Harper’s Garden or Sugar Creek. I always look forward to my Sew Sampler Box!

  32. This will be my third month and I’d love a small rotary cutter. When my box arrives I’m like a child at Christmas. The items I’ve received have all been very useful and beautiful. I’m eagerly awaiting the next surprise.

  33. Maybe it is Sunday Best Quilt book! Excited to see what is in the next box! 😍

  34. Always exciting to receive monthly FGS Sampler Box ~ a present for me with unique fabric project & additional nice surprises that support the project!

  35. Did I miss the reveal for May’s box?

    I found that fabric from the May box perfectly coordinated with fabric from an earlier box…will make a bigger project with the two fabrics. Win, Win!

  36. We just published the reveal for the May box so you should be able to see it on the blog now.

  37. I love receiving these boxes each month, and can’t wait to see what’s included from these designers!!

  38. Love strawberry Jam, but then I love the box every month and I am looking forward to this months box.

  39. So excited. I love these two artists!!!
    Add the fat quarter shop touch and it will be like celebrating Christmas in June. Can’t Wait!!!

  40. This will be my first Box. I’m so excited to see what’s in it. I can’t hardly wait for it to arrive.💜💜💜💜💜💜

  41. The new Sew Sampler Box can’t get here fast enough!!!
    I ❤️ The Sew Sampler boxes every month!!!

  42. For you ladies that will be receiving your first box this month… I remember my first box and it was about 6 months ago. The anticipation of the wait was almost too much!! Like a kid in a candy store for the first time. LOL I still feel that way every month. I find myself looking at the calendar every day thinking/hoping today is the day.
    FQS does wonderful things for us each month and I’m soooo grateful to be a part of this. And… it goes without saying that Sherri and Corey are the best! My heart is pumping with excitement just writing this note! HEHEHE… Love ya’ll

    1. I get less excited about any holiday or birthday compared to the joy of Sew Sampler showing on my doorstep! Never a disappointment!

  43. This will be my first fox in this club! Everybody says it will be mailed out around the 20th Even so I have been checking my mail every day ! Now I’m really getting antsy 🐜!!

  44. I received my box today and love! The patterns are great and I love the notions.

  45. Got a message from USPS that mine is going to delivered tomorrow. Now I have to sit here waiting while knowing it’s on its way. Worse that sitting 2 hours in a doctor’s office.

  46. I love it Just got home and the box was waiting. Always exciting to receive these boxes of joy!

  47. OMGOODNESS! Kimberly, Sherri and Corey…you have outdone yourselves! I love this box and everything in it. It’s obvious that a great deal of care and planning went into this month. Hurrah for guest contributors 😊😘

  48. I just fot my box today and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this month’s box! Everything in the box had me literally squeal in delight. This is my 3rd box and the 1st one i can say that i loved EVERYTHING in the box. I’m excited to try out the small project. It’s nice to be able to crank out small projects instead of adding another quilt project to the “I love it but don’t know when I will be able to start it” project pile lol. Thanks FQS!

  49. Favorite box!!!! I love all of it!! Sidenote, my cat claimed part of it immediately and we are still debating who gets to keep! She’s fascinated.

  50. You’ve done it again, Excited about it all! Can’t wait to get started on my projects 😍 I pretty much always love all my fabrics and patterns we get and I get excited with the the other gadgets and extras that are always included, many that I woulnt think to buy, and then I try them , like them and I’m hooked! Thanks

  51. I won’t get my box for another week, but am getting more excited with all the positive comments!
    Love my sew sampler boxes!

  52. WOW!!! Amazing box…and I got it a week earlier than expected.
    Love every notion and the fabric!
    This box is worth way more than we paid…especially compared to what they cost here in Canada!

  53. Ant idea how long it normally takes to ship to Australia? Still waiting for my first box to arrive 👏🏻 Very excited

  54. I am in love with the wool mat….I have been making 16=patches with scraps and thrilled with how flat everything is when pressed on the mat….very happy with this months box.