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Sew Sampler Box July 2019 Sneak Peek!

Can you believe it’s already July? The start of a new month means you get to see a Sneak Peek inside our next box! We included one of our all-time favorite precuts in your July box this month, Fat Quarters!

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join, currently our membership is at capacity but we have started a wait list. Sign up here to be notified if space in this club becomes available.

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  1. Hoping the waiting list isn’t too long. Can’t wait to start receiving my Sew Sampler Box’s.

      1. I paid for the subscription, but I have not seen any money taken out of my account. So I don’t know if I am getting a box or not.

    1. I can’t wait for the July box, I loved the fabric in the June box!!! Those on the waiting list, it’s worth the wait, I know I’m glad I stuck it out and finally got on!!!

    2. I know the waiting and anticipation is hard. I spent about 6 mos waiting. Now waiting on my 2nd box. To me it was worth the wait. A little present to me each month

  2. Oh wow! Fat Quarters in the box!!! Love getting a nice amount of fabric instead of smaller cuts.

    Can’t wait to see this one

    1. Although I haven’t done any of the cool projects in the boxes yet, I have used the included goodies. The sew sampler boxes are definitely worth the cost. I’m thinking the July box will have something Christmas themed. I’m so looking forward to its arrival!

  3. Judging by the colors it’s something navy and grey … please let it be B&C Wovens!

    1. I haven’t dont the projects either, but I do use the stuff they put in the box.

    1. Lol, I’m Glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t done the projects yet., But I to use the goodies that come with it.

    1. I think you’re right. All gray and blue, and not available yet. It’s a gorgeous line!

      1. Yes, I definitely think you are right. Riley Blake’s Something Borrowed has the greys. The other lines mentioned do not have that grey. Fat quarters, marvelous!!!! Love my sew samplers.

    2. I just looked up that collection and now I hope you are right on the money. I am in love with that collection of fat quarters.

  4. Every fabric y’all have ever sent has been beautiful! I can’t wait to see what is in July’s box.

  5. No guesses but as always I’m looking forward to my monthly “surprise box” Thank you for all that you do FQS

    1. I think it will be red, white, and blue fat quarters! All American theme! Love being a part of this group! Nancy Evans

  6. I am looking forward to a wonderful surprise because it’s my birthday month .

  7. Something Christmas-ie? Isn’t July the time Christmas goodies come out?

  8. June 2019 was my first box! I loved everything! So glad I joined Sew Sampler! 🥰

    1. I received my first box inMay but may I suggest purchasing the April Goodness Grows pattern. Why? What if you/I decide to make the quilt someday and disappointed to have all these beautiful patterns minus 1.

  9. As a subscriber since the beginning, I never guess, but I love what everyone else guesses! When the box arrives, I am so excited to open it! Even though not everything is “my color”, it’s fun and exciting! There is always someone who will like what I do not, and there’s joy in giving! Thank you for the time you take to make each box special!

    1. I fully agree with Nanette. I also am a subscriber since the beginning and have always had fun with each month’s box.

  10. Riley Blake something borrowed is my guess! I love my surprise boxes so much!!

  11. I’m terrible at guessing but whatever it is I will be excited! Since it’s my birthday month…the 24th…it will be extra special. Like getting a present from FQS. Love Sew Sampler!

  12. Maybe some of Lori Holt’s fabric to go along with the Granny’s Garden Sew Along that starts soon?

  13. So far, I would be happy with any line suggested. I can’t wait to see what the project will be.

  14. The mini Purple Srash n Store notion, theyvare sew cute and not available yet in Australia so that would be awesome to receive

  15. Fat Quarters, are we getting Fat Quarters? My all time favorite would be anything by Laundry Basket designed by Edyta Sitar!! I love pre cuts, so looking forward to the box no matter what is chosen!

  16. Oooooo…. looks like a fat quarter bundle… blue and grey… mmmmm…. not very fair… you all make your own! But if I had to guess…. Regency Ballycastle Chintz???…. gorgeous fabrics… I love the patterns and colors… have been gazing enviously at them!

  17. Whatever it is will be wonderful. I have been in since January and each month is better than the previous month. Don’t know how it keeps getting better,but it does. Absolutely love 💘💘💘Sew Sampler.

  18. I hope it has Riley Blake fabric in something borrowed, it’s really pretty! Maybe cute sissors and pins??

  19. The blue color and the needle reminds me of the Japanese art of mending called boro which happenes to be a fabric line for Moda (release in feb I think).

  20. I received my first Sew Sampler box last month. It was fun to open and peek at everything. Looking forward to each month’s surprise. I think July will be Christmas themed also. Can’t wait!

    1. I was/am hoping the same thing because I love the Moda Boro line. In fact I am taking a class on the boro history and technique at a quilt store in Columbus (OH) on Friday. But honestly, given my long experience with these boxes, it’s probably Riley Blake’s Something Borrowed…

      1. Thanks ladies for mentioning Moda Boro fabric, I checked it out and read the history, so interesting and would love to see it. Amazing fabric.

  21. With your mention that it’s already July, maybe we’ll be receiving a Christmas-themed box that contains fat quarters, among other things?!?

  22. I’m soo glad I was finally able to get my 1st box in June. I had a subscription last year but canceled it.. such a DUMB MOVE ON MY PART!! I missed soo many good things!! This is by far the best monthly subscription box out in the sewing world!! FQS.. YOU ROCK!! Keep em coming!! Thank you!!

  23. I have loved each and every box so far and I am excited for July. How about Christmas in July, perfect time to start gifts

  24. I never have a guess, but cannot wait until my box comes!😍 It’s like having your birthday every month!

    1. I also never have a guess, but I LOVE everything I get. Pretty sure if I DID guess, I’d be way off LOL

  25. I hope the others are right about Something Borrowed! It’s beautiful and the correct colors!

  26. Mister Domestic’s favorite color was my first thought when I saw the ribbon in the clue. Hope it is his Catch and Release line.

  27. I would love the blue Olfa ergonomic 45m rotary cutter. The Japanese Shibori type fabric would go great with a new BLUE ergonomic rotary cutter.

  28. I’m wishing for Christmas in July but there’s not much I can tell from the hint.
    It doesn’t matter because I LOVE THE SUPRISES!

    1. Love my Sew Sampler! Can’t wait to see what it is every month! Hope it’s Riley Blake Something Borrowed because it’s gorgeous! Thanks FQS!

      1. Hoping for Something Borrowed or North Woods Batiks! They are both beautiful!

  29. Could it be the Shabby Fat Quarters, Riley Blake? Or maybe Farm Girl Vintage or Cozy Christmas since they are the top two most popular fat quarter bundles. The colors are very similar to Laundry Basket. Which ever it is, it will be good, as always. I love opening my mailbox to the Sew Sampler!

  30. June 2019 was my first sew sampler box and July is my birthday month. I loved everything in the last box and can’t wait for the next one to arrive. Hurry please hurry!!!

  31. I love each box especially this past June’s…wonderful fabric and items. I have been exposed to so many wonderful notions and fabrics. I can’t wait to see what July’s holds for us!

  32. Fat Quarters! Wow I can’t wait! Last month’s box was great as they usually are. I would love some FQs of Bonnie & Camille wovens.

  33. I have to jump back in here..LOL! After noticing “The Needle”…I’m thinking a possibility of a “Fat Quarter Needle Minder?” Maybe..Piggy! I guess we shall see!!!! 😀

  34. Maybe an embroidery project or kit?!!! I just know that whatever is going to be in our July box will be a wonderful surprise because the Sew Sampler boxes are always full of such great goodies!!!✨💖✨

  35. Thinking maybe Christmas fat quarters to celebrate Christmas in July! I love fat quarters and am already excited!

  36. After last month’s box, it will be hard to beat. I love receiving these boxes every month. Cannot wait!

  37. Each month brings something wonderful to my doorstep! Thank you FQ Shop employees and especially Kimberly! xxoo You are ALL awesome and make my day with each and every order and box!:) Hugs

  38. Christmas in July? Sweet Christmas would be exciting to receive! As always I’m excited each month to receive my sew sampler and it is always a surprise. Thanks to all at FQS!

  39. From the box shape…maybe a tumbling block template and pattern? That would be fun! Oh well, crazy guess, but no matter what the surprise, it’s ALWAYS fun!

  40. Oh My, something borrowed would be wonderful. But again, I will be happy with anything from Kimberly.

  41. Maybe its the Denim Two Color Quilt fabric which has the blue and grey. That would be awesome!!

  42. Its not really important, what´s fabrics inside the box – for me personally. It´s allways like x-mas: a present that i can need for my hobby 🙂

  43. I started Sew Sampler in February and just missed the January Spool of Love box. I LOVE the fabric and Spool pattern. I would like to purchase it from any of the members who have decided NOT to make that project be would be willing to sell.

    1. There is a “sew sampler swap” on facebook where you can get old sew sampler boxes and patterns and things. But they will only ship to USA.

    1. There is a “sew sampler swap” on facebook where you can get old sew sampler boxes and patterns and things. But they will only ship to USA.

  44. I’m never disappointed with my #sewsampler box! I love it all! Thank you FQS for an unbelievable deal!

  45. thimble ruler, the pink ruler handle grippy thing, and a tree skirt pattern from the thimble ruler….????

  46. 💁🏻‍♀️Whatever it is….I CANT WAIT……MAYBE IT WILL BE HERE TODAY👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼♥️♥️♥️♥️🙌🏼

  47. I’m guessing some V and Co. Ombre Confetti or Ombre FQs, either of which I’d love, based on my following observations:

    1. During the 7/11/19 live stream when Kimberly and Corey Yoder were showing a quilt made using ombre fabrics, Kimberly seemed very excited about them and their possibilities. She also mentioned that she is going to be using some soon.
    2. We haven’t had anything like this or solids/blenders in a box in the last 6 months since I joined, (or possibly even the last 12-18 months or more) – the closest being Alison Glass’s sun print charm squares, (i.e. NOT FQs).
    3. Kimberly or Corey Yoder also mentioned that with the color variations in ombre fabric, buying any piece was more like buying more than one piece/color.
    4. Given that in each Sew Sampler Box we generally receive $18-$25 worth of fabric, (e.g. recent boxes = 10 fat eighths, 2 x charm packs, a jolly bar or mini honey bun or mini jelly roll with some additional fabric), I’m guessing we will receive 5-8 FQs of patterned fabric or 6-8 FQ of a solid or blender fabric, Therefore, receiving ombre FQs would feel like getting the most “bang” for the “fat quarter buck.”

    I’ve been happy with all the collections I’ve received though. If I’m wrong, maybe V & Co’s. Ombre Bloom will be in a future box after its Oct. 2019 release.

  48. Whoops, missed a big clue in the picture itself, recent FQS focus on “Christmas in July” projects, and the recent release of many Christmas collections. I’m now guessing a Christmas theme, with Sweet Christmas at or near the top of this list.

    1. They had an ombré box with a rounded log cabin ruler. It was great but doubt they would do it again

  49. I was on the waiting list but recently got a email that there were some open slots. When will I know if I got on of them?

  50. Can’t wait for the July box! My goal is to complete the projects in eachbox, so far i’m keeping up. I bought the Corey Yoder quilt kit for the patterns that are included in the boxes. These boxes are great!

    1. Gosh, Karen, I have been getting these boxes for about 2 years now and I haven’t made one box up yet. You are doing great!! I do label the date and what the pattern is on the outside of the box and they are all in chronological order!! Does that count? lol

  51. Tropical Storm Barry blew in with rain and wind in my area. I am on pins and needles waiting for the arrival of the July Sampler Box. Hoping it is something with Labor Day or Halloween!

  52. You know what! I’m just happy with what I get each month! When I see the box on my porch, it’s like a gift and I am excited each month every time!

  53. I’ve been receiving these magic blue boxes for about 14 months now. Sometimes I think about stopping for awhile since I am so behind on other UFO’s that I haven’t gotten to many of the projects that come in the samplers, but then another box comes full of great gadgets and ideas. Besides, those blue boxes coming in the mail are just plain fun!
    I didn’t realize there was a waiting list to get included. Sorry gals on the wait list…..I’m staying put for the foreseeable future!

    1. So funny, Judi, I am in the same “box” as you!! I have been receiving them for a little more time than you, though. Never have I ever done even one box. I decided to go thru them all (they are in chronological order and stacked) to get all notions out of the box. I leave fabric and pattern in the box. I feel so organized. I thought I would start to make the projects next year in January and make all January boxes, all February boxes, etc. The downside to doing what I have done is that you can’t get any more fabrics from way, way back when!! 🙁

  54. Since it looks like grey and navy are the main colors this month, my guess will be the little 6″×8″ navy Olfa cutting mat and maybe the navy Splash cutter. I’m guessing that because I ordered those and they get delivered tomorrow. I like blue, so I won’t mind duplicates.

    1. I didn’t even think of the colors being notion related. And quilters love a good rotary cutter. Good guess!

    2. Meta, “from your mouth to God’s ear!!” I would love that blue rotary cutter but won’t buy it as I have tons of rotary cutters!! And, I love blues and greys!!

  55. Help!! Just because I’m not interested in making the pillows from June 2019 box doesn’t mean the fabric that came along with it needs to sit in the corner aka unused stash. I hope I’m not the only one so please help me out by sharing pictures and/or back story to what else you created. I know there are many talented quilters out there so help a 6 yr. lover of making quilt tops out please:) I’m at that stage of color selection fright.

    1. I made a baby quilt for the bottom of a playpen. It turned out beautiful. I did tumblers on one side and rails on the other.

  56. I have been a member from the beginning I’m happy to hear that there is a waiting list since that tells me the Sew sampler box is a hit I am sorry for those that are waiting to get on there list There has been only a few months that that I have been disappointed I have gotten some repeats but I have given them away as gifts and my friends love them I am being selfish by staying on the list because I don’t want give up my spot. Hopefully Fat Quarter Shop will add more so all can enjoy the monthly boxes

  57. I love getting the Sew Sampler boxes. I had no idea there is a waiting list for them. I hope those of you waiting will be able to get in on this soon.
    I’ve been getting them for about a year and a half. I was placing everything from each box in big ziplock bags and storing them in sewing cabinet. I can’t ever decide if I want to use the fabric for the patterns we receive or save it for something els. 🙂 I did take some notions out and have used them but I didn’t take everything out so I overlooked a few things. (either that or I just don’t remember them) I decided to organize everything yesterday. It was like Christmas!! I noticed some of the rulers that I hadn’t taken out yet and got so excited to see what they were… Fussy cut ruler, a couple of creative grid rulers etc. LOVE everything so much. I also found three rotary cutters…..Always a welcome item.
    My guess on what the box is this month is Majestic by gerri robinson (riley blake).

  58. I’ve been getting sew sampler for about a year now. It’s awesome. I always look forward to getting them each month. Christmas in a box every month😊

  59. Been in since the start. each box is worth it. A little gift for myself each month. have made quite of few of the projects, still many behind….

  60. I haven’t gotten my box yet, but I’m guessing the fabric line is from Riley Blake’s Blooms and Bobbins collection. It’s blue and has some sewing related companion fabrics. Fingers crossed!

  61. Received my box today and love the fabric and project. I might actually get this one done!

  62. Great box! It is sew wonderful to have an almost complete project. Definitely not the usual color scheme. A great change of scenery. I will be looking forward to getting this project done. It is nice to have a quickie project. Thanks for another wonderful box Kinberly!

  63. As always, just love the box contents. Great, no-stress project for the dog days of summer.

  64. Loved the box again this month, even though it will sadly be my last. I simply don’t have enough time to put all the goodies to work! But I’m glad that my leaving opens up a spot for someone else to join.

  65. Cute fabric! I enjoy using the extended wear blades. I might sew a machine cover with my fabric. I see there is a tutorial for the bag, prefect, looking forward to making a bunch of them! ❤️FQS!