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Sew Sampler Box January 2024 Sneak Peek!

We are ringing in the new year with some inspiration from the old for the January 2024 Sew Sampler Box!

Don’t miss out on this box! If you aren’t yet subscribed and want to join, do so very SOON, so you don’t miss this month’s cut off date for sign ups!

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    1. You guys look at that picture and see snippets of three fabrics and have an idea what designer and fabric line this is? I mus t be seeing a totally different peak. Yet you guys are often correct. Good on you.

        1. Hi Linda!

          If you signed up for the sew sampler box you’ll automatically get one every month. If you previously got an A La Carte Box then you are not subscribed as those are just remainders of past boxes and you’ll need to sign up for the monthly subscription box. You should be able to check your membership in your account.

  1. I would be very happy with either one but I think it is Fig Tree Jelly and Jam. I see a gingham in Jelly and Jam that I don’t see in Merchantile.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      You need to sign up on the Sew Sampler subscription page. If I’m not mistaken, you should do that this week for the January box.Tab up above marked Sew Sampler should get you to the sign up page. Hope that helped?

  2. It’s for sure Mercantile! You can expand the fabrics and find the exact same fabrics in the fabric display! I’m happy. I didn’t want to buy the whole thing but a small sampling is great!

  3. It’s for sure Mercantile! You can expand the fabrics and find the exact same fabrics in the fabric display! I’m happy. I didn’t want to buy the whole thing but a small sampling is great!

  4. Sherri and Chelsi Strawberry Lemonade. It’s got the gingham and it’s got the flowers. But don’t hold me to that 😂

  5. I agree Lori Holt Mercantile. Wouldn’t it be fun to get a Hat pattern (a hat you can wear)! I’m sure it will be cute whatever it is!

  6. I think it is Lori Holt, and I’m hoping it will be a JollyBar. There is a Lori Holt box every year and I enjoy them all.

  7. I do NOT think this is Mercantile or Jelly and Jam. Neither of those lines have that green fabric with those brown shapes on them. I have been looking through all FQS’s new and upcoming fabric collections, but I cannot find this green fabric.

  8. If this was to be Lori Holt’s Mercantile, I would “Love it!” I always like a nice sample of her new line to grow into bigger projects!! 😀

  9. Definitely Mercantile – compared it to fabric in a charm pack!!!! I’ll gladly take more of this fabric- it is beautiful!!!!

  10. Nove, Delores and Bonnie are all right. It is definitely Lori Holts mercantile. I’m so happy for anything that we get with her collection. Can’t wait to see what we get. What a way to start off the New Year awesome!

  11. After very close examination, enlarging the photos and enlarging them more, I found the green is one of the Mercantile fabrics. Excited to see this month’s box.

  12. I just sew with what l think is pretty! Good gracious, you folks are good because l have not a clue who makes or designs what! This will make my 2nd box and lam sew excited!!

  13. I look forward to my Sampler box every month. It always contains something I like even though it isn’t my style or colours. Nice to try new things, colour combinations, a new block or two. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop.

  14. This fabric is not Mercantile or Jelly and Jam. Not sure what it is, but the fabric in this photo doesn’t show the fabrics in either.

    1. I am with you. I went through so many collections on FQS looking, but nothing I found matches. It might be a brand we do not usually look at ahead of time.

  15. I think it’s not mercantile by Lori holt. It doesn’t match the line. It’s fine by me:) I think it’s a whole different type of fabric. It looks stiffer. I’m excited to see and try something different.

  16. Received my January box and LOVED, LOVED everything in it. Fabric, patterns, ruler, needles, binding minder. Good grief.. . what a great box of inspiration. Look forward to future surprises.

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