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Sew Sampler Box February 2024 Sneak Peek!

No matter what’s trending, tradition is always in! February’s Sew Sampler box focuses on fabric and notions that spotlight our timeless love of quilting.

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  1. Very excited to see what it could be. I’m thinking maybe Sewing Basket by Edyta Sitar or maybe Chickadee Landing by Kansas Troubles. I would also enjoy to see a Kim Diehl Whatnot pattern and fabric.

  2. I am guessing Antoinette or Sunshine and Sweet Tea. Antoinette for the traditional hint or Sunshine and Sweet Tea for the jar full of flowers. But, Antoinette is my best guess because I see the same color palate on the jar, blues, pinks, greens etc. Either way it will be a beautiful Sew Sampler box!

  3. Hmmmm….i am stumped! The flower in the sneak peak looks like a hibiscus and I don’t see that flower in any of the collections mentioned! Maybe I am taking the hint too literally!! Guess we will find out soon enough…lol!

  4. I think the hibiscus is a clue for one of the notions. There are some hand sewing needles with that flower. Really good ones! But I can’t remember the brand

  5. I’m guessing Sunshine and sweet tea. Hibiscus sweet tea, those 3 green leaves and the jar of flowers are the clues I am seeing.

  6. I am not sure but excited to get the box and find out. I’m really enjoying getting these I think this will be number 4 for me.

  7. I’m not sure, but I hope it’s the Afternoon Tea project panel. Pretty sure about something from Vivilux, though.

  8. This one really has me stumped as far as the fabric. I do think the yellow box with the Hibiscus is a some kind of magnifier from ViviLux. I’m sure whatever it is will be awesome!

  9. That flower is on the ViviLux package for a sewing machine light. It could always be something other than a sewing light though…

  10. I think the fabric is Woodland & Wildflowers. I think the main notion is a Vivilux sewing light, but a regular battery operated version. The rechargeable version is probably too expensive for a Sew Sampler box.

  11. I think it is Flower Girl. The color pallet and the flowers, both the larger and smaller flower prints fit and then that sage green leaf print is iconic in her collection. I hope I am wrong because I am already doing the Flower Stand quilt along.

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