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Sew Sampler Box December 2019 Sneak Peek!

The December Sew Sampler box features a guest designer who knows all about ‘vintage style’. Packed with inspiration from the past, this collection is a tribute to her grandma and the love and care she put into the home. Any ideas what (or who) we included in this box? Comment on this blog and let us know.

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join, currently our membership is at capacity but we have started a waitlist for Sew Sampler Box. Sign up to be notified if space in this club becomes available.

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    1. I love anything vintage, except my age!! I know we will cherish this box! Thank you so much!🥰

    2. This will be my last box as I need to cancel my subscription. I am two years behind in using the wonderful patterns and material.

  1. So excited. Lori Holt. I love vintage. The best Christmas gift. Thank you FQS. Christmas Blessings to you all.

    1. Anything Lori Holt would be pretty darn special in my books!❤️ Love that lady sewww much!!❤️ I have learned sew much from following Lori!!!❤️ I’m always excited to receive my Sew Sampler Boxes and I’m extra excited about December’s box!!!!❤️

    2. I’m so excited to see what kind of Lori Holt goodies will be included in this months special sew sampler box. Love her happy colors and fabric designs.
      I really look forward to getting my box each month. I just need to carve out some time to quilt.
      Merry Christmas! 🎄 Thank you Fat Quarter shop!

  2. Love anything Lori Holt! Been getting the Sew Sampler Box for about 20 months. I think this is the first time that it had Lori Holt products in it. I am sew excited!!,

  3. I just bought Lori Holt’s Vintage Christmas book. It is great. I made a snow globe wallhanging, but plan to make a full quilt for next Christmas! I love it sooo muvh, cannot wait for my box!😍

  4. L-O-R-I! O-M-G!! I know I am not wrong…I just can’t be…my dream is to one day go to one of her classes and meet her in person…but, a sew sampler box of her items is pretty sweet too!

  5. Lori Holt- I have 2 of Lori’s books, Farm Girl Vintage and Farm Girl Vintage 2. I am waiting for the Vintage Christmas book to arrive.

  6. Lori Holt!!!!! I can’t wait. I have been hoping that there would be a box dedicated to her designs.

  7. Oh Yippee! It must be Lori Holt. I am so looking forward to this box.
    What a Christmas treat! <3

  8. It can only be Lori Holt!! Love my Sew Sampler boxes .. looking forward to this one. 😊

  9. Yay to Lori Holt 🥰👏🏻💓Thank you again FQS for making each month so exciting and surprising! 🥳

  10. O!M!G! Lori Holt! Merry Christmas to ME! Just love these boxes every month. FQS, you guys ROCK IT!

  11. I have only been quilting for less than 2 years, and have only gotten the Sew Sampler for 4 months, but novice that I am, I KNOW we must be getting goodies designed by Lori Holt!!! YEAH!!! I have already bought most of her books, INCLUDING her Vintage Christmas. I also know that her grandma was very special to her. I can’t wait!! This will have to be the best Sew Sampler EVER!!!!

  12. 💁‍♀️My guess is also Lori Holt! When Kimberly and Lori get together something wonderful always occurs❣️So many creative ideas from you 2 kids. Can’t wait for the December box to arrive so I can open it. Christmas 🎄 coming to my doorstep. Sure to be a delight🎁🧵🧵🧵

  13. Lori Holt! Granny’s Garden fabric and Lori’s new Quick Press Seam Roller are my guesses. This is going to be another awesome box! Thank you, Kimberly & Kevin and the FQS crew for all of the hard work and creativity that goes into creating the Sew Sampler subscription box. You are greatly appreciated! 😊

  14. Oh my GOSH!!!!! This will be “over the top! “Lori Holt” has definitely got to be involved in the collaboration of this box! Exciting will be an understatement! I adore this fabric and the past boxes that she had input on were fantastic….Happy Holidays to ALL! Come on 12/20!!

  15. Looks like maybe Lori Holt. Sew excited!
    I just received her Vintage Christmas book. Just beautiful! The book is designed and made so well!! Thank you for having such high standards. We notice and appreciate!

  16. I’m guessing Vintage Happy 2, and maybe the crazy quilt papers – that would be fun to try. Love, love, love the Sew Sampler Box!

  17. I can’t think of anyone who honors her grandmother more than Lori Holt!! What a wonderful Christmas present this will be for us all :).

    I agree with the others – Vintage happy 2 is the most likely collection, but I’ll enjoy receiving anything from her collections (even the blenders!). I’m really hoping that a special Lori Holt project or design will be included as well as a Lori Holt notion or two. There is so much scope for wonderful things could be included in a FQS Lori box!!!!

    I feel very grateful for having had the opportunity to join the subscription program in January this year, and have loved all of the wonderful boxes received throughout the year. They have helped me “broaden my quilting repertoire,” and grow as a quilter using new patterns, fabrics and techniques that I otherwise would probably not have tried. I truly hope that all everyone on the waitlist will be able to start receiving their own subscription boxes soon.

    Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for providing such a wonderful subscription program. It is lovely to receive such beautiful and useful surprises each month – especially all those notions that I know I want, but may not necessarily buy individually all the time.

    I’d be thrilled, if in future, the FQS offered a monthly/quarterly “Cross Stitch Sampler Box,” and/or a quarterly (or whatever frequency) “Lori Holt Sampler Subscription Box,” too.

  18. Has to be Lori Holt. Can’t wait to receive this box and find out what’s inside.

  19. In the November box the sewing machine magnet does not work right
    The needle always moves to the back

    1. I use mine like a broach on my jacket! The magnets on the back hold it in place perfectly. Almost every time I wear it someone comments on how much they like it!

  20. After browsing the “Coming Soon” section on FQS, I now think that the fabric will be Lori Holt’s, “ Vintage Happy.” One of the fabrics is a perfect match to this month’s clue! 😊

  21. So excited! Last month I received my first Sew Sampler Box and I loved it! I am new to quilting and am so excited to learn and make my first project. Can’t wait to receive this month’s box.

  22. Well I’d bet a nickel it’s my very favorite- Lori Holt! I can’t wait! I’ve been waiting all year for something from her in the Sampler. 😀😁💕

  23. I’m new to quilting and my bet is Lori Holt. Anything from her. Would be great. I love my FQS see sampler box.

  24. I love my Sew Sampler boxes!!! Best subscription box out there, add that to the fact that Kimberly and the entire Fat Quarter Shop crew take such good care of their customers, it’s a win win. Then throw in Lori Holt anything and I’m in heaven!

  25. Lori Holt would be good or could be Amy B. too. Didn’t like last months fabrics at all, that was my first, so hope I like this one.

  26. I love vintage! This may be the best box yet. Your boxes are always full of things I enjoy, and the few that I can’t use, well, I can always find someone in the guild who needs exactly that!

  27. After reading all the comments I think it’s unanimous! Is it Lori!…In about a week we will know!🎁🎁🎁😻

  28. LORI! That’s her description to a tee! I’m looking so forward to this box! Thanks FQS for always bringing surprises!

  29. These boxes are SEW FUN. It’s Lori Holt ! It will be a keepsake ! I have made her Paper Dolls, Vintage Christmas, Farm Girl Vintage 1, Bloom ( twice ), Farm Sweet Farm, and I will be starting SEW HAPPY in the new year ! Farm Girl Vintage 2 as well. Congrats Lori !

    1. WOW…Impressive! You are definitely a fan. I would love to make all of those. I’m a newbie quilter, so I need to start easy so I don’t get overwhelmed.

  30. Yes it sure does look like Lori Holt. Can’t wait for the pattern. Love every box you have created, Kimberly and crew you are the best. Keep up the great work.

  31. This will be my third box. I love surprises. Than you FQS for the thoughtful planning that goes into each and every box. What a treat.

  32. It has to be Lori Holt! The image matches one from her new collection! *Squeal* I ADORE my Sew Sampler boxes. I can’t wait!!!

  33. Of course it’s Lori Holt. On her blog she always mention her grandma. She must have a wonderful heritage of women who passed in their love of seeing, etc. Aren’t we the lucky ones to benefit from her heritage!

  34. I’m not great with knowing a lot of the designers, but based on the clues you’ve given…vintage, influence of her grandmother, etc. I would have to concur with the majority of everyone else & say Lori Holt. Regardless, I’m excited and can’t wait to get my Sew Sampler Box. It’s one of my most looked forward things every month!!!

  35. I never have a clue to what’s coming. I think I say this every month! 🙂
    But that’s part of the fun.
    This preview looks like something good!
    Happy Holidays everyone!

  36. I love vintage! It reminds me of my Granny and her love. I so miss her especially this time of year. It will bring a smile to my face. Thank you.

  37. Mmm. I order from the Riley Blake Designs website and I remember this fabric, but I don’t think it’s Lori Holt. There was also a print that had retro tomato pin cushions. I may be wrong but I remember thinking of ordering a bolt of that exact print and it wasn’t under Lori’s collections

  38. It’s Lori Holt! I must say the November box was one of my personal favorites!!
    I love getting the box each month! It feels like Christmas each time because it is always full of wonderful treasures. Thank you Kimberly and team for all your hard work.

  39. My sister signed me up for the sew sampler – last months was wonderful! Sounds like this will be a Lori Holt Vintage Happy box! I am thrilled! Just finished sewing all the rows together on my Vintage Block Along quilt! It’s amazing

  40. Vintage Anything that is me. I am excited to see what is coming next. This will be my second box. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

  41. Lori Holt!!! Everything is Vintage and her Grandma inspired her in ways even her Grandma doesn’t know. Love Lori Holt

  42. HaHa, you’re going to crush a lot of hearts if it isn’t Lori Holt.
    I have her books and love making her designs.
    Merry Christmas

  43. Counting the days. Can never guess what could be in the sew Sampler. Going to order Vintage 2 today

  44. Is there’s anyone who didn’t guess Lori Holt?? It’s going to be a gas if it’s not her! I love the Sew Sampler box so much. But I feel bad sharing it with my sewing buds because they can’t get the awesomeness. They are super-jelly!

  45. Oh Lori Holt
    When she talks about her grandmother it reminds me how fortunate I was to spend so much time with my grandmother

  46. I love Lori Holt’s creations and style. She is AMAZING!!! I cannot wait for this box. Thank you, thank you…

  47. It’s definitely Lori Holt’s Vintage Happy II – it has that dressmaking print & a clothespin print in the line. This will make a lot of people very happy. Me? I’ll wait and see. I know that if it’s not my style, I can gladly gift it to my SIL. 🙂

  48. Don’t get my hopes up!! We will all be terribly disappointed if it’s not!! I find most of the times we are wrong, I hope not this time!!!! Can’t wait !!!

  49. The only person it could be is Lori Holt. I can’t wait to see the goodies from her. I always love her stories about her grandma.

  50. I am thinking like most people on this site-Lori Holt. I hope we are all on target because I really like her stuff.

  51. I am loving the boxes. It’s like Christmas every month. Sometimes I make the project and sometimes I use the fabric in a different way. Either way thank you for the subscription..

  52. I received my box today and all I am going to say is that it is absolutely one of my favorite ones yet!!! I am not going to ruin the surprise for anyone who has not received their box yet, but I think everyone will be happy!!!

  53. Lori Holt!!! Love her designs should get my box tomorrow I’m beyond excited. Merry Christmas everyone🎅

  54. Well if it is not Lori Holt there will be a lot of disappointed people, including me,can’t wait.

  55. I thought there would be a special box for December like there was for Halloween? This is my first year so I assumed there was an extra box for each holiday.

    1. Hi Toby, we put out 4 holiday themed boxes each year that are separate from the Sew Sampler box – Jolly Box for Christmas time, Spooky Box for Halloween, as well as a Valentine’s Day box, and one for the summer months. Those often sell out quickly, and the notice goes to everyone on our general email list the moment the box is up and for sale.

  56. I was so excited to get the December box thinking it would be special being so close to Christmas. What a GREAT disappointment this morning to find the contents of the box. The fabric is pretty but the rest of the box boring. I do not knit and I have a seam roller.

  57. So here’s my thought: We pay a relative pittance for the Sew Sampler boxes. (Check out other quilting/sewing subscription boxes, which seem to start at $49.95, with contents that barely clear the bar.) Sometimes, I love the Sew Sampler box, sometimes not. I always make the project. (I’m a newbie quilter, with a year of experience, so everything is still new.) Whether or not I love the fabric/pattern, I always learn something. More often than not, I am pleasantly surprised with the finished product, and my quilting horizon is expanded.

    What I love about Sew Sampler is that it’s always a surprise… a gift, really. If the contents aren’t in my sweet spot, I try to suspend disbelief and make the project. Most of the time, I’m delighted. Some of the boxes I disliked on sight have become my favorite little finishes. (And, if you are or remember being a new quilter, you know how important it is to finish anything!)

    Many of you are more experienced and may be more discerning. For me, the Sew Sampler box (over my 13 months as a subscriber) has been a delight.

  58. Loved the seam roller because I am also new to quilting, and didn’t have one. Loved the fabric and the table runner project, will probably make as a gift. Slowly, very slowly (I’m homeschooling 3 and have a toddler) I am making the blocks of the month, I think it’ll be awesome once it’s a finished project. The needle knitting caps? Really?? Not impressed. Just fyi, anyone sew sampler runs out of ideas what to add to box, thread is a great option. Or olfa replacement blades. Or a small enough self healing mat that can fit into the box. Or frixion erasable pens, or portable bobbin winder….. just some things I’m needing or wanting.😁
    So far though, I’ve been enjoying my boxes, because there are lots of things that as a new quilter I don’t know I need, until I get them. Started receiving boxes spring 2019, and only few items were totally useless. I looked into some other subscriptions and, come on, getting a chocolate, or a tea bag, or a charm, not worth it. This is my only box that I ever recieved and will continue, due to variety of items in it. Once I start getting repeats,I will cancel.

  59. I don’t knit but I think the caps will be fantastic to cap off little scissors to go in a portable stitching kit. I tried them on some little snips and they are great. The only issue I have is that they are jammed in a long tube and it can be tricky to get them out! Might need long tweezers to get the ones in the bottom.