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Sew Sampler Box August 2023 Sneak Peek!

Discovering new notions and fabrics make any hour a golden hour! August Sew Sampler box is coming soon and we’re so excited to share this month’s sneak peek with you. Beware of spoilers!

Don’t miss out on this box! If you aren’t yet subscribed and want to join, do so very SOON, so you don’t miss this month’s cut off date for sign ups!

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  1. I never guess correctly but maybe a tiny @creativegrids ruler that I know Kimberly loves! The fabric I don’t know even with the sneak peek! I just know I’ll love it! I love the Sew Sampler Box it’s like Christmas and my birthday all wrapped up in a beautiful aqua box! Thanks FQS for always delighting me, every single time for many years.

        1. Hi Sylvia, this is the sneak peek for the August Sew Sampler Box which hasn’t shipped yet! So anything in this sneak peek would not have been included in the July box which would have been the last one received.

          Hope this helps! 🙂

    1. Question: I got an email saying that my August box was on its way, but I never got an email requesting payment for the box. I used to get a “click here to pay for your box” email. Is this something new? Did I miss a step? I don’t want to miss the box because I’m excited

      1. Hi Betsy!

        Did you change your payment method? Certain payment styles I believe require monthly approval and others are automatic. Customer Service could help you with this better than I can and you can call or email them, I’ll leave the info below. I’m so happy your excited for your box! 🙂

        Email Us:
        Toll Free: 1.866.826.2069

  2. Dawn on the Prairie by Fancy That. The only reason I say that is because of the sunrise, and there’s fabric in the collection that has those same sunrises. Other than that, the fabric showing in the pic…I dunno🤷‍♀️

  3. Looks like we will be receiving another Creative Grids ruler. I feel like I should know what fabric that is but can’t put my finger on it right now. Sew Sampler shipping can’t come soon enough.

      1. Love the Sew Sampler box! I am redoing my sewing room so hard to start projects or getting organized fast enough. But have chosen my fabric for Pressed Flowers and have it out to encourage me to get on the ball! Funny how some of the notions from the last boxes will help me as I get going! Nice and appreciated items!

  4. Sure hope it’s a different side than 4.5 square ruler. We have gotten way too many! Would love the newer sized ones Can’t figure fabric out but looks lovely.

  5. I’ve not guessed all, but do think the fabric line is Day in the Life Echo Park for Riley Blake Designs. August box already! I need to look over July again since I was away for a bit. July was ‘berry’ fun!

  6. Definitely looks like Day In the park Echo Park for the fabric and for the notion a ruler but, what size?

  7. I’m pretty sure the fabric is from Riley Blake and echo park new line of a day in the life. I’m very excited about another creative grids ruler and I’ve wondered if that little thread is just part of a spool of thread. Whatever it is I will be so happy. I’ve been thrilled with the most recent boxes.

  8. Oh my! love the colors and maybe plaid? So much to always look forward to! Especially the little do dads and things that come in so handy for every sewing project I do!

  9. I think the fabric is from Echo Park. I think it is pretty fabric, and I am looking forward to seeing what we can do with it!

  10. I love the thought of getting another Creative Grids ruler. I have no clue on the fabric other than it isn’t the Home Town collection by Lori Holt that I was hoping for.

  11. I think the ruler Creative Grids mew 1 1/2 square ruler. As for the fabric, I believe it is the Day in life fabric line by Echo Park.

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