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Sew Sampler Box August 2019 Sneak Peek!

Back to school is right around the corner and we are back with a sneak peek inside our upcoming Sew Sampler box! Get ready to learn some new techniques with one of our favorite designers, Violet Craft! Grab some sunglasses, this box is going to be BRIGHT!

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join, currently our membership is at capacity but we have started a wait list. Sign up here to be notified if space in this club becomes available.

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  1. Love her style!! Reminds me of growing up in the Fifties!! Chrome chairs and arborite table tops! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in August!!

    1. I would like to have one of her patterns for the animals. I love the cow or the lion

    2. I think with school starting it will be something using Violets “Luncheonette” fabric ie lunch bag!

  2. Oh Wow! I just checked her out on FQS. I love a lot of her things! Can’t wait to see what’s in this box!!!

    1. August is my Birthday month I can’t wait to open this months sew sampler my guess a unicorn? Whatever it is will be fantastic.

    1. This will be my third box. The fabric isn’t something I would normally buy, but I enjoy what I have recieved and can always find a project to make with it. It forces me to think outside of the box…and pushes creativity. Love it!

  3. I am SO EXCITED for this box! I love her stuff but haven’t gotten the nerve to try any of her patterns yet (although several of them are on my must make list!) I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us!

  4. Can you buy a pass sew sampler box
    How long is the wait list
    I was getting the sew sample box monthly my sister took sick snd pass had to pack mom up snd bring mom to live with me. Snd pack and clean house to sale now I’m home and want to start it back up

    1. A group on Facebook called “sewsamplerswap” is a group of people who get the box and if they don’t want it they will resell it!

  5. I was expecting some Ruby Star Society fabric but am very happy with Violet Craft. Hopefully she has designed a sweet wee animal project for us.
    Maybe September will be Sarah Watts Ruby Star line.

    1. Looking forward to another sampler box fat quarter shop never lets me down I’m anxiously awaiting my surprise and ms. Craft’s designs!!!!

  6. I guess I’m missing something. How is that a ‘sneak peek’? I can understand you sending out an e-mail telling us the designer’s name. But a sneak peek leads one to believe that there will be a sneak peek of the inside of the box. I guess I’m going to have to wait and do my own peeking.

    1. Haha!
      I thought the same thing the first month!
      Now I just read the guesses for the fun of it!
      I love the boxes!

  7. Just looked up her fabrics on the FQS website. Very bright and very modern fabric prints. She has a line of Kona solids that everyone would love and could use in some project.

  8. Yay FQS!! Really excited for this box, Violet Craft is one of my favorite designers!!

  9. I think it’s something bright and flashy for back to school project.
    It well be fun to see what’s in the wonderful box. Excited it well be my first box.😆🤗

  10. Last year we received Palm Canyon and I stitched the pattern included in the box even though it is not my typical groove. All I can say is it is on its way back to me from the long arm quilter and the quilt is a HOLY MOLY!! (as my sister said, she wants it bad!) We probably will never see Violet Craft fabric in the LQS. This is why I am a subscriber!

    1. I so agree with you. I thought I would never make it. Not my kind of quilt but I did and I LOVE it. Glad I took the time.

      1. Sew Sampler may not be the box for you. It is a quilting subscription box. 😉 I’m sure the majority of the subscribers are quilters!

        1. I agree. I joined because I quilt. If you want crafty then maybe find a subscription box that is crafty.

  11. This will be my first box and I’m really excited. Could it be vibrant colors or a light of some type? Won’t be long!

  12. I just love her Citrus Grove quilt with all the bright colors. Hope it is something like that, but I just love my Sew Sampler boxes and have not been disappointed. I can hardly wait to see what is in the box.

  13. I wonder if it will be paper piecing Sunburst pattern with a diamond template and fat quarters 🙂

  14. I love Violet Craft! I did her Lion Abstractions and she is an amazing pattern designer. Everything is so clear and easy to follow! I’m excited for this box!

  15. I don’t what will be in the box, but can’t wait to find out! It should be fun 😊

  16. I have her cow abstraction paper pieced pattern and just bought all of the fabrics to go with it, not knowing there was a kit. 😊 I go to a restaurant named The Cow. The food is delicious. I am making this for them.

  17. I am so excited for this one! Love her brights and her English Paper Piecing fruit basket, sunflower and barn owl are amazing, but then again that unicorn and those colors! So excited and love these quilt sampler boxes

  18. I am super excited to find out… my guess is a colorful stitched notebook cover (although I’m never right, it’s just fun to guess)! I can’t wait to see the bold colors!!

  19. I am so excited. This will be my first box. I love bright colors – especially yellow, the color of the sun ( I am a Leo).

  20. Hmmm…”learn some new techniques”. Maybe a paper piecing pattern and some of her fabrics? They’re so bright and fun!

  21. Something bright, bold, and ‘curvy’ would be fun. Love her abstracts. My first box so keeping my fingers crossed it is a smashing hit!

  22. Can’t wait to see what’s in the August box. I bet it’s fruit related with bright yellow and oranges.

  23. Love her style! Since you mentioned school my guess is a paper-pieced pencil case.
    Sitting on the curb waiting for the mail carrier. Just kidding. It is always a delight to see the lovely little blue box sitting on my porch!

  24. Super excited for this month’s box. She has some beautiful fabrics and patterns. I’m just hoping it’s not English PP. Not a fan of hand sewing.

  25. I’m thinking “Cultivate” may indicate something connected with fall gardening.

  26. I love Violet Craft’s fabric line called House of Hoppington! The unicorn pattern would be great, too. I am also hoping a jelly roll sasher might magically appear in one of our boxes in the near future. It looks like a very useful new notion.

  27. Yey!! I’m so excited! I love everything about her style and fabrics! Can hardly wait!!

  28. I’m so excited to see what the August Sew Sampler Box will include! My birthday is this month, so this month’s box will be even more special to me. To hear that Violet Craft is the inspiration for this month is even more exciting. Fat Quarter Shop you do a fabulous job…Kuddo’s.

  29. Love my sampler box!!! But please!!! NO UNICORNS!!! So over unicorns!!! Anything anything else would be great. Oh well, I could always use the wonderful fabric selection for another project!!

  30. Violet Craft designs EPP projects and her fabric lines are bright in themselves. They also have a wooden seam roller that’s great for those EPP seams. The FQS’ Sampler Boxes are fun and amazing; I’ll enjoy what is to be!

  31. I love everything Violet Craft, so I don’t think there’s even a remote chance that I’ll be less than ecstatic. As always, thanks, FQS, for providing such a great variety in the Sew Sampler boxes from month to month.

  32. Oh its going to be awesome – would love to paperpiece the barn owl… hope no flowers for a change 🙂

  33. I admire her patterns, but haven’t purchased any to try, neither have I attempted foundation paper piecing! That’s what I love about the Sew Sampler Box. It gives me the opportunity to try and use things I wouldn’t have thought of. Anxiously waiting!

  34. Your sneak peaks never fail to excite me! Anticipating a bright and colorful Sew Sampler August treasure! Thank you for fun and creative projects!

  35. I’m not familiar with this designer but look forward to the August box introduction to her designs and colors. Talked up my subscription so much in July that two friends signed up and are anxiously awaiting their first box this month!

  36. I think the colors will be crisp blue ( blue in the clue )white and a awesome print from Violet Craft in the middle of the block as shown in the sneak peak , So excited ,

  37. I’m guessing there will be a school themed (apple on book) paper pieced project or epp pattern. Also one of Violet’s seam rollers and 2 charm packs of her new fabric. Maybe an orange peel template?

  38. Bright Colors! Hmmm… Maybe Unicorn Abstraction. Whatever it is, it will be a fun box.

  39. Ohhh yay! Love her fabrics and designs. Maybe an EPP or FPP block using Luncheonette ! Ohhhhh and she does colouring pages too.

    This box will def make up for the last one for me!

  40. I have done the elephant abstraction and have the pattern and fabric for the lion. Love her designs…looking forward as usual to my next box. Would love some thread…..

  41. Check out it’s her blog, with tutorials, free patterns and of course her creative work. I love the free paper pieced little mouse pattern! Also a tutorial that shows how to make the block from last year, with the Palm Canyon fabric roll, Joann and Kimberly K mentioned making it, and inspires me to make mine, a Violet Craft pattern and fabric. The more I learn the more I am looking forward to the surprise.

    1. Thanks for your comments about the Palm Canyon quilt. When this sneak peek came out, I remembered and thought I need to make that quilt. I liked the pattern but just wasn’t sure about making it. You and the other two ladies have inspired me to also try. Thanks!

  42. Violet’s shirt is yellow….maybe a “bright” sun EPP pattern (a new technique for this newbie). Or something with bright “back to school” primary colors? It will be so much fun,no matter the surprise! Like Liberty, I’m inspired to get going on the Palm Canyon project…I’m just more than a little behind on all of my boxes. I do, however, love each and every one of them! FQS is my happy place!

  43. I’m not familiar with this designer but after previewing love the woodland animals and the fruit designs….
    I would love the bright new wizard of oz prints that you showcased more than anything!

  44. Violet has some beautiful bright quilts, can’t wait to see what is in the sampler box this month!

  45. Yes! Bright, retro fabrics project (placemats?) for my “50’s” kitchen 😉 Keep up the fun boxes, Fat Quarter Shop!

  46. I love bright colors!! Modern Classics maybe? I would love to try one of Violet’s paper piecing patterns. Love the Sew Sampler Box! Thank you FQS!!!

  47. That Unicorn quilt is certainly bright! This will be my second box, I’m looking forward to everything inside 😀

  48. Doing the NZ Happy Dance, email notification to say that August Box is on its way lol

  49. This is my first month after a brief time on wait list. Everyone loves a surprise and my birthday is next week. Can’t wait!

  50. Oh the teasing!! Didn’t your mama ever say its not nice to tease? I can’t wait to see whats in the box! Its so exciting! I got my very first box last month, and had to use it immediately. I am sure this will be the case here as well. Love getting to know these designers too!

  51. I hope it is the Atomic Starburst quilt pattern and maybe an LED mini craft light. I guess I will find out later today.

  52. Just opened my box and the fabric makes me feel happy! I may just become a huge Violet Craft fan!

  53. Love it all! One of the items was on my to buy list. With so many colors I may just have to get another one or two along with more of that fabric. Wonderful, wonderful box!

  54. Received mine today. After the “blahs” I felt with last month’s box, I was holding my breath as I opened it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

  55. Just opened my box and I love it. There is one item that I was going to buy at my local shop but they were out; so excited. There is another that will be great with my Westalee rulers.

  56. Happy dancing over here!! I will use every item in this box. My favorite box in a long time. Keep up the good work!

  57. Happy dancing over here!! I will use every item in this box. My favorite box in a long time. Keep up the good work!

  58. WOW! Love it all! I’m in a frenzy about what to start next! The Goodness Grows” pattern keeps getting cuter every month, but I don’t think I can wait to learn the paper piecing project from Violet Craft! I’m suffering from overstimulation! Thank you FQS!

    1. I am on vacation and my box is being held at the post office until I return! Anyone want to tell me what is in it?? Pretty Please! 🤗

  59. LOVE all the items in this box, and my earlier guess of the sunflower pattern and seam roller was way off. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!