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Sew Sampler Box August 2017 Sneak Peek!

 August Sneak Peek - Header
Goodbye July and HELLO August! We are here to give you a glimpse into your August Sew Sampler box that will be filled with many treasures you won’t want to miss.
 August Sneak Peek - Image
You better get your spyglass out and give us your best guess. If you are not yet subscribed, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out on August 20th!
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  1. I am guessing this is multihued Aurifil. If it is this particular color, I might as well guess there will be fabric with these same tints. Very fun!

    1. Love the color. I made a yo yo lap quilt with turquoise.
      Is there a chart to make a larger blocking for the June quilt?

    2. A beautiful color to embroidery on a tea towel. If not that’s ok it’s still beautiful bright colors

    3. Am soooo looking forward to my August surprise. The colour is fantastic and I reckon the rest of the surprises will be just as good. Always worth waiting for.

  2. if the picture of the thread is any indication of the color for the fabric then YAY! Love the colors together – i have yet to receive a sew sampler that I didn’t like … now I just need to use all the beautiful fabrics and patters.

  3. My guess is Aurifil variegated thread, possibly sea foam green. Or maybe a brand new color! Looking forward to seeing what other goodies go into the box.

  4. Definitely variegated thread–not doubt Aurifil–possibly FQS exclusive or Lori Holt exclusive. I hope there’s matching fabric! Could be for blanket stitching an applique project?

  5. Maybe this Aurifil Thread could be used to quilt the little quilt that was in the June box. Love it!

  6. Only hope what goes with it is as beautiful!!!!!!love green of any shade…thanks

  7. Looks like beautiful thread. OMG…love the colors. I get so excited for Sew Sampler every month.

  8. Thread for sure. Floss or for machine. I really like the color. Actually green is my favorite color. The mystery adds to the fun.

  9. This is my first Sew Sampler and I could not be more thrilled! This is MY color. I bought a car mostly because it was this color. I am so excited!

  10. Aurifil variegated thread. My favorite. Love the variegated threads. I hope cool fabrics are included.

  11. Maybe this beautiful sample is embroidery thread. Any thread in this color would be welcome in my sewing room.

  12. you’re not trying very hard to hide the Aurifil variegated thread, but it does get us all more excited about receiving the box. I love getting them each month. I don’t always love everything at first, but it’s so fun to try out new notions or a pack of pretty new fabric outside my usual color choice. keep these wonderful boxes coming!

  13. Aurifil variegated thread … maybe fabrics to match!? It’s going to be a wonderful box, as always ….

  14. Love the color, I am thinking Aurifil thread, hoping the fabric is in that color line also. Beautiful thread.

  15. Love the the thread color I am so excited I can’t wait till I get the box in the mail. If there is any fabric that goes along with it love it love it love ! Absolutely wonderful I just wrote a comment that I would love to see more thread in the sew sampler box and you just put a picture of a thread how amazing

  16. I think it’s thread to coordinate with the Hello Jane line from Cluck Cluck Sew from Allison Harris since you said HELLO August! Oh I hope it is- that’s a beautiful line!!!

    1. I just did a search for the fabric on the Fat Quarter Website and the fabrics did not have those colors included so we’ll see.

    2. I think (and really, really hope) that Hello Jane is correct. There are a few fabrics in that line that this thread will go with.

  17. This is probably aurifil or gutermann variegated thread! Yesssss! Hope the fabric is equally fabulous!

  18. Love the color of that thread! aurifil I can hope or gutermann? Either way it’s pretty and I can only hope something equally pretty to go along with it! Please take my suggestion about none of thee above as a which is the one you don’t like in your box for the month!!!

  19. looks like variegated perle cotton or a heavy weight thread or floss Beautiful color

  20. Aurifil Teal Spotted Variegated So pretty, hope there’s something to go with that thread. Never enough fabric. Just not enough time to sew it all!

  21. I think it’s the new steel thread. Looking for something neat to make using this thread and some Fabric! I have my fingers crossed. Surprise me with something wonderful!

  22. Gorgeous color of thread! Can’t wait to see it & the rest of the goodies in the box.

  23. This will be my first sew sampler box. I am looking forward to receiving it. I love the color pallet.

  24. This is my very first box and I subscribed even though it’s not in my budget. I need some ” ME ” time and right now there’s anything but that, in caring for a 6 year old severely disabled grandson. I’m just discouraged and hope this box ( and really hope there’s some pretty fabric )puts a smile in my discouragement. Ps.Sorry for this downer of a post as it’s been a ROUGH day.

    1. Hi Karen,
      I hope you have a better day tomorrow. You are a wonderful grandmother for giving your grandson the care he needs. Be sure to give yourself a pat on the back for all you do! Take time to enjoy the small blessings of each day.

      1. He is our blessing Judy..he teaches everyone about unconditional love as he roams around our hearts. Some days are much easier than today. When I have fabric/ scraps and can sew even for a minute, that makes my day brighter in caregiving , ya know?

      2. Hello Karen,
        No worries, you are not a downer, YOU are an awesome loving Gram for taking time and care of your Grandson. These boxes will surely give you the “ME” time you are looking for even if you don’t do anything with all of the items, you will have fun just looking thru them until you have your project sorted out. I hope you enjoy them for many, many months to come, and I hope the thrill of getting the box each month never wears off for you!

        1. Donna, thanks. I’m looking forward to seeing the goodies as I’ve never been able to do this sort of ” spending” on sewing items. My fabric buying is usually from a small used/ thrift store if they have anything. Today’s bwen a bit rough but getting better as my little Ollieman sits here practicing how to drink from a small cup. Not easy teaching someone how that’s for sure. Thanks again for your kind words Donna.

    2. Never apologize for needing to vent, our reasons may be different, but, we have all been there. You are an angel on earth as not everyone is equipped emotionally or otherwise to deal with what you have on your plate and you do it with love. Hugs

  25. Aurifil in all of its jeweled Aqua glory, LOVE the color & can’t wait to see what it’s partners are it this next box!

  26. As most everyone has guessed there has to be variegated thread in the lovely color shown inside the next box. I can hardly wait for it to arrive and to see what other goodies will be included.

  27. I have no clue, but I hope the others guesses are true. It’s beautiful thread!

  28. Aurifil teal spotted Variegated thread. Looks like a bright and fun filled box is coming!

  29. It appears to be a variegated thread, possibly the Teal Aurifil? Either way…it’s beautiful and I love to use them!!!! I can’t wait, since each box has been NO disappointment to me! This will be like my Birthday Box almost when it arrives!!!! I can’t wait to see it!!!! 🙂

  30. Thread is my guess.was hoping that it would be something for fall.not feeling this color at all and i did look at the fabric that someone said about & I’m not loving this box so far.but maybe the other stuff in box will make up for it

  31. Aurafil thread in variegated colors is obvious, so I will go with a chevron theme, or ombré like v n co,

  32. Lovely colors. Who can resist a variegated thread!”Get your spyglass out’ makes me wonder if the theme has something to do with the sea. Looking forward to my next cheery surprise.

  33. I agree, looks like variegated thread! What a lovely colour! One of my favourites… I am so excited now! 😊

  34. Ya’ll are very sneaky about your sneak peeks. Have never gotten it right yet. Thinking making something variegated,lol

  35. Variegated Aurifil thread. I wonder what else is in the box. Must be an aqua, turquoise, teal theme. Squealing in delightful anticipation.

  36. I think it’s definitely Aurifil teal variegated thread. I just love the colors in the thread too!

  37. So excited every month for my box to arrive. This is my favorite color way and I can’t wait to see what else is included. The tease is fun! Thank you!

  38. This will be my first box and I’m so excited!! Whatever it is, I love the colors in this sneak peak and I can hardly wait.

  39. Looks too aqua to be Aurifil Storms at Sea, but love the color. Definitely some thread or floss. to go with a great pattern, I’m sure! Love it!

  40. Aurifil! As far as hello–there are a lot of fabric lines that could be. Like the Hello love one.

  41. ohhhh .. I’m just finishing up and blue and green sailboat quilt. Maybe I can use this thread for some of the quilting! Yay.

  42. I was so impressed with my first box last month that I’m tickled pink to see the sneak peek!! Love minty color!

  43. This reminds me of Lori Holts things that she either quits with or embroideres with. I love her things she does. Whatever it is I know it will be very nice.

  44. Iam sorry I wanted to also say to Karen who is caring for her grandson, it may be hard now but someday you will be rewarded. I went through the same thing with my own son. He is now 38 years old and doing pretty well in his own way. I look back and I thank god every day that I didn’t give up on him! He really is the best thing that ever happened to our family. He has taught us to be humble,forgiving,respectful, thankful and so much more.

    1. Oh Rebecca what you said is so very true. 38 years old! That is wonderful to hear your Son is doing well. What a sweet post you made.

    2. Rebecca..Ollie humbles us all deeply as he continues to teach us about unconditional love. Yes very hard work but love this little Ollieman more than life itself.

    1. Rebecca that is very sweet. Thank you for sharing your story. Family is everything, Friends are too

  45. A varigated green thread – how wonderful to use to quilt something like the little blocks made from the July charm pack.

  46. this is a really wonderful surprise. The thread is really my favorite color ever

  47. Maybe there is no fabric – only Aurifil Embroidery floss and perhaps something to embroider! That would be great.

    Also to Karen – I’m a Grandma too (5), and I understand how difficult it must be,
    Believe me, I would do the same if the need arose. Take one day at a time, and if you can find a tiny bit of sunshine every day, you’ll be fine. God Bless You for everything you do.

  48. I think its thread and a jolly bar to go with…I am so excited. I just joined and received my first box in July…I was so happy with everything…your boxes are great

  49. Love this color – was hoping box had The Good Life in it – but not thinking so with this thread- lol – maybe some cool Christmas fabric with aqua fabric in it ??? 🤔

  50. Love this color – was hoping box had The Good Life in it – but not thinking so with this thread- lol – maybe some cool Christmas fabric with aqua fabric in it ??? 🤔

  51. Ooooh… beautiful color. Everyone says Aurifil variegated and so I will tag along with that idea, but am pretty curious about what you might have in store to go with it? An I spy quilt… needing a spyglass? Whatever it is, it will be fun and have me off on another adventure!!

  52. Variegated Aurifil thread very pretty color too. Maybe a magnifying glass to see better. Lol Hope there is some fun fabric to go with the thread.

  53. I wish we had a way to send some material to Karen that is taking care of her grandson Ollie. She said she goes to a thrift shop to buy her material if they have any. I would love to send her some and I have friends that would too.

    1. To sweet Linda Shaw..I read the comment you posted on Jolly Jabber and am both embarrassed and humbled that you wrote what you did. I don’t have extra cash to spend on fabric…we live in the mountains here in eastern Ore where our quilt store fabrics are $12 a hard..and Wal-Mart. Sometimes I can see something there but not often quality that isn’t passing what I call the ” see through ” test. That’s why once each week I try the thrift store here. I didn’t mean to sound so pathetic. 😬..I just make my donation / ” Me” time sewing stuff with mostly scraps with what I find .

  54. I was reading the many comments here about the boxes y’all have received, and I am SO glad I started a subscription this month. No, I can’t really afford to doing it, monthly funds just don’t go far enough in the month – but yes, I needed to find a sembalance of joyful sunshine in life right now and this place…this jolly jabber place is just what I need. No I don’t know anyone here, but I do know the kind words shared about my little grandson Ollie meansso much in keeping my mind on what’s important: teaching him that life in his medical world isn’t about blindness, inability to walk or stand alone, or even a lack of speech/understanding – but life is about being the way we are and loving others as they are. Ollie doesn’t understand any of that but he understands giving love and being loved in his own way. Words are love to him when I sing to him. Tears are words to him both good tears ( as mine fall in appreciation of you all as I read here while he’s playing beside me)and bad. He teaches me love isn’t being ripped out with a seam ripper by mistake , but is soft and gentle in the process of learning and growing. He loves the sewing machine going when I catch a free moment to sew and even that I try to teach him about sounds that maybe someday he can mimic. Anyway, long winded (oops) but I wanted to thank you all for blessing me in this new monthly box adventure.

    1. Karen, it’s amazing how fabric heals when we’re sad, touching it brings joy to the worst days, and just the sight of it in a catalog, store, or even something someone is wearing can make the worse day better for a little while. Some of my darkest days were spent sitting in the reading chair at my favorite quilt store quietly petting the store cat. I had cancer and fabric cheered me up a bit. Dark days were made better by my fabric store friends. Have you made him a texture book where each page is a different full page of fake fur, corduroy, velvet, crinkle paper or icky burlap. Fabric is my good friend. Thank you for your story Karen.

      1. Raleys mom, it’s true how fabric heals..its often something I think about when I find some print that has many colors all muddled together but at the same time fits into a orchaestra of beauty. On my hardest days with Ollie at night when I finally can sewxeven for 5 minutes fabric soothes my weary spirit.
        You asked if I have made Ollieman a fabric book with’s the answer and I still laugh and cry thinking about that hidious little blanket. When we found out from the neurologist after Ollies first emergency surgery that he was blind from the brain tumor thing ( not malignant) my mind started panicking on all he would never see or even understand about colors of the sky or apples or colors of teddy bears. His sight to me was his biggest loss..that’s how I saw all his disabilities. One day I decided to make Ollieman a quilt. Never mind that I didn’t even know how or had any fabric. So I went to the thrift store and found a piece of silk on a shirt, and courderoy pants, a winter vest because we got snow here at that time and lots of coats ect were for sale. I found other textures and went home to ” sew a quilt”.. Blindfolded…yep. I wanted ( maybe NEEDED) to see what Ollie saw and felt. It was a life challenge lesson for me in every step. Trying to thread a machine all the way to sewing each piece of cut fabric blindfolded. Lets just say my ” quilt” turned out hideous looking and Ollie doesn’t understand color but did find the textures stimulating. He Is learning now how to zip up a zipper I’ve seen on a fidget scrap. Only one hand/foot works on his left side so the zipper pull I added ribbon to do he can grab. I sewed elastic.. Big jingly sounding buttons,a teething thing because he chews and squawks when upset. Some other fabrics that are textures I also sewed on it. We use that especially when I do occupational and physical therapy type excersizes. He doesn’t know it’s ” work” though, I make it a fun time for him. So..long winded but yes, fabric heals..for many reasons Raleys mom. And just this week I was blessed to tears because one annonymous Jolly Jabber person gifted me with some and I want to publicly THANK her whomever you are?!!

  55. I’m not a fan of this month. I like fabric, thread, pattern, label in the box. Not a basket block Quilt. I’m not a fan of the rest of the box. I’m debating to continue subscription or not.

  56. I just opened my first sampler box after an emotionally good kinda day, and I am excited to find such treasures. I honestly didn’t know what to expect so everything here is so cool. I’m already plotting out what I’m thinking of making with one or two items, and which organization I will be donating it to. So fun. And I’m blessed for sure in finding such purposeful items this month. I didn’t have any item packed inside so all are awesome.

  57. I love every single item in my box this month and will be making the fishy quilt for sure, too cute. I love the magnifier, so cool and boy do I need one more often now. I can get back to appliqueing again, Thank you once again FQS for a box well packed. I like getting the thread. I was happy with my 12 boxes from 2016 but happier with the direction it’s going in 2017.

    Ladies we deserve these boxes and the happiness they bring us. We really do. So have fun.

    1. I liked the box as well. What I loved the most were the labels.. Ive never had labels to sew on and my simple “sometimas working, sometimes not” old machine doesnt do anything but straight or zigzag so I never put labels on my donation quilts. Now I can..yippee😁

  58. I’m not sure if this is holly jabbers purpose but wanted to share something real quick. I’m leaving tomorrow for a medical appt across the state for Ollie, my grandson. He will be seeing his various specialist at a major Childrens hospital. Ha will see his neurologist, endicrinologist, blind specialist, Cerebal Palsy specialist so all those docs in the course of two days. While there at the hospital, I will be so very blessed to hand over a large box of kid sized quilts that I’ve made the last 5 months. Quilts made with scraps and pieces batting but even more, sewn in many years both good and bad. And many thoughts and thank yous for all this hospital has done when Ollies inpatient surgeries have been so sudden or scary. I’m once again scouting for scraps for making more donation quilts to fill another quilt box for our next 6 hour trip in Dec. So very special and humbling to hand the box to the childrens coordinator..lots of happy tears😄