Sew Sampler Box April 2019 Sneak Peek!

This month’s Sew Sampler Box is purely ‘magical’ filled with products to get you excited to celebrate our boxes 3rd birthday in style. Let’s unwrap the Sneak Peek for our April birthday box!
Unfortunately we can’t send everyone a birthday cake, but we’d love to hear what you think this cake reveals. Leave us a comment on the blog and let us know.

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join, currently our membership is at capacity but we have started a wait list. Sign up here to be notified if space in this club becomes available.

Be sure to follow us for more box reveals and future sneak peeks on all social media outlets by using #SEWSAMPLER


  1. I’m so excited to have finally gotten back into the club just in time for the birthday box! Can’t wait to see.

  2. Have absolutely no idea. I think we can all be assured since it’s Jollt’s birthday it will be a special one. Can’t wait.

      1. Sew excited for next box…i think layer cake….with bright spring colors….Kimberly and staff you are the BEST….Thank you

    1. I think it is Tula Pink’s pinkerville, possibly in a layer cake. How scrumptious that would be. I’ve been a member since box 1 and it just keeps getting better and better. I’m so appreciative of this affordable club. Thank you FQS❣️❤️❣️😍

  3. I think 🤔 there is going to be some beautiful, shimmering gold in the box. ❤️ Whatever it is, it will be lovely.

  4. I think Tula pink….I would love some pinkerville….
    But I will just be excited for a new box of surprises!

  5. Begs to be a layer cake, but it might not fit in the box! Maybe something with GLITTER! That’s always festive

  6. I just hope, in spite of the cake, it’s not unicorns… it’s about as tiring as hearing Let it Go one more time…

  7. April is a great birthday month .. gave myself the sew sampler subscription for a birthday gift to me. Cannot wait to see what the year brings 🎉🎉

  8. Magical and Birthday?! Oh it will be so special! A one of kind item or pattern? A Birthday Cake pattern! Oh… and sparkles… fireworks!

  9. So I am thinking, of course, Unicorns, Tula pink, square ruler…..,,anything! Maybe some gold straight pins or clips… whimsical, rainbow themed scissors maybe and the fabric… well, I’m thinking something whimsical and brilliantly sprinkled with colors that make you want to order a Birthday cake to celebrate 3 years!!!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday too!

    Whatever is in the box is surely to please all. I am only on my second box and very new to quilting, but I am so happy to be a member!

  10. What if they gave us an entire layer cake to celebrate sew sampler birthday? That would be totally awesome! I think it might be pinkerville…what other unicorn fabric just came out? I know there is at least one other…

  11. I am so excited, as this is also my Birthday Month, the 18th, so it will arrive a couple days late, but so looking forward to some gorgeous Rainbow Unicorn fabric. It will be a double celebration. <3 <3 <3

    1. The 18th is my birthday too! Being a little late in getting the box just means we can celebrate longer!

  12. This will be my 2nd box, also my birthday month! Layer cake CAN fit into box, rolled up, maybe metallic prints?…I will not complain, previous box well worth the money.

  13. Squeeeeee! I have no idea but this old little girl still loves a flowery, sparkling, magical birthday celebration! I’m so excited,!

  14. I’m hoping it’s NOT more PINK!!
    I’m not a PINK person and have received more than my share of pink items in the last 3 years!!

    1. Gosh Midge, I am SUCH a fan of pink that I’d happily take your unwanted pinks! 😉 We should have a FB swap site for the unwanted mystery items. I won’t use the cute iron mat from last month’s box as my iron doesn’t need it so it is till wrapped up in its little tube.

      1. Hi! Regarding a Facebook page, would it be found as “sew sampler”, or would it be searched in a different way?

    1. Flowers, metallics, sparkling unicorns, Happy Birthday #sewsampler thank you @fatquartershop for never failing to delight me!🦄🦄🦄🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂❤❤

  15. I’ve gotten two boxes so far and am surprised that I’m waiting every month to get mine. The items are useful and some are things I would have never thought to buy myself (a special hot iron pad?). I’m hooked!!!

  16. Oh, lots of good guesses! Happy Anniversary Sew Sampler, MANY hours of enjoyment and anticipation to celebrate!

    Oh love the layer cake idea such a play on words with the photo!

  17. I can’t even guess, Kimberly and her staff are doing a great job, (it’s like trying to make us all happy without knowing us individually) Great job FQS. Love your surprises.

  18. I am praying it is NOT Tula Pink! Pari S was definitely not a good hint. Perhaps farm flower might have been better. I truly detest Tula Pink as it is too over the top and reminds me of a3-4 year old’s pinkalious idea of a bedroom. Between having first everything bees, then butterflies and now unicorns, I wonder when real,design will be back.

  19. So happy I joined the Sew Sampler Box fun. This will be my third box, I love the two I’ve received. Great job FQS 🥰

  20. Please, no unicorns. NO kid fabric, Please. I have given away 90 % of my fabric away,it would be nice to have something I would keep.Tools have been nice, cutters, templates. English Paper Piecing would be great.

    1. I agree with Cindy and Jackie on the kids fabrics. No more. We need some adult fabrics. However I do like the Tula Pink fabrics. I hope it’s purple.

  21. Happy Birthday Sew Sampler your blue box 🎁 never disappoints! I’m a fan of Pinkerville! Who couldn’t use a little magic🦄 in their life. Thanks

  22. Well since it’s “magical” and a unicorn cake could there be unicorn fabric? I have Gdaughters that would love that.

  23. I just looked at all the unicorn items, looks like a 5 yr old would love it. I hope we are not getting anything for five year old girls.Wouldn’t it be great if we could send in a vote a couple mo. in advance of what WE would like in our box.

    1. I’ve only been in the club since January and have been thrilled with each box. Keep up the good work FQS!

    2. Cindy, you can always cancel your subscription and use your money for yardage that you approve of? Many of us adore the element of surprise and the variety. A subscription box is not for everyone and there’s quite a waiting list of Quilters that would love to have your spot.

  24. Happy birthday sew sampler box. May there be many more years💕 Half a layer cake that is rolled would fit in the box and the price. And I think the fabric will have some gold metallic on it. I am excited to see the new block pattern for this year. This will be my 4th box, and I have loved each one.

  25. My guess (and hope) is Tula Pink Pinkerville 🙂 probably a layer cake precut. So exicites to see what’s inside!

  26. I am so sure it will be lovely. I am crazy for pastels. This will be my first birthday box. I am very excited. I LOVE my Sew Samler boxes. Thank you for making them special.

  27. I’m excited to see the new block pattern of the month!! I always love most if not all of the items in the box. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is NOT a fan of Tula Pink! I do love getting the boxes tho! Great work FQS!

  28. I can’t wait to see! Birthday celebrations are awesome! Wondering if we might be getting some fun layer cakes.

  29. Lollipop Garden fabric and Tula pink ruler with unicorn grip? I am usually way off with my guesses but I am always pleasantly surprised when I open the box.

  30. Awe man!! I really don’t care for unicorns…so I hope that’s not the theme! I am looking forward to seeing what the new quilt patterns of the month will be for the coming year!

  31. I’m another April birthday gal and this being my first ever box is so exciting since it’s your birthday too. Maybe it is a metallic fabric line. I say that cuz I love shiny. Can’t wait.

  32. Whatever it is, it will be surprising and beautiful. I’m so glad I got in on Marches box since that was my birthday, and now I get to celebrate sew samplers birthday, I wonder who’s a May birthday I can celebrate. Would be so cool to get birthday presents every month… wait I am, the sew sampler was my bday gift to me for 2019. My mums birthday is April, so what ever the box holds I use to honor her memory.

  33. I am not a fan of Tula Pink. Honestly I don’t understand the appeal of her designs. The way some people seem to drool over a new fabric line by her just confuses me. But that’s just my opinion. I am looking forward to the new box, especially the tools.

  34. Hmmm, layer cake maybe with a stencil or ribbons. I just love my first two boxes. I anxiously wait for my mailbox delivery

  35. Happy Birthday! I am so excited for all of my boxes! I love all the different suggestions above and a layer cake of Tula pinks pinkerville would be awesome! Each box is helping me become a better quilter even if something I never thought I would try, then find out I loved making it. Looking forward to many more boxes and years! 🥳

  36. Ya’ll are all so good at these! I never have any idea and have to look up all your guesses then I get so excited thinking about what it might be! I love my surprise every month.

  37. I am so excited to get the birthday box for your 3 years..and we wont say how many years my birthday has been. But love to share birthdays

  38. I have been so thrilled with everything I’ve ever received so far from the Sew Sampler Box. It’s like a birthday present every month!🎂🎁

    Tula Pinks Pinkerville, layer Cake fabric or whatever the surprise is I cannot wait for my box to arrive! 🥰

  39. I have been so thrilled with everything I’ve ever received so far from the Sew Sampler Box. It’s like a birthday present every month!🎂🎁

    Tula Pinks Pinkerville, layer Cake fabric or whatever the surprise is I cannot wait for my box to arrive! 🥰 Jamie

  40. I’m so excited about April’s Sew Sampler!! I’m never disappointed with the contents! My husband sees the box and say “It’s Christmas again” lol

  41. I bet it has nothing to do with unicorns. Unicorns are a magical mystical creature. My guess is a layer cake with flowers and gold somehow weaved in the pattern. The good would give it a sparkly magical effect. I just can’t see the boxes coming with children as its focus. But I will love it no matter what is in it. I always do!

  42. My birthday is this week also! I just love the getting the box in the mail and peeling the tissue paper back to see what’s hiding. Whatever it is, I’m sure to enjoy.

  43. Looks like a unicorn hiding behind the cake. Hopefully it will be Tula’s unicorn and not a kid fabric. So many have said they are thinking a layer cake could be in there. If it is it will be a junior size!

  44. My birthday is today! Happy Birthday Fat Quarter/ Sew Sampler Box. Also to all the other April Birthdays May all your wishes come true…Happy Birthday All. I have no idea what is gonna be in the box but I’m very excited !

  45. I’m hoping those lovely little machine cleaners that look like birthday candles will be in the box!

  46. A friend of mine told me about the see sampler box but by the time I could join it was waiting list. I am happy to say I only had to wait a couple weeks! I am so happy to see what will be in my first box. It’s gonna be something special I just know it!

  47. Happy 3rd Birthday Sew Sampler! Whatever is in the box will not disappoint! Unicorn’s my Granddaughter will be excited! Thank you FQS.

  48. I looovveee my monthly beautiful blue boxes! But PLEASE No Unicorns. Sorry. But I’m just so over unicorns..these boxes always gift me such a lift during my hectic life. When I think of Birthday, I’m thinking champagne..

  49. Oh my…I am dreaming of something pink, purple and gold! Some say unicorns but I saw a piece of bread on top of the cake till I read the comments. Silly me. Then I saw the sweet eye lashes and figured it had to do with something magical! My Birthday is also in April so this is an extra special box to ME this month. Thank You… Best company ever FQS!!!!

  50. Today, I pulled out the silicone iron rest from March box….it is so cute, but I have an Oliso so no need for it…..but tried another persons suggestion to use for foot pedal…amazing! My pedal isn’t constantly sliding away!
    I look forward to each box. As a rule, Tula Pink is not a favorite line of fabric for me, but the new pinkerville is perfect for a quilt I want to do.
    Keep an open mind….look at other possibilities for fabric, if you can’t do that….then a ‘surprise ‘ box is not for you.
    I get tired of the negative comments on this site….
    I think Fat Quarter shop does a great job to put together these boxes!

  51. These boxes are the highlite of my month. However, I dont have girls and detest unicorns. Kids fabrics? Go buy your own for projects. These boxes provide me the ability to explore new tools, patterns and yes fabrics! But I dont care for kids projects. So far these have been fun. But let them continue to be universal for us all to enjoy. If kid projects must come, please make them patterns or something that isn’t centered around children–maybe an extra project for those that have kids. Better yet, start a box for mothers! I do want to continue these boxes. Please dont make me regret it.

    1. I put my iron rest under the foot pedal also….you’re right it works great!!!!

      Loved having the two very different patterns in last months box…hoping for two in this next box!

  52. No idea what the box will bring, but I know receiving it always makes my day.

    A suggestion for those who don’t like receiving kid-oriented fabric or who just don’t love the fabric in a particular box… Family shelters and children’s hospitals are always looking for quilts and other handmade items for the kids in their care. Maybe consider turning the fabric into a small quilt for someone in need. Somewhere in one of Boston’s family shelters, someone is enjoying (I hope) the Chantilly quilt I made with items from last month’s box.

  53. I’m guessing something unicorn related, something sparkly and something with fun bright colors to celebrate Sew Samplers 3rd Birthday. Whatever goodies are in our boxes I know they will be amazing as always! Happy 3rd Birthday Sew Sampler, it’s been a wonderful surprise filled 3 years of boxes!!

  54. This is my first sampler box and I am excited! Perhaps it will contain flower, gold and unicorn fabric. Maybe some pink products to go along with the unicorns.

  55. Love all the spring colors in the birthday.
    I bet there will be a 30 % off gift in the box.
    Also some very special prize gifts too.

  56. I’m not into unicorns so I hope they aren’t in this box. It amazes me how well they do choosing each month’s box though. I’m so happy with my subscription and if I get unicorns or something purple or gold or sparkly I’ll just donate it or give it away. They can’t please everyone all the time! 🙂

  57. I love these sampler boxes. I just joined and I love everything I have received. The Birthday looks beautiful.

    1. Do sign up for the waitlist, Janet! When slots open up, FQS will send you an e-mail. Open slots fill first come, first served. I received my e-mail yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised…thought the wait would have been much longer.

  58. Since I live close to Disneyworld, I was hoping for the Magic Kingdom Disney style!! But I think the Unicorn cake colors are sweet. I know it will be good💙

  59. This will be my first box! Maybe one of the new Tula Pink rulers, with the grippy unicorn design will be part of the box.

  60. I think it’ll involve Mystical Land by Maureen Cracknell for Art Gallery! No matter what it is, I’m sure we’ll all love it! 💜

    1. I looked this up, it’s beautiful fabric. I had said I hoped it was Tula, but I have some Tula and Mystical Land is beautiful!

  61. What about Fairy Edith? I would like that one as well. Man, this is so hard and yet so exciting to wait and see what we get.

  62. I hope it’s Tula Pink’s Pinkerville. But I love everything in the boxes every month. This is so exciting and I am never disappointed.

  63. Flower Child by Maureen Cracknell? That would be fun. I think the unicorn has nothing to do with it, just represents “magic.” This always has me searching fabrics, wondering what might be coming. So exciting!

  64. OMGosh! Last night I dreamt I opened my April Sew Sampler Box and saw what was inside! But, do you think I can remember any of the items? lol Guess it will still be a surprise!

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