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Bee’s Knees Book Stand – GIVEAWAY CLOSED

We have been busy as a bee getting ready for Lori Holt’s (of Bee in my Bonnet) newest notion, the Bee’s Knees Book Stand! Easily read your quilt patterns, quilting books or cross stitch charts with the Bee’s Knees Book Stand! It can hold your quilt pattern or book right in front of you as you follow cutting or piecing instructions, so you can stay on track. We do have a giveaway of this stand so be sure to read to the bottom to see how to enter!

This book stand can be used for so many different things! Here are some of the ways we’ve been using the stand:

  • Hold your quilt and cross stitch patterns, and use magnets to mark your spot!
  • Makes a perfect stand for your phone or tablet
  • Prop up cookbooks
  • Stand up your rulers for easy viewing
  • Keep your design boards handy


And there are sew many more uses! This stand is super versatile. In this video, check out Kimberly’s favorite uses of The Bee’s Knee’s Book Stand.

Happy Quilting!


  1. For my patterns when quilting, and holding my tablet while watching videos,listening to music, while I sew!!

        1. Wow! I love this stand. I would use it several ways! It would be great to hold my pattern instructions as I sew or my phone as I follow along with tutorials. But it might slup into my kitchen to hold one of my vintage cookbooks too ❤

          1. I would use it to hold patterns and a tablet when following a tutorial ❤

      1. Books, patterns, hold my kindle while watching videos,view patterns and instructions for patterns I have downloaded……many possibilities!!! Love the color!!!

    1. To hold quilting, sewing, recipes etc. while working. I have a small sewing space. This will enlarge my work area. Thank you.

      1. I will use it in my sewing room and in the kitchen. Plus, my husband is a beekeeper, so I love the bee motif!

    2. I’ll be using to hold my cross stitch patterns, my quilting books(like my summer moon book I just got) and to hold my phone so I can watch the fat quarter shops channels while I’m sewing

  2. I would use it to complete the quilts I have planned as well as for recipes in the kitchen.

  3. I would use it for holding up my patterns/books while sewing. Might even use it in the kitchen for cookbooks. Pop of pretty color.

  4. I will use it in my sewing room and on quilt retreats to assist will all the creative patterns I have to do.

      1. Love this book stand! Oh my!! Let me count the ways…. It can be used for my cookbooks, my kindle, my cross stitch patterns, quilt patterns, even my favorite quote of the day!

      2. i would use thi s to hold a pattern. it would help me keep organized.

    1. I would love to win Lori Holt’s new book stand! I never have enough room on my cutting table!

  5. I would love to win this so that I can use it to hold my cross stitch, quilt and other craft patterns especially my Lori Holt ones😍

  6. I would use it to hold my iPad when reading patterns and recipes as well as my quilt books. I’m hoping to get one of these for Mother’s day.

  7. For holding my patterns, books, and tablet while I am sewing! It would make it soo much easier to read them and see what I am doing instead of having to keep holding them up!

  8. To hold my patterns as well as the picture of the final product. Also to hold my iPad to watch the fqs video of the day

  9. Prop up my book , of course, but also it holds my necklaces draped diagonally over it! Multi-use!!

    1. Prop up my book, of course, but also it holds my necklaces draped diagonally over it! Multi-use!!!

  10. I will use mine for everything! Especially to hold patterns and recipes that easily get lost in the shuffle for space.💟

  11. It would be great to hold a pattern while I’m cutting fabric…using a magnet to mark the cutting instructions would be very helpful.

  12. Hold my iPad while I watch videos and to hold patterns while I’m cutting and of course books

  13. Well, I would love to use it in the kitchen for cooking books, in the living room for cross stitch charts, next to my sewing machine for pattern instructions, and the best thing is its color is my favorite 💕

  14. I’m planning on using my book stand to hold up pattern instructions while I’m cutting fabric, etc, in my sewing room.

  15. I will use it for everything! 😀 But mostly propping up pattersb my devices and cookbooks! And its so pretty!

  16. I would use the book stand to hold my quilt books and patterns while cutting and sewing

    1. Perfect for following knitting patterns as winter is approaching Down Under! Then it will double up to hold my cotton crochet patterns next summer!

  17. I’ll use it to hold my pattern/ instruction book. I’m a beginner so it’s be a big help to me since I already have to think twice as hard to make sure I’m understanding all the instructions and doing my cutting correctly!

  18. To hold my cross stitch charts. Would be great to use at The Bee Retreat cross stitch event coming up. Love everything with bees as they make me happy.

  19. What a super cute stand! I would use it for pattern books/papers and of course my IPad! I love streaming Hart of Dixie, Friends, or Gilmore Girls while I quilt.

  20. I would totally use this when I cross stitch! Since it’s metal, I bet I could use magnets to help mark my place on the pattern. Super cute color too!

  21. I plan on using the book stand to assist me when using my Vintage Christmas book and my Fat Quarter Baby book.
    When I get a bigger tablet I would like use the stand to prop that up too. 👍

  22. This is a very cute stand. I would use it for quilt patterns/books and my tablet. My husband said I should use it in the kitchen for my cookbooks and my son said he would use it to hold his music. I guess I might have to buy three; so winning one would be great! 🙂

  23. I would love this in my sewing room. When not holding my rulers it would be great to hold my patterns on my cutting table. Good luck to me🍀Love your videos!

  24. I would have it on my cutting table so I can read the instructions. I may have to get a 2nd one for my kitchen. It would be great to be able to read recios without constantly having to wash my hands after each step just to read the recipe

  25. It would be perfect for my large paperback quilt books. And, it matches my See Emma notion holders! 🙂

  26. Love the color! I would like one for holding my cross stitch charts ,printed tutorials for finishing, it also will be great for propping my iPad for watching movies, tutorials, and floss tube.

  27. It would make it very nice in my sewing room to be able to see my patterns so much easier. Plus it is pretty.

  28. I would use for holding patterns and quilt books! Makes it easier while quilting or doing cross stitch.

  29. I’ll use the book stand in my sewing room for Lori’s ABC book and my small quilt rulers. I love the idea of propping up my phone with it.

  30. I would love to win one for my mom. She loves to cross stitch. She surprised me with one of these last weekend. I know she wants one too but is always thinking about others first!

  31. I plan on using this cute stand to hold my quilt patterns while I am piecing my quilts.🌼

  32. I would use it to hold my quilting books and pattern instructions on my cutting table. It would be so handy! I love it!

  33. so…just perfect for doing my patterns and also those books while making projects but also, a kindle reader will be one of the other uses as this will be perfect!!!

  34. I would have it right by my sewing table as I sew my quilts. Working on Peppermint Lane now😊

  35. I’ll be using the stand to hold my cross stitch patterns and needleminders.

  36. Iove the idea of using it to hold the pattern when cutting. I love, love, that it is steel!

  37. Definitely to hold lori’s books as I am working on let’s bake and farm girl vintage. Having the stand while cutting and sewing is genius!!!

  38. To hold my pattern or book! I am always searching under pieces to find it for the next step!

  39. Perfect next to my sewing machine, on the kitchen counter, maybe even to hold my iPad to show a video to my Sunday school class. Best use-to watch u-tube instructions on how to thread my server, so much nicer than having it flat. Upright, I can easily follow along.

  40. I plan on using this beautiful stand for my cross stitch patterns to keep them up right and easy to see. 🙂

  41. I think this would be great to hold my patterns as I tend to bury them on my cutting table.

  42. I would love a Bee’s Knees book stand to hold my Vintage Christmas book as I make my blocks. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  43. I believe I will be using this pretty stand for my quilting books. It is just the perfect colour and I am thrilled 😁 The Fat Quarter shop has decided to carry it! 😊

  44. I love the stand. I will use it to prop up my tablet or Lori’s vintage pattern books or my cookbooks or?????????? So many uses!

  45. I would definitely use this!! I need something like this that is magnetic
    to hold my patterns, and even my paper piecing templates. I make paper templates sometimes for my paper pieced bits, and to find the next paper to cut, well, it can get overwhelming when the fabric is suddenly a mushroom of color, where did I put that paper?

  46. Id use it to hold my quilt books, cross stitch patterns, crochet patterns and my iPad. One would be perfect for the kitchen to hold the cookbook. Also, it would make a lovely stand to hold a finished piece of stitcher you .

  47. Totally as a pattern stand and using magnets when my pattern is a print out instead of a book. Im sure it will get”borrowed”for music too.

  48. I would use it for quilt and cross stitch patterns, as well as tablet stand and quilt books.

  49. I would use the adorable stand in my sewing room to hold my latest patterns….

  50. Been looking for a stand to a typing book for my boys typing class and this is perfect and nice looking. I would also use it of course for holding patterns as I sew. Love multipurpose tools 🙂

  51. I would use it to hold my Lori Holt Farm Girl Vintage book so I can easily read the instructions while I’m cutting & sewing my blocks

  52. I’m going to use it to prop up my Farm Girl Vintage book in my cute little sewing room. I’ve made 8 of the blocks and need to get busy on it again. But even when I’m not working on it, I love the picture and colors on the cover of the book. It goes perfectly in my room!

  53. It looks like it would work well for my quilt books and patterns. I could also see using it in the kitchen for cookbooks, so I may have to get 2 of them.

  54. I plan on using it to hold my books and/ or paper (PDF) patterns while preparing the pieces to quilt. I also plan on using it to hold the “display” board from Lori Holt’s tutorial so I have a blueprint of the block. I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and last month a pinchrd nerve released in my elbow so navigating books and the board is a hard thing. This stand will help alleviate that part of the problem since right now it’s even painful to see.

  55. Awesome for holding patterns and books! And it would look awesome in my kitchen to hold a recipe as I cook!

  56. This is such a nice size! Wish I had this when stitching last week. I’ll use it for cross stitch and embroidery patterns as well as when quilting. So cute!

  57. It will be great to hold my patterns or iPad while I’m quilting. It would also be great to hold my iPad while listening to music. I love the color!

  58. I love this stand! Would definitely use it in my sewing room to hold books or patterns and possibly in my kitchen for recipes. The color is perfect!

  59. I plan to use the bookstand for patterns that I need to get to. If they are out and in my site I will remember that those are my to do’s and my UFO’s to finish!

  60. I would love this stand!!! I can see using it for quilt books, quilt patterns, I-pad, phone to watch Fat Quarter Shop tutorials and rulers for ruler work when free nation quilting!!! I’m sure once you have it you can think of many other uses. Mine would stay in my sewing room because it is so pretty. I love the fact that it is metal and can use magnets!

  61. I’ve been using it as a cross stitch pattern holder, since it’s magnetic. I also plan on using it in the kitchen for recipes and in my sewing room when I’m using books or patterns. I may need another one.

  62. Oh definitely for holding my patterns, quilting and cross stitch. I’d also use some of my magnets to display some of the blocks I’m working on.

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  63. I love the color of this stand, I would use it for my cross stitch and quilting patterns so the are easier to read. I even think I would use it in the kitchen to hold recipes up while cooking!!

  64. I would use it for my pattern, the ruler I’m using most for that pattern and to hold my phone so I can listen to my audiobook while I am being creative! So much fun and versatility and it’s pretty, too!

  65. I would love to have one of those for my cramped kitchen to hold recipes.would also love it to hold quilt patterns for piecing and quilting. And enen for magazines and my Fire pad. So many uses!

  66. I would love to win this book stand for my patterns and quilting books! I also like the idea of propping up my rulers. Hmmm. Maybe I need two stands?

  67. I would love one of these so I can stop taping patterns on my wall while cutting and sewing!!!

  68. I would use everyday for holding patterns, cutting instructions, recipes, my iPad mini. Love a great book stand!

  69. I am planning on having a couple of these around the house. I have ideas to use them for decor on side tables. I also want to use them to hold my patterns while quilting or doing cross stitch. I am also going to use them to hold my hand written stuff that I need to type up. I do love Kimberly’s idea of setting up a tablet or phone on it so you can watch while you sew.

  70. I would love one of these for my sewing room! It would make reading, & keeping my place so much easier!

  71. I would add this to my bee collection and use it for holding my instruction sheets and patterns while doing handwork in my favorite easy chair.

  72. First I’m just going to pet it and gaze at it lovingly. Then it will rotate between cross stitch charts, iPad and quilt books.

  73. I will use it for patterns and also in the kitchen. I also like that is magnetic for small pieces of paper I have.

  74. It would hold a pattern or book while I’m working on a quilt. But there’s always ways to use it for other things. A block as your piecing other units together. Keeping ideas for the next project in a safe place. Thanks for the giveaway.

  75. so handy and so cute! I absolutely love the blue! definitely could use it for patterns and books. I love that it’s metal and u can use magnets. I’m starting to download a lot of my patterns on my ipad, so the fact that it holds an IPAD? Well, BONUS!

  76. I love this stand and I would use it right next to my machine while sewing! My sewing room is decorated in all things Lori Holt and Bonnie and Camille. And this adorable stand would look great in my room!😍

  77. I would use this to hold patterns while working on quilting – especially great for directions for cutting fabrics! I love even more that it’s magnetic! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  78. When I’m quilting it will hold my directions or books. When I’m paper crafting it will hold my iPad. When I’m cooking it will hold my cookbooks. I guess I need three!!

  79. I would use it for sewing and cross stitch patterns,it would look nice in the kitchen for cookbooks.

  80. I would use it to hold my pattern book while sewing. When not sewing, I would use it to display my favorite Lori Holt books.

  81. I would use the Bees Knesset bookstand to hold my Lori holt book patterns it would be great to make more room on my cutting table….🐝🐝❤️

  82. I would use it to hold my Farm Girl Vintage book so I can finish up all my blocks! Would love to get that quilt finished :).

  83. Holding patterns plus my tablet. Love that I could use magnets to hold or mark pattern on it.

  84. OMG can’t wait to get this to hold my iPad. I store my PDF patterns on my iPad and this will make using them so much easier.

  85. I would use he stand so I could actually find my patters which get buried under fabric and notions all the time.

  86. I would use it to hold my patterns as I sew! Often times you have to look at diagrams or instructions while working. It would be so great to have it on a stand so I’m not bending over to read😊

  87. This stand would be great for me when I cut out my pieces to blocks. Having the pattern in one place, easy to read, would be so great!

  88. Absolutely for quilting and sewing patterns, quilt books and recipes inthe kitchen and it will be great to stand my iPad on it when I FaceTime my family in England. I Love the colour and the fact that it’s metal so I can use magnets too. Wonderful.

  89. I would love to use Lori’s Bee’s Knees Book Stand to help me keep my place when I’m cross stitchings and will use Lori’s magnets also! But best of all IT’S CUTE!

  90. I would use it for holding my pattern books as I cut out pieces and as I see them together. And maybe for an occasional recipe😊

  91. I will definitely use it to hold my notebook with my quilt patterns. It will be so nice not to go scavenging through my fabric table looking for it!

  92. Would. Bee more organized by my sewing machine because right now my Lori Holt books keeps getting lost under all the fabric.

  93. This would be awesome to have, I would use it to hold my patterns in place for easy viewing.

  94. This would also be perfect for when I am eating alone and catching up with instagram or blog posts 😉

  95. I would mount it above my desk at eye level to not take up work space, but still be able to see my patterns for my quilting or my cross stitch.

  96. I will use it in my sewing room to keep my pattern handy, in the kitchen to keep my recipe handy and when not using it for work will use it as a frame stand for my latest framed leftover block or cross stitch treasure! Excited!

  97. I plan to use my Bee’s Knees Book Stand for my patterns and my design boards! It will be nice to have the pattern and design board standing up out of the way of all my other fabric and notions on my cutting board and/or around my sewing machine!

  98. I would use it for patterns and recipes!! Maybe for cross stich as well.

  99. I would use this for quilting AND cooking! So cute and thanks for the chance to win!

  100. I not only will use it for my quilt patterns and books but I do alot of baking so it will be of great use in the kitchen also

  101. I would use it to hold my cross stitch and quilt patterns. Also to hold my iPad.

  102. I love the color! This would sure free up space on my cutting table by holding my books or patterns while I am cutting. I also loved the idea someone had of using it to hold a tablet to watch a video while sewing.

  103. I do most of my hand stitching sitting in my favorite rocking chair. I usually place my patterns, embroidery stitch directions etc. on the table beside my chair. The book stand would be handy to read these from. I could also place my iPad on the stand when I watch Quilting and Sewing Facebook/Utube videos while I’m stitching.

  104. I would use it to hold my quilting books, & also to hold my small Lori Holt design board!

  105. I would love this beautiful Bee’s Knees aqua book stand. I will use it every day to hold my machine embroidery color charts while embroidering a design. My little magnetic rulers will work on it to underline the color I am currently working with.

  106. Oh this would be so useful! I would use it mostly for my stitching- next to my chair where I do my hand stitching – holding my patterns! Thank you!

  107. This would be great while working on any project- Keep track of the pattern instead of digging through fabric! I might rest my cutter in it too since I’m alwuas looking for that!

  108. For my Lori Holt binder with my Farm Sweet Farm sew along guide. Next to my chair to hold my patterns and books for my hand stitching. To hold music on top of the keyboard.

  109. I would use it to h9ld my tablet while cutting. It always works better st a angle rather than flast on the table.

  110. Hold patterns or books, hold iPad for Netflix while sewing, in the kitchen to hold recipes/cookbooks…so many uses!!

  111. I would like the stand to hold my patterns but like the idea of holding my rulers also.

  112. This is so cute – I would use it on my cutting table to hold a pattern but in between I would put rulers on it. Love it

  113. I LOVE this! I would probably use it in the kitchen to hold up either a cookbook or my iPad so I can easily see and follow the recipe when cooking. Too cute!

  114. Would be handy to have around for all the uses already mentioned and others that aren’t thought of yet!

  115. I would love to use the book holder with my Lori Holt’s books!! These are pretty, too!! I’m needing one!!

  116. It would go perfectly in my sewing room to hold my Lori Holt and It’s Sew Emma books!

  117. I tHink it would be wonderful for holding my pattern while cutting fabric easier on my eyes to look out rather than down and it is so pretty too.

  118. This would be wonderful to hold my books for quilting. I would love it for holding my cross stitch patterns with magnets. It would also be used at retreats to hold instructions for projects being done. Love the sturdiness of it!

  119. This would be wonderful to hold my books for quilting with Lori. I would love it for holding my cross stitch patterns with magnets. It would also be used at retreats to hold instructions for projects being done. Love the sturdiness of it! It’s beautiful!

  120. It would be great to hold patterns, but I would probably use it most to hold my IPad, since my cover doesn’t have a very good stand, and I like watching webcasts when I do mindlesssewing.

  121. I would put it on my bookshelf because it is such a pretty color and then pull it out when I need to prop open a book!

  122. I would use a stand daily! From holding directions for sewing to recipes and cookbooks and my iPad! A very useful tool!

  123. This adorable book stand would be so handy in sew many ways. Besides those mentioned in the blog, when I do embroidery or other handwork, I thread needles in advance, and I think by using a magnetic bar I could keep my threaded needles on the book stand, neat and tidy, ready to use. How nice of you to offer this giveaway.

  124. We are remodeling our kitchen and this color of blue and red with a shot of black are the colors. I would use it in the kitchen for my cookbook, in my studio for holding quilting books, in my living room for tablet viewing, with my grandchildren when reading books together. Love this book stand.

  125. I would use it to hold my instructions on my cutting table. It would match perfectly!!!!

  126. it would be great to hold instructions for quilting, cross stitch, and knitting patterns and sewing even a book just to read or for crafting. And cookbooks, Ipad and display

  127. This would give me extra room on my table while cutting & sewing Lori Holt’s Vintage Farm Girl book. I love her designs & the directions are so very clear.

  128. Oh I would use it in so many different ways and places! In my kitchen, holding cookbooks. In sewing room hold quilting pattern while sewing and cutting. Everywhere with my tablet resting in it!

  129. gorgeous-the colour of my craft room. I would use it at as a ruler stand- I have no where to store mine at the moment- so they lay around on one end of the table and some times get knocked to the floor as I am sliding fabric around 🙁

  130. I can certainly see using this book stand either in the kitchen for cookbooks or for holding quilt books on my cutting table. Thanks for the chance to win.

  131. I would SEW love to have this to hold my quilting, cross stitch and embroidery patterns!!!

  132. I would use it right next to my Instant Pot (my secret quilting weapon). 💗

  133. The ‘Bees Knees’ will not only be my right hand when in stitch mode, but also when ‘sewing’ other seeds since it places research notes in a perfect viewing position as I create at the computer.

  134. So many lovely uses for this – especially for my cross-stitch patterns – and to hold my Lori Holt pattern books :)!!

  135. To hold my cross stitch pattern or quilt pattern while I am working on them. Love the color.

  136. Would sew love to have this stand. It would be great for holding my iPad, quilt books and cookbooks. Love the color too.

  137. I will use the stand to hold any of Lori Holt’s books that I have. The way they are spiral bound will make them perfect for this. It will also serve as the perfect spot to keep all of my needle minders not in use. Love the size and color!!!!

  138. I would use to hold paper patterns and t0hold my tablet when following downloaded patterns or following tutorials.

  139. I could definitely use this! For more then one thing- I would currently use it to prop up my folder for the Farm Sweet Farm so along that I am doing of Lori Holt! I would use it for my cookbook and my kindle reading at night. Here’s hoping I am lucky and win!😃

  140. I’d use it to hold my quilt books or patterns. Also great for holding up my iPhone.

  141. Bees Knees Book Stand would be put to immediate use! I will be starting a Lori Holt creation of multiple sizes of stars for a special quilt to commemorate a wonderful cross country trip a few years back. Having a stand to hold her wonderful books while I sew would be the absolute best solution to “where is my pattern book hiding?” as I cut and sew blocks.

  142. I will use it to hold my pattern books and a cookbook or two on the odd occasion.Thanks for sharing

  143. My husband and I just moved into a house we’ve completely remodeled, including the kitchen with turquoise accents so the color is perfect for holding my cookbooks and quilt books in the adjoining family room. Love it!

  144. When I’m not using it to hold my quilting books and patterns, I will use it in my home office to hold my lesson plan books while I am creating lesson plans for my kindergarten classroom. So CUTE!

  145. I would use mine for my iPad, patterns, kitchen for my cookbooks. When I am knitting this will be perfect for following rows. And I am so in love with the bumblebee!!

  146. I would mainly use it to hold my iPad, I have a lot of patterns downloaded onto it. I also would use it to hold my quilt books and cookbooks.

  147. I will use it to hold my cross stitch patterns. I will use magnets to mark my spot.

  148. I love the color, and it will come in very handy to display recipes books, quilt patterns, and cross stitch charts.

  149. This stand is so versatile! I will use it to hold my quilt patterns. It will make cutting the fabric for a quilt go faster.

  150. I’d love this for cross stitch and quilt patterns and for holding my cookbooks. Such a great idea…love it!!! 💕💕💕

  151. I’d use it everyday, it could hold books, iPad, receipes,patterns,just about anything. I love the color too!

  152. Love the stand and the color of it!!! I had actually been looking for a typing stand and now I can just get this. Will be great for quilting and crosstitching patterns.

  153. I would definitely use it to hold my patterns when I’m cutting, sewing, knitting and crocheting. I like that it is metal because as I finish each step I check it off. With the Bee’s Knees Book Stand I can check off each step and make notes when I need to.

  154. This stand would be perfect for holding patterns & directions for my crochet, knitting & embroidery! The metal will hold magnets to keep my place!

  155. I will use the stand for quilting patterns, cross-stitch patterns, recipes, phone to watch videos, knitting patterns, crochet patterns etc.

  156. I’m definitely a multi tasked, so holding a pattern along with several rulers as well as my phone or tablet!!! LOVE 💗 💓💕 the color too!

  157. As I have limited space on my cutting table, I’d love to hang it on my wall and store my pretty new rulers.

  158. I would use the book stand for my books and pattens. I mean who doesn’t need more space on their table!

  159. I could use it for my patterns. I also have Lori Holt’s ABC book so there’s a great use for the stand. I may tak ed it to church to use for pictures that go with my lessons. Ohhh it would get so much use!!

  160. I sew and quilt with my ten year old granddaughter and this stand will help her to see and understand what we are making. Also, her favorite color.

  161. I am teaching my daughter to quilt she is now 27 and doing very basic work- I would use this as a gift for her so she can see her patterns while she is sewing and save her time. She is trying to sell her baby quilts to pay off her school loans.

  162. Would be great to hold the instructions for my next project Sewing sewcial projects do I could see the instructions clearly and hold my smaller rulers that I’m always loosing under all the fabric on my cutting table

  163. I will use to hold cross stitch & quilt patterns. Also, to hold my table when I watching sewing/quilting tutorials.

  164. I would love to win this stand to hold my cross stitch pattern as I work on quilter’s cottage!

  165. So funny – I’d be using it exactly as you showed in your photo. I’ve started making Farm Girl Vintage blocks and need a better system for holding the book while sewing. This book holder is perfect and the color is perfect!!!!

  166. I would use it to hold my Lori Holt books and patterns when creating projects.

  167. I love this book stand I would definitely use it for my patterns while sewing and for my knitting patterns

  168. I would use it to hold my pattern as I’m cutting fabric. Having the pattern propped in front of me would (hopefully) cut down (haha) on my mistakes!

  169. Great way to keep track of your pattern. How many have I sliced when cutting fabric. What a great idea!!!

  170. Use it to follow along with a pattern. I love the idea you can use magnets.
    Also to prop up a design board.

  171. I am making the Farm sweet farm quilt. This stand will be very very helpful while reading the directions for all those pieces.

  172. Because I absolutely love the color, I would use the stand in the kitchen to hold my cookbook while preparing a recipe and in my sewing room to hold my pattern while piecing and quilting.

  173. My most immediate use would be to hold my pattern upright while I am at the machine, laying out, sewing and pressing. Great idea and perfect color. 🙂

  174. I’d love a book stand to hold my quilt books and this one is so cute! That would be so helpful! Plus, I love the idea of it holding a design board, too.

  175. I love this stand with the Bee on it, and the color is perfect. I would use it for holding patterns in my quilt room, or cookbook or iPad when cooking in the kitchen.

  176. I have been looking for a good book stand for cooking and sewing. This stand will probably moved back and forth between my kitchen and sewing room to hold cookbooks, printed recipes clipped to the back, my cutting table and my sewing machine table. It would definitely not be sitting around collecting dust!

  177. Beside my sewing machine to keep the pattern in place and the space organized

  178. Love the color! In the kitchen and sewing room is where I would love to have it.

  179. I will use this bee-utiful bookstand for my quilting books, my cross stitch patterns, sewing pattern directions and reading. When the bookstand isn’t busy as a bee holding my books, I will just look at it and enjoy its color and motif. My kitchen decor is bees and my glassware is bees.

  180. This looks amazing! I would use it to hold my pattern while cutting and while piecing the blocks! I need this!

  181. I will be using this for my quilt patterns and books! I’ve been wanting and needing something like this for a long time!

  182. Oh my goodness!! I need one of these for my kitchen and my sewing room!! Maybe I wouldn’t make so man mistakes in laying out the HSTs for the Moda Love blocks I love. It would surely give my seam ripper a break. Would help in the kitchen too so I wouldn’t forget essential ingredients because I shoved the recipe out of the way!!

  183. Definitely to hold my cross stitch patterns with those darling little quilty magnets. I’ve been using wonder clips to clip them to the lampshade in my stitching spot, to my mixer bowl in my kitchen and to the back of another chair … wherever I happen to park myself to stitch. I imagine it will be perfect for my Threadology patterns as well.

  184. So cute! It would be fun to display a favorite block until it’s needed to complete a quilt!

  185. Very cute and functional! I would usually use as intended. Holding my quilt books and patterns. Thanks for the chance.

  186. I am going to start doing Lori’s vintage christmas, this would be a great stand for that. Love the name too!

  187. What a GREAT sewing room tool! I would use it to hold my pattern book or paper patterns while making blocks and also as a stand for when I cross stitch. I LOVE that it’s pretty too! Thank you for a chance to win one.

  188. I love to sew and quilt. I used to make all of my clothes, even since jr. High. I’ve loved to write patterns and books. Many were published in magazines, too.

    It’s been 51 years since I started. I was 9 yrs old, when I started.

    I would love to use this book holder, to use while I sew, crochet, cross-stitch, etc.

    Thank you! Lori, with your great ideas and items to use!💟🤗👍🏼

  189. The book holder is perfect in function and COLOR! for my sewing room. I find it easier to read patterns and recipes when they are upright. This book holder would get lots of use in my sewing room and kitchen.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  190. First the color is a perfect match for my sewing/quilting studio. I keep a Lori Holt book on display all the time. . .just because I like it! 🙂 But, I would also use the book stand for its practical purpose of holding book/pattern instructions. Love it!

  191. I would and of will use this cute stand to hold up my sewing patterns. My back is painful with continued sitting and standing up so I have made myself a U snapped area around my sewing mach. This stand will not only make it easier to see my patterns but will free up space in my U shaped sewing area. Thanks for the opportunity to win it before I have to but it.
    Jeri in Corpus Christi TX

  192. Thank you for this opportunity. I desperately need to have a place to stand my magazines and when I print out Kimberly’s instructional pages I stand that in front of the magazine! Perfect!!! It would also help with my I-Pad.

  193. My area by the sewing machine is SO cluttered. I would make a cover to go over it that would hold sewing tools on both the frong and back to save space.

    1. I would love this new book stand so I don’t have to keep leaning over my table to read pattens. It makes following any pattern easy!!! And, it’s the perfect color for any craft/sewing room!!!

  194. I would place it right next to my machine and use little clips to hold my pattern pages for quick reference. Portable so I could move it to my cutting table when necessary! Love it!

  195. I would use it to hold my patterns/quilt books and to hold my phone while watching tutorials. It’d also be really handy to hold my cookbooks in the kitchen!

  196. I love the size – hope we get one in the Sew Sampler box! Will be great for holding all types of patterns.

  197. I have a coral and teal studio – it would be perfect for reading patterns and books while seeing.

  198. I would use it for quilt patterns, next to my sewing machine and/or on my cutting table

  199. I would use it to prop up my tablet so I can read my pattern without having to print it out.

  200. This rack will hold my patterns as I cut and sew as my space is limited….and when I decide to cook, it will hold my recipes.

  201. To hold my cutting instructions…I am always loosing the pattern when I get to the next step of cutting

  202. This would be a multifunctional prop for me. I would use it in front of my man nine with a small design board to lay out the blocks. I would also use it at my cutting station to hold my book while cutting my pieces then when I’m finished for the day I would prop my rulers on it to keep them safe. When I’m in the mood to cross stitch I would use magnets to hold my pattern while I sew to mark where I at. More than one of these stands would really be a great idea! They are sew cute!

    1. Sorry couldn’t see as I typed, Siri changed my wording. I would use this in front of my machine with a small design wall to hold my pieces in place while I sew the block.

  203. I’d most likely use it to hold a book open or to display a pattern while I am cutting or sewing. It could also be used to hold sheet music while I am practicing guitar.

  204. Great size for a book stand. I would use it to hold current patterns and playing videos.

  205. Holding my quilt patterns and Lori’s book so I can see them easily while cutting quilt parts. Also to hold my iPad while stitching to watch flosstube and needle minders while it holds my charts and needles.

  206. I definitely would use it on my cutting table for my patterns and rulers.

  207. I am doing fillet crochet and this stand would be fantastic for holding my pattern and magnetic strips in an upright position instead of laying flat. Love to win this!

  208. What a pretty color to go in my sewing room! I would use it to support my tablet that I use while sewing and also my pattern books.

  209. Going to use mine on my quilting table. Im forever losing my quilt pattern under my stuff while I’m piecing and quilting. I definitely need a stand. When I’m not in my happy place I’m in the kitchen and I need a place to place my Cookbooks or recipe.

  210. This will be perfect for holding the iPad next to the machine while sewing. I can watch videos or use it to follow the many patterns I have saved electronically. Thanks for the chance to win.

  211. I am so excited to see this! I have a flimsy narrow plastic typing stand that I use for proping my patterns and instructions up while sewing. This is so nicely wider for a pattern book AND it’s the color of my sewing room too!!!! Lori has done it again!!!!

  212. My sewing room is so small that I have and old clip board that I prop up. Yes it keeps slipping down or falling. Ready to buy this or a design board. I could maybe use the stand with my design board. Gosh you people make it so hard to make a decision Keep up the good work. Love looking at your items for sale and dream.

  213. Such a pretty stand! I would use for both cross stitch and quilting patterns. A perfect pop of color!

  214. Holding patterns, but most of all, to hold my tablet when watching quilting video tutorials!!!!!

  215. Holding all of Lori’s books! I’ve got them all so this would be great to work my way through! Thanks

  216. This would be great for holding stitch patterns – love that it’s magnetic!

  217. I would use it for holding my Lori Holt Vintage Christmas book while I work on those projects! I could also use it for holding cross stitch patterns, since it’s metal, I can use a needle minder to hold it in place!

  218. This would be perfect for so many things. Sewing patterns and painting patterns. Love it!!

  219. This would be great to use for holding books and patterns for quilts that I am sewing.

  220. I would definitely use it for holding my patterns for quilting and other crafting projects. It would be very useful in my small sewing area.

  221. I would love to use it for quilt patterns, especially to prop up the cutting instructions so they are easy to see while cutting my fabric!

  222. For holding my quilt patterns and instructions and just cuteness in my sewing room.

  223. Love the cute bee and the gorgeous color! I will use the stand to hold quilt & cross stitch patterns, recipes, and cookbooks. I think the stand will be perfect to hold my iPad Pro in order to FaceTime with my family. 🙂

  224. I will use it to hold cross stitch and crewel patterns, as well as holding recipe cards while cooking. It’s just beautiful and so useful!

  225. I would use this stand next to my sewing machine to hold the book or pattern I am working on. I love the color of this stand. Thank you FQS for the chance to win this great prize.

  226. I already use a cookbook stand to hold my quilt books up, but Lori Holt’s is way cuter! I will use the stand when I cut out my patterns because it’s way easier to keep track of what I’m doing.