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Sew Sampler August 2022 Box Reveal

August Sew Sampler Graphic

Dream big! The August Sew Sampler box has arrived and you won’t want to miss this reveal. We hope we can enchant you to dream big with the items in your box!

Full photo showing everything included in the August Sew Sampler Box

Enchanted Emma Fat Quarter Bundle by Sherri & Chelsi for Moda Fabrics
Sew Sampler got it first! Fat Quarter Shop exclusive!

Make your sewing room bloom with this effervescent collection! We love the bright shades of blue, red, green, yellow, and gray that nature has to offer in a variety of fun floral prints, so you can’t go wrong with Emma.

Emma Collection featured in the August Sew Sampler box

Be sure to check out the full collection on our website.

Thread Gloss Ruby Grapefruit by Sew Fine
Sew Sampler got it first!

The Sew Fine Thread Gloss by Sew Fine is quite the little gem of a notion! This beeswax thread conditioner has the rich scent of grapefruit for a luxurious stitching session. Run your thread through this thread gloss for fewer knots and tangles as you bind, baste or applique!

Sew Fine Thread Gloss featured in the August Sew Sampler Box

Super Mini Shears by Tacony

These Super Mini Shears snip like a dream! These pocket-size snips easily stow away in project bags and purses for sewing on-the-go, and the bright color makes it easy to spot in a full sewing notion drawer. The sheath is attached to the handle, so it can never get lost. It truly is a dream notion come true!

Super Mini Shears Featured in the Sew Sampler Box

Quilt Tape Measure by Riley Blake Designs

Any way you measure it, the Quilt Tape Measure by Riley Blake is a great notion to keep close! Use this cute quilt-themed retractable tape measure for measuring quilt tops as well as your sewing room furniture. The bright blue markings are easy to read, and this adorable print is easy to love!

The Riley Blake Quilt Tape Measure featured in the August Sew Sampler Box

Enchanted Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop
Sew Sampler exclusive!

There is something magical about the Enchanted quilt! This Fat Quarter-friendly Sew Sampler exclusive pattern is an instant classic, no matter what fabric you use. Pair it with the Emma Fat Quarter Bundle in this month’s box for the most charming quilt!

The Enchanted Quilt Pattern exclusive to the August Sew Sampler box

2022 Block #5 Bliss Quilt Along Quilt Card Designed by Fig Tree Quilts
Sew Sampler got it first!

Collect all twelve of the Bliss Quilt Block Patterns, plus a finishing pattern with instructions for putting them all together! We even have a special Bliss Quilt Kit available for these blocks.

Bliss Quilt Along Block 5

Share your blocks with us on social media with #BlissQuiltAlong!


  1. I feel like the image was very misleading with the butterflies…The box was nice, but a little salty about spending a few hours looking for fabric that didn’t exist as the image showed. Not sure if it was a previous drawing that was changed, or intentional to throw us off.

    1. I dont think it was misleading. It really is just a fun activity that gets you looking at fabric. It really doesnt make any difference. I love the SSB. This month’s fabric is awesome. Dont you think?

    2. We walk a fine line between giving too much away (which would upset some) and providing something of substance.

      The drawing was comprised of the colors of the fabrics and inspired by some of the visual elements therein. The hint to “Follow your dreams” alludes to the fabric collection name, Enchanted.

      I hope you love what’s in your box! Thanks for being a Sew Sampler member.

    3. Not sure where you see butterflies but you should have received 6 beautiful color coordinated fat quarters. If you did not receive any fabric at all – make sure your box has “Sew Sampler Monthly Subscription Quilting Box”. It’s terrific!

  2. Wow! Just received my 1st Sew Sampler box. What a thrill to have fabrics already picked out, coordinated, and exclusive!!!! Was very glad to have a small ditty written out explaining each product too! Love FQS videos, store, and your pick of fabrics lines. I will stop there as I am sure you have heard it all before.
    Thanks for letting me live the dream!!

    1. The SS BOX was great! I don’t know why people use this to air grievances so know that I for one love it. The tiny scissors are adorable!

    2. If you look at the cover image of this post, or on the Sew Sampler hint there were butterflies. Otherwise it was very clearly Sherri and Chelsi’s Emma.

  3. Anytime I receive a beeswax thread conditioner, I’m a happy camper. The grapefruit scent is so nice. Thanks FQS for another wonderful box.

  4. Love the fabric. Always excited about the next fig tree block. I am beginning to feel like enough thread conditioner pins and seam rippers, etc. Im beginning to feel like a collector of gadgets that as a long time quilter I already have enough of. Would rather have value in fabric. Fabric seems more useful to me.

    1. If your more interested in fabric they have some wonderful monthly subscriptions that are just fabric instead of the the other stuff ( bees wax, thread, etc) that you may be more interested in then the sew sampler

    2. I like that we Did Not get another metal charm. I see no use for them.
      Love the products in the boxes except the charms.

      1. I loved everything in it! I enjoy getting new notions that I may have never tried. Thank you fir another great box!!

    3. I have been sewing most of my life – I keep 3 different notion boxes (1 home, 1 travel & 1 for granddaughter). Any duplicates after that I pay forward and donate to women I sew donation projects with at Church, to local women shelter groups or to a neighbor. Count your blessings! There is also a discount code on back of the large Sew Sampler papers to purchase fabric & quilt designs. Definitely receive products worth more than what you paid. It’s terrific!

  5. Dear FQS:
    I sure liked this month’s SSB! Everything was very nice and a very good quality. Thanks FQS!

  6. Always look forward to receiving my SSB. My favorite item 🤭 the quilty tape measure. Thank you FQS.

  7. Love this box. I loved the fabric especially that they were fat quarters. O especially loved the tape measure. Now i have one to claim that hubby won’t use. Lol
    Ive been quilting for 30 years and have lots of notions. But each box brings a new notion that i dont have. It’s exciting to see new fabric lines and new products

  8. I really like the box. It is like Christmas every month. I love surprises. When there is something I dont really have a use for, which is rare , I give it to one of my grandchildren and they always love it. Thank you FQS for all you do. God Bless everyone who helps FQS a success. Have a wonderful day!!!!!

  9. I really love the box and everything in it. The fabric is so beautiful and I really will use the tape measure. How clever. Thanks Fat Quarter Shop. I so appreciate the joy you give us every month.

  10. I Love the Sew Sampler boxes! i wait for them every month! it’s such a surprise not knowing what’s in them, it’s like a gift each month! i Love F Q S! their my Fav!

  11. I love these boxes. It provides me samples of creators and fabric lines I may not have selected while shopping. I appreciate all FQS does both for the end-user and the communities/organizations as a whole.

  12. I loved this box! The fabric is gorgeous and I can’t wait to make the quilt! The notions were all really useful too (especially the tape measure!) I also loved the little scissors to keep on my ironing board for when I find a stray thread.

  13. Luv this box…i always look forward to the notions. The tape measure was awesome…and of couse sherry n chelsie fab…so pretty.

  14. What a great box! I love the notions as much as the fabric every month. And I’m someone who would be thrilled to get an enamel charm every single month. Thank you so much, FQS!

  15. Enjoyed the box again this month. Love the fabric – so cheery. I always seem to be needing to measure something so another tape measure is always welcome – like “cheater” glasses – a pair or more in every room! LOL! Anything I do not think I will use, I pass along. Anticipating next months’ box now.

  16. Great box as usual. The tape measure was a cool surprise.

    Finally got the box on time after so many crazy supply issues. Don’t worry Kimberly, I know you absolutely did the best you could. It really messes with the anticipation factor when the schedule is crazy. I hope things get better.

    Thank you for all you do to put together these boxes.

    1. Love the monthly box! Look forward to getting it every month. Useful notions and beautiful fabrics! I’ve received fabrics that I probably wouldn’t usually choose and have been pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed them! Keep up the good work FQS. Great value in your boxes. Also, I do enjoy getting charms and the such. I use them for zipper pulls for project bags giving them that extra special touch. Already excited for next month!

  17. Gotta say I loved the scissors as I already have a pair and they’re great and small enough to place in an Altoids tin.
    The measuring tape is a bonus, perfect for when I’m shopping for other items like furniture and I like that it’s a more ‘girly’ tape measure than using my husband’s masculine tape.
    As always the pattern/card is overvalued/priced.
    And the ‘Sew Fine Thread Gloss’ is yet another overvalued item.
    Loving the fabric, but not my color palette. I prefer soft or muted colorways.

  18. I loved everything in my
    box. I don’t think I’ve ever seen scissors so small and cute and the tape measure I loved that too. Thank you

    Irene k

  19. This is my first subscription box and I’m new to sewing/quilting. It was a very nice box. The presentation shows that the FQS takes pride in serving their clients. Keep up the amazing job.

  20. It’s always a good mail day when my sampler from FQS arrives! The fabrics are always wonderful and I find the notions unique. And, like some others, I also have decades of tools. This time, though, the Sew Fine Thread Gloss was unusable – very dry, but tacky when I warmed it running a thread through it. It wasn’t like normal beeswax (I’m also a beekeeper) and left my thread and fingers sticky. I’ve used and loved Thread Heaven and sewers beeswax for years and this stuff just wasn’t up to par. However, my box included not one, but two pairs of the cute little snips so I figure it all evened out. 🙂 Thank you for what is always a fun box!

  21. I always get excited when my sew sampler box is delivered. My husband and I are like kids Christmas morning opening the sew sampler box to see what is in it

  22. Love this box! Fabric is awesome and I’m never disappointed in my boxes. Thank you for helping to get me out of my comfort zone and explore different fabrics and patterns.

  23. I enjoy the notions. I would never buy some of them on my own and like trying new ones. I have found some great notions such as magic pins and lighted seam ripper. Thanks for another great box.

  24. i am thrilled with the august ssb. anything from sherri and chelsi is a sure winner for me. i was so excited i went to my local, if you call an hours driving local, quilt shop to get the needed fabrics to sew the quilt. only to arrive and find out the fabric was not available yet. : (

    for me, the sew sampler is the BEST sewing subscription i have seen. i have tried others off and on, but never stopped this one for about 2 years now. i am usually VERY happy with it. i enjoy getting the finishing kits and ability to make different sizes and items from some of the patterns. keep it up FQS.

  25. I find it annoying looking at all the complaints. I buy it for the variety of fabrics and notions and if I find I am getting bored I will stop buying it but so far I think it is great!

  26. I love this months box!! The fabrics are beautiful and I love the pattern! I love the anticipation of the new boxes, it’s so much fun. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop. Hugs,

  27. I thoroughly appreciate all the thought and effort that the FQS team puts into procuring these very inexpensive, delightful SSB’s! Thank you once again for another fun box. 😁

  28. This was a GREAT box. I loved everything! These boxes are my little surprises and treats for myself. I just appreciate the time and though the Fat Quarter Shop Team puts into the contents. The coupons are great as well.

  29. I lived the August box! Love getting new notions, not available in England. I don’t always like the fabric, this time a little gaudy for me, l loved Nantucket last month.
    You can’t please everyone all the time, but the little touches and patterns are well worth the value and excitement of the next box!..Thank you for choosing such lovely things. I have to say the rulers are my favourite 😍.

  30. I cannot think of anything more fun than receiving my Sew Sampler box each month! Every box has something fun, something new to me, and fabric I adore! Thank you, FQS, for making my Sew Sampler day so special!

  31. I’m fairly new to SSB. Love the items and especially the tape measure this month. I have a new long arm and the tape is with the notions I keep near the machine so I don’t have to run all over studio finding what I need. 👌❤️

  32. This was my first Sew Sampler Box after taking a break and loved it. The day I got it I was binding the Cat-O-Lantern wall hanging from last year and used the grapefruit thread conditioner. Loved it! I always feel when the box comes it’s like a fun surprise just for me.

  33. Was very happy to receive the Riley Blake tape measure. Using it is not so happy. I tested it, of course, and the next day was wondering where I got a cut on my finger. I let a friend use it and she got cuts on her fingers. She noticed her cuts right away. Use extreme CAUTION with this tape measure!

  34. I loved everything in the Sampler box – especially the cute little scissors, beautiful fabric and the tape measure! My tape measures always seem to end up in my husband’s work shop! He won’t be able to mix this one in with his tools! LOL. Thank you FQS!

  35. This is my first SSB and enjoyed the bright cheery fabrics and notions. My only problem I have is having the quilt top completed before the next box arrives. If not, I will have plenty of time when winter arrives. My plan is if I am not excited with the fabric selection, I would continue with the project and donate the quilt. Our local volunteer fire department and EMS has an annual fish fry and silent auction. I am sure they would appreciate a quilt to auction off to help offset costs of their equipment and/or supplies.

  36. They’re clearly flowers… Pink/red and white on the same fabric. I can see how one would think they’re butterflies, but the stems gave it away for me.