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Sail Away With 2021 FQS Stitch May-Nia 2021!

This year has sailed by sew quickly, and with May just down the riverbend…it’s time to set sail for our annual FQS Stitch May-nia!

In 2015, Stitch Maynia was started as a Facebook Group by Garrett Kilgore (aka Coffeestitcher on Flosstube) and Katy Agruso (aka The Stash Queen on Flosstube). Kimberly loved this idea, and we began our own annual stitch-a-thon of sorts, called FQS Stitch May-nia! Kimberly has put her own twist on this month-long event, by stitching bigger projects and breaking them up during the month of May. She’s planning to start on a total of 9 projects for the 31 days in May! Get your needles ready and pull those WIPs out of hiding…and let’s get to stitching!

FQS Stitch May-nia begins May 1 and will carry on through May 31st! To kick of FQS Stitch May-nia… we wanted to give you a little surprise. Kimberly will begin her list of projects with our new and exclusive mystery pattern series, Sail Away! Each week we will reveal a new section of this whimsical pattern, hopefully tiding over your summer ocean cravings!

Sail Away

Designed and stitched with mystery and a current of creativity, the Sail Away Downloadable PDF Cross Stitch Pattern Series will transport you to distant waters and lands. Kimberly will be stitching this pattern through May!

Sail Away pattern is a 5-part downloadable PDF pattern series beginning April 30. After you sign up, you’ll receive a new pattern each week via email in time to finish by the end of the month. If you join us for Sail Away, you’ll be anchored with a boatload of nautical niceties that will make you feel like you’re stitching at sea in the bright summer sun.

If you order your Sail Away Cross Stitch Pattern before April 30, you will receive your Sail Away Supply List immediately, and all of your patterns will be delivered via email every Friday in May. If you order after April 30, we will add your first pattern release to your FQS account along with the supply list and email you each pattern after.

Sail Away Supplies

We’re sew excited to offer some bonus supplies for your to choose from when stitching up Sail Away! Sign up to receive your patterns, pick your floss, and purchase your cloth.

Don’t go mad for Stitch May-nia, keep yourself organized! We created a FREE downloadable calendar so you can jot down the details for each project you plan to stitch. This is such a great way to keep track of progress and it will keep you accountable. If you want to organize each project, then we recommend you pick up a copy of our Cross Stitch Journal. The Cross Stitch Journal allows you to record every detail for every cross stitch project, such as pattern, designer, time spent and floss and cloth used.

More Cross Stitch Patterns

We hope that you are inspired and motivated to “stitch” into action this coming May 1st! We can’t wait to see what you all are doing. If you’d like more options to stitch up, you can check out our Cross Stitch Patterns page, and see what Kimberly will be working on check out our FQS Stitch May-nia Page. Kimberly will be stitching along each week and showing her progress every Wednesday at 9 A.M. on the Fat Quarter Shop FlossTube. Please share tips on organizing, progress photos, and any struggles you might have. We are in FQS Stitch May-nia together! Kimberly can’t wait to get started.

Share your progress with us by using #FQSStitchMaynia

You’ll also want to keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to tag us @fqsxstitch so we can see and share your work!

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  1. Thanks for putting this together! I have participated in the Christmas and Halloween mystery stitch along and loved them both. This one falls right near my birthday, May, 2nd and will be a gift to myself for my birthday. SO EXCITED!

  2. Would you be willing to put Kimberly’s filled out May calendar for May-nia? It would help me have a guide for handling this many projects…. My first mania and this would really help. Thank you

  3. I hope this is an appropriate place to post a question for the Sail Away Stitch Along. I purchased the 18 x 25-inch Aida fabric. Do I use it whole or trim it smaller? Just zig-zag edges on the sewing machine? (I’m a quilted and have never counted cross stitched. Should I hold this and start smaller?)

    Thank you!

  4. Hi, I haven’t cross stitched in a long time, so my question is, does the pattern go landscape or portrait since the cloth is long not sure which way to start, and do you use a hoop or a scroll frame? For some reason I am a bit clumsy holding the cloth and trying to stitch. Thank you

  5. Would this be an appropriate project for a beginner or someone who hasn’t cross stitched for years? Would love to start cross stitching again just not sure if this would be too complicated.