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Plume by Tula Pink for Moda Fabrics

Plume blew in like a bullet of sunbeams here at the Shop. We so needed a beautiful burst of Tula Pink after so many, many dreary days. The colors are what get me. Always bright and saturated, artistic and unexpected, and just a dose of what my mood needs. And it’s like, yeah, uh huh, Tula Pink is back to rock your world. Plume is a full-on avian adventure — you can get lost in the billows and feathers, and there is an air of mystique in those beautiful keys dangling from the treetops — what magic do they unlock? But I digress…here’s TP!

Hey Kids! I can’t believe I am here again! Already! I have barely had time to recover from Hushabye but here we are. Another season and another flock of fabrics. I am here this time with Plume, my newest baby, fresh off the press from Moda Fabrics. I know what you’re thinking, birds again? Yes, birds again but these birds are even more magical than before. I was going for an old school feel with a lot of the detail and depth that is found in historic prints but hopefully I’ve brought a little candy colored edge to it too.

When I set out to design Plume I was trying to make something a little more organic. I am typically a great lover of order in my work. I strive for the perfect line and absolute precision. This time I tried letting that go (a little bit) and allowed the images to emerge from my pencil with more fluidity and less structure. It’s still there but I consider it an evolution of sorts.

I’ve been at this fabric design thing for a few years now and it just keeps getting harder, better but harder. It’s harder because I am always setting out to stretch the limits of what I know I can do and force myself to do more. Its better because by pushing myself I tend surprise myself. Every time I sit down to draw I am thinking about you, the sewers, crafters and fabric lovers (I am one too). Plume was designed as a conduit between my vision and yours. The funny thing about creating a raw material is that when my process is complete, yours has just begun. So take Plume as an offering from me to you. I hope it inspires you to create something beautiful, something that you can love and enjoy as much as I did making it.

Your devoted designer,
Tula Pink