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Park City Girl Giveaway

Have you met Amy a.k.a. Park City Girl yet?

We “met” her when she first began the Blogger’s Quilt Festival last spring! We thought it was such a cool idea when she e-mailed — to alleviate some of that quilt-ish envy Quilt Market & Festival inspire twice a year, Amy created a quilt show for the online quilter’s community. And wowee, it worked! The Fall 2009 Blogger’s Quilt Festival had over 600 participants!

Besides her genius Blogger Quilt Festival, Amy also writes about her life, crafty outlets (quilting and otherwise), and posts crafty interviews and tutorials as well!

We are now a proud sponsor of her blog, and today through Monday Amy is hosting a Fat Quarter Shop-sponsored giveaway for Chirp Fat Quarter Bundles!

Go visit her blog and follow, even! And good luck!


  1. Wasn't the Fall Festival wonderful? I always enjoy photos of Quilt Market but Amy's Festival of quilts is something that "the rest of us" can actually participate in.

    And the ideas – oh my word – WONDERFUL !!

  2. I'm new to blogging … and to quilting for that matter, only starting 12 months ago. I've enjoyed following your blog but find it frustrating. There's so much to gain inspiration from but being from a country area in Australia it's difficult to obtain the patterns and fabrics you display and talk about. So … we're coming to America and I'm looking forward to bringing home a suitcase full of fabric and patterns not available at home.

  3. Special appreciation for highlighting Amy. Her site is full of valuable info. We can certainly count on you for sharing your knowlege and guests.
    blessings madame samm