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1895 Hoffman Batiks – A Love Affair…

Due to popular, popular demand, we now carry a rainbow of Hoffman’s 1895 batik fabrics at Fat Quarter Shop as a regular staple. You can find them under our Basics category and Batiks category on our left hand sidebar. Cheryl, who happens to heart batiks, is going to be your FQS shop guide for today’s post!

I can’t really say when my love affair with batiks began, but I truly LOVE batiks! Now I find myself surrounded with the most gorgeous batik fabrics in a myriad of colors! Where do I begin—color me happy! We have recently added to our inventory, and now I’m like a kid in a candy shop (I was before, but now there are more temptations)! As I begin to count, we now have here in the Fat Quarter Shop over 90 different colors in the fabulous Hoffman 1895 watercolor batiks.

These spectacular watercolor Bali prints are the consummate basics line — perfect for blending with other batiks, or, of course standing alone. What is even more wonderful — if you buy an entire bolt from Fat Quarter Shop, you will receive 20% off of that item! We have 24 more colors coming next month, so prepare to be dazzled! No one does batiks better than Hoffman, and now with all those incredible choices I can find literally any color I want.

Take a virtual stroll with me down the aisles in the batik section of the Fat Quarter Shop. The first things to catch my attention are the 1895 fat quarter bundles—six different colorway bundles, each more gorgeous than the last. Just looking at the names of the bundles makes my heart race. Emerald, strawberry, amethyst, sunshine, cancun and toast. I know that with just a moment of reflecting on those color names, your pulse is a little accelerated, too!

Maybe I can’t purchase all 90 + colors today, but believe me, I have more than a few at home in my stash just waiting to come alive. And we will continue to offer the ultimate in Hoffman 1895 batiks for your (and my!) projects. If there were only more time…..!

Cheryl Cohorn
Fat Quarter Shop


  1. I love the look of batiks but I'm not sure how to use them in my quilts. Are they best used with other batiks or can they be used as I would use any other solid amidst various prints?

  2. I love that Hoffman –Suhshine, even if it were in yhe middle of blazing hot summer, we Texas aren't used to snow for more than 2 hrs at a time . the entire blog is yummy…