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Patchwork Seasons – Evergreen

It’s time to trim the tree with our newest pattern, Evergreen Patchwork Seasons! Last quarter, I stitched up Foxtastic Patchwork Seasons, and I’m excited to stitch our newest release in this seasonally-themed cross stitch series.

All the patterns in the Patchwork Seasons series are available as downloadable PDFs, so you can click, print, and stitch! Read on for details on this merry pattern, and what you’ll need to get started.

Evergreen Patchwork Seasons captures the magic of Christmas. This sample was stitched using the Evergreen Patchwork Seasons NPI Thread pack.

Priscilla Blain of The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch put the finishing touches on this piece with some Stitching Housewives Stripes Red and White Yardage (SKU# 9826-88) and a Hampton Art 12” x 16” Wood Panel. Now it’s ready to hang by the fireplace.

To stitch this patchwork Christmas tree, you will need:

My Color Conversions

These are all of my floss color conversions for Evergreen Patchwork Seasons. You guys know how I like to swap out floss colors on certain projects, so I wanted to share that information on the blog as well in case any of you want to stitch Evergreen like me! Also – (Surprise, I switched my fabrics too!) I’m stitching on White Petit Point on Grey 18 Count Aida by Zweigart.

ColorKimberly’s Choice
Red – DMC 817 NPI 992
Light Yellow – DMC 3822 NPI 432
Dark Yellow – DMC 3820 NPI 433
Light Green – DMC 703 NPI 942
Medium Green – DMC 702 NPI 945
Dark Green – DMC 909 NPI 502
Light Brown – DMC 3781 NPI 963
Dark Brown – DMC 3790 NPI 981
This is a snapshot of my Evergreen Patchwork Seasons kitted up with my floss and fabric changes!

You can find both of the original DMC and NPI conversions in the Patchwork Seasons Evergreen product description on our website.

Stitch with me!

If you stitch this design, I hope you’ll share it with #FQSPatchworkSeasons on social media. And join me next year in March for a new Patchwork Seasons pattern release!

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Happy Stitching!


  1. Could you please make this into a quilt pattern for sir those of us who don’t do needle work?

    1. Hi Debra! That’s a great idea, and we’ll take that into account for the next Patchwork Seasons pattern that we release.

  2. The NPI color conversions for the Patchwork evergreen don’t match the listed description.

    1. Hi Rebecca! That is because the NPI conversions on Kimberly’s chart is for Kimberly’s DMC to NPI conversions for the different version that she is stitching up. If you would like the Evergreen Patchwork Seasons DMC thread pack to the Evergreen Patchwork Seasons NPI selections, you can find them on the Evergreen Patchwork Seasons Pattern and on the Evergreen Patchwork Seasons Pattern Product Page on our website, it is listed on the product page’s description!

    1. Hi Denise! The DMC equivalent colors are listed on the left-hand side of Kimberly’s Evergreen Patchwork Seasons DMC to NPI color conversion chart.

  3. I am a quilter and I really like the darker backgrounds. When you design your quilt alongside you might use a background like this chalkboard black.

  4. I’m sorry, but I don’t see yellow in Kimberly’s NPI conversion. I too would like the DMC equivalent. The DMC numbers to the left don’t seem to match. I don’t see the lightish or darkish pinks Am I missing something? Thank you much, Diane