Organize Your Sewing Supplies with a Beautiful Quilt Block Tray

Organize Your Sewing Supplies with a Beautiful Quilt Block Tray

If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to organize your sewing supplies, look no further than this DIY tray! This beautiful quilt block tray serves as a catch-all to keep your essential sewing supplies in one convenient place. Follow the step-by-step tutorial below to make one of your own!

This delightful project is practical and a great way to put your extra quilt blocks to good use. Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or just looking to add a touch of handmade flair to your sewing room, you can join us as we transform a few simple materials into a charming sewing tray that puts the “fun” in functional.


Quilt Tray Supplies:

We made our quilt block and additional borders with Peachy Keen by Corey Yoder for Moda Fabrics and it couldn’t be cuter!

Our Quilt Block Supplies:

How to Make a Quilt Block Tray

1. Measure the dimensions of the inside bottom of your acrylic tray and determine if your block is smaller or larger than your tray bottom. This is when you would add borders or select a larger block for folding around the mounting board if needed.

We added 1.5″ strips to ours to fill the extra space and allow us to secure the fabric to the back of the sticky board.

2. Using your previous measurement of your tray bottom, cut the self-stick mounting board to fit. This will be how you attach the quilt block to the tray bottom.

3. Peel off the backing from the self-stick mounting board and carefully center the quilt block on the non-stick side of the board. Press down firmly to secure it in place.

4. Next, fold the edges of your quilt block over to the back. Press down firmly to secure it in place.

5. Slide the quilt block with the mounting board into the acrylic tray and press firmly down. It should fit snugly, creating a clean and finished look.

Now it’s time to add your sewing supplies! Once the quilt block is securely in place, it’s time to fill your tray with all your odds and ends. Organize your thread spools, buttons, needles, scissors, and any other sewing supplies you want to keep within reach.

Giveaways – CLOSED

Congratulations to Jean Kearney our Layer Cake Giveaway winner!

And now for a giveaway! Here’s your chance to win a Peachy Keen Layer Cake! To enter, leave a comment below telling us the quilt block that you would want to turn into a sewing room tray.

  • Leave a comment on THIS post to enter
  • The giveaway ends on October 16, 2023, at 11:59 CST
  • One winner will be chosen at random on October 17, 2023
  • Open to all – both US and international
  • We will notify the winner by email and update this post

We’re sharing this quilt tray tutorial as part of this year’s Autumn Jubilee hosted by Carole of From My Carolina Home! You can find more details about this special month-long event in her Autumn Jubilee Kick Off and by visiting her on Facebook. She’s giving away a $50 Fat Quarter Shop Gift Card today, so don’t miss the chance to check out her blog!

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Happy sewing!

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    1. I would make an Irish Chain or a Nine Patch depending on the size of my tray. Thanks so much for the chance to when this yummy Peachy Keen Layer Cake!!!

        1. I would use some of my extra LOG CABIN SQUARES to make a 💜 heart. Good idea and easy to show my Granddaughter HOW TO DESIGN and REPURPOSE. Thanks Cythia Jackson

      1. Thanks for the chance to win peachy keen layer cake…it is beautiful! Love this tutorial and thinking I will make a Christmas Star block for the tray.

        1. Hi Jean! You’re our giveaway winner! Please check for inbox for an email from me and reply with your address, so I can get your layer cake sent out soon! 🙂

      2. I would make a Ohio Star and another one a Irish Chain!
        I was born in Ohio and I’m 3/4 Irish! This way I can rotate them!

      1. What a great way to use up orphan blocks. Always looking for better ways and new ideas to organize my sewing room. Thank you ❤️

      1. I would make a 9 patch like in the video! It is a pattern I have always wanted to try. Great idea with the tray! Thanks.

      1. I guess that I will be running out to get a tray and self stick board tomorrow. This looks terrific. I think that my granddaughters will love making one too.

    2. Sew inspirational! I can’t wait to purchase some tables. I plan to make scrapy 🐈‍⬛ cat spiral for friends. Then a “Sail” ⛵️ square from my nantucket scraps to match my sewciables 2 quilt for me ❤️

  1. This would make a pretty gift for family or friends who don’t quilt but appreciate them. A tray is always useful.

  2. Such a great idea! I would use the 9 patch block as it is my favorite. This is a great thing to take to a retreat to help keep your table organized.

  3. What a fun idea! I think I would make seasonal trays because I don’t think I could only make one! Peachy Keen would be cute with a pumpkin block. But would look pretty with a flower for Spring time!

      1. I would use my crazy heart pattern for my tray. I love hearts and it is my signature on all my quilted things. Hearts are in the fabric, quilting or pattern. That way friends know it came from me.

  4. Such a cute idea. I think one of the heart blocks from the Heartfelt Charity quilt would be perfect for a tray.

  5. This is an easy question for me, I would make my favorite block the log cabin! Such a great idea. We all love pretty things in our sewing rooms.

  6. This is such a great idea!
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    I plan to use a Square in a Square block for my project and yes I plan on using foundation paper.

  7. I would have to make a few of these so I could change them out for the seasons. A flower block, a pumpkin block and a tree block to start out. I see using this tray as a landing spot for my wallet and keys!

  8. I’m either going to do Court house steps or the new vintage border block from this morning’s YouTube video

  9. I would use the Ohio Star bock for my tray base. I like this idea. I also love Peachy Keen line of fabrics. So pretty.

  10. Such a good idea! I think it would be fun to make it where you could change out the quilt block for the seasons. Very functional too!

  11. I would use the double nine patch quilt block. I have never quilted but this looks like a pattern I could make and I really like the tray idea.

  12. This is a cute idea for me to add color to my sewing space but also to give to a friend who has a birthday in December. I would like to make a churn dash block for me and the nine patch for my friend. I would like to win the giveaway. These fabrics are so fresh, they remind me of spring.

  13. I def would have to put a block from oh happy days book. But I think doing seasonal ones would be great. I love the idea of having several to hold my blocks as I go instead of keeping them on my design boards.

  14. I love your idea of making this sweet little tray! It would also make a nice gift for a sewing friend. I love to make star blocks so I would probably put that inside of my tray 🙂

  15. What a cute idea to corral all those quilting neccessities! I would use a log cabin block in some fresh modern fabrics.

  16. Superb idea! I’d make a Sawtooth Star block or possibly a large spool block (like the ones featured in Lori Holt’s “Sew Scrappy Spools” quilt).

  17. I have some extra blocks from Corey Yoder’s Beautiful Day BOM that I put together. Can’t wait to use one of them for this! Great gift idea!

  18. I love this idea, but I think I would finish and bind my 12″ block and just put it in the tray without any adhesive. Because of the size, it shouldn’t move around and then I can change out the block whenever I want to something different, or just to wash it.

  19. Love this idea. I’m going to use a paper piece letter pattern to give “monogrammed” gifts this holiday!

  20. How cute is this! So many quilt blocks to choose from, but I think I would make a Friendship Star block as a reminder of the many firenships I have made thru quilting.

  21. I have some random hexagon epp flowers that I would use. This is a nice size project for more labor intensive blocks.

  22. I am partial to the Bear Paw blocks. What a cute way to keep larger, frequently used tools nearby. Thanks for this inspiring tutorial.

  23. I love this idea! I’m definitely needing something to keep my tools handy in my small space. I love the double nine-patch and will be using it for mine!

  24. There are so many block styles that could be made for this type of tray. I would change the bottom for the seasons or just because. Thank you for sharing this idea.

  25. What a great idea! I’d use a friendship star block for this, it’s my favourite block and would make me happy each time I looked at it! I think I’ll have to make a couple of these, one for quilting and one for cross stitch!

  26. This would be a cute gift for the women in your family for Christmas filled with bath products or any item of your choosing. Secure the back of the sticky board with washy tape. Make extra boards they could replace on their birthday or other holidays. It would be the gift that keeps on giving.

  27. I forgot to mention that I don’t have a favorite block so I didn’t mention one. Good luck to the winner.

  28. I would do a Sunny Sawtooth Star from Corey Yoder’s Sunny Patches BOM QAL. I just love her Peachy Keen fabrics!

  29. I am making nine patch scrappy block now so would use one of them. Going to make some for Christmas exchange gifts for my quilt quild

  30. I would do a 9 patch with friendship blocks, but there are so many blocks that would do well in the tray to add color to a sewing rooms decor.

  31. This is adorable! What a great gift idea for my quilting sisters! A big, beautiful Ohio star with warm, Autumn shades would be beautiful in this tray.

  32. I would use a star pattern as stars are my favorite! I love this project! Bet it would make great Christmas or Retreat gifts.

  33. Love this idea for myself and perfect for my quilt retreat buddies! I have some appliqué blocks and a few vintage blocks that would be perfect. Thank you for the instructions.

  34. What a cute idea! I’m thinking patchwork or pinwheel would be on top of my list. Changing it out with the seasons would a great idea too.

  35. Peach is my favorite flavor and one of my favorite colors! I’d like to make a Lemoyne Star for my tray.

  36. This is a great idea. I have used the mounting board and think this would be a wonderful product. I think that I would like to put an Ohio Star – large enough to fit inside the tray. Wonderful idea ! Thank you

  37. Oh my, this is so beautiful!
    I would make this bloc, the double nine patch.
    or maybe a mini Irish Chain to fit.
    I love this idea so much. I keep losing my scissors and rotary
    on my cutting table — well, because I have a pile of fabrics
    Thankyou so much for this lovely give away

  38. Love this idea a lot! I would choose a pieced basket block, or 4 small pieced baskets, depending on the size of tray. Thanks for the inspiration. Might need to make seasonal trays, monthly trays, or …. so many ideas! This would make great hostess gifts. Pumpkins for Thanksgiving ….

  39. My favorite quilt block is Swoon by Camille Roskelly. Will have to make sure I get a tray that will work. Such a great idea! Thanks!

  40. I love any and all star blocks! These are so practical!! I sew in my RV, this would be so handy to help keep neat and organized! Thanks for this tutorial!

  41. Great project! I would use 2.5” squares and fill the bottom with them especially with the Peachy keen fabric

  42. What a fun idea! I hadn’t thought about using mounting boards. I haven’t cross stitched in a very long time.

  43. I have a tray that I currently use for quilting projects and this would really dress it up! My pattern choice is a toss up between the Moda Love 12×12 block or an Orange Peel. (Sherri McConnell has an Orange Peel tutorial that would be a new challenge for me!)

  44. Love, love, love this idea. I would make a churn dash block.
    My brain is churning with ideas of changing out the block each month. Maybe I could drill four small holes in the bottom corners to push the block out and replace with another. Time to do some shopping.

  45. Such a beautiful, useful and clever idea. I think I would make one for myself with a scrappy carpenters star block first to “practice”. Then I will ask a couple of my quilting friends what their favorite block is and make these as Christmas gifts.

    1. I would do a fpp of something. A paper airplane block, a hot air balloon block, a boat, a cat….ooorrrr a New York beauty…

  46. I would do a fpp of something. A paper airplane block, a hot air Ballon block, a boat, a cat….ooorrrr a New York beauty…

  47. I love the log cabin block and know it would showcase all of those beautiful prints. Thanks for sharing so much!

  48. I think I’d make a cute camper block to match my sewing machine cover that’s… guessed it! A vintage camper. Could I figure out a way to make it removable? Hmmm… Seasonal…

  49. I really like this and cannot wait to make one or two!!! I can use this tray for more than just my precious quilt tools! Thank you so much for this tutorial!

  50. I always love star blocks. I’d find one of my favorites and make a couple. One for my sewing room and one for my cross stitch chair. Love the idea! Thank you!

  51. Lil’ Bit, aka my cat and sewing buddy, is always pushing sewing notions that I am using, on the floor. The tray idea would certainly make it harder for her and save my back. This is a must do project. I am positive the block will have both cat fabric and a block with a cat.

  52. I’m loving this idea! What a great way to keep all my tools together that seem to have legs and disappear! Lol

  53. I’m loving this idea! What a great way to keep all my tools together that seem to have legs and disappear! Lol

  54. I would love to make nine patch and I bought the tray already 12×12. I hope to win the fabric. Fingers crossed and praying desperately. 😊🤲

  55. I would have to make a hexagon log cabin as I do a lot of hexie EPP and that would be the perfect place to keep everything!

  56. I love a small, easy, beautiful project that I can actually use! This one checks all the boxes. I’d probably do an exploding heart pattern. It sure would be fun to win the fabric!

  57. Love this cute idea. I just organized my stash today and realized that I have way more scraps than I thought, so I would definitely make a scrappy block that I recently downloaded.

  58. Love the idea of this tray. Nine patch, log cabin, or courthouse steps would be cool too. The fabric is beautiful, makes you think of spring.

  59. I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing! I would make some mini stripy spools – they would look so cute in the base of a tray.

  60. Hi, my name is Mary and I am a scrapaholic. I would like to make these for my friends as Christmas gifts. Using fun scrap blocks would be so fun. Also, great use of those extra blocks or orphans! Thanks

  61. I would do a sewing motif applique block for my tray. This is really a cute idea.

    Just to amp it up a little, I want to get dome foam board from the dollarstore to cut into strips to match length and height – cover in compliment solid and use as dividers in the tray…

  62. What a cute idea! You just gave the answer to my sister Christmas gifts! I’ll most likely use a churn dash block to start but I have four sisters so might dig through my orphan block box to see what’s there. Thanks for the idea! I appreciate that you are so generous with your free ideas and patterns! Thanks!

  63. Great idea! I would use a Churn Dash block. The Churn Dash was the first block I made after learning how to make an HST many years ago and is still a favorite.

  64. What a great way to showcase some of my favorite fabric collections in a Moda quilt block 11 “Blooming Heart”.

  65. Such a lovely and practical idea! I need to go back and read the instructions through more carefully—it would be fun to switch out the mounting board and quilt block either seasonally or to coordinate with the fabric being used at the time.

  66. I’d love to do the wedding ring quilt square as a tray. This was gifted to my husband and I 25 years ago on our wedding from my mother in law. I still cherish it.

  67. I want ALL my supplies at hand. Alas, that’s not possible. This is a cute way to force me to edit my at hand supplies. Log cabin to use a lot of these luscious fabrics.

  68. What a great idea. I think I will be making these for my quilt buddies for Christmas. Thanks I might try an Ohio Star

  69. I love this idea!! I have the perfect gray to use and I’m leaning towards making an extra Moda Blockheads 5, block 5. I have the Blueberry Delight Fat Quarter bundle arriving today and I think that will be perfect!

  70. I would love to use one inch hexies in a flower shape surrounded with soft pastels in hexie shapes. EPP. Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. I love the Log Cabin block, my grandmothers fav. Love the sewing tray idea to keep sewing supplies. Thankyou.

  72. I would make flying geese! They are fun to make and appropriate this time of year when birds (geese) are flying south. Love the idea 😊

  73. How pretty! I think I’d make Geese on the Pond block for mine. The colors in the Peachy Keen collection would match my sewing room perfectly. I think I’d make a few of these trays.

    1. I’m really liking the “Broken Dishes” quilt block and looking forward to making my first block from the Peachy Keen collection for this great idea of a tray! Then making a quilt with the remaining pieces of this beautiful layer cake!

  74. Cute idea! I would do a star block in seasonal colors to switch out throughout the year. Thanks for the inspiration.

  75. The Irish chain block will be my first choice. Because of the different colors I started in that quote when the coronavirus started. Have yet to finish it maybe that would be an inspiration to complete it.

  76. What a cute idea! This could be done for all kinds of decorating…holidays, dress up your kitchen, or match the decor in your living room or bedroom.
    And I LOVE the Peachy Keen fabrics!

  77. I love this! A pretty way to transfer hand stitching from sewing room to family room to watch TV in the evening.

  78. This is such a cute and useful project. I think I would do an Ohio star block. That Peachy Keen fabric is so sweet.

  79. I have a lot of orphan blocks. This would be a great project for different sized trays. Make several for different types of tools/notions. Thanks for the tutorial! And this fabric is beautiful! I’d love to win it!!

  80. What a great idea to keep me organized while moving my fabrics and supplies from room to room. It is certainly a way to keep a current project together also! Love that Peachy Keen line with it….the colors look so classy.

  81. I would make a log cabin block. It would be easy to size up or down. I think I would also layer a piece of firm clear plastic on top of the quilt block.

  82. I will use one of Lori’s sewing machine blocks! I’ve already ordered my tray! Thanks, FQS, for the great idea!

  83. Boy picking just 1 block would be so tough….so will have to make a few trays to use.
    Seven sisters, snails trail, sawtooth stars (maybe even a star inside a star?), Scotty dog has had my attention lately.

  84. Love this idea! I think I would do some type of star block or an Irish chain block. Would love to do it in the peachy keen fabric!

  85. I have an old crazy quilt square with beautiful handwork. It was a wonderful surprise at the bottom of a box lot I purchased at an auction. I have been waiting for inspiration. The quilt square tray is a perfect way to display the piece. Thank you for the great idea.

  86. I would use the Double Nine Patch (and FQS pattern…I used it to make a quilt for my step daughter) or the Ohio Star block. Both would look great in a tray like this. Thanks for another great project

  87. I have always liked the pinwheel along with a nine patch. Love the fabric and Cory’s choice of colors. There beautiful!

  88. Thank you for this idea. There are so many blocks I would make an Irish Chain,
    Star Block, Flower, Nine Patch. Love this.

  89. Hey Kimberly! I think I’d make the Road to Oklahoma block for my tray. We just retired and moved back to Oklahoma, so I think it would be a very nice addition to my quilting studio or even on my kitchen island! Thanks so much for your great blog and videos! All are wonderful! . . . Cindy

  90. Thanks for such a darling idea to use my orphan quilt blocks. I am going to try this soon as my shoulder surgery allows me to.

  91. What a great quilt project! Thanks for the tutorial. I would use some sort of star block. They are my favorite. Any block pattern would look great though. I’m definitely going to be making one of these of these soon.

  92. So many choices for a block! I would probably do a Nine patch block for my first tray and then dive into my “parked blocks” and use some of them (if I have a leftover block or a sample block that I do not use; I “park” it for later use). LOVE the Peachy Keen fabric line. Beautiful colors to work on during gloomy winter days.

  93. Star within a star is a favorite of mine. I will be making several of these trays for Christmas gifts. Thank you for the brilliant idea.

  94. What a cute idea! I also would use the 9 patch block with lots of lighter colors so my items on the tray will stand out.

  95. Such a brilliant idea!!! Love the peachy keen line of fabric. So many fun ideas for this quilt tray. Let your imagination soar!

  96. This is so adorable! I can see it sitting next to my machine holding all of my sewing goodies! Sew stinkin’ cute!

  97. This is absolutely adorable! I think any block would look amazing! I am thinking this project would make great gifts. I would probably try alternating flying geese to start becauseI have never done that in a block before. I can not wait to begin this project!

  98. Love this idea! It would be fun to make various blocks in seasonal fabrics and switch them out depending on the time of year

  99. This is so cute! I think I would use blocks I’ve made on my embroidery machine and in one of my favorite fabric lines like Corey Yoder’s Springbrook. Changing it out seasonally is a good idea too.

  100. What a cute idea! I think I would do a log cabin with fabrics that match my sewing room (pinks, yellows and teals). Thanks for the great tutorial!

  101. Fun idea! Would love to make tray with either scrappy log cabin or bearpaw block. Corey’s new fabric line is peachy keen!

  102. Cute, cute, cute tray! Now I need a flat empty spot in my sewing area to set it! I love the Peachy Keen line, such luscious colors!!

  103. Cute tray! Now I need a flat empty spot in my sewing area to set it! I love the Peachy Keen line, such luscious colors!!

  104. OHIO STAR, favorite block. Learned to sew age 4, 1st quilt, age 9. Have kept at it till 1974, have been making quilts since than. Number too high to calculate. Perfect idea for me, an older quilter. Moving things place to place will be easier & less trips. Thank you for idea.

    1. That is such a hard question to answer as ALL blocks are beautiful. So I’d have to make several block
      I can see them now stacked in my seeing room…

  105. Love this idea. I have many appliqué orphans so would use one of them. I would add a patchwork border if needed. Can’t wait to try this. I’m thinking Christmas gifts too!

  106. I would use a paper piercing block, from the ice challenge a few years ago. They were so hard and I still haven’t finished. This would be a great way to show off any of the really hard blocks anyone had done. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  107. I love this fabric and idea! There are so many options for I like simple, so the shoo fly, churn dash, or a pin wheel.

  108. What a fun idea both for personal use or as a gift. Very practical and a great way to personalize or use orphan blocks or scraps. Thanks for sharing.

  109. What a great idea and a good beginner project to teach my sister-friend how to quilt! The Peachy Keen fabric would be perfect for any project design – I love it! Thank you for the kind giveaway-good luck to all!

  110. My daughter taught me how to fabric weave a block. That is what I’ll use for my tray. Thank you for the useful & pretty idea!

  111. Love this tray idea! I am currently working on a Water Wheel block for a sampler and think that would be great in this tray.

  112. I am going to try this today! I have a tray and lots of quilt blocks I can use – just need to put it all together. What a great idea!!

  113. I love this tray. I would probably make it with the same patter, the double nine-patch. FQS always has such great things to reflect our love of quilting. Thanks.

  114. I would have to draw straws to decide between Log Cabin or Dresden Plate for the tray. They are such classics, and I love them both! Thank you for the tutorial. I have a tray I put out for Christmas, and I am going to jazz it up with a block.

  115. What a cute idea! I think I’d sew up the Broken Dishes vintage pattern. Thank you for a chance to win Peachy Keen!

    1. Sew inspirational! I can’t wait to get started on Christmas gifts. I plan to make scrappy 🐈‍⬛ cat spiral quilt blocks for friends. Then a “Sail” ⛵️ square from my nantucket scraps to match my sewciables 2 quilt for my coffee table. ❤️

  116. My choice for this terrific project is the Maple Leaf block from your “Classic and Vintage” quilt block collection. There are so many fabric options for this block, it will be so much fun! Thank you for both the block and the project.

  117. Fun idea! I have my first EPP practice piece, sort of a rainbow of hexies, looking for a home. I think it would look great in a tray.

  118. Thank you so very much for all of your information and helpful hints and ideas. I love your website, emails and notices.
    Congrats to the winner….a very lucky person!!!

  119. I feel like the bear paw classic would be an amazing block in the bottom of a quilty tray! It would be wonderful to move what you need from your machine to the ironing table, etc. What a wonderful idea!

  120. I have some leftover half square triangles from a recent project, so I think I would arrange them into a pin wheel pattern to use on this tray. What a cute idea.

  121. I would love to make a Dresden plate block, to put into the tray! Why this is my absolute favorite quilt block, I haven’t a clue – aside from simply loving the design.

  122. I love this idea. I have a leftover block from a tabletopper I made with Sweet Melodies in a bright, cheerful variation on a 9-patch. I think I’ll also buy a thin sheet of clear acrylic to put over it.

  123. Great idea, I am always looking for great ideas to have stitching items near my chair without loading up the coffee of side table too much, and it’s easy to tuck away if company comes around.

    1. oops, I forgot to name my block – it would be a log cabin block and I would make it to fit the tray I use.

  124. Love this cute tray and ability to personalize it. I would chose a Pineapple block made of all shades of neutral fabrics!

  125. Love this project and love Peachy Keen! I would make the wood lily or the double nine patch block. Found the tray on Amazon….thanks for the heads up on that..,.

  126. I’m excited to make this project. I like the look of the Double 9 patch so will be making that block for my tray. Ordering my tray today!

  127. I think I’d like the double-nine-patch block. I really think this is a fabulous idea for an embroidery project tray, so I could have my current project supplies right there and easily move it. This would be a really fun project.

  128. AWESOME idea Love it!!! I would make mini 1/2square triangles and lay out different patterns until I find one that I fall in love with then use that for the tray. Thank you for a Wonderful idea. Laura

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