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Make Some Magic with The Quilted Witch & Stitch-tober

 Get ready to brew some quilting magic this Stitch-tober with our Quilted Witch Quilt and Stitch Along as well as a few other magical projects! We’re getting ready to start the Quilted Witch Quilt and Stitch Alongs in October and have the details for you today. Be sure to read to the end to find out what else Kimberly is stitching for Stitch-tober 2023!

You still have plenty of time to gather your supplies to sew this wonderfully witchy 76.5″ x 89.5″ quilt along with us! Kimberly is sewing Lori Holt’s colorful The Quilted Witch Quilt in her equally cute and colorful Bee Dots collection for Riley Blake Designs.

The Quilted Witch Sew Along Schedule

The sew along will begin in October (after everyone has had a chance to get their supplies*) and run through May 2024!

What? When?
Quilted Cackle Star Block, p.2 Wednesday, October 18
Quilted Candy Star Block, p.4 Wednesday, November 1
Quilted Churn-Dash Star Blocks, p.7 Wednesday, November 15
Quilted Magic Star Blocks, p.8 Wednesday, November 29
Quilted Shoo-Fly Star Blocks, p.9 Wednesday, December 13
Quilted Spell Star Blocks, p.10 Wednesday, December 27
Quilted Twilight Star Blocks, p.12 Wednesday, December 27
Quilted Twinkle Star Blocks, p.14 Wednesday, January 10
Witch’s Hat Block, p.16 Wednesday, January 24
Witch’s Head Block, p.20 Wednesday, February 7
Witch’s Blouse Block, p.24 Wednesday, February 21
Witch’s Skirt Block, p.33 Wednesday, March 6
Witch’s Boots Blocks, p.37 Wednesday, March 20
Broom Handle Block, p.40 Wednesday, March 20
The Quilted Broom Block, p.43 Wednesday, April 3
The Quilted Cat Block, p.48 Wednesday, April 17
The Quilted Pumpkin Block, p.52 Wednesday, May 1
Quilt Center, Borders and Finishing, p.54 Wednesday, May 15

Once we get started, we’ll be sewing our way through the Quilted Witch, sharing our blocks on “Witchy Wednesdays”! Share your progress with #QuiltedWitchQAL and tag @fatquartershop on social media so we can cheer you on!

Don’t forget to subscribe the Fat Quarter Shop YouTube Channel so you don’t miss our Livestream in October with all the details about The Quilted Witch!

Who is Sewing Along?

We invited some friends to join us, and they’re sharing their progress along the way! You can follow them on social media for inspiration and tips.

Experience a spellbinding joyride with The Quilted Witch Cross Stitch Pattern, a perfect balance of fun and whimsy. This enchanting design showcases a cackling witch, patchwork cat, pumpkin and broom, all finishes at an impressive 14.125″ x 17.125″.

The Quilted Witch Cross Stitch Supplies & Schedule

As a part of the Stitch-tober festivities, The Quilted Witch Stitch Along will take place from October 1 to November 15. Over approximately eight days at a time, Kimberly will be stitching one page until all four pages are complete.

Who is Stitching Along?

We invited some friends to join us, and they’re sharing their progress along the way! You can follow them on social media for inspiration and tips.

More of Kimberly’s Stitch-tober Projects

Join Us for The Quilted Witch!

Right-click the badge images to download and share them to show you’re participating in The Quilted Witch Sew and Stitch Along. EVERYONE can sew and stitch along! To participate, all you have to do is gather your supplies and follow along with us stitching the schedule above.

You can find Lori Holt on her blogYouTube Channel, and Instagram (@beelori1).

Keep up with us by following the hashtags #QuiltedWitchQAL and #QuiltedWitchSAL on Instagram to see and share work from your fellow quilters and stitchers.

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  1. You have had several really intriguing quilts as of late, but when one looks into joining the quilt alongs there is always a book or rather expensive pattern….
    Times are changing and most quilters have lots of fabric, but need interesting patterns that either are very reasonable or free.
    I am specifically addressing things like Jolly Snowflake which wasn’t just jelly roll strips, but made a pattern with pizzaz. Also great in patriotic colors. It was free….
    Thank you for listening

    1. Hey Barbara, Fat Quarter shop offers many free quilt patterns. Just made one Halloween one. Meowy Halloween (and as you said, ‘from my own collection’ of fabrics. Another one is “Bats and Boos”. Haven’t made that one yet. Yes, I’m old and retired and can’t afford the fabric budget I once had, so yes, I’ve collected lots of fabric.
      Hope you spend a little on fabric and patterns though, because we have to keep them in business.

  2. How do I join a quilt along. Thinking of the one in October. Do I have to buy the pattern? Can I use may own fabric? What else do I need to know? Thanks

  3. Thank you Kimberly for offering choices whether it’s free patterns to use with our fabric or w=encouraging us to use our own fabric with your patterns to purchase or free QAL’s .I wish I was I was retired to do all the things. Thank you again for all the ideas I appreciate.

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