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Quilt Market Fall 2011: Day 2

Can you believe Market has come and gone so fast?! Here we are at the end of the second day, and we have seen so much incredible work. There is always something to marvel over. The hours have literally flown by! We were so fortunate to be a part of it all and we really want to thank y’all for following along with us and exploring Market together! We appreciate all of the feedback and support so, so much! And now as it comes to a close (we head back early tomorrow), we’re sad to say goodbye but we’re also incredibly excited to show you all the amazing booths, designers, projects, and collections that we saw today! And don’t forget, we’ll also be announcing the winner of the giveaway from last night’s post!

Here is the sweetheart, Pat Bravo’s booth, filled with her new line Modernology. She said it was influenced by Swedish and modern furniture but with the Pat Bravo twist. (And she won 2nd place for a double booth!)
Abbey Lane Quilts’ booth is always so cute and I just so happened to catch these gals visiting with their whimsical witch hats!
Then the lovely Betz White with her very first collection ever with Robert Kaufman Fabrics! Stitch Organic will be coming next month (as in November – so super soon) to Fat Quarter Shop. 
Melody Miller’s new Ruby Star line in the Seven Islands booth. I think it’s super amazing what people can make with her line. 
So I know we already have some of this Batman and Superman fabric, but now the force will be coming to Fat Quarter Shop. I am SO incredibly excited for this Star Wars fabric!  AND guess what else.. 
We will be getting some “Femme Power” with Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman.  (Who says superheroes are just for boys?) Then also a tots marvel super heroes line. Cute munchkin super heroes just running around everywhere!
Plume you have probably already seen on our website – it’s an incredibly gorgeous Peacock kind of line. Orange Crush by Alice Kennedy in two pictures above just recently arrived. The really cool thing about these two lines is that Timeless Treasures is having a really awesome contest. By really awesome I mean $5,000 and a sewing machine just for the grand prize kind of awesome. Quilts are not due until June 1, 2012 – but you know that will creep up before you know it. You can find out more information about the contest here
Now here are a few more brand new just absolutely adorable lines in the Timeless Treasures booth. (Some of them we bought and some are already in store!)
Mechanical Genius by Mo Bedell
Sweet on NYC by Sugar Pixie
I know everyone went pretty crazy over Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies first line, Going Coastal.  Well, here is her brand spankin’ new line – Hall of Fame.  I absolutely love her locker room booth! (She was a single-booth winner as well, say what!)
Sound familiar, “wawawawawawaaa”… In love with Charlie, the everyman underdog? (Me too!)  It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas!!!
I ran into these two cute gals – on the left Jenean Morrison, on the right Verna Mosquera. Jenean’s booth is full of her Power Pop line arriving in November. Did you know that Verna is a soccer coach and actually still plays too!? I never would have guessed with her very feminine design style.  You can see what I mean with her line October Skies, a duskier fall take on her shabby chic aesthetic.
 AND now.. ready to see who won last night’s contest of the California Girl Fat Quarter Bundle!?
“My favorite so far that you have show, is the Dr Seuss Quilt. I love Dr Seuss. Thanks, kathy”
Congratulations!! E-mail stephanie [at] fatquartershop [dot] com your full shipping address to claim your prize!
Fall Market 2011 may be wrapping up, but we still have more photos and Market sightings to show you, so check back tomorrow!


  1. I want to say thank you Kimberly for making quilt market so enjoyable. I am glued to Twitter two times a year to witness the joy of fabric and the designers that create that fabric. I love fabric and get great ideas for other crafts beside quilts. Thank you for your hard work. I am grateful.

  2. Thanks again for all your phantastic pics – really appreciate all your efforts.
    As to the result of your giveaway: A shop owner wins a fabric bundle from you ! Isn't real life sometimes more ridiculous than any comedy ?!

  3. Kimberly, thanks for taking the time and effort to show us the fabulous things at Market! So much fun, and looking at the booths and projects is just so inspiring! Wow!

  4. I love seeing all the pictures Kimberly. Thank you so much for taking the time do do all that so we can all see. Some of those booths are just amazing with the amoount of work they put into them.
    The quilt with the Plume fabrics is gorgeous. One of my favorites for sure.

  5. Wow… sooo many gorgeous fabrics and patterns that it is hard to take them all in! Thank you for sharing everything from quilt market. I can't speak for anyone else but for me, since I'm not in the industry….just a lowly consumer who so badly would have liked to join you all in Houston…it has been marvelous that you have shared so much. I loved following along with you all on Twitter as well. It was the next closest thing to being right there with you all. So thanks again for sharing!