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Quilt Market Fall 2011: Wrap-Up

Well, Quilt Market has come to an end; we hope we showed you some great new fabrics and everything you wanted to see! With a mere three albums on Facebook there’s not much to see…yeah right! You might have seen some big surprises here and there – we were definitely very excited every time we laid eyes on one of our It’s Sew Emma quilts on display! We had EIGHT It’s Sew Emma quilts at Market–can you believe it?!  In case you missed some of them, here they are in all their different displays:

Debbie Taylor’s Adventures of Seuss quilt was on display at the Robert Kaufman booth!

This is a brand new, never-before seen quilt and we absolutely LOVE it! Here is Kimberly with The Magical Cat in the Hat quilt.  It will be on our Coming Soon page soon enough – don’t you worry!

And we told you about our fun surprise on Friday- Debbie had the opportunity to speak at Patty Young’s Schoolhouse! And then, Patty was nice enough to let us display the quilt in her booth! And while the quilt was int eh booth, and Australian distributor noticed it and asked to take it to Australia’s equivalent of Quilt Market for display–how incredible is that?! (Maybe if I wrap myself up in it I will be able to go with it??)
Above is Debbie Taylor of It’s Sew Emma and below is Patty Young. She’s such a cutie!! And doesn’t the quilt look great?!

These two quilts were up at the United Notions booth. The top is Debonaire which uses Rouenneries Deux by French General.. yummm!! Then on the bottom is Garnets and Rubies using Prairie Paisley II by Minick & Simpson.

And, yup! There’s even an It’s Sew Emma quilt right smack in the middle of Ann Kelle‘s booth! I almost dropped to the floor when I saw how gorgeous it looked with all her other adorable display aspects! And isn’t she cute too, just as sweet as Dessert Party!

I might be a little biased, but I seriously think this quilt is so cute!

Here’s our Apple Dumpling pattern using Aneela Hoey’s Little Apples in the Brewer booth.

And from what we’ve been hearing, it sounds like you all are just as excited for Dear Stella as we are… so excited, in fact, that we also made an It’s Sew Emma pattern, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, with the Anchors Away collection. It’s available online now!

Alright, now that we have you super excited about all the great It’s Sew Emma patterns, you should probably head over to the It’s Sew Emma website and check ’em out in complete detail!
But before you go, we’d love to show you a few more of the highlights from Market!

You might remember the Magic Beans print from American Jane’s Fairy Tale Friends collection…well it was so popular that they have added more colors and released it as Pezzy Print, its very own collection. On the right is the Pezzy Pizzaz Quilt Pattern. 

If you have visited Aneela Hoey’s blog you have seen her darling new line, A Walk in the Woods.  It’s Aneela’s take on Little Red Riding Hood and it’s inspired by her daughter-how cute!

Lynne of Kansas Troubles Quilters standing in front of her new collection Sandhill Plums– you should definitely check this one out, the colors are so rich and dreamy!
Oh! And we almost forgot to tell you about the Moda party and give you a chance to see just how Fat Quarter Shop lets loose!

 To kick off the party, Kimberly actually got on stage! She and Cheryl (the Creative Director at Moda) played the kazoo.. well, they tried to… they were laughing too hard half the time.. and so were we!

Before that Jim Salinas (our sales representative) walked up to our table – this was everyone’s reaction – complete and utter shock! Jim is usually the suit and tie kind of guy! I’d say he looks pretty good as a sumo wrestler though- you should have seen him from behind!

And of course with Halloween being so soon and the YMCA blasting through the speakers, there had to be a few people in costume!  See the police officer in the back?  Yup, that’s Mark Dunn, the owner of Moda!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here is a quick wrap-up of all the new Moda collections we bought! You can also view the entire collections now on our Coming Soon page. Enjoy!!

Oh, and one last thing that you’re all sure to love! Let’s do a giveaway! Today we have one signed copy of Rachel Ashwell’s book, “Shabby Chic Inspirations and Beautiful Spaces.”

All you need to do is comment on this post telling us the funniest moment you experienced this weekend. Or if you were following us all weekend on Twitter, let us know what you thought our funniest moment was! Contest will close one week from post date.

Thanks for sticking with us and good luck!


  1. My funniest moment this weekend was jumping every time a tree limb cracked in our neighborhood due to the early snow storm on trees that still had leaves. Not so funny – cleaning up all the mess from our broken trees!! Kathie L in Allentown

  2. hi!! thanks for telling everything and showing
    last sunday I was going to church with my mom and daughter; we saw a friend coming toward us, and my mom tried to explain with gestures that we were running late; between us and our friend there was a man washing his car, and he answered my mom, confused "yes, dear, go; i understand"
    we have no idea who he is.. but he thought we were waving him.. we couldn't stop laughing until we got to church

  3. Your funniest moment had to be the sumo wrestler at your table. It sure struck me as funny. Who knew they made such costumes!! Thanks for the great Market report. I always enjoy visiting Market through your blog!

  4. I asked my stoic chiropractor what he was going to be for Halloween and he replied, "If you can't figure it out we're both in trouble!" then he smiled. whew!

  5. My funniest moment this weekend was trying to feed carrots to a bunch of goats for a friend. They kept trying to bite carrot stained fingers instead. For your funniest moment, I would have to say the Moda party with Kazoo playing and everything 🙂

  6. The funniest thing probably would have been the whole kazoo episode if it had been a video with audio. 2nd would have to be the reactions to the sales rep in the sumo wrestler costume.

  7. The funniest thing this weekend? Well, let's see . . . my husband flubbed up and said a whoopsy in front of his parents. Strictly one of those things when you try to say two different words at the same time and out comes a third option that may not be appropriate for mixed company! Needless to say, his parents acted like they didn't hear and we both giggled like little kids after he got off the phone. 🙂

  8. Hmm – we had a busy weekend. Maybe funniest when we decided to do a room switcheroo in our home at 9 p.m. Craziness!

  9. I did enjoy the sumo wrestler suit but the funniest moment for me was Kimberly playing the kazoo ~ well trying to play it! The look of just pure laughter on her face was so fun to see it was even contagious in a still picture!!Too funny!! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. I thought it was pretty funny that we were getting snow in October. Well, it was funny until tree branches and power lines started coming down.

  11. Funniest moment this weekend – watching the baked potato go splat on to the floor as I was taking it out of the oven. My husband and I both laughed. Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing the photos from Market!

  12. Our funniest moment happens every evening when our Boston Terrier dog Betty swats the button on the remote control to turn the TV off for her walk. Then she bops our other Boston Terrier Buster and tells him she pushed the button, time to go walking.

  13. Yesterday my hubby had me laughing so much at various times throughout the day, he must have gotten new material because all his OLD jokes are just well, old.
    We watched the pilot for The Wonder Years (yeah the old tv show) last night and I was laughing so much. In one scene Kevin had to describe what a jock strap is to the Physical Education class. LOL!
    LOVED your market coverage!

  14. We've just been laughing at all the one-year-old antics . . . especially his new trick, dancing. So fun to watch kiddos grow. Thanks for the chance.

  15. i spent all weekend by myself but had a roflol moment when i got an email 'halloween for seniors' You know you are too old to Trick or Treat when:' and went from there.

  16. I don't know that I had a "funny" moment but I had an action packed weekend. My oldest daughter got engaged, my middle daughter was inducted into an honor society at college and my youngest daughter was confirmed at church. I don't think I could have taken anything else.

  17. I'm really not sure there was anything funny about my weekend – I spent it marking essays and, believe me, they weren't funny AT ALL. But it looks like there were many fun and funny moments at Quilt Market. What a great time!

  18. Funniest moment, hmm… when my husband came in my sewing room and said "Look what your cat caught for me!" He was holding up a jar…with a 2" long praying mantis inside! She loves bugs, but didn't get to eat that one – it got to join my hubby's bug collection! 🙂

  19. Funniest thing that happened to me this weekend was showing up for an appointment at the vet's a day late. How embarrassing.

  20. Funniest moment for us was when I asked my 3 year old grandson what he was going to say when he knocked on people's doors for Halloween. He said "Trick or treat!" And then from across the room we hear his 15 month old baby brother who only says "Da da" say "Trick or treat" or something extremely close. The 3 year old and I just burst out laughing!

  21. Thanks so much for taking us along on your fun ride through Quilt Market! I love to see the photos and your excitement for all that you see is infectious!

  22. I can't think of a funniest moment from this weekend because I was working on 4 different youth activities for out church: could that count? The kids are great and fun and I do enjoy them!!

  23. Watching my daughter and her friend singing the trick or treat song to an older woman that asked them to sing it for her and then the look on her stunned face. She did ask them to ding it….

  24. I think the funniest thing this weekend was watching my youngests face when he realised his seeds have sprouted in his part of the garden!

  25. We went to the zoo and the American Alligator got mad at my son and I. He was grumbling and growling and my son was laughing like mad, which made me laugh too.
    Thanks for sharing the quilt market photos, they are great.

  26. My funniest moments were spent on the phone with my youngest son. He has a unique way of looking at life that never fails to crack me up. He has so many talents and among them is making his mom laugh.

  27. The funniest moment this weekend was when the 10 month daughter of a good friend giggled and giggled… She had just realised that the small ball she had could bounce, and it made her so happy, surprised and excited. And me too, i couldn't stop laughing!

  28. My brothers 1-year old son visited us last weekend and made some funny faces and moves. He is such a cute little man.

  29. Probably my 9 yr old bragging about the massive diarrhea he had this week to friends. It's funny that there is an age where that's cool.

  30. I would say seeing the owner of Moda dressed up as Police Officer would have been a very funny moment.
    I love it, when big bosses join the fun and stay 'normal'.

  31. I was watching a dance show in tv this weekend with my granddaughter- soon to be five- and said to her " mayby I should go to some dancing lessons so I could dance like these people". My granddaughter stared at me for a moment before she said "Granny, I think it would be better if just kept on sewing !"

    Greetings, Dora Dis

  32. Best moment was when a customer came into the store, I was NOT quite sure if she was dressed for Halloween or NOT, so I had to contain my laughter until after she made her purchases and left!

  33. Lovely shares! I cracked up listening to the antics with my sister struggling to potty train her 3 1/2 yr old boy! If they let him sit in his #2 diaper" he doesn't care and then he will ask his mom to change it saying "mom you're so pretty I love you " and she will refuse. Then go to his dad and say "you're my best friend dad I love you will you change my diaper?, it is just ridiculous this boy! I told her she will have some great embarrassing stories to tell on him with future girlfriends!

  34. Greetings from Northern Saskatchewan CANADA! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures – felt like I was there! I'm like PB from Texas who said she was watcing a movie while she sews! I watched DAVE – one of my favs of all time – one minute laughing and the next crying. I'm finishing up quilts that I have been putting off for ages. Once I get to the borders I get itch to start something new! Makes for a stack of unfinished projects! But I'm working on it!

  35. I got together with several friends and sewed this weekend. There were too many funny moments and comments made to pick just one. That's when you know it was a good weekend!=) I loves seeing your twitter updates throughout the weekend with all the great pics. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  36. Nothing exciting this weekend and didn't get to go to Market. But, looks like you had a good time at the Moda party, dressing up for YMCA is pretty cute.

  37. My funniest moment of the weekend was watching all the kids at a 6 year old's birthday party. They were dressed for Halloween. It was so cute! I am headed off to the Quilt Show this next weekend – I can't wait!

  38. Certainly enjoyed following you on your blog this weekend – the kazoo thing looks like it was a real hoot! Our quilt guild friendship group is headed to Houston on Thursday for the quilt show, so I'm anticipating a wild and crazy time!

  39. My funniest moment this weekend was when my son convinced me that the DO Not Enter sign over the restaurant door pertained to customers. We all got a good laugh as i walked away because the sign was really for drive thru! A "duh" moment on mom lol!

  40. My funniest weekend event was trick or treating with our kids. My dh saw a tween wearing a gorilla suit and immediately decided that HE NEEEEDS a gorilla suit too.

    He is 31 going on 12. 🙂

  41. My funniest moment was when a three-year-old trick-or-treater in a cute little zoot suit gangster costume
    came to my door. After I gave him a hand full of candy, his mom said, "What do you say?" He looked at her and shrugged and said, "Happy Halloween?"

  42. The most fun thing I saw was a flock of bluebirds trying to take a bath in our birdbath. They were so cute, flapping their wings and splashing the water. It was funny how they seemed to take turns, patiently waiting for each one while sitting on the side of the birdbath.

  43. Wow. SOOOOOOO many things I can see screaming at me to find money fast to buy. How can you stand seeing all that gorgeous fabric in one place like that without visibly drooling? LOL

    I'd say your funniest moment just from this post alone would be watching Kimberly trying to play the kazoo. I'm sure everyone was cracking up which made it even harder for her to do it.

  44. Every day is funny when you have a 2 and 3 year old boy. I have to laugh or I will scream. Yesterday the 3 year old stripped off all his clothes. I was chasing him down the street (cold Idaho weather keep in mind) All the while he was yelling "Hey Howdy Hey!"

  45. I had to read through the other posts before I could post. The gecko in the mail box really cracked me up as did the 3 year-old streaker. Two of my grandbabies were with us for the better part of the weekend and they do bring some hilarity into our lives. I got tickled when while watching a video and some theme music began playing, the 3 year-old girl started dancing by moving her hips back and forth and then the 13 month-old boy started his form of dancing by swinging his outstretched arms back and forth, both in perfect rhythm. Gotta love little kids!
    From the pictures, it looks like your funniest moment was the kazoo player wannabes. I'm sure the side-splitting, uncontrollable laughter of the whole room contributed to their inability to perform.
    Amanda T

  46. My 18 year old (who leaves for college next year) says teasingly, "he can't wait to move out of the old folks home." Geez…we are a young 50! Boy did he have us laughing!

  47. During T&T my 4 year old granddaughter, dressed like a vampire, was surrounded by big boys in chain saw murderer costumes, zombies, etc. She waited til it was pretty quiet and yelled Boo!

  48. My baby (50ish) sister is a home health care nurse so cannot wear nail polish and is very strait-laced. She visited me Saturday for my b'day. Imagine my surprise when she took her shoes off to watch football on tv and was sporting toenails painted a wild garnet and gold. She told me very seriously that she had to – because it would help her alma mater win their game via esp. Just as seriously my mother said, they are playing on ESPN. We all had to laugh.

  49. I can't remember anything funny, but I followed you all weekend when I couldn't sleep during the night. Glad you were working overtime posting photos of market. Thanks!

  50. Funniest moment was watching my mini dachashund greeting my parents whom she hadn't seen for many months. Her back end was faster than he front and it made for a good laugh for all of us.

  51. gotta love YMCA where ever it's done! Funniest moment here was watching to dismay on my husband's face at the small accumulation of snow on Saturday morning – snow? in Northern Virginia? in October? He's soooo not ready for cold weather 🙁 poor thing! Thanks for a chance to win – Laurie


  52. My funniest moment? Standing in the bucket of our loader tractor in its highest position picking the apples from the top of our apple tree!

  53. funniest thing…..discovering my granddaughter(aged 2 and ahalf) in the bathroom, silently and earnestly putting "eyeshadow" on with my old lipstick and a cotton bud stick!!!Some of it even got onto her eyebrows…and the walls, and bench and the mirror…!!Kinda cute…

  54. It was my nephew's yfirst birthday this past weekend. Since it's the 29th and so close to Halloween it was a costume party. The birthday boy was Mickey Mouse, his Mom was Minnie and Dad was Goofy. They were soo cute. They were in front of the birthday cake and everyone was taking pictures, all was fine. The minute everyone started to sing Happy Birthday, the birthday boy scruntched up his face and started to cry! It was cute and sad at the same time. Not sure if we scared him or what. We all had a laugh though. Thanks for the giveaway.


  55. I spent the weekend with my grandchildren as it was my grandson's 2nd birthday. Every time we asked him how old he was he would emphatically say "4", knowing full well he was only "2". It never got old seeing him debate this issue back and forth with my husband. Fortunately, I got it on video so we will always have this laugh to remember.

  56. I was bringing my aunt home after running some errands and she went to unlock the door and realized she had forgotten to bring her keys! She looked around and said she was going to climb the fence and see if the backdoor or window had been left open. Funny thing is my aunt is 68 years young! I started laughing and said there is no way I'm letting you climb the fence!! I wouldn't even attempt it so called my hubby and he was able to pry a window open, climb in and unlock the door.

    Thanks for the giveaway of an awesome book and a chance to win.